263. Gluten Intolerance

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Dr.Martin: Well, good morning. Thanks for joining us this morning just for a little bit of a teaching. It's a big thing today. We're talking about gluten, and there's a whole [00:00:30] industry now of gluten-free foods and gluten. You go to the grocery store, there's a section for gluten-free foods. It's become an industry in itself, and I say gluten shmuten for a couple of reasons. I don't minimize the three million or so North Americans that have what they call celiac disease. Celiac is absolutely... [00:01:00] you can't have any gluten because you have an absolute intolerance to it. And I realize there are other people that have intolerances to gluten, but the issue that I want to talk about is that, look, what are they saying now? About 50 million people have IBS with abdominal pain and gas and diarrhea [00:01:30] and constipation. They got lots and lots of trouble with their digestion. Certainly, it's not a bad idea to make sure that gluten isn't bothering you.

Dr.Martin: There's three main things that might bother your gut generally in foods. One of them is dairy. Make sure you don't have a dairy... a lot of people can't have milk or yogurt, but they can have cheese, and [00:02:00] that's because they're lactose intolerant and then they need to eliminate that. Secondly, eggs. A lot of people have trouble digesting eggs, even though there's so good for you. So make sure you eliminate. Is it dairy? Is it eggs? Is it gluten? And gluten, again, I say gluten shmuten because generally what happens is that when [00:02:30] you have digestive issues, the cause of it is ordinarily yeast, and yeast is an overgrowth of yeast. Think of it, yeast outside your body. You can make bread rise with yeast, but you put it inside the gut, and look, we all have a little bit of yeast.

Dr.Martin: But if yeast grows and grows inside the digestive tract, and [00:03:00] believe me, it will go everywhere within the digestive tract, and it bloats you and it irritates. It causes inflammation in the gut. To me, that is the bottom line. So I say gluten shmuten. You might yeah, so if you try and lower your yeast by cutting... because what is yeast need? Yeast need sugar to proliferate. And if you cut down on your sugars and you cut down [00:03:30] on your crappy carbohydrates, it's amazing what happens. The yeast starts to die off. And especially when you're taking broad spectrum probiotics or a Candida cleanse, you get rid of that yeast, that fungus, and it's at the root.

Dr.Martin: I talked to you the other day about SIBO, a bacterial infection, but it's always yeast that starts the infection because the yeast proliferates, it coats the gut, and [00:04:00] we call that leaky gut. So you want to get rid of that. So it's not getting rid of gluten per se, unless you're celiac. But if you get rid of the yeast at the foundation of the gut and it's an overgrowth of Candida albicans, it's yeast, it's a fungus. If you can get rid of that, that makes a huge difference in the digestive tract. That is why I say gluten shmuten. If you cut the [00:04:30] carbs, you cut the sugars, it helps everywhere in your digestive tract.

Dr.Martin: So one of the things that spikes the yeast is sugar and insulin. So again, on our low carb diet, if you do the serial killer modified diet and you lower your sugars and lower your carbohydrates, and for some people they've used the FODMAP, [00:05:00] and the FODMAP is, these are carbohydrates that have a tendency to bloat you and there's certain things that they... but if you go low carb, if you go low carbohydrate, you don't have to make it complicated. Live on whatever you can digest. Like I always tell people, through your gut, that's really easy on your gut is eggs, meat and cheese. Now if they're bothering you, [00:05:30] just, okay, because I get some patients come in, ah, doc, I can't eat cheese. Well, don't eat cheese. Or I can't have eggs. Well, don't need eggs. But if you can, you digest them well then they do not feed yeast, eggs, meat and cheese.

Dr.Martin: I always say yeast hates meat. It hates meat because it can't grow. It doesn't proliferate. It loves carbohydrates, especially the crappy carbs that are your breads and your noodles and your pizza [00:06:00] and your muffins and your bagels and your, those are the type of things that will drive yeast to proliferate and grow. So thanks so much for watching.

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