296. The Dangers Of Visceral Fat

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Dr Martin Sr.: Well, good morning. I just want to talk to you about visceral fat. Just do a little bit of teaching on this. I was reading a study that [00:00:30] just sort of caught my eye and I wanted to share it with you on visceral fat. So what is visceral fat? We'll go over all that.

Dr Martin Sr.: What is visceral fat? Visceral fat is a sort of a hidden fat. They used to call it a brown fat, and visceral means it's around your organs. And this is a much different fat. So if you got fat around your waist [00:01:00] and you can see it, fat on your hips or whatever, you can see that fat. You might not particularly like it, but it's a different fat all together. Okay? Because visceral fat, fat that is around your organ, fat that's especially around your liver, it's called visceral fat. It's much more dangerous.

Dr Martin Sr.: And the reason [00:01:30] is because that fat that is around your organs ... You can be skinny and yet have fat around your organs. See, a lot of people don't realize that. "Well, doc, I'm skinny. How come my triglycerides are so high? Why do I have bad HDL? Or why do I have fatty liver and I'm skinny? I'm not obese." Well, some people don't have much of a capacity to store fat [00:02:00] and yet they can make visceral fat. So visceral fat again, is that fat that is around the organs. It very dangerous because it acts as an organ in itself. It releases ... One thing that we know, and I'll just take you to a study that I was reading most recently, is that visceral fat releases cytokines, which are inflammatory [00:02:30] markers in the body. They create inflammation. You don't see it. It can be very silent. You might not have any symptoms at all, and yet this can be a very dangerous fat.

Dr Martin Sr.: The study said ... This had just came out. Visceral fat sends signals to the brain that affect your hippocampus, the memory center in your brain, and actually [00:03:00] decreases your capacity to for your memory. So imagine visceral fat. That's a long ways away from your brain. There's good fat and bad fat. Your body is made up of fat. Your body's made up of cholesterol. That's not bad fat. That's actually good fat. But visceral fat, fat that surround the organs is very dangerous because it releases signals [00:03:30] that create inflammation in the body, and inflammation over a period of time, inflammation is like your body's ambulance response. The problem is if you don't have an infection ... You want inflammation if you have an infection because you're going to bring extra protein, extra enzymes, extra whatever that start to kill the bacteria or viruses. But if it's a silent inflammation, it destroys your [00:04:00] blood vessels, and it sends the wrong signal to your brain that actually affects your memory.

Dr Martin Sr.: So a lot of people, they can be very skinny and have visceral fat in their liver, and they get fatty liver. Nonalcoholic fatty liver is an epidemic today. And remember where it comes from. Visceral fat doesn't come from eating fat. When you eat fat, it's not converted to fat [00:04:30] in your body. It's not stored as fat in your body. But sugar is stored as fat in your body.

Dr Martin Sr.: See the world got it upside down. They never had it right, and ever since the days of a certain researcher, Ancel Keys ... I always said Ancel Keys, who was a researcher in the 1950s, and he actually became famous. he was on the cover of Life [00:05:00] magazine and that, because he was the one that started the whole cholesterol hoax. He wasn't right. He was wrong. And ever since then we've been cutting back on our fats in our diet and, "Oh, don't eat red meat and don't eat too much butter and don't eat too much cheese and don't need too much steak." But rather have our crappy cereals. Ancel Keys was the guy who started all that.

Dr Martin Sr.: I [00:05:30] remember in nutrition, studying this guy. And he was wrong, 100%. But the whole industry, the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry went after it. And ever since then, well what are they saying today? That by the year 2030, 50% of the population will be obese. But I'm not even talking about that, because a lot of skinny people are not healthy people because of the fact that they don't inside their body, especially around [00:06:00] their liver.

Dr Martin Sr.: And this is why I love the reset, because the reset, what it does is it gets rid of ... Because I get a lot of, especially women, they're very frustrated. I had one yesterday that mentioned online that she only lost, in four weeks, 11 pounds. And women, first of all, it's never easy for women to lose weight, rarely is, compared to a man. But that ought not to be your goal, because even though [00:06:30] ... Listen, I understand all that about weight loss and all this. Listen, I understand all that. But when you are doing the reset, you literally are losing visceral fat. That dangerous fat is coming out of your body. You're emptying your liver of that fat and the surrounding visceral fat. Now you might not see it on the scale as much as you will see it in inches, but you're getting rid of that dangerous [00:07:00] fat, which is an organ onto itself, and is a very, very dangerous fat that releases cytokines and inflammatory markers, which is very, very dangerous for your blood vessels.

Dr Martin Sr.: It damages your cells and your blood vessels. It creates havoc in your body. So this is one of the things with the reset. In four weeks you will get rid of visceral fat. It's incredible. [00:07:30] Nevermind other fat, but the visceral fat is the one that leaves the body first on the reset. This is why I'm so keen on doing exactly that.

Dr Martin Sr.: Okay, so this is just a little teaching this morning on the importance of visceral fat and getting rid of that brown fat. They call it brown fat inside the body. It's the invisible fat that you don't even see that comes out of the body once you lower your [00:08:00] carbohydrates and do the reset. And this is one of the reasons that we do it. Okay? So just want to do a little teaching. Talk to you soon.

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