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Dr.Martin: Hi everyone. I just want to do a little bit of teaching on MCT oils, which have become pretty popular. A lot of people use it as [00:00:30] a bulletproof coffee in the morning. I do. I take an MCT oil in the morning in my first coffee in the morning and it's tasteless. It's actually quite good for you.

Dr.Martin: So what is MCT oil anyways? Well, it's derived primarily from coconut oil or they're found [00:01:00] in butter, milk, palm oil. So these are natural. It's a natural oil, but actually, it's sort of an extract. So if you just take coconut oil, coconut oil, by the way is very good, but it's not MCT oil. You need to extract it, you need to distill it and then you get an oil that [00:01:30] has no flavor to it. And like I say, I like to use it in my coffee in the morning. And the advantages, there are four or five things that I like.

Dr.Martin: First of all, MCT oil is a medium chain fatty acid that goes directly to your liver, so it's like monopoly [inaudible 00:01:55] It goes directly to your liver and produces ketones. [00:02:00] And what does that mean? Well, it produces a better form of energy. And I like it because it gives you pure fuel. It's like adding super octane into your gas tank in your car.

Dr.Martin: So ketones are very good. We talk about ketosis and burning ketones, but MCT oil, it's not really for weight loss. Don't use it for [00:02:30] weight loss. It's not intended for that. It's used more for energy. It gives you energy, it even gives your brain more clarity. So MCT oil is very good for brain clarity. There are studies going on even now with Alzheimer's and dementia, using MCT oil.

Dr.Martin: Now the other advantage is that it actually lowers your insulin. [00:03:00] It's known to lower insulin resistance. That's another reason that I use it. It's very good for insulin resistance. And the other thing that it does it, it benefits cardiovascular, because what MCT oil does, it actually elevates your good cholesterol.

Dr.Martin: So it gives you energy, it's good for insulin, [00:03:30] it's known to increase endurance in athletes. So again, another advantage of MCT oil. And then fifthly, one of the biggest advantages, and I like it, it's got antifungal properties. So the caprylic acid that makes up the MCT oil, [00:04:00] it's known to kill fungus and candida, yeast. So again, these are the advantages.

Dr.Martin: So energy, good for your brain, you're burning the better fuel. It's good for your liver, it goes directly to the liver. It helps with insulin resistance. It helps cardiovascular because it elevates your good cholesterol. Remember, you need good cholesterol because [00:04:30] it ... You remember what cholesterol is? 85% of cholesterol is formed in the liver and it's important to have lots and lots of and lots of good cholesterol. Cholesterol is not the boogeyman. Cholesterol is actually very good for you.

Dr.Martin: And the higher your good cholesterol, your HDL, the higher that is, the better it is for you. Because what that does is it gives you more FedEx trucks on [00:05:00] the highways of your blood vessels because cholesterol is not only ... If someone calls you fat head, take it as a compliment. So the more healthy fats that you get in your diet is going to help with your brain.

Dr.Martin: Now MCT oil, Patrice is asking a good question. No, you wouldn't cook with it. You cook with coconut oil. But MCT oil, remember, is more of a manmade [00:05:30] oil. That may sound bad to you, but actually, it's an extract. It's actually from the coconut and again, it's very, very, very good for you. But a good question. No, you don't cook with it. Although you could put it on your salads and I put it in my coffee, didn't taste anything. Other than the fact that you can see that oil floating on the top, I mean it doesn't change the taste. [00:06:00] If anything changed the taste of my coffee, I wouldn't drink it because I love my coffee.

Dr.Martin: Good question. Can you take MCT oil when you're trying to lose weight? Well, remember, it's a good fat but you don't want too much because MCT oil is what they call an exogenous ketone. What does that mean? Well, you're taking in fat that burns as [00:06:30] ketones. You're actually taking in ketones and the problem is if you take a lot of that, then your body will burn that of as fuel and not use the fat that's already in your body to get rid of as weight loss.

Dr.Martin: So just, again, it's good for you. There's no negativity at all. It's always good, but I don't use it so much to lose weight. It's not created for weight loss. [00:07:00] It really doesn't. It's good for energy, but not particular for weight loss.

Dr.Martin: Okay. How much do you use? Well, look, some people have trouble. It is fat, so sometimes they can get some digestive issues. Well, look, I use it. I use a tablespoon of it a day and I would recommend you start with that. Don't go much higher than that. It might bother your stomach. It is a pretty thick oil [00:07:30] and some people notice they get digestive issues if they take too much of it. But a good tablespoon of it a day is actually quite good for you. That's the amount that I use on a daily basis.

Dr.Martin: Okay, so thanks so much for watching. A little bit on MCT oil. Share this with your friends and give me some feedback on how you like these little videos that I've been doing and teaching and hopefully you're enjoying them. Thank [00:08:00] you so much. We love you guys.

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