330. The Problem With Insulin

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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning everyone. Good to have you on with us this morning. We're going to talk about insulin is your enemy. We're going to talk about that this morning. I talk about it all the time. So let's [00:00:30] do a little bit of teaching. I want to reinforce this as we talk about insulin. Now remember, insulin is a food hormone. You only use insulin when you eat. The problem with insulin is five or sixfold, okay? Here's the problem with insulin. I mean, you need insulin. Insulin, the primary reason you have insulin is to take sugar out of your bloodstream. [00:01:00] It's its primary job. It tightly regulates sugar. If you don't think sugar is poison, your body knows better than you do because your body tightly regulates the amount of sugar it allows in your bloodstream, tightly regulates that, okay?

Dr.Martin: So insulin, guys, is really important because it's a storage hormone. You know what another one is, ladies, especially for you? [00:01:30] Estrogen. Estrogen makes you beautiful, ladies. It stores fat. Of course, women are going to have more fat. They have a higher fat percentage than men. Why estrogen? Estrogen is wonderful as long as it's not too high, okay? It's always in relationship to progesterone. But let's come back to food. Here's what the food industry, dieticians, [00:02:00] even today, okay, even today, are wrong about. It's not calories, guys. You never hear me talking about calories ever. If you ever hear me talking about calories, come and get me and put me in the home, okay?

Dr.Martin: I don't talk about calories because all calories are not equal. So when you're counting points and calories, wrong. Big [00:02:30] X. It doesn't work. It doesn't work. When diets are based on calories, it's always been a colossal failure, always. If someone talks to you about reducing calories, they're giving you a recipe for failure because it's not taking into consideration insulin, which is a storage hormone. It's very important to understand that. Insulin is [00:03:00] a storage hormone. It takes sugar and stores it as fat. If you don't burn that sugar right away, insulin's job is to store it. It'll store it as fat, primarily in the liver.

Dr.Martin: You and I, we talk about this all the time, your liver is a suitcase. Somebody said that Costco owes me money. I'm going to go shopping there and see if they give me something free because I talk about them. Your liver is [00:03:30] the Costco parking lot, always full. If you eat sugar, it's going to be stored as fat because of insulin. Insulin will make it and then, guys and ladies listen, you got belly fat, it's insulin. You know what we used to call beer bellies? It's insulin. It's not the beer, although beer turns to sugar rapidly, okay? They're sugar bellies, really. You [00:04:00] got hips? Insulin. It'll take... Estrogen too. Especially if you have what... I don't want to be mean, but saddlebags. You got saddlebags, ladies? That's your estrogen and insulin. It stores it there. It'll store it on your back.

Dr.Martin: It'll give you a roll right around your midsection in the middle. Blame insulin, okay? So [00:04:30] insulin's job is to take sugar stored as fat. Okay, we all got that, okay? So that's important, isn't it? Because if you don't eat any carbohydrates, or very little, insulin is [inaudible 00:04:42]. It's waiting to do something. It doesn't have to do much. When you're eating fat, insulin is sleeping, eggs, meat and cheese. Insulin is taking a holiday. That's your why I tell people on my reset, I'm sending your pancreas [00:05:00] to Hawaii for 30 days, all expenses paid. Holiday for your pancreas and your insulin.

Dr.Martin: So guys, insulin, what else does it do? It's a jail guard. As long as insulin is... Because listen, this is very important you understand this, when you eat, okay, and especially what you eat, when [00:05:30] and what, when you eat, insulin has to come out. Now if you're eating eggs, meat and cheese, insulin's doing very little because it doesn't have to store the sugar into fat. You didn't eat any sugar. You didn't eat any carbs. You didn't really eat any sugar. Protein a little bit, but even then, insulin... I tell people don't get hung up on protein. Protein is good for you. Protein is the king of foods with fat. See, I like protein [00:06:00] and fat, not carbs and fat like French fries, poutine, that's rat chow. You want to get a rat to get fat in a hurry? You give them rat chow, poutine.

Dr.Martin: Fat on top of carbs, okay? But guys, listen, when you're eating protein and fat, your insulin is hardly doing anything, okay? But remember this, [00:06:30] when you... Let's say this morning you had oatmeal. A lot of people, oh Dr. Martin, if I don't eat oatmeal, I won't go for a good poop. Pooing is overrated. Fiber is overrated. Wait until my next book comes out. I talk a lot about fiber now. It's so overrated. Anyway, it let's not get sidetracked. Okay, so you just had oatmeal [00:07:00] or toast, right? You know what happens? Insulin, okay? Remember, your pancreas looks like a pen and inside the pen is ink, inside your pancreas is insulin. Squirt, squirt, squirt, squirt, squirt, because you had oatmeal, 40 grams of carbs, 40 grams. That's all going to be sugar.

Dr.Martin: Well, insulin has to do a job. It has to get it out of there. So it's squirt, squirt, squirt, squirt, squirt. It takes your [00:07:30] sugar made from oatmeal or toast. Oh, Dr. Martin, I had a whole wheat bagel. I don't care. It's going to be sugar in five seconds. Oatmeal is going to be sugar in five seconds. So insulin takes the sugar and stores it, but this is very important you understand that, even after you're finished eating, insulin is a jail guard because it's still working. [00:08:00] If you have oatmeal, it's working for at least two hours after you've eaten in the morning. You had bacon and eggs [inaudible 00:08:07]. Insulin didn't do anything. It didn't have to. But you had oatmeal. See the importance? Oh, Dr. Martin, I had Tropicana orange juice. Well, you might as well had a Pepsi. What's the difference?

Dr.Martin: Now insulin is going crazy and two hours later it's still there. But what happens with that? What happens? [00:08:30] Insulin is a jail guard. While it is present in your bloodstream, insulin will not allow fat to escape. Oh, Dr. Martin, I go to the gym every day and I work out real hard. Guys exercise, you know me, vitamin E, fabulous, vitamin E, exercise. I love exercise. [00:09:00] It is good for you. It's on the Martin Clinic hit parade. It's so good for you. The problem is you can't out exercise a bad diet because not of calories. You get on the treadmill [inaudible 00:09:17]. I'm burning calories. So what? It don't mean nothing, honey. It don't.

Dr.Martin: I'm not saying it's not good for you. All [00:09:30] I'm seeing is is that if you made the wrong choices in food, bread, pasta, rice, cereals, sugar, sweets, pastries, juice, milk, grocery store milk, alcohol, guys, you can't out exercise that because they're all sugars and insulin has a job to do and it takes a couple of hours after you've eaten for insulin [00:10:00] to do its job depending on what you've eaten. You understand that? It's a jail guard. So I don't care if you go exercise, okay? Oh, Dr. Martin, I had my yogurt and then I went exercising. You will not burn that yogurt off. Well, you won't because insulin's got a job to do. There's sugar there. It has to store it. So insulin stores sugar as fat, okay? One.

Dr.Martin: [00:10:30] Two, insulin is a jail guard. It will not allow fat to escape as long as it's present in your body. That's why you want to put it to sleep. We'll talk about that in a minute. Third, insulin decreases your leptin. What is that? Leptin tells you when you're full, okay? But if you have insulin and you're treating [00:11:00] insulin, it decreases your leptin so now you're hungry again. Listen, if you're hungry when you get up in the morning, you're a sugar burner. Your leptin is down because you're using insulin too much. We often call that hypoglycemia, but hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, okay? Glycemia, sugar, hyper, low blood sugar, high blood sugar, [00:11:30] they're double edged, they're on the same... They're a two face coin. They come from the same problem.

Dr.Martin: Oh doc, I'm hungry. I must see in the morning. You got trouble with leptin because of insulin. You're burning the wrong fuel and some people are more susceptible to that than other people are. You got to figure that out. Oh, doc, if I don't eat, I'm going to be lightheaded and whatever. You got trouble. You're [00:12:00] burning sugar. You're a sugar burner. You want to transfer your body to be a fat burner. I told you the illustration I like, okay? Pretend you're a wood stove. When you have bread, pasta, rice, cereal, sugar, sweets, pastries, muffins, blah, blah, blah, they burn rapidly like paper and twigs on a wood stove.

Dr.Martin: You have bacon and eggs, you're burning logs. Insulin [00:12:30] is not present. It doesn't need to be there a little bit. So now you can correct your leptin. That's an important hormone. There's leptin and glucagon, two hormones you should remember. I don't want to get into the weeds, but leptin tells you when you're full, and glucagon, when insulin isn't present, glucagon, your fat goes away. [00:13:00] You want to burn fat? Keep your insulin down. This is why... Look, I don't care. You want to go to weight watchers? You want to go spend money? Look, do whatever you think is right, but all I'm telling you, all of those diets are based on poor science. Eat more frequently. Count your calories. Exercise more and eat less. Guys, it's a recipe for failure because [00:13:30] you're not working with your body.

Dr.Martin: You need to change fuels. When you change fuels, you change hormones. Insulin's a hormone. You put insulin at rest because what happen? Okay, so we already talked about insulin stores fat, especially around your belly, in your liver, on your back, ladies, on your hips, okay? You only have to look at your waist circumference. That'll tell you a [00:14:00] lot. A lot of people are skinny, but they got a little potbelly. They got insulin problems. You can be skinny and very unhealthy, okay?

Dr.Martin: The other thing that insulin does is insulin drives up inflammation, okay? I was telling you guys, maybe, I don't remember. My buddy [Sean Obern 00:14:24] said something yesterday that I just about died because he said this is [00:14:30] what, the 87th day of March. We're in April, but the day... I don't know what day it is anymore. I don't know. They're all the same. Anyway, so guys, it's really, really, really, really important to understand the basics of nutrition. This is the most important thing in nutrition because when you choose the wrong foods, you are going to secrete a lot of insulin [00:15:00] and insulin will create an enormous amount of inflammation and inflammation destroys your blood vessels.

Dr.Martin: The first thing that inflammation does, the first thing, it starts to attack your blood vessels, especially your capillaries and capillaries run your eyes and capillaries run your kidneys and it'll attack your [00:15:30] blood vessels. That's where heart disease comes from, not from cholesterol. You got it? You guys know this, when your liver is full because you had a big carb meal, it's sending... Once the liver is full, it will send that fat into your bloodstream as triglycerides, not as choles... [00:16:00] Oh, Dr. Martin, my total cholesterol. Who cares? It don't mean nothing. Brought to you by the pharmaceutical industry. People must get tired of hearing me, but if you send me your blood work, I'm telling you don't... I don't want to know, what's this, what's LDL mean, doc? I don't care. I know what it means, but I don't care.

Dr.Martin: I want to know your triglycerides. I want to know your HDL. That's all I need. You give me those [00:16:30] two, I can tell you if you got problems with insulin. Just show me that. Those two things, triglycerides and HDL are completely controlled by your diet, not medication, diet. Triglycerides, lower your carbs, your triglycerides come down 100%. Eat more eggs, meat and cheese, and your HDL goes up. You want that. [00:17:00] Okay, I know I get excited, but I'm telling you guys, I can't stand the BS. There's so much. Watch your calories, fat-free. Yeah, that's what happens to your brain if you eat fat-free foods. You got no more fat in your brain, you're going to get Alzheimer's.

Dr.Martin: Okay, so insulin creates inflammation. Deadly, deadly, deadly. [00:17:30] That's why I talk about it so much. Guys, insulin is food. It's food. Doesn't come from anything else. This is why we have a scourge in society today. We have so much, so much metabolic... Like Tony Jr. and I were talking about this the other night and we said, "Man, it's just crazy. They're all worried about COVID." There I [00:18:00] said it. I promised myself this morning, I did, before I came on this morning, I said, I will not mention COVID, not once, but I had to tell you about the conversation Tony Jr. and I had.

Dr.Martin: By the way, did you enjoy the Thursday radio format question and answer? Thursday afternoon, we're going to do it again. But we were talking, Tony Jr. [00:18:30] and I, about isn't it crazy dad that 88% of the population have trouble with what we're just talking about, 88%. They're metabolically upside down and everybody's talking about a virus. Everybody's talking about social distancing and staying in your house and stay at home and don't go back to work. [inaudible 00:18:59] nobody's talking [00:19:00] about this. It's what's killing us. Even with COVID. It's what's killing people with COVID. Either you're old or you're metabolically 100%. Guys, it ain't calories, it's just not. So it's really important to understand that, okay?

Dr.Martin: So if you're hungry in the morning, oh, doc, if I don't eat... Okay, well, that's all right, do it. But then start to change it. Change your fuel. [00:19:30] If you and I went to the airport this morning, I'm not far from my airport here in Sudbury, I guess there's no planes flying. I haven't heard a plane. There's no planes. The economy's shut down. Anyway, but if you go to the airport and you see those fuel trucks, they're not putting the same gasoline in the plane as they put in your car. It's not the same. It's a much higher optane. [00:20:00] It's jet fuel. When you eat jet fuel, jet fuel, your insulin is on a holiday. It's as simple as that.

Dr.Martin: If you're putting into your body a fuel, a jet fuel, this is why it lowers your inflammation because when you're using jet fuel, you're not using insulin. If you don't use insulin, your inflammation [00:20:30] comes down like that. How do you get rid of inflammation? Food, food. Guys, you might not be able to control the environment. You can do some things. But you can't control that. You live on the planet earth. Look at your driver's license. Does it end with planet earth? Well, you're going to be affected by plastic. [00:21:00] It's in everything. Oh, Dr. Martin. I got no plastic. Yes, you do. It's in your bloodstream. It's in the water. It's everywhere, okay?

Dr.Martin: You can't get away from it, okay? But you can lower your inflammation by lowering your insulin. This is why guys, I rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat, [00:21:30] because if this is so important, the world's still hasn't got this. It hasn't got it. It didn't get the memo. You talk to the dieticians. You need a balanced diet. No, you don't. You need an unbalanced diet. I talked to you last week or two weeks ago about fruit. Don't be fooled. Fruit is God's candies. In this day and age with 88% [00:22:00] of the population metabolically unwell, I tell people a banana can be disguised. Don't overdo it. Be very careful with that stuff.

Dr.Martin: Why? Because we live in an age of carboholism. My name is Tony and I'm a carboholic. The average North American is consuming 200 pounds of sugar a year. [00:22:30] You know why? They don't read their labels and they've been duped. You know what I hate? Being duped. I don't like being duped. I can't handle that. When somebody is trying to deceive me, it bothers me. You? Bothers me. But don't be duped because there ain't no sugar that's great sugar anymore. My grandchildren know me, grandpa, did you [00:23:00] not have cookies and ice cream too? Yes, we did. But look at an old movie, guys. Everybody was slim. We live in a different world, guys. The world has changed. There's been a huge paradigm shift. True or false? True or false?

Dr.Martin: Well, you can't go to the mall today, but if you could go to your local mall, look at people, look at the size of them. If you left the planet in the 1970s, [00:23:30] you went to live on Mars and came back, you'd say, "What happened?" It's insulin. It's insulin. It's food. We became carboholics. Why? Because the food industry hired the liars liars, pants on fires from the tobacco industry. The people that brought you addiction, the people that knew how to addict you, how [00:24:00] to make you into an addict and the cereal companies bought them up, put them to work. How do we get people to stop eating bacon and eggs and sausages? Let's get them to eat our cereal because frosted flakes are great. Cheerios are a great. For us seniors, oatmeal. Oh, doc, I got [00:24:30] to have my own meal. No you don't.

Dr.Martin: Guys, that's what happened. It was liar liar, pants on fire, and the food industry did it on purpose. They wanted you to shop in the middle aisles of your grocery store. Not on the outskirts, not in the produce. They didn't make money on produce. They made money on cereal and they hooked [00:25:00] one, two, three generations of people. They've booked them, right? Bread, noodles, pasta, cereals. Oh, Dr. Martin. Yeah. That's what happened. I've watched it. You see guys, it's good to have a senior citizen with you sometimes, isn't it? Because we can reminisce. I can tell you what I saw with my own eyeballs. [00:25:30] The liars came out, they changed everybody's diet.

Dr.Martin: They told you that if you don't have carbs, you're not going to do it very well and eggs will give you cholesterol and don't eat meat, man, that's not good for you, a little bit, but not mine. [inaudible 00:25:49]. That's what happened and we went for it and we believed in medicine they believed... [00:26:00] Here's what happened, because doctors don't take nutrition, right? You go to medical school, you're lucky to get a half an hour of nutrition. I took 2,000 hours in undergraduate work. I saw the lies coming. They said, "Well, doc. But fat makes you fat." No, it doesn't. Fat doesn't make you fat. Sugar makes you fat. Think of all the industries that got sucked into that. The food, the exercise [00:26:30] industry. Well, just work it out, eat whatever you feel like and then work it off. True or false? True.

Dr.Martin: The pharmaceutical industry, they took this and ran with it and made the number one seller of all time in drugs, the Wayne Gretzky of drugs, the number one of all time, best selling drug is a drug called Lipitor, number one seller of [00:27:00] all time to lower cholesterol and millions and millions and millions of people are still taking Statin drugs, millions. I told you this story. Let me end with it. They were going to put Statin drugs, it actually came to the House of Commons in the UK. They were having a vote whether to put Statin drugs in the drinking water in the UK. [00:27:30] True story. They were going to put the drugs in the drinking water to lower people's cholesterol. I'm not kidding you. Look it up if you don't believe Dr. Martin.

Dr.Martin: Guys, the lie was taken to craziness and it's so hard to undo that lie. I spend all my day educating. People, you got it wrong. This is not true. [00:28:00] Doctors, I'm teaching nutrition. It ain't true. It was a lie from the beginning brought to you by General Foods and Post and Kellogg's and Kraft. That's exactly guys what happened, and the results are we live in a world, we live in a world where they bought it hook, line and sinker [00:28:30] and we're paying... Guys, I don't want to talk about COVID because I'm going to get my blood pressure up. But the biggest thing isn't that. The biggest thing is insulin. Hey, guys. Love you, guys. Talk to you soon.

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