1198. DHA: Your Body's Ultimate Oil Change

Dr. Martin looks at new studies on the benefits of omega-3 DHA in today’s episode.

You get two sources of omega-3 from the animal kingdom. EPA is good, but Dr. Martin says DHA is best. It’s the best oil in the world and new studies are showing how it benefits you from your brain to your toes.



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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone, and once again, welcome to another live this morning. On the road traveling so it'll be a little bit of a shortened version today, but looking forward to talking this morning, giving you a couple of new studies that have come out. Interesting. Okay, yesterday we talked about that thyroid big complication when it comes to horror-mones, and we went over that yesterday and a new study out. This one is on DHA. Okay. Do you know I love DHA? Do you know that? I love DHA. Why do I love it? DHA is the fat in your brain, okay? Like I always say, someone calls you fathead, take it as a compliment because D-H-A is the fat in your 60% of your brain is DHA fat. Okay?

Now, from animal sources, you get two types of omega-3. You get EPA, DHA. Both are good. And you know how I operate. You know, good, better, best. The best oil in the world is DHA oil. Lubricates your blood vessels, rebuilds your brain. Guys, if you ever wanted to rebuild the brain, you better put fat back in the brain. Put fat back in the brain. When we decided to go fat free, what a mistake that was. What a mistake that was to preach fat free. And it was all based on cholesterol. It was all based on lies. It was all based on fat makes you fat, it was based on calories. Fat has a lot of calories. If you're counting calories, you're going to lower fat. Did that work? Didn't work at all. Was it good for us? Not even a bit. We made a huge mistake.

And the more they study the DHA, and guys know me, I love DHA because it lubricates your blood vessels. What you need is lubrication. I'm in my truck right now. I don't know much about my truck. I know I need to get an oil change. And you know what they do when they give you an oil change? They do a lubrication. DHA lubricates your blood vessels. You want your blood vessels to be slippery, not sticky. DHA proven. DHA for the brain. Proven. Look, any fish oil is good. I love olive oil. I do okay. I love olive oil, but it ain't DHA. DHA comes from the animal kingdom. It's very specific oil and I like high DHA. The higher the DHA, the better it is.

And what did they show too, by the way? This is something that you guys might remember. What did they show that DHA will make tumors burst. Should be part of every cancer treatment should be DHA. High vitamin D of course, but tumors, DHA can eradicate a tumor in 14 days. Okay, maybe I better post that again. Okay, got it. Okay, I'm stopped. Why do I have my seatbelt on? Okay, now guys, here's some new things on DHA. Some new studies that just came out. DHA and fat loss. What? You're taking fat to lose fat? Listen to this. DHA, okay, new studies decreases your insulin resistance. Now remember, okay, remember this. Insulin is a storing hormone. What does insulin do? Sugar come here. Sugar can't stay in the bloodstream. If you've had pasta turns to sugar rapidly, and you know what insulin does? You have a piece of bread. You know what insulin does? Once that bread turns to sugar in five seconds, by the way, it says, come here. Come here. Okay, because I can't allow you to stay in the bloodstream and wasn't that nice of Kevin to bring me a coffee? He just brought me a coffee. So good.

Okay, now here's the new studies. It's DHA, DHA and the headline was DHA and fat loss. Because DHA lowers your insulin resistance, it makes your cells more sensitive to insulin. DHA imagine that oil makes your cells more sensitive to insulin, therefore you need less insulin. And if you need less insulin, you know what that does. You know what that does? It helps you to burn fat off. DHA. Think of the benefits of DHA. Think of all those benefits and what we didn't know about insulin resistance. Isn't that a wonderful thing? It decreases inflammation. DHA decreases inflammation. Isn't that great? Lowers inflammation. It lowers viscosity of your blood. It makes your blood less thick. Now, it's not a blood thinner like a medication is, but because it lubricates the blood vessels, your blood has much less tendency to stick. You don't want sticky blood. You don't want thick blood. You don't want to be thick blooded. No. It makes your heart work harder.

So DHA look at the benefits decreases insulin resistance at the cellular level. So your cells become less resistant, they become more sensitive. You want to be sensitive to insulin, okay? Most people, 93% of the population have insulin resistance. That is the root. It's the root cause of most chronic diseases, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes, obviously. Okay, so DHA. Here it is, okay? Three studies on DHA brand new. One, it's good for fat loss because it decreases your insulin resistance. Two, it lowers your inflammation markers. DHA will lower your CRP, your c-reactive protein new study. I like that. It's another reason to have oil. Your body needs oil. Give it the right oil. Okay? Okay. I just had an oil change done and the guy says to me, do you want fully synthetic or regular oil? I said, well, what is the manual on my truck tell you? Well, he said, it really should take a fully synthetic, it's better for your truck. I said, I'm all in. I know about the human body, but I don't know anything about my truck. I know how to start it. I know where to put gasoline in it. I think I could get the hood open. I think. I don't know anything, but I know I need oil changes.

And my grandson, who is a mechanic, told me. I said, really, why do you change oil, by the way, in a vehicle? What if you leave your oil in there? He said, grandpa, the oil loses its viscosity that will make your engine heat up and not last as long. You need to change your oil. Okay, I always have, but I wondered, why. Why do I got to change? Why can't you have dirty oil? He said, it's not even that it's dirty so much is that its oil will lose its viscosity. Okay, I got it. Okay, so DHA lowers insulin resistance. DHA lowers inflammation. The third one, it lowers your mitochondrial dysfunction. Okay? Big word. Do you know that DHA, the right oil will help your battery packs within your cells? Helps to protect them. You know what your batteries, the more they're studying the mitochondria, enough, the battery packs within your cells, especially in your brain and your heart. You got a lot of energy that's produced in your brain especially, and the key is, is your mitochondria.

Well, they're showing now that DHA lubricates, protects your mitochondria, especially in the brain. So what we used to know about DHA is that it helped with the synapses in your brain, the grid, the electrical grid, okay? Your brain is an electrical grid. It helps one. Two, we know now that it helps at the mitochondrial level, the battery packs within your brain. You've got lots of battery packs in your brain and DHA oil. The new studies are showing it helps to preserve your mitochondria and therefore it's going to help with your memory. It's going to help with your recall. It's going to help with your brain sharpness. I want a sharp brain. You? As we get older, what is our biggest fear? One of our biggest fears is brain doesn't work as well. Yep. Got it?

Okay, guys, that's a little bit of a shortened version this morning. I'm going to do another one tomorrow, probably a little bit short again, because I got some great studies. Okay? I got some great studies I want to go over with you. Okay? So guys, we love you dearly and we mean it. Thanks for putting up with me even in my studio, my truck studio. Okay guys, we'll talk to you soon.

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