241. Candida And The Blood Brain Barrier

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Dr. Martin JR: [00:00:00]If you've seen our training, age proof your brain, don't let your body outlive your brain, age proof your brain,  don't let your body outlive your brain, then, , , in there, we share a couple of, , really staggering statistics. For example, , last year, so this is, , 2018, , dementia became, , Britain's biggest killer. , even overtaken heart disease.

, and of course, this is for the first time, even heart disease has been the number one killer, , in every modern country across the world for a long time. , yet here we have dementia climbing up the charts to the point that even in Britain, it's become the biggest killer. And again, we shared in that training, some of.

The headlines that took place over the last year. A couple of big ones is this. Half [00:01:00] the adults age 85 and older have Alzheimer's. So think about this. A lot of people want to live longer,  , extend their life. A lot of people want that. they're looking at anti-aging for a lot of, , just to live longer.

However, if 50% of the people that live to 85 and older. Have Alzheimer's. That's a major problem. So one of the big issues that people are scared of is that their body will outlive their brain. So that's what the training was about. And if you've been through it, then you've seen this stuff before, but not what I'm going to share with you because I've got something I really big.

I want to share with you guys in a few minutes. But if you haven't seen the training. No, just go to our website and you can sign up for the training there. But in that training, we reversed engineered dimension Alzheimer's. And you know, what we've done is we've shown that, you know, in every case a dimension, Alzheimer's, there's inflammation, however, that inflammation doesn't just a spontaneous, or it's not just magic.

It doesn't just show up out of nowhere. And so [00:02:00] what we did in that training is we showed that there's actually three different ways that you can get inflammation in the brain that can lead to dementia or Alzheimer's. And of course, we talked about high circling insulin. talked about free radical damage.

And we also talked about. leaky gut syndrome. So that's kind of what we talked about in that training. and specifically we talked about this idea of, increased gut permeability, which just another way, it's really the research way of saying leaky gut syndrome. And of course, we share it in there.

the direct connection between your gut microbiota or your microbiome, which is the bacteria in your gut, your probiotics, and how it influences, the health. Of your blood brain barrier. And then we also showed how there's a direct connection between your brain and your gut. Now ,   a new study that just came out this year, 2019 showed that a common fungus and candida, which is extremely [00:03:00] common, can actually.

Cause brain infection and impair memory. And what's interesting about this is that they found that candida can actually cross the blood brain barrier. So you have this barrier around your brain that for the longest time they thought the brain was sterile. They thought that the brain was free of all bacteria.

We're finding out now that's not the truth at all. And they also thought that very few things can pass through your blood brain barrier that it protected your brain from a lot of things. However, we've already known that heavy metals can get through it. Now we're finding out, and we've known this for a bit in our clinic, we've talked about this before, but now research is starting to show that even fungus can get through your blood brain barrier.

And get into your brain and trigger an inflammatory response. And again, if you go back up here, neuroinflammation, which is inflammation of the [00:04:00] brain can be triggered by leaky gut because of the fact that candida can get through it. So this is a massive, awakening for modern medicine because again, they thought the brain was sterile, that there was no way that these things can get through there.

Now. I also went in a study, and I found this from the researchers and I just wanted to share with you, with you quickly as well. So what they're finding is that fungi are becoming a more common cause of what they say, upper airway allergic diseases such as asthma. So a lot of people have asthma, and it's actually a fungus infection, which is very interesting in itself.

But what they find is this infections causing airway allergy, you know, allergic diseases such as asthma and other things. Have been associated with increased risk for dementia later in life. So think about that for a second. So, and of course it's because they're finding out that this candida is very difficult to kill and it can cross your blood brain barrier and, and just plant itself in your brain [00:05:00] and create a low level of inflammation.

And then it just leads to neurodegeneration, which can lead to all simers and dementia soul. And here's what I want to share with you. There are two big reasons why candida becomes a big problem in the first place. One, it isn't killed when it should be, and two, it's allowed them to get into your bloodstream.

So there's two things. There's two separate things that have to happen. It has to get in and it has to pass through. So let's talk about that quickly. So here, let's look at the stomach. This is a major cause of why candida is a problem for anybody. So in a normal healthy stomach, you have stomach acid, hydrochloric acid.

the more stomach acid you have, the lower your pH. And the lower your pH means that you can break down proteins properly and it kills bacteria and viruses. It kills candida, kills fungus, things that should, things that you [00:06:00] consume should die in the stomach. So on the flip side, and abnormal stomach has low acid.

And it has a higher pH, which means you're not breaking down protein properly, which creates a lot of problems in itself. And then all this junk is allowed to pass into your system. So, and here's an FYI, just before I go any further, this is here. So if you look at the anatomy of the stomach, let's look at heartburn for example.

So you have a little valve or a little sphincter, they call it at the top of your stomach before your softly gaze. When that. Valve is open, acid is allowed to pass from your stomach into the esophagus, and that's where you get that burning heartburn like pain. However, here's the thing that people don't talk about, and this is the truth.

This is fact. The lower your stomach pH. So let's go back up here. The lower your pH, which means the more hydrochloric acid. What happens [00:07:00] is that causes that's Finker to close. So it's like a putting a bow tie around your esophagus. So when your pH is low, meaning you have normal amount of stomach acid.

Your esophagus, the sphincter closes in acid can't get up. However, if you don't have enough stomach acid, then your pH is high and if your pH is high, it does not trigger that closing of that sphincter. So again, which is crazy to think that they would tell you that the problem with heartburn is too much stomach acid, which is, and then they give you an antacid, or they give you something that literally stops the production of acid when it's actually the opposite, what's going on.

It's completely the opposite. So. Here's the thing. How do you know if you have low stomach acid? Because remember, that's a big problem. If you have low stomach acid, you're not killing. The good bacteria are, sorry. The bad bacteria that gets through are the fungus, right? So here you get heartburn.

Heartburn is an indication that you do not make enough stomach [00:08:00] acid. Here's another one, Bo. Bloating, belching or burping after a meal. If you're doing that, you're not making enough stomach acid. That's a fact. If food feels like it's sitting in your stomach for a long time, it just feels like it's heavy.

Just sitting there is because you don't have enough acid breaking it down. Some people get constipation, other people get diarrhea. Women. This is a big one. Hair loss because you're not breaking down proteins in the stomach. So we, you know, a lot of, you know that thyroid also causes a lot of these issues.

But here's another one. A lot of people are not aware of, like I said, hair loss in women. This is a big one because you need stomach acid to break down protein to get to the amino acids that leads to healthy hair. Also yeast infections, toenail fungus, you know, a lot of these things, we think it's superficial, but it's not.

It's coming from the fact that this stuff's getting inside of us athlete's foot. Jockish and here's another interesting one that's highly correlated with it as well. Weak nails or even those ridges. You see uh, , [00:09:00] across the nails from top to bottom, you get a lot of those ridges. It usually indication that you're not   making enough stomach acid.

now you have low pH. So once they pass through the stomach because of low acid. Then they're allowed to get into the bloodstream. Now how does that happen? Well, that's where probiotics come in. So you have a barrier and just like this great wall of China. So on one side you have your digestive track, your small intestines, and the other sides are blood vessels.

So only certain things are allowed to pass. And then you have these little kind of like Gates all the way throughout that allow certain things to get through, fight, amends, nutrients, all those things. And the, the guards don't allow. Bad things to get through, like fungus, candida, parasites, bacteria, toxins.

And of course those guards are your probiotics. So when you have a lack of good bacteria in your gut, it allows for bad things to get through. So the big problem again, and this is what my dad always says here, [00:10:00] leaky gut, leaky brain, and it's true. So how do you stop candida and other junk from causing you serious problems, including future dementia and Alzheimer’s?

Well. And this is key. Make sure your digestive system is working from one end to the other. And again. You need probiotics because of the good bacteria, and then you need a good digestive enzyme with that allows you to break down the food that allows you to keep a proper pH in your stomach. And the combination of those two things, a good digestive enzyme and a good probiotic will keep your digestive track healthy.

And we'll . Kill and not allow the,  candida to get into your bloodstream. Again, thanks , and I hope you found it educational.

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