322. Carbohydrates: Dirty Fuel For Your Body

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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning everyone. Let me give you a myth this morning, okay? Do you know that your body does not need carbohydrates? Now, it needs [00:00:30] fat, it needs protein, but it don't need carbs. Now I'm not saying you're never going to eat carbs, okay? So don't say that I said it. I want to talk to you about food this morning and I know a lot of it will be repetition for you and whatever, but I want to talk to you about food in this sense, okay? Because people have this idea, and I get it even after every program, I go through my comments afterwards because I ... you know what? I can't. If I scroll here, I'm [00:01:00] going to lose you. I can see some stuff coming up and it's often I won't answer questions, even if I see it right there, because I'm going to get sidetracked and if I touch that screen, I'm always worried I'm going to disappear. Okay?

Dr. Martin: So, let's talk a little bit this morning, guys, about carbohydrates, okay? Carbohydrates generally, and we'll break this down a little bit, is dirty fuel. [00:01:30] It's dirty fuel. Think of your body as a wood stove. Okay? Think of your body as a wood stove. I mean, you guys know this, you don't heat your house, if you have a wood stove, you don't heat your house with paper and twigs. You heat your house with logs, right? And your body works much like that. When you have carbohydrates, and I'm going to talk to you a little bit about something that you won't hear very [00:02:00] often, but I'm telling you, you and I live in a different world.

Dr. Martin: I mean we've seen it in the last few weeks, right? I mean, the last month, I mean, this is craziness, right? We live in a completely different world and I've talked to you about ... They're missing the whole thing. The virus. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. But we're not even learning the lesson. Because the only people really, are getting sick, [00:02:30] and I know a couple of people came after me yesterday because there was, you know, some healthy people are getting sick with COVID-19. Yes, I agree. But the vast majority of people, and I've put the studies up on the Martin Clinic Facebook group, private group, their immune system's no good. They have preexisting conditions. Number one, diabetes, obesity. And if we don't learn [00:03:00] that lesson guys, we're not going to ... because another virus is coming to a theater near you. You know, we're all, "Let's give us 18 months doc and we will have a vaccine." Yeah, maybe.

Dr. Martin: And even if we do, you have a vaccine every year, this is just facts, so please don't come after me after, don't get angry with me, because I'm not minimizing this. As a matter of fact, this should be the greatest lesson for us. The greatest lesson for us, [00:03:30] this whole virus, is getting into good health. 88% of the North Americans are metabolically unwell. 88%. Hey guys, that's not my statistic. That's the World Health Organization. They said it. The CDC is saying it. North Americans are terribly unhealthy and the reason that they are [00:04:00] is they eat dirty fuel. They eat dirty fuel. We're eating crappy carbohydrates. And this is why I talk to you about it all the time.

Dr. Martin: The problem in the world is not the virus. The virus is going to come back. Look, they have a flu shot. Every year they have a flu shot. True or false? Of course they do. More people, I know a lot of people don't want to hear this, I'm not a conspiracy [00:04:30] guy, more people will die in Canada and the United States, hundred percent fact, from the flu than they will from COVID-19. And there's a vaccine for the flu. It's called the flu shot.

Dr. Martin: Guys, it's food. It's food. Again, did I tell you [00:05:00] don't wash your hands? Wash your hands. Did I say that? No. Did you see my mask that my wife made me? Well, if I got to wear a mask to get on an airplane or I got to wear a mask to go into a restaurant, hey, I will obey. The Bible tells me to obey my leaders even when I think they're wrong. Because nobody's talking about it. Guys, dirty fuel. Dirty fuel. Carbs [00:05:30] are dirty fuel. And this is why, even Dr. Martin, I know, I know, I know, I know. "Oh Dr. Martin, what about fruits and vegetables?" Well, we live in a different world, so I'm telling you don't live on that stuff. Look, vegetables are better, but don't live on potatoes.

Dr. Martin: I know, I had ice cream and cookies when I was a kid too, but we've changed so much metabolically that now Dr. [00:06:00] Martin ... I've been telling you for a long time, "nah fruit are God's candies, don't fool yourself." You can't live on that anymore. You can't. It's too sweet. It creates too much insulin and insulin is your enemy. Insulin's the enemy. Insulin is what gives you metabolic syndrome, which I went over with you. [00:06:30] High blood pressure. People that are getting sick from COVID-19 are, number one, obesity. And what did I tell you about obesity? Obesity is not the problem, it's a symptom. It's a symptom.

Dr. Martin: And I was saying that to you yesterday. You can be skinny as a rake and very unhealthy. So don't just look at people that are bigger and say, "Well, they're very unhealthy and I'm healthy." Nah you can have a lot of [00:07:00] visceral fat, you can have fat around your organs and you wouldn't even know it. You might be skinny on the outside and fat on the inside with visceral fat, which is dangerous fat because it wraps around your liver. If you are a carboholic and you're skinny, you are very unhealthy. You are very unhealthy.

Dr. Martin: So what am I saying guys? It's food. And carbs is something [00:07:30] ... We live in 2020. I remember when I was a kid and I thought of the year 2000 even, "Oh geez, I'm going to be an old guy by 2000." All I could think of, "2000, I'll be so old." And then when 2000 came, I said, "Well, I'm not that old." And now I'm in 2020 and I still feel young.

Dr. Martin: But guys, we live in a different world. We live in a completely different world [00:08:00] and it's why I'm so passionate. I am so passionate about something that you can control. You can't control the virus. You can't control that out there. And I get the politicians and the Minister of Health, and I get it, I know where they're coming from. I understand it. It's their training. You get experts [00:08:30] in infectious disease and now they're on steroids right now these people because they're not talking to average people anymore, they're just talking to ... And people making the decisions are people with infectious disease background. I understand that. They're experts in the virus, but what they're not experts in is how to prevent this from coming back.

Dr. Martin: I know, flatten [00:09:00] the curve. I keep hearing people, "Stay inside and flatten the curve and flatten the curve." Flattening the curve, guys, again, I understand they don't want millions of people in the hospital. They can't handle it. I understand that, why they said that, but it's not fixing the problem. The problem is we're all going to get viruses. Do you think that you're going to wipe viruses off the face of the earth? Do [00:09:30] you think you're going to wipe these viruses? They're never going to come back? The flu comes back every year, and millions and millions of North American, millions and millions of them get the flu shot every year, they do. It doesn't stop it from coming back.

Dr. Martin: I'm trying to get at the fact that your diet needs to change and I know I'm preaching to the choir in a lot of ways this morning. I understand that. You guys know me, I'm Mr. Consistent, [00:10:00] but I have changed my mind about fruit. Even too much vegetables, I've changed my mind. I understand that God gave us that, I understand that, but don't live on it anymore. You can't. Because we live in a world where our pancreases were never meant to eat the amount of carbohydrates ... What did I tell you the other day? 200 pounds of sugar a year, the average Canadian and North American. It's worse in the United States. [00:10:30] And this virus has affected what? People with preexisting conditions, but they're not ... You know, preexisting conditions, what is that? It's metabolic syndrome. They're insulin related disorders. And that's what they are. High blood pressure, obesity, diabetes? Yeah.

Dr. Martin: Metabolic syndrome is high triglycerides, guys. If you want to know if you have metabolic syndrome, get your blood work [00:11:00] tested and check your triglycerides. If you've got high triglycerides and low HDL, good cholesterol, you are diabetic. "Oh doc, my blood sugar is still normal." Doesn't matter. If you've got high triglycerides and low HDL, you are a diabetic without the diagnosis of a diabetic. It's [00:11:30] 100%. Because that's how you get diabetes. How do you get diabetes by the way? The last thing that will happen is that your blood sugar will go too high and you will ... Man, why didn't I think of this? Why didn't I, in the 1970s, invest all my money ... I put it in real estate. It can go up and it can come down. Why didn't I put all [00:12:00] my money, in the 1970s, into the little finger pricks that measure your blood sugar? Costs a dollar every time you do it. And people go crazy with that, "Doc, my blood sugar, my blood sugar, my blood sugar, my blood sugar." You know?

Dr. Martin: Guys, it isn't the blood sugar. Blood sugar is not the problem. The problem is insulin and that happens way before [00:12:30] your blood sugar changes. Because, like I'd said yesterday, your body does everything it can to keep your blood sugar in this range right here. Keep it right here. Doesn't want to go too high, doesn't want to go too low. You're fearfully and wonderfully made, your body is made to keep your blood ... Because sugar is so toxic. "Oh, Dr. Martin, I need a little bit of sugar." No you don't. You don't need one little ounce of sugar. Like I said, if you [00:13:00] empty out your five liters, you got less than a half a teaspoon of sugar in there. In five liters of blood. And if you have more, it's damaging your blood vessels big time. 12 days. 12 days of a bad diet.

Dr. Martin: Why isn't anybody talking to us about that, guys? You want to get me uptight? Why is it that, "Oh, stay inside, wash your hands, [00:13:30] don't touch your face, put a mask on." Holy moly. Why is nobody saying get out and exercise? They closed the gyms for heaven sakes. Because the virus is everything. No, get healthy guys, that's everything. You guys do it. You know, this is an individual thing.

Dr. Martin: I don't know why the CBC hasn't called me for an interview. Look, [00:14:00] I wouldn't tell them anything stupid. I would tell them facts. I would just say, "Well, we missed the whole point of this whole thing. If we don't get this right, it's coming to a theater near you again." COVID-20, maybe not 19. Even with a vaccine, just like the flu. And do you know why? Coronavirus is the cold virus, isn't it? This is [00:14:30] a part of a cold virus. That's what coronavirus means, guys. They've never found a vaccine for the cold virus yet. True or false? True.

Dr. Martin: We must, must, as individuals and for the influence that you have, you know, some people have an influence with more people, some with less, but at least if you're a parent, don't let your kids [00:15:00] just eat anything. Teach them. Kids are smart, by the way. Kids are really smart and what kids really do is they watch. I got people boasting about, "I found a deal on sugary cereals." Boasting, "They're on sale." Man, you might as well have three Pepsis and two chocolate bars if you're going to eat crappy cereal. Those days, guys, in my opinion, [00:15:30] are over. Don't have that, if you want to be healthy, because we live in a different world. It's the clear and present danger.

Dr. Martin: The clear and present danger is carbohydrates. It's bread, it's pasta, it's cereals, it's sweets, it's your chocolate, it's your muffins, in your bagels. "Oh, Dr. Martin, I have a whole wheat bagel or a multigrain bagel, [00:16:00] isn't that good for me?" Nah, it's pure sugar. Your insulin will go crazy to try and break it down. Your body treats glucose as poison. Your body treats glucose as poison, and bread is going to be glucose rapidly. Don't fool yourself.

Announcer: [00:16:30] You've reached the end of another Doctor Is In Podcast with your hosts, Dr. Martin Junior and Senior. Be sure to catch our next episode and thanks for listening.

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