1227. Avoid These 10 Budget-Busting Bites

From energy drinks, to granola bars, to cereal, there are certain foods we buy thinking they’re healthy food choices, when really they’re not. Dr. Martin says to stop wasting your money!

The food companies have convinced us what’s healthy, when really these foods are unnecessary. Join Dr. Martin as he shares what you should stop wasting your money on in today’s episode.



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Dr. Martin:  Well, hello everyone, and once again, welcome to another live here today. Hope you're having a great start. No, a great afternoon and we sure appreciate you guys coming on with us as usual and a little bit of a change today. We're doing an afternoon session, but that's all right. Okay, let's get going. Here's what I've titled this, Don't Waste Your Money, okay? Don't waste your money on these things, okay? Don't waste your money, guys. You don't need them and I don't like 'em. And your body doesn't like them either, so don't waste your money on. I just made a list here. I think I got 11 things I could add a lot more, I'm sure.

Don't waste your money on energy drinks. People ask me about that. Doc, what do you think of energy drinks? Well, drink coffee if you want energy. Nah, don't drink any of that artificial stuff. I wouldn't touch that stuff with a hundred foot pole. Don't go near it. If you need a little pick me up then drink coffee and drink water. Don't drink any energy drinks at all. Don't waste your money. Number two, never buy Ensure or Boost, okay? Don't buy that stuff. It is so full of sugar and crap. These things that are supposed to boost your energy, don't do it. Meal replacement shakes, I can't handle it. I realize, for example, if people are not eating well and because they're taking chemotherapy or whatever, guys, can I say something? Make your own smoothie.

If you're going to drink something other than water, coffee, or tea, I give those tea drinkers, Andrea in Nouveau Brunswick. She says she just can't stand coffee. I feel sorry for you, but listen, I'm really big on limiting drinking to water and coffee and tea, I mean, and absolutely no sugar. Don't ever drink sugar. Now, when you make a Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie, okay? I mean, it's a perfect smoothie. When you make a Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie, you can put a few berries in there for taste and if you've got kids, if you want. Okay, here's me. I always give parents and grandparents a plan to succeed with their kids and grandchildren, okay?

So we can't expect a child's taste buds to be like ours, right? They want something perhaps a little sweeter. Put a few berries in with your heavy cream. Protein powder. I like bone broth. I like collagen. I'm really big on that. And a few berries. Put some flax seeds in there. I like that too. Okay? Because that really DIMMs out your estrogen for men and women. But if you want with children, and I mean children, because adults, if you're anywhere near that 93% with metabolic syndrome, I don't want you to do this, but for kids and to make it better than a McDonald's smoothie in terms of taste. What you add to it is about a quarter of a teaspoon of, and I don't mean Aunt Jemima's. I think they changed the name of that now. Pure maple syrup or unpasteurized honey. Okay? A little wee bit. Add it, blend it up, and they got the perfect smoothie. Don't waste your money on meal replacements, okay?

And if you're going to do a meal replacement, kids that don't like to eat, well get them on these smoothies. This is enormous for what happens to the brain. Your brain is made up of fat. Someone calls you fathead, take it as a compliment. Tell kids that they'll laugh. You want to get that fat up into their brain. They're going to focus a lot better and protein, protein and fat and almost no carbohydrates. You can put a little bit of maple syrup, but like I said, if you are in that 93% or even close to it with any form of metabolic syndrome, I don't want you to use any honey, honey or maple syrup, okay? Lay off that stuff because you already got trouble with insulin. Kids, I'm not so worried about, but you I am, okay? So don't waste your money on energy drinks or meal replacement drinks. Don't waste your money on that stuff, okay?

Thirdly, don't waste your money on energy bars at all. Don't touch them with a hundred foot pole. You're better off having a piece of meat, cheese, a boiled egg. You want to have a snack, but energy, do that. Don't touch those energy bars. I can't stand them. They skyrocket your blood sugar. Your insulin is used enormously. Ah, Dr. Martin, it's granola. I don't care. I don't like it. It's not good for you. Who made granola good for you, and people they think, oh, I need a little snack. Well, first of all, you don't. Okay? You don't. If you get enough protein in your diet and fat, eggs, meat and cheese, you know what you're going to find out? You don't need the snack. Okay? Now, maybe if you're a carboholic and you're just starting out on the reset or whatever and you need a little bit of a snack, make it an egg, meat or cheese, okay?

And guys, I really don't care because people get hung up on what kind of meat? Meat, lunch meat, I don't care. Ham, turkey, roast beef, deli meat. Meat is good for you and it's so much better because you're not spiking your blood sugar. Don't waste your money on protein bars or meal replacement bars of any kind. They're all garbage. Don't waste your money. Don't waste your money on. Again, I'm back to drinking almond milk or soy milk. Don't waste your money. If you insist on drinking some milk, then drink some cream or coconut milk, pure coconut milk. Okay? I give you that. You don't need it. You don't need it. But some people, I got to have some milk, but don't have soy and don't have almond milk. Almond milk probably gives you 2000 times more oxalates in a day than you need, and soy will elevate your estrogen.

Why on earth would you want to elevate estrogen In this day and age? You don't need to. It's not good for you. We are surrounded by estrogen. Estrogen is coming out all of our ears. Anything plastic, anything fragrance, anything most of us in our kitchens, air fresheners and cleaners, and there's enough, those are all xenoestrogens, and there's enough of those to go around for everyone in the planet and we don't need it. Okay? So don't drink soy milk at any time ever. Put it on your X list. No more. Don't drink it. It's amazing things that I just don't drink, I don't drink that stuff. I drink water. You need two liters of water. You're planet Earth, okay? Water, you're close to 70% water and don't touch skim milk. 1%, 2%. You want that to be the size of your brain. Then drink that kind of milk. I mean, that is grocery store white Pepsi. Don't drink it. It's way too sweet.

What's the difference between skim milk and cream? Cream is more like what comes out of the cow. Go milk a cow and see what you get. You'll get cream, not milk. Well, it looks like cream. Even as a kid, the milkman would deliver to our door. I know I was born in the days of Noah. I know it. That's what my grandchildren tell me. But you know what? They actually delivered milk to our doors in Northern Ontario. True story. In the 1950s when I was a little boy, they actually, Louie the milkman from Timmins Dairy delivered milk and they were riding horses. I'm not kidding. I go back and I think, man, oh man, I've been on this planet for a long time. Don't drink skim milk. Don't drink 1% or 2% milk. Please get rid of it. You don't need it. Don't waste your money, okay? Don't waste your money.

This is another thing we're talking about on green smoothies. You go to a mall and I see these people ordering smoothies. I want to scream, do you know how sweet those smoothies are? And again, the green ones, it's oxalates. We talked about it. We did a whole program on oxalates and how they can affect your kidney and how they can affect your bladder and how they can affect your gallbladder and how people get interstitial cystitis, and all these things, including digestive issues by drinking green smoothies. Don't waste your money. Don't waste your money. There's nothing in there that you really need. I know most of it is drinking, but I don't want you to waste your money.

Don't waste your money on brown bread, okay? Don't waste your money. Well, you mean doc, you want me to eat white bread? No, I don't want you to eat any bread at all unless you have the recipe for Rosie's bread, okay? Nah, cut it out. Bread, I don't care if it's 50 grain, ancient grain or whatever it's called. It don't matter. It's going to be sugar rapidly. And at the end of the day, that's going to spike your insulin. It's going to create havoc in your body. You don't need it. Cut it out. Don't waste your money.

Okay, one more item I want to talk to you about. There's others, but let me talk to you about this. Don't waste your money on any kind of cereal. You don't need cereal. People have cereal. I realize that it's very popular, and I can tell you there isn't a cereal on the market that you need to spend any money on. I wouldn't waste my money. Don't waste your money on cereal. When you hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, if you miss it, you can miss breakfast and that becomes the most important non meal of the day.

No, but listen, if you are going to eat breakfast, then please, I want you to eat eggs. I want you to have a high protein, high fat breakfast. If you knew how good that was for you, if you really knew what was happening inside your body when you have eggs and bacon or sausages or ham, okay? Or like my grandmother used to like to serve, steak and eggs. Called it minute steak and with eggs. I love that. But guys, that's what's good for you. Don't waste your money on cereal. It is a complete waste of your finances. It's not good for you. It will spike your blood sugar. And I know Dr. Martin, what about fiber? Who cares?

You want fiber? Drink coffee. You want fiber, drink water. You want your bowel to move, drink water, and if you need magnesium, take some magnesium. But please, this whole thing about fiber that they put it at the top of the food chain, that was done by Kellogg's, that was done by General Mills, that was done by the cereal people, Post cereals. They're not stupid. They were marketing geniuses and they actually duped the whole world into it. It's crazy. Every day I've got to undo the thinking of fiber. Don't waste your money! Dr. Martin how about oatmeal? You ain't a horse. Oats are for horses. You don't need those. Okay?

Okay, guys, little bit of a shorter version this afternoon. Thank you for joining us. Tomorrow, question and answer Friday. We love it. Okay? Thank you for putting up with my shenanigans. We appreciate it. Talk to you soon.

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