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Dr. Martin Sr: Hello good morning. I want to talk to you this morning about the amazing benefits of vitamin K2. And you need to differentiate between a K1 and K2. [00:00:30] So, vitamin K1 is found in the plant kingdoms, especially in green leafy vegetables. So you need to separate these two vitamins, K1 and K2. Vitamin K2 is fat soluble and it is only found in the animal kingdom. And I want to talk to you this morning about nine benefits at least that you get and some of these are absolutely astounding [00:01:00] and it will encourage you to make sure that you take vitamin D2.

Dr. Martin Sr: So what's the difference K1? What can it do in your bloodstream? It can thin your blood a little bit. So, it actually acts like water thins your blood. If you're on a blood thinner they'll always tell you, "Be very careful with vitamin K1," although to tell you the truth I've never seen that to be a big issue. So where do you get K1? [00:01:30] It's in the plant kingdom. Especially you ladies with your salads always eating salads. I call it glorified grass.

Dr. Martin Sr: But let's talk about the advantages of taking vitamin K2. Now let's first vitamin K2 is found in the animal kingdom especially in butter and cheese. It's found in eggs, it's found in meat, [00:02:00] but especially in butter and cheese. And you know guys how butter and cheese have got such a bad rap over the years. "Oh it's cholesterol. Don't eat butter and don't eat cheese it's not good for you." How crazy is that? When you think of first of all cholesterol does not cause heart disease. So vitamin K2 [00:02:30] is found in butter. And guess what the number one source of vitamin K2 is? Cheese curds. The number one source of vitamin K2 in the world is cheese curds.

Dr. Martin Sr: Now let me tell you about the advantages of vitamin K2, they are Legion, they are so good for you. So vitamin K2 number one thing that I want you to think about is did know that [00:03:00] vitamin K2 actually helps you not to have heart disease or a stroke. Still the number one killer in society today is heart disease and strokes. Yeah, heart disease and strokes. Do you know what vitamin K2 does? It takes the calcium out of your blood vessels. So when a doctor tells you ladies especially to take calcium as a supplement [00:03:30] it never gets to your bones. It stays in your blood vessel. This is why you never hear Dr. Martin telling you to take calcium. Eat your calcium but don't take it as a supplement and the reason is is because it will never get to your bones.

Dr. Martin Sr: Calcium gets to your bones when you're taking vitamin D and vitamin K2. K2 is essential for taking calcium out of your [00:04:00] blood vessels and putting it in your bones and teeth where it belongs. Why do you think so many women have osteoporosis? Because they don't get enough K2. They don't get enough K2 and K2 think about the significance of that. Now, if you've heard me over the years I've often talked about a thing called chelation. It's not with a K but it's pronounced with a K, C-H-E-L-A-T-I-O-N.

Dr. Martin Sr: [00:04:30] What is chelation? chelation therapy caught on about 20, 25 years ago when cardiologists were, not all cardiologists but some cardiologists were using it to take the plaque, calcium, out of your arteries. My dad had diabetes, he had plaque hardening of the arteries in his legs, and I sent my dad for chelation therapy [00:05:00] to a cardiologist in Florida. It was pretty expensive but it really worked for my dad because the circulation was much better after taking chelation. What is chelation? Chelation is when a substance goes through your blood vessels to take the calcium out of your blood vessels. So why do you want to take calcium? You don't want to take calcium. You want to eat your calcium. You get that when you have Himalayan salt and when you eat cheese and whatever. [00:05:30] But not only that, when you eat cheese or butter you're actually taking the hardening of your arteries and making your arteries more pliable. Isn't that fantastic? Isn't that what you want?

Dr. Martin Sr: Think of when you go to the doctor and he shows you your carotid arteries. "Oh, your carotid arteries are hardening." What can that mean? Well, that means you are much more [00:06:00] susceptible to stroke and they're very concerned about that. And what did they do? They put you on a blood thinner but that's not the key. The key is to get that calcium out of the arteries in the first place. And when you take vitamin K2 it takes calcium, the hardening of the arteries, it takes the calcium out, puts it back in your bone where [00:06:30] calcium belongs.

Dr. Martin Sr: So think of what that does because even today like you know what I say about Alzheimer's and dementia. Well, Alzheimer's and dementia is type three diabetes. But what does that do? Why are diabetics so much more susceptible to heart disease and even Alzheimer's and dementia? Why is that? Because of the damage [00:07:00] done to their blood vessels. And one of the things that inflammation creates, now you know inflammation's not Houdini but when it does appear in your body you might not even know about it but it can damage your arteries. Therefore calcium you get atherosclerosis of your little blood vessels. And this is why K2 is important even for anything with circulation which includes your eyes and your kidneys.

Dr. Martin Sr: [00:07:30] So what's another advantage? That's the biggest advantage of taking vitamin K2. This is why we add vitamin K2 in our vitamin D because it takes calcium and puts it into your bones where it belongs. What's the difference between K1 and K2? We looked at that. How do you find K2 in your [00:08:00] diet? And guys, let me just say something because I know I'm controversial but it bothers me. It bothers me when I hear of people and I see them every day in the office they are, if they're vegetarian they can have some cheese. But what if they're vegan? If you raise a child vegan I know that's controversial in this day and age but children [00:08:30] need to have vitamin K2 to have strong bones. It's absolutely essential.

Dr. Martin Sr: So this is why I say it. So look, if you are a vegan and you're listening to me today stop. Even if you don't stop well then make sure you take a supplement of vitamin K2 and you don't get vitamin D by the way, [00:09:00] you won't get vitamin D either, and you're not going to get B12, and you're not going to get heme iron. These things are not found in the plant kingdom guys it's just a fact. Somebody's asking the question right online this morning. "Can you take too much K2?" It's a fat soluble vitamin but I guess you could. I just never have seen it in 45 years so can you eat too much cheese? [00:09:30] Can you have too much butter? I don't think so. Look, nobody's sitting in the emergency room today anywhere, "Oh, I know why you're here. You took too much vitamin K2." In 45 years of practice. I've never seen it so I don't think we have to worry too much about vitamin K2.

Dr. Martin Sr: What else does it do? It activates [00:10:00] your bones obviously. Remember I was talking a little while back in a war I, there's, there's a few wars that go on. One is in your gut between good and bad bacteria and the other one is in your bones between osteoclast and osteoblast. You remember that blast? They go away but osteoclasts actually build your blood. So guess [00:10:30] what vitamin K2 does? It increases your osteoclasts, C-L-A-S-T-S, clasts. I might not be pronouncing that the way you want to hear it.

Dr. Martin Sr: For childhood growth of course that's essential. That's why I was telling you. Never, never raised a child a vegan. It is absolutely dangerous and in my opinion child abuse. Pregnancy, very [00:11:00] important in pregnancy. To take vitamin K2 this is why I always tell my expected mothers, "Listen, you need to be on probiotics. You need to be on vitamin D with K2 for baby, for you mom. You're going to be delivering a lot of your bone material to the baby to build the skeleton [00:11:30] of that baby. Well, you need extra vitamin D and vitamin K." I usually have expected mothers on around 5,000 IU's of vitamin D and the equivalent of vitamin K2.

Dr. Martin Sr: You know what another thing that it does? It actually helps blood sugar, yeah it actually. So can you imagine eating cheese? One of the best things that a diabetic can eat is cheese. Well, there's no sugars. [00:12:00] It's very, well there's no carbs. You don't need a lot of insulin. But it actually helps you to become more insulin sensitive not resistant which is bad but sensitive. So isn't that a good thing? When you have butter. The problem is what are you going to put butter on? Don't put it on bread. Well, if you're a diabetic I'm cutting you down on your bread. But butter. I'm [00:12:30] a big, big consumer of cheese, specialty cheese curds. I love that stuff. So good for you. It's so good for you.

Dr. Martin Sr: You know what another thing that vitamin K does, K2? Ladies skin. It's a beauty treatment ladies. It's a beauty treatment. It helps with skin elasticity. You know why? Because it actually takes calcium. [00:13:00] You see when you dry out your skin gets, loses its elasticity. You don't want to lose your elasticity do you ladies? Again another reason to take vitamin K2.

Dr. Martin Sr: So let me just see if I missed anything. Pregnancy, elasticity ... Oh, you know what? Here's another one. Well, I sort of touched on a little earlier but did you know that vitamin [00:13:30] K2 is actually an anti inflammatory? So is vitamin D by the way. For some researchers that do a lot of research in vitamin D they think the way vitamin D works, the sun actually is one of the greatest anti inflammatories that you can have and you can take. But vitamin K2 is very anti inflammatory. So imagine eating cheese and it's antiinflammatory or taking [00:14:00] K2 with your vitamin D. It's an anti inflammatory so it's good for your joints. It's good for pain. Hey guys, when do you feel better? In the sun. That's why I love vitamin D and what with vitamin K2.

Dr. Martin Sr: I love you guys. You guys have to understand that. Just going to talk some truth here. You need your vitamin K2 so quit avoiding [00:14:30] K2. You need it. You need it. Now, one of the best forms, if you look at a supplement of K2 make sure it's a MK7, MK7. What's that mean? It just means it's the most bioavailable form of vitamin K2. Share this with your friends. You have any questions or suggestions let me know.

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