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327. Heart Health And The Importance Of Fat

Transcript Of Today's Episode

Announcer: You're listening to The Doctor Is In Podcast, brought to you by During the episode, the doctors share a lot of information. As awesome as the info may be, it is not intended to diagnose, or treat, or prevent any disease. It's strictly for informational purposes.

Dr. Martin: Well, good morning everyone. Let's talk about ... I got this edict that came out from the World Health Organization on food with COVID. [00:00:30] Guys, I'm not going to spend my time on covid this morning. I mean we could talk about it every day, but I'm just going to tell you, they've got some things right, and something wrong. Then, I'm going to tie this in to a study that came out this week. Remember, I still get all these studies, okay? I flag the ones that really interest me, so we're going to talk about, let me get this study [00:01:00] up. I'll read it to you.

Dr. Martin: Nutrition advice from the World Health Organization. They get some things right, mostly wrong, but I just want to tell you what they said. Here's what they got right. "Don't eat industrialized produced trans fats, processed food, fast food, snack foods, fried foods, [00:01:30] frozen pizza, cookies, margarine spread." This coming right from the World Health Organization. Hey, you've got Dr. Martin's stamp on that. You've got Dr. Martin's stamp. Good for you.

Dr. Martin: Now, here's two things they got wrong. They only put out three categories. Two of them are wrong. You guys know this, but I'm going to reinforce. Eat unsaturated fats. [00:02:00] Avocado, I like that. Nuts, I've got no problem, olive oil. Then, they say, "Soy, canola, sunflower, corn oils." Those are highly industrialized, highly inflammatory, and remember, if you get into the hospital with covid, one of the biggest things they have to deal with is that inflammation response. [00:02:30] The body is over-responding to the virus, and this one especially to the lungs.

Dr. Martin: When inflammation gets in there, you've got problems, big time, breathing. It could kill you. They say, "Eat avocados." I like that, it's fat. Here's the other thing they said. "Don't eat saturated fats. Don't eat saturated fats." Meat, butter, cheese, [00:03:00] coconut oil, ghee, lard. Don't eat that." That's from the World Health Organization, whose nutrition is at least 50 years old. They bought the line.

Dr. Martin: I want to tie this into a study that came out this week, and I want to show you. You probably won't hear this anywhere else, but you're going to hear it here today. One of the biggest problems we're seeing [00:03:30] in terms of a scourge, forget COVID-19, is a condition called atrial fib, atrial fibrillation. That's an electrical thing in the heart. I'm going to tell you that that causes more heart attacks and strokes than blockages do because the old clogged, you know what I mean? Go get a hose, and do this to [00:04:00] it, bend it, and the water will stop flowing. That is the old mentality of how you get a heart attack. Everything gets clogged up.

Dr. Martin: That's not really, not that it can't happen. All I'm saying is the biggest cause of someone having a heart attack, or someone having a stroke is electricity between the upper chambers [00:04:30] of the heart, your atrium, your atrium, and your bottom part of the heart, the ventricle. It's an electrical grid. It's an electrical grid, and that's why at the arenas or at the hospital, at the whatever, the ambulance, when the come to your home, you're having a heart attack, what do they have? A defibrillator. [00:05:00] There's a reason for that. If your heart goes into a spasm, it's an electrical thing.

Dr. Martin: They put a defibrillator on you to reset the electricity within your heart. This is a major issue in society today. Atrial fibrillation, atrial fib, is a major, major issue is society today. Now, can I tell you why? [00:05:30] It's because of the World Health Organization, not just them, but the medical world in particular. You know why? Because they miss the big problem when it comes to the electricity in your heart. This is why it's an epidemic today.

Dr. Martin: You know that heart disease and stroke is still the number one killer in [00:06:00] society today? Cancer is coming up there. Cancer is coming up, but cancer hasn't hit yet what heart attack and strokes do. The vast majority of them are due to the electrical grid in your heart. Why? Because people have bought the lie, primarily, that fat makes you fat, and fat gives you cholesterol. [00:06:30] My case and point, here we are with the COVID diet for adults, and they're telling you, for your immune system," because that's what they're talking about.

Dr. Martin: They came out with this diet, and what it is is fat is dangerous. You need to have monounsaturated fat. Don't have saturated fat. Guys, [00:07:00] you need fat, and you need saturated fat, eggs, meat, and cheese, for your heart. Why? Dr. Martin, that doesn't make any sense. Why? Nevermind what it does to your insulin, which creates inflammation. Remember what I said, "Inflammation, huge issue." [00:07:30] Do you know that even the synapses, the little electrical grid that you have in your brain, doesn't work without fat.

Dr. Martin: I told you guys that. That's why I'm so big on cholesterol. You need cholesterol. It's not the boogie man. It doesn't cause heart disease and stroke. I know that that sounds crazy because we've been pumped for 50 years, [00:08:00] longer, 60 years. "Don't eat that stuff." You see a piece of meat, get a lean piece of meat. Ladies, have some chicken, and don't eat this skin." Have you been told that? Yes, you have. Eat the skin. Yes, eat the fat. You need fat for your electricity in your brain, and in your heart. You need fat, [00:08:30] saturated, dripping fat.

Dr. Martin: That's why saturated fat tastes so good because it's dripping. Guys, we have been lied to for so long. Let's do a survey, and 99% of the population, 99%, they hammer it, hammer it, hammer it, hammer it. Brought to you by the cereal companies. That's [00:09:00] who started it. Do you know that the cereal companies, they weren't stupid. They hired the people from the tobacco industry. What marketers they were. I told you the story of my dad. My dad thought smoking was good for you. He used to, "Here, you don't want to clear your lungs out, here have a cigarette."

Dr. Martin: I'm not kidding you. That's how old I am. I remember that. The only dent in heart disease, and it really wasn't a dent, is when people stopped smoking. [00:09:30] Our diets are killing us. Atrial fibrillation is a horrendous problem in our society today because there's not enough fat in our diets. That's number one reason, and part of that equation is this, for atrial fib.

Dr. Martin: When you replace fat, eggs, meat, [00:10:00] and cheese, out of your diet, I get young people coming in, "Oh, Dr. Martin, I won't have anything with eyeballs. If it's got eyeballs, I won't eat it." That's the young generation today. You wouldn't believe how many millions of young people are drinking the Kool-Aid that they ought to be a vegetarian or a vegan. There's nothing worse for you. Nothing worse for you, but they're buying it. Has to do with two reasons. One, animals, they love [00:10:30] their animals more than they love people. I hate to be negative, but guys, that's a fact. They won't eat anything that's got eyeballs.

Dr. Martin: The other one is the climate. They believe that they can ... Cows are farting, and I'm not kidding you guys. It's almost funny, but I'm telling you, don't eat any meat. All I can tell you, here's what I know. To grow soy, and grain, and all your vegetables, and [00:11:00] all that, that's a lot harder on the environment than cows are. They strip away. Corn strips away the topsoil. Guys, that's a political thing. I don't want to talk about that.

Dr. Martin: I want to come back to your heart. Whenever you think of your heart, think of your brain. Your heart is a muscle, but it needs electricity to work properly. Just like your brain is [00:11:30] primarily fat. What's good for you in food? Fat and muscle. Okay, so they bought the lie. The cereal companies started it. I watched them do it in my lifetime, and they just hammered, hammered, hammered. "Don't eat that butter. Don't have butter. Don't eat steak. Don't have hamburgers." They're blaming the hamburger for what the bun is doing. It ain't the hamburger. [00:12:00] It's the bun that turns to sugar in five seconds.

Dr. Martin: "Dr. Martin, it's whole wheat." So what? It's going to be sugar in five seconds, and insulin is going to send it into your liver, primarily, as fat. When the liver gets full, we talked about this yesterday, you're going to have high levels of triglycerides in your blood stream. Very [00:12:30] dangerous. That's where the blockages come in. The electricity is the diet too because we're eating fat free.

Dr. Martin: "Oh, Dr. Martin, I have fat free yogurt." Well, you're stupid. Honestly, I've never said that to a patient. Never said, "Stupid." I said, "You're weird," but I won't say the word stupid. Some people get offended by that. Guys, you've got to know me. [00:13:00] I'm controversial. I don't know if it's because we had 11 kids in our family. You have to speak up to be heard. All I'm saying is, guys we bought the lie, and look what it gave us. It gave us more heart disease than ever.

Dr. Martin: There's more heart disease and stroke than ever. Not less. If cholesterol was true, if the theory of cholesterol was true, we would have got rid of [00:13:30] heart disease. It would have been like it was in the 1910, when it was 10%. 40, 50, 60% of the population have trouble with cardio vascular issues, high blood pressure. It's food. You know what one of the factors is? Listen to this for atrial fib. You know what one of the factors is? Kidneys. Kidneys. You know how to stress your kidneys? Sugar. It's insulin, guys. [00:14:00] High circulating insulin, too much carbs.

Dr. Martin: If you don't eat eggs, meat, and cheese, you know what you're replacing that with? The vegetables are all right, but you're mostly replacing it ... Here's what they know. I'm only telling you what even the World Health Organization would tell you this. They replace it with vegetable oils, [00:14:30] soy, rice, beans, lots of carbs. There's some protein in there, but it's not the same. It doesn't have the wide ... You see, when you have a piece of meat, you're getting all the amino acids. You need all of them.

Dr. Martin: Here's the problem. When you don't eat eggs, meat, and cheese you're not getting all the amino acids. What does that have to do with your heart? Your heart's [00:15:00] a muscle. One of the by-products of you eating eggs, meat, and cheese, two things, one of them is your elevating L-carnitine, L-arginine, L-Lysine, L-taurine. Those are only found in eggs, meat, and cheese. Those are all good for your heart, and a by-product of eating, by the way.

Dr. Martin: I'm not going [00:15:30] to say most doctors, but some doctors understand this because they take a nutrition course. By the way, I'm going to be giving a nutrition course very soon. Take it. I want doctors to take it because I'm going to teach them the basics, which they're not getting in medical school. One of the by-products of eggs, meat, and cheese is [00:16:00] CoQ10. Guess what is low in people that have atrial fibrillation? CoQ10. CoQ10. Your heart muscle depends on it. You need fat and you need protein. You need specific proteins with those amino acids to make CoQ10. You guys hear about CoQ10. You know what that is, [00:16:30] but your body makes CoQ10, but only when you eat the right things.

Dr. Martin: I know I'm going to get it. I'm going to have people mad at me. I'm going to get people mad at me because they don't like to hear that, especially the young generation or even my generation who get up every morning and have, "Oh, Dr. Martin, [00:17:00] I can't have bacon and eggs. That's bad. I've got to have my cereal." That's what I talk to you about when I did my trip to Costco last weekend. They've got boxes bigger than your house of cereal in their carts. Read the labels. Dr. Martin's blood pressure was going up in Costco.

Dr. Martin: One of the reasons was because everybody ... They don't have a hockey stick, but thank [00:17:30] God. Don't give people a hockey stick. They'll hit you with it. People are so up tight about you keeping your six feet away from them. Don't give them a hockey stick. They'll kill you with it. I'm walking down the street, and people go, "Well, wait a minute. I thought it was six feet?" They're going 600 feet away from me. They're scared, skinny. See what fear does? Here's what fear does.

Dr. Martin: Fear changed our [00:18:00] diets. Look at bacon and eggs. Look at all the fat on that. Fat is what is clogging your arteries. No, it's not. Sugar is clogging your arteries because sugar makes fat balls, triglycerides. People today have very low cholesterol. Why do you want low cholesterol for? That ain't good for your heart. You need HDL, [00:18:30] good cholesterol. I don't care about ... There's only one bad cholesterol, and it's not even cholesterol. It's call triglycerides. Biochemistry 101. Fear, true or false, we seen it now with COVID, fear, people are squealing on each other.

Dr. Martin: I watched a video yesterday with a lady getting arrested in the park. She was with her two kids. They arrested her. That's all right though. You can go outside and have a smoke. Oh, [00:19:00] but you're social distancing. Our society is crazy. I hate to say it. "You can have a smoke. Go outside and have a smoke. Don't smoke indoors. Have your cigarette, and have your Pepsi, and have your sugar, and have your cereal, and ladies, have your yogurt, fat free, but that's all right, but don't come near me, or I'll hit you with my hockey stick."

Dr. Martin: Guys, I tell you ... I've [00:19:30] got to tell you one more thing. I've got a few minutes here. Let me tell you another thing about a grid. We talked about you need CoQ10 for atrial fibrillation. You want your heart electricity to work, you need CoQ10. That comes from eggs, meat, and cheese. You don't need a supplement of it unless you're not getting enough. If you're on a statin drug, they'll even tell you on TV, if you're on a statin drug, a cholesterol lowering medication, they'll tell you [00:20:00] that it strips away your CoQ10. You better take it as a supplement. That's why we have it in our heart and brain formula, for people that are taking statin drugs.

Dr. Martin: CoQ10, fat for the electricity. Fat makes up those little electrical grids in your heart. You need to eat fat. Then thirdly, you need water. I'm telling you, one of [00:20:30] the biggest factors in heart attacks and strokes is dehydration. Guys, you only have to follow me for years because I've been talking about vitamin W for a long time. Today we talked about vitamin S, steak. We're talking now about vitamin W, water.

Dr. Martin: You need water. Only water is water. "Dr. Martin, I had [00:21:00] a coffee this morning. I had a coffee." I watch it. It's 95, 98% water. I know, and I love coffee because that's vitamin C. It's actually good for your heart. It's a powerful antioxidant, but you need water. Think of it guys, what makes ... Niagara Falls, what do they do? It's beautiful. Go to Niagara Falls. You can't go right now. [00:21:30] I'm sure that's blocked off too. Woo hoo hoo hoo. We can't go to Niagara Falls. Don't come after me, okay? I can't stand it.

Dr. Martin: Harness power, electrical power from the Falls. True or false? Yes, it's true. You need water for electricity, and you guys, your body is like planet Earth. [00:22:00] Did you know that? Your body is like planet Earth. What's planet Earth? It's 70% water, so is your body. Your water, you need to replace it. You need two liters of water a day. Not fluids. Not fluids. Orange juice isn't water. Apple juice isn't water. Tea, somebody said, "Doc, can I drink tea?" Why would you drink tea when you can [00:22:30] drink coffee? I don't understand it.

Dr. Martin: You can have your tea. I don't care, but that's not water. You need water for your heart. Got it? You guys get it. Atrial fib is a huge issue today because of our diets and people not drinking enough water. They're dehydrated. Nobody's ever told them. Nobody ever told them. "Doc, I'm not dehydrated. I'm not thirsty." [00:23:00] Don't wait until you're thirsty. Drink two liters of water. Drink water.

Dr. Martin: I didn't have my coffee this morning before I had half a liter of water. For my American friends, that's 16 ounces of water. Have 16 ounces of water first thing in the morning. "Dr. Martin, I don't like water. It doesn't have the taste." Get used to it. Suck it up, buttercup. [00:23:30] You need it. It's vitamin W. Your body can't live without it. Suck it up. You can form habits.

Dr. Martin: "Dr. Martin, water. Can't I flavor my water?" No, you can't flavor it, until you've had two liters. If you have two liters, you want to have tea. I have coffee. I love my coffee, but it ain't water, guys, for your heart. I want to protect your heart. I want to protect your [00:24:00] heart. You want to cause inflammation? Don't drink enough water. You won't know it. You won't know it because there's no red light going off the top of your head. I'm dehydrated. I'm dehydrated. I'm dehydrated.

Dr. Martin: Wouldn't it be nice if we had that little light? Add water. Add water. We don't have that light until you start drinking water. Then, your little light will go on because once your body gets used to water, and by the way, just let me finish with [00:24:30] this. Let me finish with this. You have 60,000 miles of blood vessels. You know what your heart is? It's a pump to pump your blood through 60,000, 1 1/2 times around the equator, in your body. Arteries, veins, capillaries. 60,000 miles. That pump, 100,000 times a day, [00:25:00] pew, pew, pew. That's what your heart does. Think of what makes it easier on your heart is when your blood isn't like soup, thick.

Dr. Martin: Water is the best thing to make the river of your blood vessels ... Your blood goes through 60,000 miles of river, and you know what? To every area of your body, you need that blood to get there, and your [00:25:30] heart has to work harder if you're dehydrated. Your muscle won't be near as strong if you don't have CoQ10, and how do you get CoQ10? Eggs, meat, and cheese. I rest my case. Now, where's the police? Are they going to come and arrest me for talking like this? Maybe. I love you guys.

Announcer: You've reached the end of another Doctor [00:26:00] Is In Podcast, with your hosts, Dr. Martin Jr and Sr. Be sure to catch our next episode and thanks for listening.