1184. Why Do the Reset? 6 Game-Changing Benefits


Join Dr. Martin as he breaks down some of the many benefits of doing the Reset.

The Metabolic Reset is a 30 day program designed to eliminate insulin resistance from the body. Tens of thousands of people have seen life-changing results just from changing their fuel.


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone, and once again, welcome to another live this morning. Hope you're having a great start to your day. I'm standing today. I'm going to do a little teaching here with our board and I want to show you why we going to do the Reset. The fix, the why. Now, remember, I flunked art. Okay? Remember I flunked art. So what are we talking about this morning? We're talking about the reset, why you want to do it, what it's all about. It's good to go over these things and I wrote a few things on the board here, okay? And we'll go down through them.

Okay, the fix, the why. Now, obviously guys, obviously the number one reason you do the reset is to fix insulin resistance, okay? My experience has been it takes 30 days to fix insulin resistance. Okay? If you literally want to see your numbers go down, okay? Because if you look at insulin resistance, the tests that I like the best, you can do fasting insulin, but the best test in my opinion is A1C. So when you send me your blood work, I want to see your A1C. Why is that? Because A1C, okay? That's what they call glycated hemoglobin, big words. Sugar destroys red blood cells and sugar latches onto a red blood cell and destroys it, and you can actually measure it. That's what A1C is. It's glycated or destroyed, damaged red blood cells from sugar. That's the best way to test insulin resistance, anything above 5.4, okay? Anything above 5.4 is insulin resistance.

Now, you and I know this, that 93% of the population in 2023 is insulin resistant and they don't even know it. Now, there's other things that talk about metabolic syndrome, but the bottom line on metabolic syndrome, remember this, it's food, it's insulin. Insulin is a food hormone, okay? So metabolic syndrome, high triglycerides, low H D L, we are going to talk about that when we get here, okay? But we'll go over this because these are all the advantages of doing the reset. Okay? So see that? Number one, you want to fix insulin resistance because at the end of the day, insulin resistance is a huge factor. It's the elephant in the room when it comes to cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's, diabetes starts type two with insulin resistance. It starts with that.

And when you get insulin resistance, your cells don't like insulin. They're not responding to insulin the way they should. You are setting yourself up and the world is setting itself up for chronic disease, even autoimmune disease. So when you do the reset, you are literally fixing, it's the fix of insulin resistance. That's why it's at the top. That's why that's the key, and that is very, very important. Now, when you fix insulin resistance and it takes 30 days, for some people even longer, but the foundation is built. You have to start with the foundation. You have to start with food, okay? Now, when you fix insulin, one of the biggest benefits when you fix insulin resistance, one of the biggest benefits is you're fixing inflammation. Inflammation. And tens of thousands of people who have done the reset will testify to the fact that their joints felt better, their gut felt better, their brain fog was better. Autoimmune if they had it improved. And that's really, really, really important. Think about all the benefits when you lower insulin, you are lowering inflammation.

One of the responses to insulin resistance is an inflammatory response. Your body responds to it and it doesn't get turned off. That inflammation doesn't get turned off. Got it? So now is the reset worth it? Yes, absolutely. It's worth it because when you fix this, when you get your A1C down, you are lowering your C R P, your C-reactive protein, which is a marker of inflammation. Okay? Now that doesn't mean it's curing your autoimmune. It doesn't mean if you have rheumatoid arthritis, for example, it cures it, but it makes it a lot better. It makes it a lot better. And again, thousands of people have testified to that. So just understand the fix. What is the fix for insulin resistance? What is the fix for metabolic syndrome? It's the reset. It's the reset. Reset the body. Because somebody has said to me, well, what about fasting? I like fasting. I'm not against fasting. I'm all for eating in windows and don't eat at night and try and go 14, 18 hours without eating. I love it, but I'm going to tell you what the reset is. It's fasting without fasting, and the reason is when you eat eggs, meat and cheese, your insulin is on a holiday. You need a little bit of insulin, but you don't need much. Okay? That's the key. Got it?

Okay, so number two, inflammation. The third one is metabolic syndrome. Well, obviously we talked about that. What is metabolic syndrome? And we will go over a little bit more detail, but metabolic syndrome, okay, is diagnosed. For those doctors who are interested in metabolic syndrome, they should be 93% of the population have it, but when they're interested in it, they realize these are people with high blood pressure, weight around a gut. It's called visceral fat. It's dangerous fat. I'm going to show it to you. This is dangerous fat. Okay, guys, when you got this inside your body, and you'll know it's inside your body if you have a little belly fat. Metabolic syndrome is characterized by this fat and for skinny people, oftentimes they can't see it, but it's wrapped around their organs. This is very dangerous, fat, very dangerous, and that's what metabolic syndrome is. It's one, high blood pressure, possibly. Two, belly fat. Three, we'll go over this in a minute, high triglycerides and low H D L.

One that I like to throw in there is uric acid. If you've got uric acid, it's caused by insulin. A lot of people have high uric acid. They don't even know it because they don't have gout. People think of uric acid as being gout. Well, yeah, sometimes, but a lot of times high uric acid has no symptoms other than inflammation, and even then that inflammation can be silent. Got it? So metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, like about 60, 70% of the population have high blood pressure. Isn't that crazy? And belly fat, high triglycerides, low H D L. Look, your blood sugar can be normal, but it's higher than it should be. That's part of metabolic syndrome. Remember the last thing to happen in your body? The last thing, not the first thing. The last thing is diabetes. "Oh, Dr. Martin, I'm not a diabetic." Eh, really you are. Don't wait for the diagnosis because if your blood sugar, and this is why I love A1C, when that is up over 5.4, you are effectively a diabetic without the diagnosis, and you definitely have insulin resistance, and you definitely have metabolic syndrome.

So those are the markers of metabolic syndrome. They all get better on the reset. All get better on the reset. Unbelievable. Okay, now the next one down. Okay, we're looking at what gets fixed in metabolic syndrome? Your triglycerides, three fat balls, they go down. Why is that happening? Because it's happening in the liver. When you empty the liver, you're helping to lower your triglycerides, okay? And you are upping your H D L. You're helping to lower your blood pressure, okay? One of the biggest factors in blood pressure is your kidneys. Nothing will affect your kidneys, not protein. Sugar affects your kidneys, and when you consume sugar, your body retains salt and your nitric oxide is decreased. When nitric oxide is decreased, your blood pressure goes up. This is really key, guys. You're helping your kidneys. "Oh, my doctor said, don't eat so much eggs, meat and cheese. It's hard on your kidneys." It's the opposite. It's the opposite of that. Kidneys never get damaged from protein. Kidneys get damaged from sugar, my friend, okay?

So, blood pressure when you fix metabolic syndrome, fatty liver, okay? It's really important to empty the liver for a couple of reasons. One, when you empty your liver, your triglycerides go down. Remember those fat balls? How do you make fat balls? Sugar, crappy carbs. They elevate your triglycerides. Three fat balls, and when your liver gets full of fat, it sends those fat balls into the bloodstream. You get high triglycerides and not enough cholesterol. Everybody wants to lower their cholesterol. Why do you want to lower your cholesterol? Well, my doctor said I'm going to have a heart attack. Your doctor is giving me a heart attack by saying that, okay? You need cholesterol. Your body makes 85% of your cholesterol. Your body makes that. 85% comes from your body. You're only responsible for 15%, okay?

You need cholesterol because when you have triglycerides, you want to elevate your H D L cholesterol. You want to send out as many Amazon trucks, FedEx trucks, US Post trucks, Canada Post trucks. You want them circulating around your blood vessels. That's what H D L is. And you know what it does? It takes those triglycerides, hitches their wagon to these guys and then brings 'em back to your liver for processing. Your body knows what to do. Feed it. Feed it the right foods, lay off the sugars, lay off the crappy carbs. It makes such a difference. Got it?

Okay, so metabolic syndrome, obviously it's all to do and all together. The biggest scourge in society. Imagine children today. Okay? Imagine children today, fatty liver. Imagine in the 1980s there was no such thing in medical textbooks is non-alcoholic fatty liver. Today, it's a scourge in our society, and what happens in the liver will not stay in the liver. Triglycerides, low H D L, that affects your heart, obviously. Triglycerides is what clogs up your arteries. It's not cholesterol that does that. It's triglycerides. Blaming cholesterol is like blaming the police. Oh, I saw police at the crime scene. They must be bad guys. No, they're good guys. They're there to repair. They're there to go get those triglycerides. I saw the firemen at the fire. Must be the people that set the fire. No, they're there to help. That's what your cholesterol does. They're there to help you. They want to gather up those triglycerides and bring them back to the liver where they belong for processing. Cholesterol's on your side, guys. "Oh, Dr. Martin, what about L D L?" You want to die young, lower your L D L.

So liver, empty that liver. Keep it clean. And I wrote this here, okay, for detox, okay? Detox. Why did I write that? When you're doing the reset, you're doing a detox. Why? Because your liver is the most important organ for detoxification, for heavy metals, for chemicals, for medications, your liver. If it's clean, it'll do its job. It will detox you. You know what you need for a good detox. Three things. Water and only water is water. Clean the liver and probiotics. Probiotics, when you do a broad spectrum, is one of the best things you can do for detox, okay? It really is. Those bacteria are on your side and you need them on your side if you want to do a detoxification. Your liver, clean it out, you empty your liver when you don't eat sugar, you're emptying it.

And when your liver is empty, not only the triglycerides and everything gets better, but one of the things that your body produces is this over here. Glutathione. What is glutathione? Glutathione is your body's Velcro. You know me in my visualization, Velcro, your body produces glutathione. Glutathione is a detox superstar. It'll go through your blood vessels and your tissue and pick up heavy metals, crap in your blood and in your tissue, glutathione. But you can't make glutathione if your liver is all gummed up. Your liver will get gummed up when we're carboholics, got it? Understand it, okay? Keep the liver clean and your liver will clean itself up in a real hurry. There's studies showing that when you cut out the carbs and the sugars, you can empty your liver in six days. Okay? Six days.

But guys, it is so good for you to empty that liver. I bet you nobody's taught you that. What's the liver got to do with heart disease? What's the liver got to do with my brain? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, so you are getting these benefits. What did I say? Okay, what is the healthiest weight loss program? The healthiest. What's the best one for you? The Reset. Why? Because it's a lifestyle. When you understand the importance of eating nutrient dense food, it's not calories. Here's 99% of the world. Oh, you want to lose weight, eat less, move more, true or false? Eat less, move more.

No, no, no, no, it's not. That don't work. That's yo-yo dieting. What you want to do is eat the right fuel. When you do that, your body is satisfied. When you eat eggs, meat and cheese, your leptin. You see one of the things that's really important, and I don't think I even wrote it here, I forgot. When you fix this insulin resistance, okay? When you fix that first one, you're also fixing another hormone that's directly attached to this one. You know what it's called? Leptin. You know what leptin tells you? Leptin tells you you're full. You know what the problem is when you eat crappy carbs? Bread, pasta, rice, cereal, sugar, sweets, pastries, juice, milk, alcohol, muffins, bagels. "Dr. Martin, it's whole wheat." I don't care. It don't matter. It's going to be sugar in five seconds.

And when it's sugar in five seconds, you have insulin resistance and then you develop another one. It's called leptin resistance, and leptin is a hormone that tells you you're full. But when you have leptin resistant, look, one of the biggest problems in weight is leptin. People are hungry. If you eat less. "Ah doc, I'm hungry. I'm always hungry." But if you eat the right foods. If you eat the right foods, it's been proven thousands and thousands of times, again, eat the right foods and your leptin will correct itself. If your leptin corrects itself, you're not hungry. I've met thousands of people and patients over the years. When I put 'em on the reset, they go, "you know what, doc? I'm not hungry." I have bacon and eggs in the morning, man, I can go till supper without eating or I can skip my breakfast. I don't even need it and I'll eat at lunch. You've gone from supper all the way to lunch, 18 hours for some people, and they say, you know what, doctor? I'm not hungry. I'm fine.

It's because of the choice of the right fuel. That's so key to your weight loss program, and it's not calories. Let's say you just starved yourself and you didn't eat, you'll lose weight. You'll lose weight, but your body will burn your muscle before it'll burn that fat. Fat is a storage thing. Your body's smart. It's like you're in hibernation. Your body wants fat as a fuel. So what happens if you are eating crappy carbs or you're eating the wrong food, even though you cut your calories, yeah, you'll lose weight temporarily, but you know what'll happen? It'll all come back. And I always use the illustration of the Biggest Loser. Those programs, I think it ended in 2015 or 2016, the biggest losers, they all gained their weight back. They were eating and moving more, and then it all came back. I'm back. The weight, I'm back because they were using the wrong fuel. Okay?

Ask me about any diet. Any diet. I'll give you the Cole's node version of what it means and how you do it. What's the best? The reset because you're getting healthy and you'll lose weight and you will not lose muscle because you're eating so much protein, you won't lose muscle, you'll lose fat. You want to lose this stuff. This is what you want to lose. "And oh, Dr. Martin, I only lost five pounds." Well, that's a lot. When you lose five pounds of fat, look at these monster here. That's 10 pounds, I think. I'm so strong. I can't tell you if this is five or 10. What a joke. No, I'm try to stay strong. Okay, and then rocket fuel. Okay? Now, we talked about this already. When you eat eggs, meat, and cheese, you are using 99% fuel. It's not 84 or 87. I mean like the gas. You go get your gas for your car, and we try and use the cheaper stuff if we can because it's so expensive. And my car says put 87 in it, okay? I used to have a turbo engine in one of my cars and it said, use 93 in there or nothing less. That's expensive. But most cars today, you only need 87, but the jets go to the airport and the jets need rocket fuel. They need jet fuel. That's what eggs, meat and cheese are.

And what happens at the cellular level, okay? At the cellular level, what happens here? The best fuel equals mitochondria, your battery packs, right? They're going to produce the best ATP. What goes in must come out in terms of fuel. You put the right fuel in. Your little battery packs within your body are going to thank you. You're giving them rocket fuel. Got it? Another reason, eggs, meat and cheese. Eggs, meat and cheese. Rocket fuel. Your cells at the cellular level. Remember, cancer cells, okay? I've shown you that before. Cancer cells are renegades. They're bad guys. They're bad teenagers. Out of control. What fuel do they like? Do they like steak? Nope. You see the world out there lies to you. Someone even put it on our private Facebook group on the weekend. Read something about red meat causing cancer. Of course, they're going to tell you that, of course, brought to you by big food and big pharma. It's always the narrative. Oh, you need those carbs, you need them and red meat bad. That's bad for you. It's acidic. No, it's not. Yeah, that's what they say. Okay?

But I'm going to tell you something, and you know this, and I know this to be true, what do cancer cells feed on? Glucose, glucose, glucose, crappy carbs and sugars, that's what cancer cells feed on. They don't feed on rocket fuel. Cancer cells hate rocket fuel. Your immune system, your white blood cells, your T cells feed on rocket fuel and vitamin D. Okay, one more. Number six, I should have wrote horrormones. I should have wrote horrormones, but I didn't. I wrote hormones. And you know what really helps your thyroid ladies? Your thyroid, your ovaries, what do they need? Protein, healthy fat. That's what you need. Your thyroid needs iodine. We're going to do a whole chart on thyroid, okay? Thyroid needs iodine, eggs, meat and cheese, and selenium, eggs, meat and cheese. Selenium is not found in the plant kingdom. I'm sorry. It's not in there, and your thyroid doesn't work properly without it, and there's nothing that'll slow your thyroid to a crawl like sugar slows your thyroid to a crawl. It really has a bad effect on the conversion of T four to T three, which your thyroid needs to work properly.

Guys, the why. Fix the why. Why do the Reset? Okay? Why do the Reset? That's why. And more. Of course, there's other things, but those are the big six, the reset. Okay, guys, Friday is question and answer Friday already. Start getting your questions in. We love you guys dearly. Give me some feedback on this, okay? Because I'll make it better. I promise I got to figure it out a few things, but hey, I'm new to this. Okay? We love you dearly guys. We'll talk to you soon.

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