305. The Sun And The COVID-19 Virus

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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning, everyone. In another day of solitary confinement. Crazy isn't it? [00:00:30] You can hardly, hardly believe. I was talking with my son-in-law yesterday, and we were just talking about he was down in Florida, and everything that they did. We went to a baseball game. It was the last baseball game. They were the last day at Disneyland. We were at the beach when the police came a week ago Monday, and they closed [00:01:00] the beach in... at least the beach.... yeah, all the beaches in south Florida where we were. The world has changed in a week, craziness. In Ontario, now they've told small businesses you've got to close. We live in a different world all together.

Dr. Martin: Having my eggs with a slice of pork and some Jarlsberg cheese. Now, [00:01:30] what is Jarlsberg cheese? I'm not kidding you. I learn something every day because I'm [inaudible 00:01:34]. Is your clinic closing? No, it's not. Now, the actual store for people that are walking in, yes, but online, we're going strong. So we are able to send the products by post and by [00:02:00] delivery of course. So it's still open, and we're open where you can talk. We're still around.

Dr. Martin: Okay, guys, so after or during the podcast or video yesterday, we were talking about the sun and how important it is. Then people were saying, "Well, for example in Florida, they haven't been immune to the Covid-19. [00:02:30] I mean, it's not terrible there in Florida, but does the sun really kill the virus?" People were saying, "Well, if that's the case," because I said it yesterday, "why is it in Florida, for example?"

Dr. Martin: Keith, you know this. You were down in Costa Rica. They're very few cases there. Generally, what's happened in Florida, and I [00:03:00] know this because I was there. Anybody that got it, it was people that were traveling abroad and brought it back to Florida. Now, let me just say a few things, and by the way, I'm going to try and post a couple of studies that will confirm what I said. So I'm not just taking this out of my hat. These are studies that are out.

Dr. Martin: As a matter of fact, when you study infectious disease, one of the things [00:03:30] you look at is how long does it last. You look at, for example, how long does it take before you get it? Does it lay dormant? Like this one here, they've got me 14 days in self-isolation because I came back from Florida. I understand it. I get it. Stay away from other people. I haven't even been able to see my grandchildren. I mean, I don't care about my kids, but my grandchildren, [00:04:00] that's hard. So we're in self-isolation, and I get it. I understand it. They don't want the spread of this disease. Keith is just confirming what I said. It's in Costa Rica from people that flew into the country. Otherwise, they wouldn't have it. The same in Florida, by the way.

Dr. Martin: Now, I want to send you these things on infectious disease, but I want to give you a little history because in 1918, the Spanish [00:04:30] flu killed millions of people. It didn't really originate in Spain, but they called it the Spanish flu because a lot of soldiers had come back after World War I, were coming back to North America. They were traveling in ships. They were in close quarters. They had brought this bug back with them and many died, many, many, many died. Millions of people died from the Spanish flu.

Dr. Martin: Here's what [00:05:00] they learned. Because every time you have a crisis like this in terms of SARS and MERS, you learn. You learn things. They're going to learn things in this one that perhaps they didn't know before because every virus, every bug is a little bit different. Here's what they're doing. Medicine is focusing in [00:05:30] right now on vaccines. You've heard that. There's a vaccine. As a matter of fact, they're rushing the vaccine for Covid-19. I'm not against that. If they find it, good for them, but guys, this is the truth. They haven't found a vaccine for the common cold, which is a variation of the coronavirus. They haven't found it after all these years. There's no vaccine for the common [00:06:00] cold. When they do it for the flu shot, what happens? They guess. That's a fact. Every year, they don't know what exactly the flu is going to look like. That's science guys.

Dr. Martin: So we've made huge advancements, but we're still... Like I was mentioning yesterday, this thing is a nanometer. [00:06:30] You couldn't see the Covid-19 if your life depended on it with the naked eye. It is that small and yet, look what it's done. It's put us on our knees, hopefully praying to God, but on our knees economically too. I mean, they're shutting everything down, but they're looking for a vaccine. I get it.

Dr. Martin: Pharmaceutical companies, that's what they're good at. Of course they're looking for a vaccine. [00:07:00] They might find a vaccine for Covid-19, but what happens when the next one comes with a variation of it? Now, I'm not a conspiracy guy, but I'm not even sure that this particular virus wasn't manufactured in a lab. Is it possible that the Chinese were playing with biomedical stuff in a lab and they created [00:07:30] this. I'm not saying they did it on purpose. I'm just saying that this one is unlike any other one because it doesn't affect the children.

Dr. Martin: Imagine a virus that by and large, the children are not at risk of this. The reason they closed the school is so that children wouldn't bring it home to the grandparents because it doesn't affect children. Have you ever heard of a virus that doesn't affect children whose [00:08:00] immune systems are immature? I mean, you know what a daycare is and whatever. It's a petri dish. Kids having a cold is normal because their immune system haven't created all the antibodies to fight all these things. True or false? True. That's why kids get sick more often. It's normal because their immune [00:08:30] systems are building. Any physician knows that, but this particular virus does not affect the children.

Dr. Martin: Okay, so here's Dr. Martin. I'm just going to do a little rant. We're quarantining the wrong people. We are. I mean, they've closed everything down. To me, that is a mistake to me. Okay, [00:09:00] I understand why they're doing it. They're being so cautious, but they're closing everything down. There are a lot of people online that this is the biggest fear. I mean, they are going crazy on steroids. If you're not six feet apart... and I'm not telling you not to wash your hands. I'm not telling you not to practice self-isolation. I'm not telling you not to six feet apart then. I'm not telling you any of those things. I'm [00:09:30] just telling you science.

Dr. Martin: This virus does not affect 99%. They don't affect children, and they don't affect healthy people. Even if you get the virus and you're a carrier of this virus, if you have a healthy immune system, you're not going to get sick. You might get a cold. You might get a fever. You might be down for a day or two, but it's not the Spanish flu. [00:10:00] It's not. It's the vulnerable people, and to me, this is just me, they should be... If you have underlying conditions, you can't come out of your house. Quarantine those. If you're a diabetic, you should be quarantined. Healthy people shouldn't be quarantined. That's Dr. Martin's opinion. Okay, like I said, don't come after me because I'm all for everything. [00:10:30] I'm just telling you my opinion.

Dr. Martin: Now, getting back to the Spanish flu. Generally what happened, people were in the ships that were coming home. They were in close quarters, and there was no fresh air. They were in no fresh air and no sunlight. Just generally, this is what was happening. Isn't it interesting that the [00:11:00] people, once this thing took off, they were putting people in tents and treating them. They were putting them outside during the day when the sun was out and into fresh air. It was actually called the fresh air therapy. They realized that fresh air... A virus does not do well in fresh air. This is why if you look... Look, just study it. [00:11:30] You can Google this stuff if you want.

Dr. Martin: The flu season is the flu season. True or false? True. The flu season is the flu season. There's this season for it. They don't talk to you about getting the flu shot in the summer, do they? Do they? Why don't they? Have you ever thought of that? You don't go to the pharmacy in the States. They're advertising the flu shot in the fall. When I [00:12:00] get there in November, they say, "Come and get your flu shot in Florida," but they don't advertise the flu shot in the summer in Canada or in Florida. They don't. Well, first of all, in the summer, the CDC, the Center for Disease Control, get together and they try and decide what bug is coming to a theater near you in the fall.

Dr. Martin: What happens [00:12:30] in the fall, not in Florida, but everywhere else pretty well? You're not going outside as much. You are not being exposed to the sun as much. You're certainly not getting your vitamin D because you usually... I mean where do you live? I live in Northern Ontario. You're not baking in the sun in the fall. Well, guys, medicine knows this. [00:13:00] It's well documented. The flu season is usually 12 or 16 weeks.

Dr. Martin: Folks, April is coming. They're not even talking about this. I can't even believe it. April is coming. Let me look at my calendar. Next week, April is coming. Any epidemiologist knows that April is coming. When they do the flu season, [00:13:30] they know that once April comes, the flu goes this way, 100% downwards in terms of a trend. Even the coronavirus is going to have a lifespan. Now, I'm not saying that it can't spread anymore, but the curve is going to go down, 100% for sure. Why? The weather. The weather. [00:14:00] It's just common sense, guys.

Dr. Martin: So I get it. You want to close the borders. You want to restrict travel because you don't want to carry it and go someplace else, give it to someone else. I mean, they're not talking about this, but they should be. Once the weather is better and you and I can go outside... Today, it's sunny outside today, at least where I am. I went for two walks. [00:14:30] I'm getting out, even though... I'm glad they haven't told us that I have to stay in the house.

Dr. Martin: Now, if you have Covid-19, they're telling you to stay in the house. They'll arrest you if you leave the house, but that's not right. I'm not saying those people should have contact with anybody else. What I am saying is they should be allowed to go outside to get the fresh air and the sunlight. [00:15:00] Yeah, obviously, you can go for walks. I know I can go for a walk. I'm asymptomatic, but you're not hearing this. You should be hearing this. I tell you one of the greatest vaccines that you can take is fresh air and the sunlight, vitamin D.

Dr. Martin: Tony, Jr. put out an email. If you get our emails, watch that video that [00:15:30] Tony, Jr. did on vitamin D and the immune system. It's absolutely incredible to optimize your vitamin D. Folks, if you're not taking vitamin D during this crisis, I don't know what to say to you. You need vitamin and vitamin D. The best way to get it is the sun, the sun, the sun, but doctors know this. They know this. They knew [00:16:00] it in 1918. It's one of the things that came out in 1918 after the Spanish flu after they buried millions of people. They realized it was actually called open air therapy. They actually named it open air therapy. Now, it sort of got lost in the 1950s with the discovery... Antibiotics were discovered before that, but they used antibiotics, [00:16:30] and I get it. Antibiotic, but they're not even talking about antibiotics, are they, with this because it's a virus.

Dr. Martin: Now, the president of the United States is talking about a couple of drugs, the malaria drug and this and that. I'm all for it if it works. I'm all for it. I want that. That's where the pharmaceutical industry are good. Go find something. I doubt if they get a vaccine, guys. I'm not confident [00:17:00] in vaccines as much for this. Why? Because it'll come back, and it'll have a mutation to it. Viruses have intelligence. You got that? I'm going to turn into this with a little modification, and the virus doesn't respond to the vaccine. Now, I'm not against vaccine. Don't come after me please, please, please.

Dr. Martin: I'm just talking [00:17:30] to you about what UV radiation does, the sun. I'll give you another example. You know where mold doesn't grow. Where does mold grow? In damp. In dampness. True or false? You're going to get mold in your bathroom, the showers... Teenagers taking showers for two hours... or in your basement if you have water ever come into your basement. [00:18:00] You get mold. You know how you cure mold? Sun. Mold can't live in the sunlight, but neither can bacteria or viruses. They don't have babies when you put them in the sun. They don't multiply. They can't. Guys, why is no one talking about this?

Dr. Martin: This is why. If [00:18:30] you follow me, when they were closing the beach... I know, I know. Don't get all upset. Why were they closing the beaches? I was saying last week that the Canadian government, for the amount of money they're going to spend... You wait, we haven't seen anything yet of the amount of money this is going to cost. When we say the government, that's you and me, isn't it? Wait till you see what they have to do [00:19:00] to try and stimulate this economy and get money to people that don't have money. It will be, in Canada, billions, and in the United States, trillions. That's what it's going to cost.

Dr. Martin: All I was saying is what they should do to us Canadians... They were telling all us snowbirds, come home, come home. We all rushed home. I did. Why? Why did Dr. Martin rush home? Because [00:19:30] the government told me to come home. I obeyed. But secondly, the insurance companies... You need travel insurance... they were saying... Canada put out a warning, you better get home. My insurance gave me 10 days to get home after Canada put out a warning for Canadians abroad to come home.

Dr. Martin: But where Keith [00:20:00] was in Costa Rica, he was safer in Costa Rica than he is in Windsor. Yours truly was safer in Florida than I am in Sudbury. Transport planes could take Canadians and bring us to Florida and sit us on the beach would be the best therapy you could get for this [00:20:30] virus. 100% for sure. Now, I know there was kids on the beach, and they weren't practicing social distancing. I get that. I understand that, but the safest place was on that beach. The virus was, "Ooh, I hate the beach. I hate this sun."

Dr. Martin: I'll give you another reason that in Florida... I mean, it's no different than anywhere else when it comes to [00:21:00] the seniors and people with preexisting conditions because they're the only people that have died there thus far. Now, people have gotten the virus there, and like I said, their statistics are no different. They're generally not sick at all or very little, but the old people and people with preexisting conditions, but they don't get in the sun. You've heard me say this a million [00:21:30] times. If I could get into every senior home, what would I bring with me? Vitamin D.

Dr. Martin: Folks, vitamin D. It's the greatest vitamin for your immune system, proven thousands of studies, thousands of studies, and yet nobody is talking about it except a few kooks like me. [00:22:00] I mean it. I can't get over it. Vitamin D, so what am I saying? What I'm seeing is obey the government. I'm not telling you not to. All I'm saying is... Yesterday I talked about the elephant in the room, metabolic syndrome, and today, I'm talking to you about the sun. You can see the sun behind me coming through those shades. [00:22:30] I'm going out today, and I'll practice social distancing. I get that. I'll wash my hands frequently. I get that too. But guys, the best mask that you can wear is vitamin D because it helps, but it helps everything.

Dr. Martin: There isn't a cell in your body that doesn't respond to vitamin D. Did you know that? Your heart cells, your brain cells, your muscles [00:23:00] cells, your gut cells, every cell in your body responds to it. So you get it? The open air therapy. Google it. That's what it was called, the open air therapy. So where am I? Where am I on this? Okay, so I'm telling you, so that you don't misquote me.

Dr. Martin: I'm telling you there's two worlds. [00:23:30] There's medicine, pharmaceutical and there is the nutraceutical. You know what? God bless the pharmaceutical company. They're looking for a vaccine. I get it. They can patent and I'm not against it. Go for it. If this malaria drug works, go for it, man. What? For the people that are very ill. I mean, you won't need it. You're not going to need [00:24:00] it, but it's great that it could be available. Apparently the FDA has cleared the pop for this to be used.

Dr. Martin: Okay, but I'm a big guy on the open air therapy. So guys, if you can, get outside. Get outside today. Even without the sun, fresh air is good. I'm going to close with this. My mom, I remember this very [00:24:30] much and actually, my wife practiced this with our four kids. We were brought up in Timmins, Ontario. It was nothing to be 40 below, but my mom used to wrap up the babies. My mom had a baby every year, it seems. We had 11 children, but I'll never forget because as a kid, my mom used to use the open air therapy.

Dr. Martin: It was 40 [00:25:00] below. The sun was out, but it was 40 below, and she'd wrap that baby like a mummy in a snow suit and the scarves and whatever and just give a little bit so they could breathe, and she would put them outside in 40 below weather. My mom would say to me... I remember because I often asked her, "Mom, is that good?" She said, "The best thing for the baby. [00:25:30] Put them outside." My mom was born in 1924. They learned the lessons of 1918 and the Spanish flu. Good story isn't it. It's true. Even Rosie, with our four kids, put those babies outside in the wintertime. They slept like babies too in that fresh air.

Dr. Martin: Okay. Love you guys. Talk to you soon.

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