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Dr. Martin Sr: Well, good morning everyone. We're going to look at a few studies this morning and I will pontificate on them. Okay, a couple of studies came out this week [00:00:30] that I want to talk about. One of them was a a study showing that omega-3 was every bit as effective as medication as far as ADD and ADHD, okay? So omega-3 is every bit as effective as medication in young... this was done on young people for ADD and ADHD.

Dr. Martin Sr: Now listen, you guys know me, so [00:01:00] I'm going to repeat it again. Your brain is made up of... primarily is made up of what? Fat. So, you need to eat fat in order to keep your brain healthy. Now, who on God's earth wants to outlive their brain? It's the biggest fear in society today, is I am to outlive my brain. Of [00:01:30] course, that's the last thing that we want, right? We see people with dementia or Alzheimer's, maybe even in our family, and it's a sad state of affairs, okay?

Dr. Martin Sr: It's just a sad state, and we don't want to burden anybody like our family because we've got dementia or we've got Alzheimer's. But you got to take care of your brain even as kids. And so the best [00:02:00] thing that you can do for a child is to give them omega-3. Now, let me tell you what the sources are, okay? So there is omega-3 in the animal kingdom, and we'll talk about that. There is omega-3 in the plant kingdom, okay? So if you have flaxseeds, for example, or hemp seeds, any kind of seed has omega-3.

Dr. Martin Sr: Here's the problem with plants, [00:02:30] okay? Not that they're not good for you, so don't misquote me what I'm saying here, okay? You get a ALA, it's a shorter chain fatty acid. Nothing wrong it, it's very good for you, okay? You guys know me, I love flaxseeds, okay? I recommend flaxseeds, especially because flaxseeds have lignans, and lignans, L-I-G-N-A-N-S, lignans, decrease estrogen. [00:03:00] That's why I like flaxseeds, I recommend it. In Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie, I have flaxseeds, okay? I like them, it's part of my recipe.

Dr. Martin Sr: But when it comes to your brain, you need long chain fatty acids. The longer, the more bioavailable it is, and your brain is actually made up of mostly of [00:03:30] what we call DHA. What is DHA? DHA is the long chain fatty acids. So what this study showed is that when they gave them, children, omega-3 from fish, then they're giving them DHA and EPA. And I read the study, they didn't even give them a high dose of DHA. They just gave them a dose every [00:04:00] day of fish oil. And these kids did better because what happens, okay, is children today just generally, they don't eat meat or they don't eat red meat. They don't eat enough fish.

Dr. Martin Sr: They live on junk food. Not all kids, but a lot of kids. I know your kids don't and your grandchildren don't because you listen. And you guys know what's good for your kids and [00:04:30] your grandchildren. But generally, the population that live on cereals, they live on pizza, they live on toast, they live on jam, they live on Kraft Dinner, and there's no omega-3 in any of that stuff, okay? So the study shows that with ADD and ADHD, it's incredible what happens, okay? It's incredible what happens.

Dr. Martin Sr: So here's [00:05:00] my protocol in the office. When I get a child into the office, I... here's my protocol for any kind of behavioral issue. Whether it is cognitive, it's ADD, ADHD, or it is autism. Here is Dr. Martin's protocol, and I tell you, I will put my results up against anybody's. Because [00:05:30] I go to the root issue of what's happening with these children, okay? So what do I do?

Dr. Martin Sr: Number one, I even teach the child nutrition. Children are very smart by the way, they're very smart. And if you can... sometimes parents have a hard time getting through to them, but I talk to them like, "Are you always in trouble at school?" "Yeah." "Do you want to stop getting [00:06:00] into trouble at school?" "Yeah." "Well, it's important what you start your day with. So no more cereal. Have bacon and eggs. Can you do that?" "Yeah, I like bacon and eggs." "Well go for bacon and eggs, okay?"

Dr. Martin Sr: So I change their diet. I don't eliminate sugar. I would love to eliminate sugar, but come on, you have to be reasonable. You're never going to get a child, well generally, to completely [00:06:30] eliminate sugar, okay? So as I'm teaching my young patient, I'm trying to get the parent's attention. Okay, now listen, your a little child with ADD or ADHD is the canary in the coal mine, okay? Because a lot of people get away with a crappy diet for a certain period of time and they're not bouncing off the walls. But your child has problems.

Dr. Martin Sr: One, they are very low in [00:07:00] omega-3 especially DHA. They don't have enough of it in their diet. So I'm going to help with the supplement. But secondly, they... you need to help that child and that child needs to understand that they can't eat like the rest of, maybe the rest of the family, or they can't eat like everybody else. They just can't. They don't get away with it.

Dr. Martin Sr: Their brain, as soon [00:07:30] as sugar gets in there, the brain is on overload. And I say, "Well, you've got to cut that back." And the most important meals for a child is the first meal for them. You're never going to get a child to do intermittent fasting. They need to eat. A lot of these children, by the way, are hypoglycemic. They have low blood sugar, and that's why they crave sugar so much. But that's the worst fuel that you can [00:08:00] give them, okay?

Dr. Martin Sr: So what I do is I teach that little child, and I don't care if they're five years old. They're smart, they can understand. I say, "Look, you can't eat like everybody else. You can treat yourself, and I'm not saying you never can have ice cream or anything like that if it's your birthday. But you have to understand that you do not do well with sugar in particular. And you've got to have [00:08:30] more protein in your diet." And so diet is number one.

Dr. Martin Sr: And then number two, I get them on three to four supplements. The first one is high DHA oil. It is gold for the brain, high DHA oil. I don't care how old you are, you need DHA. Why?Because DHA makes up the vast... over 60% of your brain is made up [00:09:00] of that healthy DHA. And DHA oil is not found in the vegetable kingdom. It isn't in there. There's ALA, but there's no DHA or EPA, and DHA is the long one. It's the one that your brain needs to work [00:09:30] properly. Do you got it?

Dr. Martin Sr: Don't fool yourself. If you're a vegetarian or you're a vegan, if you don't eat fish, I eat fish every day in capsules. You know what has the highest source? You guys should know this. What has the highest source of DHA? I'm waiting for the answer. It's not fish, it's steak. And I had a steak last night, and was [00:10:00] it ever good.

Dr. Martin Sr: But did you know that grass fed beef has more DHA and omega-3 than fish does? Even though fish, you know me, I wish I liked fish, but I don't. I tell people I have an allergy to it if I'm invited out. I'm lying, I don't have an allergy to it, I just don't like it. Have a steak. Ladies, do you want to [00:10:30] save your brain? Do you want to have a brain when you're 75 and 80? And look where Alzheimer's is today, in the 50s, even some in the 40s, they're losing their brain. I say, "That's because you're eating fat-free. How stupid is that? Quit eating fat free."

Dr. Martin Sr: "Oh, Dr. Martin, I eat fat free yogurt." Well, that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life. Fat don't make you fat, you guys know [00:11:00] that. And fat, when you eat it, goes to your brain. You need that, kids need that. Kids are eating fat free, they're carbohalics living on sugar and very little healthy fat. The only fat that they're eating are vegetable oils because they fry their chicken nuggets in that, right? They're vegetable oils, and that gives you omega-6. That doesn't give you omega-3. [00:11:30] And omega-6, if it's in the right ratio to omega-3, there is no problem. But as I've explained to you many times in the past, our ratios are between 18 to one for omega-6 to omega-3, to 27 to one. Kids are 27 to one on average omega-6 because that's what they cook all their food in.

Dr. Martin Sr: If you go to the restaurant, they're using the vegetable [00:12:00] oils like canola oil and safflower, and all these oils. They are terrible oils because they are omega-6, and we get too much omega-6, okay? So do you got it? Steak, hamburger. Give your kids chilly. Yeah, it's got a lot of omega-3 in it, [00:12:30] and leave the bread alone. No, but guys, seriously, when I saw this study, I was so impressed that the scientific community is finally waking up to these things. And they realize you get a kid, and you can understand teachers at school, okay?

Dr. Martin Sr: They get a kid and the kid can't sit still for five seconds. And the teacher, you know what? Sedate them, sedate them, [00:13:00] sedate them. And so doctors, because they don't know anything about nutrition, instead of referring those patients to me, and I would fix them in a short period of time. What do they do? They sedate them, they put them on medication and they sedate the kids.

Dr. Martin Sr: Guys, to me, that's child abuse. That's not getting at the root of the problem. The root of the problem is the neurotransmitters [00:13:30] in the brain, and these kids are canaries in the coal mine, and their brain is very fragile and they're hypoglycemic. You have to change their diet and here's another one, okay? So I put them on the high DHA. I recommend for children about four to six grams if they have ADD. If they're slightly autistic, they need high levels of DHA. That's why I love DHA so much. That's why you hear [00:14:00] me talk about it so much.

Dr. Martin Sr: And then secondly, I fix their gut. Because I've never seen a case of ADD or ADHD or autism or any spectrum, brain spectrum disorder, in kids where they didn't have leaky gut. Leaky gut and leaky brain every time, every time, every time. You have to put these children on probiotics. So the study didn't say... there are [00:14:30] studies that have said that. It's exactly right, so you don't have to put them on a hundred things. But you have to get their diet changed because they're not going to do well unless you change their diet.

Dr. Martin Sr: You can sedate the life out of them, but that will not fix it. That will just create other problems. Ritalin and all these things that they've been giving these kids for years, I tell you, I screamed blue murder when those things came [00:15:00] out in the 1980s. I screamed blue murder. I couldn't believe it. You mean you're not going at the root cause of these things? You're just going to sedate these children? What kind of medicine is that?

Dr. Martin Sr: But the pharmaceutical industry, they got to stick their nose in there. And oh, you've got to put... we put them on Ritalin. We put them on other sedation. It's craziness. Why not look at the problem? Okay, [00:15:30] so that was study number one. Oh, by the way, I didn't finish my protocol. I put them on the diet, obviously low carb. Cut their sugars out as much as I can do it, as much as the parents can do it. And kids are smart, and when they start feeling better and their brain works better, you know what? They buy into it. It's amazing, okay?

Dr. Martin Sr: I see people in the grocery store in my hometown and they say, "Dr. Martin, you saw me when I was a kid." Now they're an adult, [00:16:00] right? And they recognize me. I don't know how they recognize me, I don't look like I used to. But they know who I am I guess, maybe because I was on TV for years or whatever. But anyway, "Dr. Martin, you changed my diet when I was a kid. It really helped." "Well, thank you very much. I'm always happy to get good, positive feedback, and good for you." I said, "I hope you're still taking care of yourself."

Dr. Martin Sr: "Oh yeah, and man oh man, I live on eggs, meat [00:16:30] and cheese like you told me to." "Well, there you go. Good for you." Okay, so then probiotics, high DHA. One of the things I use in the office too, of course you guys know me, is Navitol. Pine bark extract crosses the blood brain barrier. Tremendous, tremendous, tremendous for ADD and ADHD. So that was one of the studies, let me just look at the other one.

Dr. Martin Sr: I just wanted to pontificate on this for a minute. I can't get over my [00:17:00] Florida friends and neighbors, how they stay out of the sun, the so-called boogeyman. Well, of course for you folks in Canada that haven't seen the sun for two months, hello. In Florida, okay? And I'm sure it's the same in Arizona or whatever. I think it's 320 something days a year or more they see the sun, right? But they don't go in the sun, they're scared of the sun.

Dr. Martin Sr: Rosie and I walk [00:17:30] every day. We go for a walk down here. We love walking, okay? And people, they're walking, they got these hats that are two feet on either side, right? They're covering everything, they're covered. They wear long sleeve shirts and pants. Everything is, they cover everything, and they probably put sunscreen on too. Oh, I go crazy, I go crazy. [00:18:00] People that get deadly cancers, melanoma, are people that work indoors or never get the sun. Now, I'm not telling you to burn. I'm not telling you to do that, so don't miss quote me.

Dr. Martin Sr: All I'm saying is that all cause mortality, all cause mortality is decreased [00:18:30] when your levels of vitamin D are good, everything. Vitamin D is not a vitamin. Vitamin D is a hormone. We call it a vitamin, but it's not a vitamin, it's a hormone. Your body doesn't work without vitamin D. Your immune system doesn't work without vitamin D, it doesn't. Your immune system gets [00:19:00] charged up with vitamin D. Do you know that vitamin D is one of the greatest anti inflammatories that you can take? Vitamin D.

Dr. Martin Sr: And when the sun is out, go in the sun because 10, 20 minutes in the sun gives you 10,000 international units. But it's got to come into your arms and it's got to come into your legs. That's how you... so look, [00:19:30] you got to expose your skin to it. So I'm not saying you have to get butt naked, but if I could do it, if I could bring the sun back with me to Canada, I would do it. And I would go into every senior home and I would roll them out, even in their wheelchairs if they were in them. And I would make them sunbathe every day, every day, because vitamin D is [00:20:00] good.

Dr. Martin Sr: It is a hormone that your body cannot operate without, and so it's not the boogeyman. The sun isn't the boogeyman, guys. The sun is good for you, and you don't need a lot of it. You need 20 minutes of it. Now when I go, I'm going to the beach today, okay? I'm going to the beach today. I'm going to cover up after I get my... now my [00:20:30] skin is very used to it. I can easily sit in the sun for an hour and I'll wear a hat, and I will get into the shade once... because I don't want to burn either. Burning is no good for you, but the sun in Florida, they're all scared skinny.

Dr. Martin Sr: You know who is the worst generation? The worst generation is my generation, okay? What were we called, the Baby [00:21:00] Boomers? We're the worst generation because we took all the boogeymans that there is, and we took that hook, line, and sinker. We're the boogeyman people, my generation. You talk to people in my generation, I go outside here, okay? At my condo, and I see my neighbors. They're sitting in the shade, they're scared of the sun. Almost all of them. They're scared skinny of it.

Dr. Martin Sr: They never get in the sun. [00:21:30] I said, "You're in Florida. You don't go in the sun when you're in Florida?" "Nope. Oh no, no, no. Don't go." This is my generation. Crazy, crazy, crazy, that's my generation. Because whatever they say, well they, "Meat is no good for you. Eggs, they'll give you cholesterol. Bacon will give you cholesterol. That's not good for you." Yes it is, yes it is. My generation, okay? "Oh, I got to get [00:22:00] my cholesterol down. I can't get in the sun very much. That's no good for you. You can't eat fat. Fat is no good for you." Yes it is.

Dr. Martin Sr: And you know what? None of your other hormones work properly without good levels of vitamin D, and do you know what? 80 to 90% of the population in North America have low levels of vitamin D. And taking calcium, that's [00:22:30] another one of my generation. "Oh, calcium because I needed in my bones." Well, it doesn't get to your bones. Eat your calcium and take vitamin D because then it'll go to your bones with vitamin K2. Where do you get vitamin K2? You guys know this, in cheese and butter.

Dr. Martin Sr: That'll give you vitamin K2, and that will take the calcium [00:23:00] out of your blood vessels and put it into your bones and your teeth where it belongs, where it belongs. So I tweeted that this week about the sun, because I go around and I watch people. The only people on the beach are Canadians. In November, the only people on the beach, all the Americans, "Oh, well it's cold." Oh, [00:23:30] you don't know what cold is until... you know what guys? You know what another thing bugs me? I'm just going to tell you, climate change. Because I don't know, Florida is still Florida and Sudbury is still Sudbury as far as I know.

Dr. Martin Sr: Oh, it drives me crazy. We're getting winter in November in Sudbury. It started in November and it ain't going to end until the end of March and April, and maybe even past [00:24:00] that. True or false? True, I'm right and everybody else is wrong. Okay, I got to do this one. Although I think, you know what? I think I'm going to save this one because I can do a whole thing on this. I'm just going to read you the headline and then I'll answer a couple of your questions. Life expect... this is, and I'm going to do a podcast on this.

Dr. Martin Sr: The life expect expectancy. Now, this is for the United States, but Canada is the same, [00:24:30] is the lowest of all 36 countries in Japan, New Zealand, Australia, blah blah blah. The United States, and yet they spend more money here. And in Canada, we spend more money on healthcare than anywhere else in the world. Canadians and Americans, we spend more money on disease care, but the life expectancy is going down. You know what I say? We're not getting the bang for our buck. [00:25:00] But I'll make that into another one, okay? So let me just recap a couple of things here. You want to keep your brain, think fat, think fat. When you have fat, when you see a steak, eat the fat.

Dr. Martin Sr: The best cuts of steak have lots of fat. Don't get the trimmed. You know what? I see people at the grocery start and they're getting, "Oh, give me that lean. Give me the lean meat." [00:25:30] Oh, that drives me crazy. That's not as good. Eskimos don't get heart disease, okay? They blubber all the time. You know what they do with lean meat? They feed their dogs that. They eat the organs, they eat the fat, they eat the blubber. And on autopsy, yeah, they die because the polar bears eat them.

Dr. Martin Sr: They don't die from a heart disease and they don't die from cancer. [00:26:00] They don't die from those things. Their life expectancy is not as high as it could be because they don't have the... antibiotics can save your life if you get an infection, right? Or the polar bears eat them. But as far as ground beef, regular. Keep the fat in it, it's better for you. Fat doesn't make you fat. Fat doesn't [00:26:30] give you cholesterol, or at least it doesn't give you the bad fats, which is triglycerides. That comes from sugars.

Dr. Martin Sr: It's sugar that destroys your blood vessels. It's sugar that destroys your brain, so eat fat. Never eat a fat free diet. That's the craziest thing possible. You really need to [00:27:00] take care of yourself when it comes to that. So take care of your brain, and the best fat is called DHA. It is found in grass fed. Get your beef, get your hamburger. I love steak. I love roast beef. I love hamburger. It's the bun that will kill you, not the hamburger.

Dr. Martin Sr: [00:27:30] So have two hamburgers. I always tell people, "Do you like hamburgers?" "Oh, I do. I love hamburgers." I said, "Well, have two of them and then put cheese on top, and then put bacon on top of that. Do you like that?" "Oh geez, I'd love that." Well, that's good for you. Leave the bun. So take a knife and fork or wrap it up. Wrap up your hamburger with cheese. Yeah, isn't that wonderful? Okay, love you guys. Share this with your friends. [00:28:00] If you have any questions, send them off. We'd love to hear from you.

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