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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning, everyone. Questions and answers. Lot of questions came in. Really appreciate that. I'll try and get through all of the questions. Questions [00:00:30] and answers. I am going to answer questions. Okay. So lots of questions came in. I'm going to really try and not get off on rabbit trails too much. I'm going to try and answer your questions. Okay, because I kind of promised that I would do that.

Dr. Martin: Now, somebody was asking about CRP, C-reactive protein test. I love that test. If you can get blood work done, get your doctor. If you don't ask, you don't get. Get them to do a CRP [00:01:00] on you. That's an inflammation marker. Okay. Homocysteine too is a good, good one. Okay. But try and find out, because C-reactive protein is a good indicator if you have silent inflammation. Okay. They usually do it if you have arthritis. If they're suspicious of a rheumatoid arthritis, they will do the C-reactive protein test.

Dr. Martin: But [00:01:30] they usually don't do it as a preventative test because a lot of ... I don't want to get negative, but a lot of doctors, they don't ... It's not that they don't believe in inflammation, but unless you have pain, but as we know, inflammation is a symptom of high circulating insulin, leaky gut, oxidative damage, [00:02:00] free radical damage. Inflammation is not the cause of the disease. It damages your blood vessels, it damages your cells, but it's not Houdini, as Tony Junior often says, doesn't come out of nowhere. Something causes it.

Dr. Martin: But anyway, the test is called CRP. Write that down. Get your doctor to do a CRP test. It should be part of a routine test because it is one of [00:02:30] the tremendous test. Now, here's what the American Heart Association says, and the CDC, Center for Disease Control in the United States says that it's C-reactive protein, even for heart. You see how inflammation, it's not cholesterol. Every doctor in the universe wants to do a cholesterol test and it's so overrated.

Dr. Martin: No, not that I'm against it. I want to know your [00:03:00] lipid profile. You guys know me for that. I want to know what your triglycerides are. I want to know what your HDL is. That's your good cholesterol. Okay? Because triglycerides are your bad fats. Tri three, glycerides fat. Three fat balls that come from sugar, not from fat. Come from crappy carbs. Okay. Now, CRP, I like CRP to [00:03:30] be one or under. If it's one or under, real good, very low inflammation.

Dr. Martin: Now six is what they would call a three to six is very high, and that tells you you've got a lot of inflammation in your body without necessarily having any symptoms. Under 1.1 or whatever, to three is considered [00:04:00] sort of moderate. But I like it to be low, and to lower your inflammation you need to lower your insulin. It's the number one thing you can do because inflammation never comes first. This is why like somebody asked me [inaudible 00:04:18], might as well answer it right now. Somebody was asking, doc, what do I do about pain? While I like anti-inflammatories, like ashwagandha, I love curcumin. [00:04:30] I love pine bark. I love all those anti-inflammatory supplements. But the biggest anti-inflammatory diet is to cut your carbohydrates and cut your insulin down. That's the number one thing you can do.

Dr. Martin: And of course, if you have leaky gut, that can cause inflammation because candida albicans, yeast is always present with leaky gut. Leaky gut, leaky skin. Leaky gut, [00:05:00] leaky brain. Leaky gut, leaky lungs. Leaky gut, leaky sinuses. Leaky gut, leaky joints. So I'm always looking at those things. I want you to get rid of your inflammation by lowering your insulin and getting rid of leaky gut. Okay?

Dr. Martin: Speaking of leaky gut, someone asked the question, if I have no sugar, no carbs, does that get rid of leaky gut? It helps big time. Look, you need [00:05:30] to replace the bacteria, though. Okay? So that's why I'm a big guy on probiotics, broad spectrum probiotics, because you need to do two things to get rid of candida. Don't feed it, and kill it. The more good bacteria you have, the less candida can spread throughout your own body. Plus, part of your gut is made up of what we call the endothelial. They're little wee cells that's a little thin liner [00:06:00] between your gut and your blood. It's called the gut blood barrier. You've got the blood brain barrier, but you also have a gut blood barrier. It's a little wee lining.

Dr. Martin: But if you don't have enough bacteria, the bacteria are part of the border guards there. They help to knit leaky gut. So two things. So we talked about CRP, get that done. Here's tests that are worth it. In Ontario, unfortunately, [00:06:30] if you want to get your vitamin D levels, your D hydroxy 25, that's what it's called. But just ask your doctor for vitamin D, it makes me, ooh, because they don't ... They make you pay now for vitamin D testing, but it's worth it. If you can afford it, for sure do it.

Dr. Martin: So when you get your testing done, find out what your vitamin D and somebody asked me what is the normal vitamin D? Well in Canada, Canada, in Canada, vitamin D, [00:07:00] I like it to be around look, 150 to 250, 200 is really good. And you know how much I love vitamin D. So, in the United States, I like it between optimized between 70 and 100. Okay, so those are the numbers, 150 to 250, but I like 200 in Canada and in the United States, [00:07:30] the measurement is a little bit different, but I like that to be optimized, 70 to 100. You want optimized.

Dr. Martin: It's like B12, guys. B12 should be optimized. Like, they flag it if it goes over 600. 600 is not high for B12. It should be 800, 1,200. I had a lady the other day that, she feels good when her B12 is 1,500 and she couldn't understand. When [00:08:00] she stopped taking it, she went down to 300 but she didn't feel good. I said, well, B12 is a water soluble vitamin. If you need to have high levels, your body's not stupid. You feel better. So what if your B12 is at 1,500? Like some doctors are like, "Oh, your B12 is high." They have never seen a case ever where somebody, "Oh, you know why you're in emergency ma'am? Your B12 is high."

Dr. Martin: No, [00:08:30] it's a water soluble vitamin. You don't croak from high B12. You don't croak from high vitamin D either, even though that's a fat soluble vitamin. But vitamin D is not even a vitamin. It's a hormone. Your body can't live without it. Why do you think the sun is so good for you? Okay. I said I wouldn't go off on rabbit trails. I got too many questions to answer. Okay.

Dr. Martin: [00:09:00] Let's talk about fat, because the other day we talked about fat. Now a lot of people have questions about it. Let me just remind you that, remember what I said, you got three kingdoms of fat. God's kingdom, right? The fat in there is animal fat, and you have three types of fat in the animal fat. You have DHA, the best of the best, the longest chain [00:09:30] fatty acid. You have EPA, very anti-inflammatory, very good for you, and it's found in eggs, meat and cheese and fish. DHA and EPA and the dairy, that's why I like cheese, guys, has CLA. It's another long chain fatty acid.

Dr. Martin: People that tell you not to eat dairy, they don't know what they're talking about. Unless, of course, you have an allergy to it, [00:10:00] but dairy and I don't like milk today, because if you've got a cow in the backyard, drink the milk. But otherwise grocery store milk has been denatured. They took all the stinking fat out of it, and even the homogenized it's not high enough in fat. You want to drink the cream. Usually people with cream, not ice cream, cream, they do well with [00:10:30] that. It's amazing that the allergies really usually are, when they say dairy they usually mean milk.

Dr. Martin: I get a lot of people that can have cheese. Now, some people can't. They go, "Doc, I can't have cheese." Okay, listen to your body. Listen to what I'm going to say. Often after they do the reset for four weeks, they can have cheese again. Anyway, okay. So healthy fats, the animal fish, steak, [00:11:00] eggs, cheese, all the good fats are there, including cholesterol. You see, cholesterol is only found in the animal kingdom. It's not in the plant kingdom. That's why a lot of vegetarians and vegans are saying, well, don't eat animal products. They're not good for the planet, but they're not also good for you because they got cholesterol. You need cholesterol. Your eyeballs. See, look at my eyeballs. You see them? They're made up of cholesterol.

Dr. Martin: [00:11:30] Every day I got to answer that question about, my doctor said my cholesterol ... I go crazy. Triglycerides are bad fats. Three fat balls from sugar, cut out your sugar and your triglycerides go down. You want good cholesterol. HDL, how do you do that? Eggs, meat, and cheese. It's only found in that. 85% of your cholesterol comes out of your liver. 15% is what you eat, [00:12:00] and if you don't need it, you don't eat cholesterol, you're not going to have good HDL. If you don't have good HDL, you don't have FedEx trucks on the highways of your blood vessels taking out all the triglycerides out of your body. Yeah.

Dr. Martin: Guys, that's science. Science, you know when they hide behind science, oh, don't talk. You know you can't talk because science says. They [00:12:30] tell us that about the climate. Don't ask any questions. 97% of scientists. Well, they're not right. Look, I don't want to talk about the climate, but they're not right about cholesterol. If they were right, we wouldn't have heart disease anymore. It's still the number one killer. Everybody's talking about COVID-19 and nobody's talking about how many people die every year from heart disease and diabetes and stroke and Alzheimer's. They're not [00:13:00] even talking about it anymore. It's completely forgotten in this thing about a virus that's overtaking the world.

Dr. Martin: But like I showed you, the only people that are getting sick and don't come after me because you've found one healthy person that got sick. They got sick. Yeah, you get sick. I didn't say you wouldn't get sick, but you ain't going die generally unless you have a preexisting condition. Everybody's saying that, but they're not talking about, well, let's get rid of the preexisting [00:13:30] conditions. Because the virus is going to come back to an unhealthy population. 88% of North Americans are unhealthy metabolically. That is a fact, 88%. In four weeks, you can make yourself healthy, four weeks. Your body is unbelievable, fearfully and wonderfully made. You can change it with food. [00:14:00] Food.

Dr. Martin: So you've got the facts. Remember what I said about in the vegetable kingdom and the seeds and the nuts. You have an oil in there too. It's a fat. Not in all of them, but in most of them. They're good for you if you eat them and don't take the oil of vegetable oils. Because what they do is they take those oils like canola [00:14:30] and safflower and sunflower and those type of oils and they heat them up. They hydrogenate them. Those are not good oils. You guys know me. Well, if you do know me, I've been talking about hemp seeds. I liked hemp seed. The seeds. I love flaxseed. Rosie puts it in our low carb bread. Flaxseed, I love flaxseeds, eat the seeds. You get oil in that.

Dr. Martin: But [00:15:00] don't go to the store and buy peanut oil. Don't go to the store and buy even almond oil. Not to consume, eat the almonds, but you can have like butter high in CLA and cook with olive oil. You can have avocado oil. Those are fruit oils, and even macadamia nut is not bad. To [00:15:30] me, eat those macadamias. I don't like the oil as much. It's not so bad, but it's meant to eat. Okay.

Dr. Martin: And then you have the manmade. Those are taking the vegetable oils and making very, very high in omega-6. You see the problem again, and I said it the other day, omega-6 today we're at 30 to one for some people. Most North Americans have 30 times more omega-6 than omega-3 and that [00:16:00] creates an enormous amount of inflammation in the body. How do you get omega-6? Crappy carbs. Okay, I think I answered everything I wanted to do about the oils. Okay, so I'm not big on peanut oil. Eat your peanuts. Now they have lectins in there. That's another discussion.

Dr. Martin: On the reset, you see, I don't let you have any nuts or seeds for four weeks. There's a reason for it. There's a reason for it. I don't want [00:16:30] no lectins. I don't want veggies. There's a reason for it for four weeks, no oxalates. Somebody was asking me about nitrates. You got a lot of nitrates in vegetables, so they're all worried about the nitrates found in bacon. Well, doc, what about nitrate? Well, okay, look, they use it as a preserve, but guess what it's made from? Vegetables. Oh doc, there's too much salt on [00:17:00] bacon. No, it's good for you. Salt is good. That's another bad guy they made out to be a crook is salt. Now, I don't like table salt. I like Himalayan salt. I like sea salts. The better Himalayan, the pink salts, that's the kind to use.

Dr. Martin: Okay, so somebody was asking about light, even light olive oil. But look guys, you know what, if it's light, it's been blended generally. Meaning that there's some canola oil or safflower oil [00:17:30] or whatever that's been blended in. Olive oil should be very dark oil. Okay. I like olive oil. Why? Because it's like bacon. It's got oleic acid. Okay.

Dr. Martin: Now, somebody was asking, can you tell me about the benefits of ProgesterAll? Ladies, ladies, listen, I don't care how old you are, I don't care. The day you ovulate, 10, 12 years old or [00:18:00] whatever till the day you die, 80 years old or higher, you need progesterone, ladies. Progesterone is the master hormone that makes your other hormones. Now, someone was asking me about, like EstroGel and estrogen. Look, I'm not big on estrogen because to me what's happened, I understand. Okay. It's not like I don't understand.

Dr. Martin: But as you get older, ladies, you hit menopause, all [00:18:30] right. Be careful what you wish for it. Because I bet you have no idea because women that have endometriosis or they have very bad periods, heavy bleeding, every month is a terrible week or two or whatever. I see a lot of that, migraines for two to three weeks because they're ... But it's always due to elevated estrogen. Progesterone is the balancing hormone ladies for you. [00:19:00] And you can't even have a good thyroid without progesterone. I've got a thyroid. Men, we're not complicated. Women, you have horror mones, horror mones.

Dr. Martin: And we see so much of it today. Why is that? There's too much estrogen in the world. Everything plastic. And you know what? Even those hand sanitizers, can I just tell you a little bit about Purell and the other ones, and [00:19:30] I know they kill they the COVID-19. And some women, they got that thing and they're a hundred times a day. You know what you're putting on your body, guys? Ladies, you know what you're putting on your body? Estrogen. Because it's a xenoestrogen.

Dr. Martin: Women, any plastic, any chemical, your body thinks it's estrogen, it'll be [00:20:00] attracted to it. This is why I'm not too big on estrogen because you're going to have lots of estrogen, ladies. And as you get older, even into menopausal years, I know your estrogen comes down. Doc, my estrogen is down. But that's a 50 year old thinking. We live in a different world even chemically. We live in a crazy chemical world. Plastic is in everything. It's in our waters, it's in this, it's in that. Now, [00:20:30] they're telling us to ...

Dr. Martin: I like soap and water to wash your hands. I should have bought shares in Purell and other hand sanitizer. The only thing is they're chemical and they're xenoestrogen. They look like estrogen. So now you're putting straight estrogen and guys, you know me, here's where I come from. I've been saying this for years. You know me. You know me. You know me. There's two things that make cancer grow [00:21:00] too, even in men, estrogen and insulin. Estrogen and insulin. So, I'm a big guy on progesterone, because progesterone for women levels out your estrogen. It protects you. It's unbelievable how good progesterone is. It's the hormone you need. It's good, ladies, for your skin, your hair, your nails, progesterone.

Dr. Martin: [00:21:30] It's good for your bladder because a lot of women, their bladder starts descending. They lose the muscle, the strengthening there, right? Progesterone. It's not estrogen. It's progesterone. Urinary tract infections, recurring, recurring, because that bladder's descending. Men, we don't get that. Progesterone. I love ProgesterAll. It's so safe. Natural bioidentical progesterone. I'm very big on that. Okay, [00:22:00] so it's good for your bones, by the way. What did I tell you the other day? Cut out the stinking calcium. Eat your calcium. But ladies, you need progesterone. Even for healthy bones. Of course, you need vitamin D and K2 and all that too. Okay? And sleep, progesterone, very helpful for that.

Dr. Martin: Okay, lady says, I got high blood pressure only when sleeping. Well, you got a circulation problem. You got a circulation problem, and I almost guarantee [00:22:30] you, you have high insulin. You've got high blood pressure, you got high insulin. There's a huge indicator of what we call metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is this, high blood pressure, belly fat, liver, fatty liver, non-alcoholic fatty liver, high triglycerides, low HDL, which I talked about, uric acid. You've got high uric acid, you're a carbaholic, and cut out.

Dr. Martin: You make uric [00:23:00] acid, cut out your fruits. Oh, Dr. Martin, I got to have fruit. We talked about that the other day. Fruit is God's candies, but if you got trouble with insulin or you make uric acid, cut out your fruits. Fruits make you fat. Remember about fructose. It's like monopoly. You don't pass go. It doesn't go into your gut, it goes to your liver. It's stored as fat. Now you can have a little bit of fruit, but don't live on it. Oh, Dr. Martin, you're crazy. I know [00:23:30] I'm crazy, but we live in a different world full of chemicals.

Dr. Martin: I had a lady come in the office and said, I'm moving to Costa Rica. I said, it sucks to be the rest of us. I'm moving to Costa Rica. Whoa. Forever? What about your family? What about this? What about that? Nah, I'm going to Costa Rica. I'm going to live on a little island. Good for you. What about the rest of the universe? So I'm talking to the [00:24:00] rest of the universe, though. Us, that can't move to Costa Rica. But you're not moving there forever. Are you?

Dr. Martin: Okay. Sucks to be the rest of us. They've got to live on this planet right where we are. I can't even go to Florida right now. The border is closed. Did you ever think in your lifetime, everyone, the border between Canada [00:24:30] and the USA is closed, except for trucks. I can't get over it. Okay. I won't to talk about COVID-19. Brandy's tired of it she said. Me too, but I got to talk about it because it's such a big story.

Dr. Martin: What type of zinc do I like? Zinc. I like steak. The best zinc is steak, but you can take the zinc citrate, aspartate. We have a zinc aspartate in our [00:25:00] blood boost. Okay. Blood boost is unbelievable. Okay. And they're all chelated. So it's in the liquid, but they're chelated. So everything is ready to be absorbed 100%. That's why I like it. Okay. And that's why I use it for anemia and somebody asked, what about low white count? Low white count can be anemia too. Low white count, you have a low white count, usually you're low in [00:25:30] vitamin D. Get your vitamin D levels checked. Okay, those were all really good questions.

Dr. Martin: Now, I'm not finished. Oh, yeah. A lady asked, sorry you didn't write your name down. Why are kids not susceptible to the COVID-19? Because it was made in a lab. Now, you guys know me. Sorry Brandy, I wasn't supposed to talk about COVID-19, but they asked a question, why are kids not susceptible [00:26:00] to it? Well, that's unusual, right? Because you put a kid in a daycare and they get ... It's a Petri dish. And by the way, you want your kids to get sick once in awhile. That's how they develop their immune system, right? They develop antibodies. You want that.

Dr. Martin: This is what they're talking about really. This is me. I'm only going to tell you what I think, phase two, phase one, lock us all down. No restaurants, no [00:26:30] nothing. They closed the parks. I mean, everything's closed. Restaurants are closed or whatever. Only you can go to the grocery store or the liquor store. I can't understand how that's healthy for you, but hey, hey, hey, I don't make the decisions. Anyway, you know what herd immunity is? Herd immunity is now we all glow, except those people that are very old or whatever, they're really recommended you know?

Dr. Martin: But that's not what they're doing for phase two. But that's what I agree [00:27:00] with. I think phase two is get back to work. Like to me in Sudbury, I should be back. Why do kids? But you know what? It was a conspiracy. They all said, no, no, no, no, no. But now they're saying yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. It looks like without any doubt at all, the virus came from a laboratory in China. Now, did they do it on purpose? I know they experiment there and they make these superbugs in order to ... [00:27:30] Their motives might have been wonderful. They want to find a vaccine before it comes. I get it. I understand that.

Dr. Martin: Problem is it snuck out of the lab. Now, was it on purpose? I don't know. Or was it just somebody by accident took it out and they went to the meat market in Wuhan. Wuhan has got 11 million people there. It's bigger than Toronto, and it started there. It started there. So why do kids don't get it? Well, that's the gazillion dollar question. [00:28:00] Kids, it's not ... Usually kids get viruses. The reason they closed the schools was so that kids wouldn't go home and give it to grandma and grandpa. Not because they're going to get sick. Ooh, okay. Good question.

Dr. Martin: Somebody was asking about excess fat. If you don't consume it, do we store it? Well, yes. Yes. You store it. All food, [00:28:30] if you don't use it as energy, the thing is with fat, fat is ... Look, remember yesterday when talking about dirty fuel, like the question on the thing and somebody asked me about that, why did you put, is eating no carbs, is it dangerous? It ain't dangerous at all. Because you could live on eggs, meat and cheese, fat, and [00:29:00] protein. But your three storage centers for energy are your liver, muscles and fat cells.

Dr. Martin: But insulin, which is the driver of those things to put your ... It's the traffic cop. When you're eating fat, first of all, it's a much better fuel. Your body burns it much better. It's high octane. Go to the airport. Okay. Not that there's a lot of planes flying, that's another thing. Anyway, they don't put 87 octane. [00:29:30] 87 octane is bread, pasta, rice, cereals, sugar, sweets. 99 octane is eggs, meat and cheese. Fat and protein. It burns in the jets. They don't put 87, you know what you put in your car doesn't work in a jet. So turn your body into a jet. [00:30:00] First of all, when you eat this way, you're not hungry. You're satisfied because you're eating nutrient dense food. It's rocket fuel, okay? And you burn a much better fuel. Your brain loves that fuel. It loves fuel, that fuel. Okay? It's fantastic. They're called ketones.

Dr. Martin: Okay, so, oh, what slows your metabolism down? Good question. Hormones. Horror mones. [00:30:30] A guy never has trouble with his metabolism. It's all food. If they eat right, they're going to lose weight and they'll have a speedy metabolism. Now some, a little less than others, but men generally nothing to worry about. Cut your carbs, lose the weight, right? Women, meh, you're complicated. Your orchestra leader is your thyroid and the thyroid, I talked to you about one thing, progesterone. [00:31:00] You don't have enough progesterone in your thyroid, you're not converting T4 to T3.

Dr. Martin: Ladies, I talked to you about this yesterday too. If you got cortisol and you're stressed, you're not converting T4 to T3. You've got leaky gut, you're not converting T4 to T3, and T3 is what your thyroid needs to work properly. That's why. Oh, doc, my doc says my thyroid is all right. Well, you're gaining weight. You're just looking at food and gain weight? Are you eating so good and you can't [00:31:30] lose any weight? That's your thyroid. Losing your hair, thyroid. Tired, thyroid. Itchy, thyroid. Hives, thyroid, lots of stuff. Look at your eyebrows, they're thinning? Thyroid. Look at your nails, thyroid. Remember what I said about progesterone for your thyroid. It pumps your thyroid up. Anyway.

Dr. Martin: So ladies, there's a lot of complications [00:32:00] in there. That's what slows your metabolism down. That's why you're not a man. Don't compare yourself to your husband when you go on the reset. Okay? Everything in your body, ladies, wants to hold onto fat. Estrogen loves fat. It wants to make you a woman. You're going to have a higher fat percentage. It's normal. But when your metabolism slows down, look to the thyroid gland. Maybe next week we'll do some more stuff on the thyroid because there's a few studies that came [00:32:30] out that I noticed, okay?

Dr. Martin: Oh, wow. Am I way over time here. Okay, well, you know what? I'm going to answer some of these questions next week. Okay, because guys, look, I mean, I don't want you to ever get bored. I try to teach and I want to keep it like, I get out here because I start talking. Hey, you know what guys, I love you guys. I mean that. Share this with your friends, and if you're not [00:33:00] part of the Martin Clinic private Facebook group, join. Okay? I hope you enjoy our emails and everything, all the information we give. Hey, love you guys. Talk to you soon. Get outside.

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