319. COVID-19 And The Importance Of Staying Metabolically Healthy

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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning everyone. The world is still upside down. No change in sight as far as I can see. We're still closed down. We're going to talk about that this morning a little bit, but it's going to be [00:00:30] an interesting week. There's a lot of good studies out. Look, we got the can't help it's right now, right? What else can, you know? And we're going to talk about COVID-19. First, I'm going to start out this week because I read a quote this weekend that just sort of grabbed me and I got to emphasize where we're going to go with this, this morning, okay? Because this, guys, is one of the most fascinating [00:01:00] times in our life, obviously. You know, they use the word unprecedented and for you and I, I'm old enough to know we've never been through anything like this. 9-11 sort of closed the world down for a few days and then it, you know, it changed things and it sure changed travel, and screening and whatever. Yeah, there was changes made for sure in security and things like that.

Dr. Martin: But never the impact of a virus. [00:01:30] A little wee virus that's affected us so much. And now we know a lot more about it. We know a lot more about it and, you know, stay home, stay home has been the big thing. And you know what? I'm not against that but it's not the biggest thing. Because now we know. Now we know this virus doesn't hit kids. Guys, when I say that, you know, I know two kids in Texas got sick [00:02:00] or whatever, come on. You guys know me, I've got to talk in generalities and you know, some people get offended by that. Well, come on, I got to talk about the big picture here and what I try and get into the news that you guys won't hear on mainstream media.

Dr. Martin: Nobody seems to be talking about this, but these are facts and keep metabolically well. [00:02:30] This is the importance because what you're not hearing about this, you know, wash your hands, social distancing, don't touch your face. I get it. I get it because it's a virus and you know, there's one school of thought and lock everybody down. Don't go to a park or whatever. And I get it. I understand it. Because if you're trained in [00:03:00] infectious disease, this is what you do. Lock this, the world, down. But it's not sustainable. And this virus is, you know, even if we flatten the curve, okay, it's going to come back, guys. It's going to come back. What do we do the next time, right? We flatten the curve, but what do we do the next time? Guys, this is why I am [00:03:30] appealing to you.

Dr. Martin: You already understand because you're following me. I mean guys, but here's some facts that we'll just, nobody's talking about this. Nobody's talking about these important facts metabolically because the people that are getting sick are metabolically upside down. That's what's happening. Joe Blow on [00:04:00] the street isn't getting sick. He might get the flu, kids might get a little flu, sore throat or whatever, but they're fine. Right? And I think it's time, this is me, okay? And I'm just telling you what I think. It's time to put us back out so that we can actually get this bug. Honestly, I'm not worried about getting this bug, for me, okay? And the vast majority of people, well, I shouldn't even say that. For people that are well metabolically, and I'll [00:04:30] talk about that in a second, it's time to get the bug so that we build immunity to it.

Dr. Martin: To me, that's the way to do it. Don't wait for the vaccine, guys. That's a year away from now or more. And even the vaccine, look, let me talk about that just for a second. The flu shot is a vaccine. Every year it's in the 40% range of effectiveness. Now [00:05:00] listen, I'm not arguing whether that's good, bad or ugly. I'm just saying that's a fact. Every summer they decide what the flu shot is going to be, based on educated guesses. So what happens? They get it right about, well, this year was 40%. Well, that's 60% failure rate, but guys, the key is if they get a vaccine for COVID-19 and it's like any [00:05:30] other flu shot, then it's only effective 40% of the time. What are we waiting for that for? I'm just giving you my two pennies on it.

Dr. Martin: Isn't it better that metabolically, you and I are in good shape because, let me state why. I've said it in the past, but I'm going to give you some stats, okay? Okay, this is hospital rates of COVID-19, okay? Under 65 [00:06:00] the number one common factor of people that are unwell under 65 is obesity. Yep. Under 65 people that are hospitalized, obesity. That's a fact. Two, over 65 hypertension, high blood pressure. That's the common thing. Guys, that's your metabolism. [00:06:30] Metabolically they're not well. What do I mean by that? Well, obesity, you guys get that, right? Obesity leads to? Obesity is a symptom of what? Insulin. Hypertension is a symptom of insulin. Insulin resistance. Guys, I talked to you about this two weeks ago. The elephant in the room that nobody's talking about. [00:07:00] The way you and I, you know, help ourselves is now, it's food.

Dr. Martin: Now, in Italy, why was it so bad? Well, they're older. We talked about that last week. You know, their immune system, because they're not, they don't even get vitamin D. They don't get vitamin A. They don't digest it. They don't assimilate it. They don't appropriate these things because of they're older, [00:07:30] so they're much more susceptible. Okay, we know that. Smoking. Smoking, nobody's talking about that, but in Italy they were all smokers. This virus attacks your lungs. Oh, I'm going to bring it to you this week. There was an interesting take on all of this, that they don't die from pneumonia. They're dying from a lack of oxygen, inflammation in the lungs. We'll talk about that. I just want to come back [00:08:00] to it. Guys, in New Mexico. The indigenous population, the native Americans, they're representing, let me just read it to you. In one reservation in New Mexico, it killed more people on the reservation than all of the state combined in New Mexico.

Dr. Martin: Listen to this in case you think I'm crazy. In Louisiana, which, [00:08:30] which has got a real high, you know, the hotspots are Michigan, New York, Louisiana. There's no hotspots in Canada right now. There really isn't so far, okay? They're not really a hotspot. The hospitals are not overwhelmed in Ontario or are in Quebec. The hospitals are doing well. The hospitals are [00:09:00] basically empty. But guys, in Louisiana it's about 80% African American. Why is that? It's metabolism. They're metabolically, listen, again, I'm just telling you the facts. The African American, they're much more susceptible to diabetes. They're carboholics. Don't get mad at me. These are facts. Is anybody [00:09:30] talking about that? Who's talking about it? So guys, the elephant in the room, what you and I can do is metabolically lower your insulin. It's worse than smoking.

Dr. Martin: Sugar, crappy carbs, processed foods. Yeah, guys. Isn't it incredible that you and I, here we are on week four, I think, isn't it? Isn't [00:10:00] it? We're coming into our fourth week of the world shutting down. True or false? I think so. Is it four weeks now? I was in two weeks of solitary confinement when I came back from Florida, another week last week. We're starting our fourth week and nobody's talking about this metabolically. It's prediabetes or diabetics that are in [00:10:30] trouble with this virus. Glucose, sugar. You and I can do something about that for us and for our families. And you know what? You can bring a horse to water, you can't necessarily make them drink it. But guys, this is science. This is truth. This is, if you got high blood pressure, you got high insulin, diabetes or pre, and as Dr. Craft, who was the number [00:11:00] one doctor that ever talked about diabetes, he was the number one researcher on diabetes used to say, if you're a pre diabetic, you're a diabetic already. You're on the Titanic and this is why guys, we created the reset.

Dr. Martin: Why did I do that for? What's the reset? Why do I talk about it all the time? It fixes your insulin. It's aimed directly at your pancreas. [00:11:30] If you fix your pancreas, you fix your liver 100%. It boosts your immune system like you have no idea. Isn't it incredible guys, that here we are, we're talking about COVID-19 and the biggest thing in the whole thing that nobody's talking, because all they're talking about is the virus itself. The virus, the virus. Don't go outside, don't touch, don't do anything. Don't breathe on other people. They're closing [00:12:00] the parks, for heavens sakes. Is nobody listening? Is anybody? Hello, President Trump, prime minister Trudeau in my province, premier Ford. Hello. Listen, listen, Linda, listen. But nobody's listening. And I get it. I understand why they did it.

Dr. Martin: It was a virus. They didn't understand it, first of all. [00:12:30] It was different because it didn't affect children and it was almost like an unknown and it was pandemic, and it traveled everywhere. And I understand that. When they react, they reacted. Okay, they reacted. We're four weeks, into the fourth week we're into shutting the world down and nobody's, this'll come back guys. [00:13:00] COVID-19, look, we're going to live in worlds of pandemics now. Tomorrow I'll talk to you about what fear does, and we live in fear. And when it's unknown, it's fear, I get it. But guys, insulin. If you're metabolically well, if you're metabolically well, you're not going to the hospital. You might get the flu, you might get a, you know, the vast majority of people that get this, by the way, [00:13:30] 90% or more, they have no symptoms, or very little symptoms.

Dr. Martin: So for me, the way I talk about it is. let's all go get it. But guys, you've got nothing to fear if you're metabolically well. It's food. Oh, wow. This has exposed the world. This has exposed our weakness, our Achilles heel. This has exposed it. Something [00:14:00] that I've been saying. If you guys know me, and some of you are new following me, obviously, but what am I saying? I've been saying this for years and years and years and years. The new smoking is sugar. The world has changed because of sugar. I tell my grandchildren, "Hey, grandpa used to have ice cream and cookies too, you know. We had soda too, you know?" But not like today. Not like today. 200 pounds. [00:14:30] You have no idea unless you read labels and this is why. This is why I do what I do. I want to teach, I want to instruct, I want to coach.

Dr. Martin: I want to motivate you. You can't change the world, guys. I can't change the world. I can't, okay? I can't change the world. I don't have a big enough soapbox I guess, but I can give you information. Then you guys make the choices. I've shown in four [00:15:00] weeks metabolically you're here, and you 100% reverse in four weeks. It's why I talk about it all the time. You don't think it's important? I had no idea for this virus. I always understood, you guys know me, I always understood the connection between the immune system and food. I talk about it when I talk about cancer and everybody, when I said this 20, 30 years ago, people thought I had two [00:15:30] heads when I talked about cancer and sugar. Oh, Mr. Martin, you know. They put out a form. I guess I've seen enough people at the cancer center plus the staff and I made up a smoothie for cancer patients and then somebody over there got mad and they put out a thing that said, "Dr. Martin is woo hoo, woo hoo. Sugar has nothing to do with cancer."

Dr. Martin: I'm telling [00:16:00] you, I'll bring it out tomorrow because otherwise I'd have to leave the room and go into my study and show you something that was put out because of me, given to cancer patients. Some of my patients brought it to me from the cancer center. You know what they said? Sugar has nothing to do with the immune system and sugar has nothing to do with cancer. Oh yeah? I always ask this question. [00:16:30] PET scan, how does it work? P-E-T, the PET scan. It's 10 times more accurate than an MRI for cancer. It's really a cancer machine, the PET scan. It primarily is all about cancer, the PET scan, and we have one here in our hometown. For years they raised money to get one. How does it work? How does it work?

Dr. Martin: They give you radioactive glucose. [00:17:00] That's how it works. Oh, and you light up like a Christmas tree if you have cancer anywhere in your body on a PET scan, but they're going to give you sugar to make it work. Did you know that? Cancer needs sugar. A virus needs sugar. And now they're finding out even in, like I said, you got to go into the headlines and you got to look in the back part of the headline because they're not talking about it. When they say preexisting [00:17:30] conditions, what are they? Obesity. That is why our indigenous people, our First Nations in Canada. They got to be very careful. They're so susceptible to diabetes. Why is that? Some genetics, but it's more than that. It's food. It's food. 80% of their population is either diabetic or pre. I tell them, quit eating white man's food. It's true. I love the indigenous [00:18:00] people.

Dr. Martin: I tell them, quit eating white man's food. We're killing you. Sugar, crappy carbs, bread, pasta, rice, cereal, sugar, cereal, cereal, cereal, sugar, sugar, sweets, sweets, pastries, bagels, muffins. Quit eating that crap. It's crap. It's killing us. See how passionate I am about food because I'm a food guy. I know, guys. I know, I know, and this [00:18:30] is like every time I get a headline I go underneath it and I want to look at the numbers. I'm looking at the stats of this, this virus, this little virus, a nanometer. You couldn't see it if your life depended on it and all we're worried about is this virus, but it's more than that, guys. The virus itself does not attack healthy people. Every doctor in the world will tell you that. Generally [00:19:00] the population is, the general population is really not at risk according to them, but it's a lot more at risk than they think because they're not taking into account the amount of people that are metabolically challenged.

Dr. Martin: So guys, they get a vaccine or they don't get a vaccine. They're going to get a vaccine, I'm sure of it. But that's not going to protect you and it's not going to protect your loved ones like food will protect you. This is a good time, guys, to do [00:19:30] a reset because it doesn't take long for you to get metabolically out of whack if you're not eating right and you're not exercising. This drives me crazy, guys. Well, thank God. Like you know when they tell you to stay home, did they really mean it? Like don't get fresh air? Don't get outside? What did they mean by stay home? And some people are so deputized, they think that they're the isolation police and they're going [00:20:00] crazy because some people are outside. Are you kidding me? You need to move. They closed the gyms. That was crazy, guys.

Dr. Martin: Why would you close a gym? You can practice six feet, two meters in a gym and clean it properly. You want to go to a gym. You want to go to a park. They closed the parks for the kids. They can't even go. I got a park right [00:20:30] in behind my house. It's closed, yellow tape around it like it's a crime scene. It's a crime that they did that. That is craziness. In our hometown, you can't even go to a trail. They want to get you off the trails. We got a beautiful place to go walk at the lake. Why can't people practice self isolation or six feet social distancing, they're calling it. Why [00:21:00] can't you do that? I mean, they're out arresting people that are, or giving them fines, if they got their kids, they're playing T-ball or something.

Dr. Martin: I can't get over it. The absolute stupidity of that. What are kids supposed to do? You want them outside. Guys, I'm telling you. So what do you do? Let me close with this. What do you do? What do you do? And you know, to the people that you influence, [00:21:30] sometimes some people have more influence than others. What do you do? Watch your diet. If we all did it, if they preached it, if, you know, the medical officer of health in Canada, I can't even remember her name. She's never, ever once, as far as I know, ever talked about diet once. Or exercise, [00:22:00] or sunshine, not once. And in the United States, you watch the news conferences every day with the president. He's surrounded by doctors. He brings all the doctors up with him, right?

Dr. Martin: Dr. Fauci's like a superstar. He's not mentioned the diet once, and yet, and yet diabetes and prediabetic and insulin is at the root of everything here. [00:22:30] Not the virus itself. And nobody's talking about it. I can't get over it. And they're telling people, stay home. Stay home. They should say, as much as you can stay home and get outside. If nothing else, get vitamin D when the sun's out and get some fresh air. We want everybody out of their homes, but don't touch. I get it. Don't shake hands. You know what Dr. [00:23:00] Fauci said? You guys might've missed this. You know what he said last week? Never, ever again shake somebody's hand. You see how the virus is the boogeyman?

Dr. Martin: Never shake somebody's hand the rest of your life. And I'm going to tell you something. People are going to take that literally and they'll never do it again. They're missing the elephant in the room, guys. It's not you and I not shaking each other's hand. Yeah, temporarily. I get that. I get that, but [00:23:30] that's not the solution. Are you kidding me? Never shake somebody's hand the rest of your life? What are you not supposed to do? Sleep with your spouse? I don't know what they're talking about. No, seriously guys, it's lunacy to me. I get so uptight because they're not talking about it. They're not talking about the elephant in the room. Okay, I get it. I'm sweating. I got my workout this morning.

Dr. Martin: [00:24:00] I get my batteries charged with you guys. We're going to have a good week. We're going to bring some stuff out. It'll be good. Not all just on COVID-19, I promise. I promise. We're going to talk about DHA fat. There's healthy fat. There's some new studies out on that. We're going to talk about cortisol and the stress hormone. We got some good studies that came up. I love you guys. Love you guys. Talk to you soon. Sorry for the rant. No, [00:24:30] I'm not sorry. It's the way I am, guys. Love ya.

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