218. Seasonal Allergies

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Dr. Martin Sr: Research is showing that allergies are much more common today than they ever used to be. This is a real... It's affecting almost [00:00:30] every family, every home. People have allergies, and we want to know why, and what is research telling us about the biggest reasons that allergies are much more common today than they ever used to be? When I was a kid, I don't remember anybody ever having a puffer in school or peanut allergies and things that we see today. About 50-60% of the population have some kind of allergy to dairy and/or [00:01:00] eggs or gluten, and so allergies are much more frequent today. What we're looking at is three reasons that this is happening.

Dr. Martin Sr: If you look at the first one, the first one up here is that we are over-cleaning. Okay? Now that will come into the third one, and they're related, but let me just start with this. Everybody is over-cleaning today in a sense that we're using these chemicals [00:01:30] to clean, and we're killing... The world is full of bacteria, and our bodies are made for bacteria. Our bodies are used to bacteria. I'm not saying don't wash your hands or whatever, but the problem is, we're over-cleaning today. It's actually a good idea to send your kids out to play in the dirt, because your body gets used to bacteria. When you over-clean, the [00:02:00] issue is, is that your immune system is not ready to fight any kind of antigen. And so once they see an antigen, they overreact to it. That's an allergy. And so, we're over-cleaning. You know what's worse? Is those chemical cleaners. You know when you go into the hospital, and they want you to clean your hands and all that kind of stuff? That gets into your system, and that actually kills all your good bacteria, too. Okay? [00:02:30] So, over-cleaning, number one.

Dr. Martin Sr: Number two is chemicals. Okay? We talked about that, but since World War II, there's been over 100,000 chemicals created, and chemicals can be a wonderful thing. The problem is, is that we have oversupply of chemicals, and our body starts overreacting, and usually people with allergies is because [00:03:00] they overreact to things. Their immune system, it's almost like autoimmune. The immune system turns on itself. Okay? That's where chemical, over 100,000 chemicals, but here's the number one reason.

Dr. Martin Sr: Number one reason is this one right here. Okay? And that is leaky gut. So, what is leaky gut? Let me just explain that again. Leaky gut is a battle. Listen. Your gut, especially, but [00:03:30] everywhere in your body, you have not millions of bacteria, not billions of bacteria, but trillions of bacteria. Leaky gut can occur even in the womb. This is why there is so much problems with allergies today, because what happens, one of the biggest culprits, the medication that has saved millions and millions and millions [00:04:00] of people's lives, even today, antibiotics. The problem with antibiotics is, when it kills the infection, it also kills your good bacteria. This creates leaky gut. This creates, what we call in medicine, dysbiosis.

Dr. Martin Sr: So, what happens? When your microbiome, your bacteria, it gets changed by [00:04:30] one dose of antibiotics, and what happens there is that even mommy takes an antibiotic, maybe even a year before she gets pregnant, her gut is changed. Guess what? Even in the placenta, the baby's bacteria gets changed. There is not enough good guys. What starts in here is a fungus. It's candida. It's yeast. You don't see it [00:05:00] because it's microscopic, but that can get in and make it like canary coal mine of babies, and this is why today, we see so many kids with asthma. Leaky gut, leaky lungs. Leaky gut, leaky skin. We see so much more eczema and so much more psoriasis. Kids come out of the womb.

Dr. Martin Sr: I can even talk to you about [00:05:30] autism, because the biggest thing in here is what it does to children. This is why you see so many kids that are lactose. Why is it today that 60-70% of the population is lactose intolerant? I mean, they can't have dairy, or they have trouble with gluten. Unless you're silly, you never had real trouble with gluten in the past, but today, it's like an epidemic. [00:06:00] This is why we're seeing so many allergies, because the very things that make it convenient, the chemicals and the cleaning and all these things that make it convenient, plus antibiotics or non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, these things disrupt the bacteria. When you don't have the balance between good and bad bacteria, you have a problem [00:06:30] in with allergies. It's one of the things that I see the most in the office today.

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