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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone. Once again, welcome to another live and hope you're having a great start to your day. We appreciate you guys coming on with us as usual. Okay, here we go. Question and answers. Lots of good questions guys, so let's get into it right now. Vitamin D number is high. 4 78. Yep, that's fine. What could it do to your body when it's at a toxic level? Not much, guys. I teach you this almost every day. Okay, better to have high vitamin D than low. Look, if you're in a high level, what's going to happen? The worst thing that can happen is it starts forming kidney stones. So to the kidneys, has it ever happened? It's so rare. I just don't know what to tell you. I mean, for all of the scary things, vitamin D is toxic.

No. Okay, and studies have been done on this 50,000 I use a day every day for six months would give you toxic Vitamin D. I mean, who does that? Now remember, you get vitamin D from the sun. You can never get toxic. I mean, you can get a sunburn, but you're never going to get toxic with too much vitamin D or even food. Can't eat too much vitamin D. Now you could possibly supplement and get too much vitamin D. Okay? I look at dehydroxy numbers. That's your vitamin D serum numbers, okay? In your blood. When I look at that and whenever I see high, there's always usually a reason for it. Okay, and let me give you a couple. One, you're on medication, okay? Like diuretics, estrogen therapy, or even if your estrogen is too high, that can cause high levels of vitamin D prescription drugs.

But if your number is around 400, that's Canadian number. Cut back. Don't take vitamin D, just take vitamin D when you can get out in the sun and stop taking it for about a month. And it's usually a reason for it. Sometimes autoimmune can cause high levels of vitamin D too, but as far as toxicity, nah, don't buy it. Okay? Don't buy it. They're trying to make vitamin D the boogeyman, and it's not based on any foundation at all. Vitamin D, the benefits are legion, okay? The benefits are legion and I talk about it every day. Thank you so much for the question. And that was Brenda, Joe, for those who are doing the 30 day reset. Yep. And planning to stay with the EAMC. Good idea. When done with the recent, what do you suggest to those that are involved in endurance sports? Who cares? It's the best, Joe. It's the best you see? Think about endurance. Okay? You want fuel. You want the right fuel, okay, let's say you're going on a long, long bike ride or you're running a marathon or whatever. Endurance sports, long distance swimming or, okay, what's the best fuel? Carbs.

That's how they burn. They burn like paper and twigs on a wood stove is paper and twig. Yeah, it's all right to get started, but what's the best logs? Eggs, meat and cheese. So you don't need to get away from it. Look, weightlifters or whatever, they can eat carbs. Why can't eat carbs? They got huge bins, but that doesn't make it good for them. That doesn't make it good for them. So endurance sports. Look, I did work with professional athletes for years and I had to try and convince them that what they had learned about carbohydrates and having carbs before a meal. No, you want to have steak. The old days of, I remember when I was a kid, a pre-game meal for the Montreal Canadians or whatever was my favorite team was steak. And then they got away from it in the eighties and that they started to pasta and carb loading, they called it.

I said, man, that you don't want that. Get back to the old days was steak. Okay, thanks for the question, Joe. Okay, let's get to some more. Jan. Can I overdo it with Himalayan salt? Well, the only way you could overdo it, Jan, is if you're not drinking enough water, the only time salt can elevate your blood pressure is in the absence of water. It's called viscosity. The blood thickens up. You need water. Water and salt. Salt and water. Okay? So nobody ever got high blood pressure from salt. They blame salt for what sugar does. So you can't overdo it with Himalayan salt as long as you're drinking water. You should see how much salt I pour on my food and I take salt in my water every day. But you better be drinking enough water. That's the key. Okay? That's the key jam. Okay, Deborah, I have kidney stones.

There we go. Two non obstructed and one stuck in the kidney. What is the best thing to do or supplement to take along with drinking water? The number one thing is get off. Okay, stones. And if you could get me this Debra and you send it to info@martinclinic.com, okay? Find out what kind of stones you have, okay? 75% of all kidney stones are oxalates, salad, spinach. Okay, not coffee. I answered that last week. Okay? Does coffee have oxalates? Dr. Martin must be bad. No tea has oxalates for you. Tea totals. Why would you drink tea when you could drink coffee? One of them is oxalates, but I don't worry about that too much. But coming back to your question, Deborah, if you can find out what kind of stone you have. Is it oxalates? 75%? You know what? 25% is uric acid. Are they uric acid stones? You know how you get uric acid sugar, especially high fructose corn syrup. They create stones, uric acid stones. Okay, so if you can find out out about what kind of stone you have and send it to info@martinclinic.com, let me know about it. The other one is the best supplement. Well, I like magnesium. Magnesium helps to dissolve stones. So does potassium. How do you get potassium? What's the best source of potassium?

Bacon? Bacon's got more potassium than a banana twice as much. Why eat bananas when you can eat bacon? Okay, I am almost considering making bacon. Vitamin B, the real vitamin B. Okay, eat bacon. Good for you. It's good for you. Potassium magnesium. Get magnesium citrate. It helps to chelate those stones out of your body. Okay, good question. We appreciate it so much, Deborah. And drink lots of water for sure. Mo, my 4-year-old granddaughter has been diagnosed with type one diabetes. Okay? Poor little thing. That's an autoimmune. She's not making enough insulin. Her pancreas isn't working properly. Okay? Can you reverse it? No. God can. I can't. Okay? You need a miracle, but you can control it. And a young child, I used to see a fair amount of type one diabetes and I reminded them it's diabetes, it's autoimmune. So you need medication, you need insulin.

It's one of the greatest discoveries too, is insulin, okay? Because for type one diabetes especially, it saves their lives. You see medicine, you can't throw out the baby with the bath water, the pharmaceutical industry even. You can't throw out the baby with the bath water. Some people need meds and type one diabetics are a classic example. It's an autoimmune disease. But let me say this, food is everything too. Okay? Now again, they teach what I don't like with type one diabetes and they teach that. It's always controlling that sugar. Good low. You need a chocolate bar, it goes high. You need more insulin. And it's a constant thing. And I'm not saying don't monitor it with type one diabetes. Of course you do. But here's what I found over the years with type one, you have an allergy to carbs and they do so much better with high protein, high eggs, meat and cheese. They do so much better. They're not cured, but they're better. They're in better control of their blood sugars. Okay? Better in control of blood sugars. Thank you for the question. Mo Cecilia, I went for a live blood test yesterday and I was informed that I'm a type A. Who cares?

No, I'm not going vegetarian. That's a bunch of nonsense. I have candida parasites. Okay, and low in B12, how do you know if you're low B12 on a live blood. Now look, you can guess, but that's all you're doing. Cecilia. You don't know if you're low in B12. You need to do a blood test. Okay, so what are your blood test numbers on B12? What are your blood test numbers? I know live blood. I used to teach it, but I didn't do it necessarily for low B12. Now you might've had big red blood cells or whatever. That could be an indication, but I need your numbers, Cecilia. I need your numbers. And you should be between 800 and 1200 for your B12. Okay? So my question is, why is my system not absorbing vitamin B12? I don't know that for certainty. You tell me what your B12 numbers are, get your B12 numbers to me and let me know, and then I'll answer your question.

Get rid of those Candida and parasites, okay? Get rid of that stuff. Cecilia. I'm wearing this just for you. Don't feed the bears. I even got my Don't feed the bears T-shirt on. Okay, don't feed the bears. Okay, so what supplements are suggested for prevention of macular degeneration and what would benefit AFib? Two different questions. Macular degeneration. Circulation. Circulation. Circulation. Eyeballs. Circulation. This is why I always talk about diabetes and insulin because sugar is so toxic. It will cause circulation problems. And one of the first places starts in is in the eyes. It's all circulation, destructive blood vessels. Your eyes are full of blood vessels and they get damaged by sugar. So one, lay off the stinking sugar. Okay? And two macular degeneration. One of the best things you can do for your blood supply. Take two things. Take two things and watch the difference.

Navit, all because it opens up your blood vessels. Nitric oxide, it's a powerful antioxidant to protect your blood vessels. Opens the blood vessels more blood. Two, it protects your blood vessels. Rust, proofs them. Antioxidant the best in the world. Okay, two high DHA oil. Why? And I've proven it to hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of people. You want to improve your eyeballs. DHA oil. Yeah. DHA for your brain. Yeah. DH, A for your heart. It's oil, man, it lubricates. You need an oil change, your car does and you do too. High DHAO oil. It's the best of the best, best to lubricate the blood vessels. You want oil, my friend? Your eyes need it. Your lens needs it. Everything in the eyeball needs that high DHA. I've proven it again and again and again. You combine that with NAL and there's nothing better in my opinion for macular degeneration.

Now, you asked me about AFib. I talked about this the other day. I talked about the circuitry in the heart. One of the biggest things for AFib is coq 10. Ubal U got more mitochondria, battery packs in your heart and brain than anywhere else. A multitude 5,000 battery packs within your heart muscle. And you need that for the circuitry, for the synapses, for electricity and AFib coq 10. And make sure it's ubiquinol, not ubiquinol, and eat steak. And the other thing is magnesium. People that have AFib usually are low in magnesium. So you have two choices when it comes to magnesium. Okay? I always like magnesium citrate, and it's the one that's the most bioavailable in your body is magnesium citrate. We put out a magnesium BG glycinate. Why do we do that? Because the only side effect of magnesium citrate is it can loosen up the stools.

And some people that bothers them. A magnesium BG glycinate is fantastic too. Okay. I love magnesium guys. Okay. It's involved in almost everything in your body. You need it? Okay. Thank you for the question. And that was Sue. Judy, what are your thoughts on taking cloves for health benefits? Well, I'll tell you what I like better, Judy. Okay. Cloves are good. They've got a lot of good, they've got antioxidant properties. They're antifungal, they're antiparasitic antibacterial. But can I tell you what's better? You know me good, better, best. What's the best oil of oregano? Every day? Every day. Every day. I tell people, take oil of oregano. It's God's antibiotic. It's God's antifungal. It's anti parasitic. It is so good for you and it doesn't kill your good guys. Only kills the bad.

It's so good for you. Okay, so yeah, clothes are all right. Patricia. Can high estrogen cause joint pain? Well, look, I guess I'm trying to think of how it wouldn't be the first thing I look at. Okay, high estrogen causing joint pain. Okay? Now that's a big problem in our society today is high estrogen. It's a growth hormone. So I'm more concerned. High estrogen for cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, those are high estrogen cancers. High estrogen can create inflammation in the body. So possibly indirectly could be a factor in joint pain, but it's not the primary thing I think of. Okay, how do you get your estrogen down, Patricia? How do you get your estrogen down? Okay, flaxseeds.

That's why I talk about flaxseeds all the time. Flaxseeds have lings and lings block estrogen, extra estrogen. You need estrogen. You're a woman and you never, never have to worry about estrogen. You don't, not about having too little, not in this day and age. Every stinking chemical that man has created mimics estrogen, plastics and air fresheners and antibacterial soaps. Oh, I hate those things with a passion. Don't put that stinking stuff on your skin. Don't put sunscreen on your skin. You're elevating your estrogen. Yikes. Okay. Thank you very much for the question. It's so good questions, Patricia. Trisha, does Dr. Martin know about dish, decrease dish? Well, I know about dishes. Okay, look. Yeah, we had to learn about it in school. Okay, what do they call that? Diffuse idiopathic, skeletal, hyperos, osteos. It's usually you're forming more bone. Okay, so you're asking about the decreased Jocelyn, do you know about the dish decrease?

You know what, Joss? I need you to get a lot more specific with me. Okay? When I used to have my radio show, okay, people would phone in and I said, spell it out, man. I don't know. What are you asking me? Okay, so first of all, Josh, here's what I want to know, then you email info@martinclinic.com, okay? I want you to tell me what you're asking because I do know what dish is, not dish. DISH. I know what it is. The decrease in dish. I dunno what you're asking me. Be more specific if you can, okay? Because then I'll give you a better answer right now, I'm just guessing. Okay? I'm just guessing. Okay? Jos, do that for me and I appreciate the questions. I do. Okay? Sometimes I just got to get you to be a little bit more specific for me. Suzanne, my question is when the liver produces bile, stop right there.

You're right. Okay, Suzanne, where does bile come from? Your liver. Okay, and the gallbladder acts as a reservoir. Oh, Suzanne, you're so smart. Yep. It's a little pouch where bile sits. Okay, what happens to that bile when you no longer have a gallbladder? And can your liver still function properly without it? Oh, for sure. A hundred percent. Now listen, when you don't have a gallbladder, you got a weakness. God gave you a gallbladder. So obviously it's needed, right? But you can live without it because it's not the producer of bile, it's the reservoir for bile. Your liver is the one that produces it. If you don't have it, you might not be able to eat as much fat. I think if you ask Kevin, I think it's Kevin would tell you he don't have a gallbladder and he has to be more careful, I think with fatty meats and things like that.

But one thing I've found over the years, okay, is that if you're doing EMC and you don't have a gallbladder, a lot of women don't have gallbladders. You would be shocked, Suzanne, how many people don't have gallbladders? Women use it or lose it if you don't use your gallbladder. It drives me mental. I mean, when I get on the internet or when I hear former patients or whatever and they tell me if I don't have a gallbladder, I better not be eating eggs, meat, and cheese. Why a lot of doctors? Because they don't know nothing, honey, about nutrition. They said, well, you had gallbladder trouble because you were eating too much fat. No, you weren't eating enough fat. It's just the opposite. Women that love sailing and chicken lose their gallbladders. A lot of them. And there's another reason, okay? And I've taught you this in the past.

I'll do it again. Estrogen, okay? And progesterone. When you have a baby, you leave all your progesterone in the placenta, all the progesterone is gone. Now your body starts producing it. But progesterone is needed for smooth muscle. Thus women have trouble with gallbladders when they lose all their progesterone. And that's why a lot of times after a baby, you have a gallbladder attack, you lost all your progesterone and bladder troubles, the bladder descends, not enough progesterone, the pro baby hormone, it can become a horror if you don't have enough of it. And that's why I always talk about the balance between estrogen and progesterone. Okay? So yeah, your liver can function and just keep working at it. Eat eggs, meat and cheese. And you might have to start a little bit more slowly that your body gets used to producing the bile and helping you to become more accustomed to eating fat. Okay? Thanks, Suzanne. I thought when you dreamt it wasn't a good sleep, well, you thought wrong, Giselle. Okay, it's good to dream. It usually means you're going into the five stages of sleep. You got five stages and rapid eye movement, sleep, rem, the REM sleep. Often there's dreams in there. And look, no dreaming is all right, not nightmares.

Okay? I can't remember my dreams pretty well, but when I get into a good sleep, I'm dreaming. Okay, Angela, would chelation therapy help cholesterol? No, it's not made for cholesterol. Well, look, it's made to remove plaque. Okay? What was discovered? EDTA after World War ii, a lot of soldiers had lead poisoning, handling the bullets and the ammunition. They got lead poisoning. They developed a vinegar like substance called EDTA, and they found out later, not only did it, cate chelate means biting off it bit off the heavy metals out of the body, but they also found it good for removing plaque. So Angela, you're talking cholesterol. I'm talking plaque. Okay, I'm talking plaque from your arteries. EDTA. I like it. And if you, Angela would send me info at Martin clinic and send me your email. I'll tell you how you can chelate heavy metals or plaque.

Okay? Thanks for the question. EDTA. That was Angela. Brenda, what triggers PMR? Okay, polymyalgia rheumatica. Poly means lots of different places. When you get polymyalgia rheumatica, it's because you got severe pain in your joints, shoulders. I had patients come in and they couldn't even lift their arms. They were so sore, couldn't tie up their shirt. They often needed help to get dressed and it comes out of nowhere. It's an autoimmune thing, but caused by usually viral. Okay, viral. I always said this about PMR, okay? It was a perfect storm. It's just like when someone gets shingles, stress, decreased immune system. It's a perfect storm. The virus gets activated in shingles and polymyalgia rheumatica. It's usually viral, gives you severe pain and you can be crippled up. And it's no fun under the sun, but it's usually a perfect, perfect storm. I saw it many, many times in my days of practice.

And I would do a detox with the patient. I would have them on probiotics. I had 'em on navit, all I had 'em on to kill the virus. I would have 'em on oil of oregano, I'd have 'em on. Good levels of vitamin D, sometimes even vitamin A. Vitamin A real important for the immune system. Thanks for the question. It's a very good question. Appreciate it. Okay, let's see. Might even be able to get done today. I don't know. Maybe yes, maybe no. Let me see. Yeah, maybe. Okay. What is the supplement for Parkinson's and back pain, knee pain? I can well look, once our inflammation formula is back on and it's coming soon to a theater near you. Oh, in the meantime, I love is so good. You should see the studies coming out on Kirkin. Unreal. Very powerful. Anti-inflammatory. Very powerful for the liver.

I love kirkin. I take it every day. And it's good for your brain. It's good for your heart. It's a powerful antioxidant. And I really like it with Parkinson's and probiotics too. Big time. Okay? And what I would do, Emirate, would you please check? Because you probably have fungal. Parkinson's brings heavy metal to the brain. And I mean, yeast does get rid of that. Yeast don't feed the bears. Okay? Yeast. That's what I mean by that. Don't feed them. They only live on sugar. No more sugar. Kathy, I would like to explain why you talk salt on the reset. I understand that Dr. Martin wants us to have a good salt. How much went off and on the, well, look, Kathy, I want you to have salt every day. Your body is made up. It's salt. You need it now. You need good salt. You need salt with lots of trace minerals in it.

Okay? A good Himalayan salt has 84 trace minerals in it. It's so good for you. Salt was used as a preservative and salt will preserve your body. Okay? It's so good. People always, they poo-pooed salt because they thought it caused high blood pressure. I answered that earlier today. No bad salt, okay? In the absence of water, but good old Himalayan, Celtic trace minerals, man, they're so good. And if you go on our private Facebook group there, people will answer those questions for you. Could they found salts that they really like? Okay, I use pink Himalayan.

Thanks Ka. Priscilla, can you detangle this confusing information for me that says to avoid red meat and coffee if you have elevated red blood cells. Priscilla, I'm having a heart attack. Oh, avoid red meat and coffee. Oh, Priscilla, first of all, can I be pleasant? That's so stupid. It's not you, but you just understand. I have to get over my high blood pressure when I hear that stuff. I have to get over my migraine. When I hear nonsense, when I hear nonsense, I can't help it. I get high blood pressure, I get a migraine. Red blood cells, if you have too many red blood cells, you know why? Too many is not good either. Okay? But it has nothing to do with eggs, meat and cheese. It has nothing to do with red meat and coffee. It's the opposite. When people have too many and when they have too many, they actually have less oxygen.

Red blood cells carry your hemoglobin. And when you have too many, they're not carrying it properly. You've got too many, but they're not doing their job. Meat is the best thing. Red meat is the best thing, Al, which is really important. Heme, iron, which is the iron that your body absorbs the best. And look, if you have too many, it's not because you have too many, because you got too much oxygen. It's the opposite. You got too many, but they're not doing their job. So it has nothing to do with red meat. And what is coffee? Why did they tell you that? Coffee? What's coffee? They're telling you to come out Vitamin C. Why? It's the opposite. It's the opposite. No, we appreciate you, Priscilla. Okay. I love those questions. I do. It's just that. Oh, okay, Rita. And now Rita's going to give me a migraine too. Okay? I think you guys do it on purpose. Here's what Rita says. Can Dr. Martin comment regarding plant-based diet to prevent illness and unburden the Canadian healthcare system?

It's propaganda every day. It's the farthest thing from the truth. Look, you like plants. Good for you. You like fruits and vegetables? Good for you. They're not meant to live on. They're not. And Rita, you know that you're just trying to get my gold, aren't you? You're just trying to poke the bear, aren't you? Well, you did read that. It's the opposite to unburden the healthcare. Okay, let me just say one thing. I'll say it as fast as I can. What is the biggest problem in our society today in healthcare? Elevated insulin. Insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome. 93% of the population have trouble with that. It is the root of heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's and diabetes and autoimmune and a poor immune system. Guys, I know it sounds so simple, but it's the truth. So when the world says, okay, that's our big problem, let's eat plants to solve it.

Nah, I won't solve it. You got to eat eggs, meat and cheese. That'll solve it. That'll get your insulin down. You can have some plants too, but you're not meant to live on plants. They don't have the vitamin profile nor the amino acid profile that your body needs. They don't. You were meant to eat meat. Rita, I know you just wanted to poke the bear this morning and I love you for it. Gim, I have severe bone on bone. Okay, no fun. What about hyaluronic acid injections? Look, it works temporarily. Okay? Your joints are made up of hyaluronic acid. Okay? We put hyaluronic acid guys in our Rivera, it's really good for your skin. And I love hyaluronic acid. I do. Your body makes it. It's in your joints. When your joints dry up, you don't have enough hyaluronic acid. So the problem with those injections, they work, yeah, about 40% of the time in my experience, I'm not against them.

Some people found really, really good relief, but most nah, it wasn't dramatic. I would work on the inside out. That's what I always did. Look, if you're bone on bone is not easy, but you want to take away everything that inflames gian. I love our inflammation formula. I love the reset. A lot of people with joints that were in terrible shape found it got better sugar. What sugar does is incredible to joints, okay? Because it causes glycated joints, caramelization of the joint. And when you cut out your sugars, what a difference that makes. And lubricate Gillian. That's why I love the high DHA oil better than any other. Okay, thank you for the question. I got a couple more and we're out of here, Betty, for the five Tibetan rights, what do you think of them for? What are they? What are they? I don't even know them. Betty, what are they? And I'll tell you if they're good for you or not. I don't know what you're talking about. Send me an email info@martinclinic.com. I don't know what Seriously, I guess I could Google it. Okay. I don't want to give you a stupid answer when I don't even know what it is. Okay. Lucrecia, what to take without the inflammation formula? Well, I'll tell you the one that I take. I like the combination of natal and kirkin. That's what I use Lucrecia. Okay? And I find it to be good.

Okay, last question, Pauline. There's so much being said today about blood cleansing or cleansing your blood vessel. Well, we just talked about it. EDTA. Okay? And it's a vinegar like substance. Do these products really work well? The best thing to clean your blood vessels is vitamin K two. Okay? Because it takes calcium and puts it where it belongs in your bones and your teeth. Okay? Because a lot of times, calcium, we talked about this yesterday, why would you bring sand to the beach? You got a lot of calcium. You don't need calcium. Eat your calcium. And when you eat calcium from the animal kingdom, it's always surrounded by vitamin K two. Oh, I wonder if God knows best because when you eat plants for calcium, they don't have K two with them. So that calcium goes to where in your blood vessels doesn't get to your bones.

Why would you bring sand to the beach? You don't need calcium. You need vitamin K two when you eat your calcium, okay? I think it's not so much cleansing your blood, although vitamin K two does that. It's more keeping your blood vessels lubricated and protected. That's why I like Navit and it opens your blood vessels, nitric oxide, okay? Helps your blood flow. Thanks for that question, Pauline. Okay, we appreciate it. Okay guys, I got to 'em all. Betty, five Tibetan rights. I never heard of it. Honest to God. I've been on the planet for 72 years. It's the first time I ever heard of that. What is it? Okay, we love you. We'll talk to you soon.

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