1179. Q&A with Dr. Martin


Dr. Martin answers questions sent in by our listeners.

Some of today’s topics include:

  • Continuous sweating on face
  • Therapeutic lights
  • Bed time & quality of sleep
  • High calcium & low vitamin D
  • Tremors
  • The Reset for everyone
  • Cervical discopathy
  • Weaning toddlers off milk
  • B12 intrinsic factor
  • Flaxseed or fish oil for omega-3
  • Unexpected nosebleeds


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone. Once again, welcome to another live this morning and back at our usual time. And thanks guys for all your patience last week with our program while I was away, and thank you so much. Okay, let's get to the questions guys. We got a fair amount of them and we couldn't do it on Friday, so question and answer Monday. Okay?

Rebecca, "I have continuous sweating on my face, wondering why." You're a woman and Rebecca, I can tell you without even thinking about it, you got horror-mones. Yeah, men, we don't get much women horror-mones and I don't care how old you are, if there's an imbalance, especially between estrogen and progesterone, it doesn't matter how old you are. I've seen 80 year old women still get in trouble with their horror-mones. Horror-mones, yes. So I would think it's an imbalance for sure, Rebecca, between your estrogen, progesterone. Get on the menopausal formula, a lot of women love that.

Shay. "Dr. Martin, are therapeutic lights any good?" Well, I know one light that's really good. That's sun. Nothing, nothing beats the sun. So I'm not against therapeutic lights, I'm not. Not really my area of expertise, but I'll tell you I'm not for people that especially don't see the sun and can get some UVs. I got no problem and there's red light therapy and blue light therapy and there's different therapies out there. Yeah, I got no problem with it, but I'll tell you, there's nothing better than the sun my friend. Nothing, nothing, nothing. The sun. I mean even if you don't get vitamin D from the sun because it's in the middle of winter. And by the way, memo, it's Sudbury and guess what? It's cool. Do you call that climate change or do you call that the weather? Because I am 71 years old and in Northern Ontario the weather always changes and just in case we forget that we live in Northern Ontario, we get reminded. Like it's about, I don't know, plus five or 40 something degrees Fahrenheit this morning and yesterday it was nice. Anyway, that's Northern Ontario. Okay, thanks for the question Shay.

Sherry, "does the time you go to bed determine the quality of sleep?" Like if you sleep at 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM is that getting better sleep than if you sleep from 12:00 AM to 8:00 AM? No, not necessarily. Look, everybody's a little bit different. I am very big on going to bed at the same time every night as much as possible. Get into a routine. Your body, your body operates on what we call Sherry, the circadian rhythm, okay? Your body has got a clock on, it's got its own clock, it's got its own internal clock, so don't mess with that and come on, sometimes you're going to mess with that clock, but the idea is to try and get into a habit. So ordinarily I find like 10 o'clock me, I like 10 to 6:00 AM I'm an early riser, that type of thing. But no, I mean as long as you're getting there, I think it's got to be in that sweet spot of about six, seven hours. That's when your self-cleaning oven really works. Your glymphatic system, your glial cells work much better, but as long as you're getting into the five cycles of sleep, your self-cleaning oven's going to work okay in the brain. Okay, so good question. Get your sleep, get into some good habits. It's amazing to me people have bad habits and they're 70 years old, they still got bad habits, but anyway, do the best you can.

Laura, "what causes high calcium and low vitamin D?" Usually, usually parathyroid. So you have two little like P like besides your para on either side of your thyroid, your parathyroid glands. They regulate your calcium levels in your blood, your parathyroid. And what's important there with parathyroid is you don't want too much calcium in your blood. Calcium in your blood can be very dangerous. Calcium belongs in your bones, not in your blood, but what brings it to your bones calcium is when you have vitamin K2. That's why God gave you cheese to eat. God gave you butter to eat, not Becel. I saw a commercial last night for Becel plant butter. Plant butter is better than butter and the poor cow walked out of the room and man thinks they're smart. They're not smart at all because Becel, first of all, it belongs in the garbage. It's not good for you. It's a molecule away from plastic and I don't care. All the plants in the world don't make butter. God gave you butter so that you can eat it like that and it's got calcium and it's got vitamin K2 built in so that calcium ends up in the right spot. The problem is if you take a calcium supplement, it ain't going to get to its intended destination. Destination. You're to eat your calcium, eggs, meat and cheese has calcium plus vitamin K2, and the best source is cheese. Cheese curds and butter. Who doesn't like butter? It's good for you. Okay, thank you for the question.

Julie's asking if tremors can be cured. Well listen, there's two things I always look at with tremors, okay? Non Parkinson's tremors, okay, but you go back and if someone has Parkinson's, here's what we know, they have leaky gut. Leaky gut, guaranteed. The microbiome has been compromised. The Trojan horse of yeast, fungus, candida gets into the bloodstream, crosses the blood-brain barrier, and it's a big, big factor. Any new research on Parkinson's is showing exactly that. It's leaky gut. I've been talking about that for 40 years, okay? For 40 years.

So you get an unexplained tremor, look at that leaky gut, you probably have some heavy metal in your body like mercury, lead, cadmium, it gets transported by yeast into your tissue. The other thing that I would look at, anytime you think of nerves, anytime you think of nerves, you have to look at vitamin B12. You need to get your B12 levels checked. Most people, and I mean 80% of the population, if not more, do not have optimized B12 levels. Their B12 is very low. They don't know it. Doctors don't care and that's too bad just because they don't study B12 like they should. And when you're under 400 for B12 numbers, which vast majority of people are, then guess what? There's some demyelination that takes place. The sheath on your nerves, your neurotransmitters are affected and I'm a big guy on B12. Leaky gut? B12.

Look for heavy metals, leaky gut, you can get heavy metals that come into the body. Chelate them. You know what the best way to chelate heavy metals? Number one, keep your liver clean. Keep your liver clean. Your liver is your body's number one detox center. Keep it clean. How do you keep your liver clean? Cut out the sugar because fatty liver will attract heavy metals and it will keep heavy metals and it will block up and your liver makes glutathione. Glutathione is Velcro inside your blood vessels and glutathione takes heavy metals out of your body. That's why I like Navitol because it elevates your glutathione. I like to keep your liver empty. I like probiotics because if you have a broad spectrum probiotic, they will help to chelate. Okay? What do I mean by chelate? C H E L A T E, chelate, your heavy metals out of your body and chelation, you can do it yourself with probiotics, okay?

A broad spectrum probiotic. That's one of the reasons that we use our probiotic and I used it successfully and I used to test heavy metals. Remember that? Okay, so people say, doc, how do you know my heavy metals are gone? Well, remember I did a urine test, you had mercury or whatever, and then we did a test. When you came back, I put you on our program. I told you to empty your liver. I told you to drink water because your water flushes, flushes, flushes. I told you to take probiotics to fix your leaky gut and chelate your heavy metals, and I put you on Navitol and guess what? Your heavy metals are gone. Nothing better. That was my protocol. Okay? Thank you, Julie.

Liz, "Dr. Martin says the Reset is for everybody. Do I mean it?" Liz, women, ladies, when you get pregnant, eggs, meat and cheese. Look, guys in eggs, meat and cheese, you have everything. Okay? I mean every physician is going to put you on a prenatal vitamin, right? Am I against that? Of course not. I like that, but guys, here's my protocol for pregnancy, okay? Probiotics, you got to make sure because if you got leaky gut, baby gets leaky placenta, okay? Vitamin D, absolutely essential for mommy and baby. You want that baby to have a good brain. Vitamin D, DHA. You want your brain, baby's brain to develop, put fat in it. DHA heavy oil. I'm big on that. Big on that, okay. Eggs, meat and cheese. It's so good for you. It's so good for the baby. Yeah, yeah, yeah, they can do it. For sure they can do it. There's everything in there. People think, "oh, eggs, meat and cheese, doc, what about fiber?" I'm not saying you can't have vegetables. I'm not saying you can't have fruit. I'm not saying that, but if you want to do the reset, good for you. It's good for you, it's good for you, good for the baby. It's the best fuel in the world. It's 99 octane, not 87 like crappy carbs are, okay? It's the best fuel for you and for baby. Absolutely. I had thousands of women over the years that we put on that protocol and B12 too. Okay, thanks Liz.

Raphaella, hello. "I was diagnosed with cervical discopathy." Okay, so you had problems with your neck giving you probably, I don't know you Raphaella, but probably numbness down an arm or into your shoulder. No fun, a bulging disc. Look, I'm really big on taking care of that and then making sure it never comes back. Can I tell you one thing, Raphaella, once you've settled this down, get strong. Get strong. The gym and you don't have to spend, you can do it at home. Once you're better, okay? I'm just going to talk about better for. You get strong, get your back muscles, your leg muscles even more even for your neck, leg muscles. Get them strong. It'll make all the difference because they stabilize you. Take a lot of pressure off those discs even in your neck. Get strong, okay? That's after. In the meantime, you might massage therapy, chiropractic would be helpful, and I love our inflammation formula as soon as it comes back. In the meantime, you can use Navitol and curcumin and they can be very helpful. Thank you for the question, Raphaella, we appreciate it.

Alexandria, "what does Dr. Martin recommend as a transitional beverage for toddlers as they wean from breast milk?" Can I be honest with you? Water. Water. Once a baby comes off, mummy, they need water, not milk. Now look, if you're going to give them milk, give them a little bit of cream and I mean it. Give them cream and not milk unless you've got a cow in the backyard. You've got a cow and you can get that whole, whole milk then give 'em some of that, but they really don't need to drink as long as they're eating. Okay? That transitional period, mush up meat, you know what I mean? And eggs, meat and cheese. Eggs, meat and cheese. But drinking, wean them on water, wean them on water. Milk, I used to like milk when you could milk a cow, but today you go to the grocery store. I'm sorry, I just don't like that milk. That's why I still, if you're going to do anything, give them cream and a little bit of cream and you can put some water in it and water it down to some extent, but don't give 'em fat free milk or 1%, 2% even homogenized. I'm not that big on that milk, okay? Grocery store milk I do not like. And don't put them on any plant milks. No almond milk, no oat milk, none of that. Now, if you can get coconut milk, pure, I could live with that. I can't stand plant milks. They're full of oxalates and they don't need those things, okay? I don't mean to get excited, but I do. Okay, thanks Alexandria. We appreciate it.

Linda, oh Lindas. Question for Dr. Martin, condition known as dry eye. Well, you know what? When you got dry eye, I'm going to tell you what fixes it. And I have had tremendous success over the years. I give them Navitol and high DHA. Dry eye is much more common. Look at me. Okay? I'm on a screen. I study on a screen, okay? And I'm on a screen a lot. It's just the nature of my business today, producing the Doctor Is In podcasts and whatever, okay? That gives you dry eyes. That's a big effect on dry eyes. But I'll tell you, with high DHA, thousands of patients, optometrists, have commented how good my former patient's eyes would get with DHA and Navitol, nothing like it. Nothing like it, Linda. Okay, dry eye do that.

Chaz, "just reviewing the video on B12," okay, "they spoke about the intrinsic factor. Okay, question. How does one improve on this to be able to absorb as much B12 as possible?" Very, very good question, Chaz. Look, the best way to increase intrinsic factor is to eat meat because one of the ways you lose intrinsic factor is when your pH of your stomach becomes more alkaline. You don't want that. It's not meant to be, but people that eat a lot of carbs, they have an alkaline pH in their stomach, not good. And the reason they have it is because your stomach was meant to eat meat, especially red meat. God designed you that way and people don't listen and they think vegetables are better than meat, so they eat a lot more vegetables or they eat crappy carbs and their pH in their stomach comes up. You're not a cow, you're not a rabbit. They have alkaline pH's compared to a human, okay?

But what happens that pH comes up, you're intrinsic factor is lessened. So start eating meat, eggs, meat and cheese. You'll find out your pH gets better. I call these things like American Express. Digestive enzymes. I take digestive enzymes every day because as you get older, you don't absorb as well. You just naturally don't have as much intrinsic factor, okay? So that's what you do. Probiotics help with that too. Believe it or not, probiotics help with intrinsic factor. They help with everything, okay, but at the end of the day, most people as they get older need to take a supplement, a sublingual supplement of vitamin B12. And when people don't listen to me, they do it at their own peril. I'm telling you the importance of vitamin B12. You have no idea. You know me, B12, vitamin D, B12, vitamin D, B12, vitamin D. Okay, but thanks for the question, Chaz.

Okay, Rita, I like this one. "How can we know if to join a conference you're speaking at?" Thanks Rita, that was me last week. Well, guys, I mean, they booked that for me almost a year ago. They booked me at a conference in Guelph, and really I had very little to do with it. I didn't know anything about it really much. They didn't give me a lot of information about it to register or whatever, and I had no idea. But Rita, if I'm going somewhere and I know ahead of time and people can join me, I will let you know. Okay? For example, last spring I did a seminar. I was invited to do a seminar in Fort Lauderdale and people that are on even this morning came over from the west coast of Florida from the Gulf area and came over to see us and there were several people that heard about it and that I announced it and people came to see me, and I love that. This particular conference, I really didn't know much about it and the planning of it, I just showed up to speak at it, okay? But I'll try and give you a heads up if there's anything you can do to join me, I'd love to see my folks. I mean you guys, I'd love to do a tour even on my book and Covid sort of put a kibosh to, I used to do lots and lots of live seminars, and of course we have this format, which is great. You can go all around the world on social media. Really good. Okay, thanks Rita.

Sherry, "is flax seed or fish oil a better source of omega three?" Sherry, there's no comparison. Look, the plant kingdom, seeds, nuts have omega, but they're short chained. They don't have DHA and they don't have EPA. Okay? They're short chained omega 3's. Does that make them bad for you? No, they're good for you. But the long chain, Sherry, the long chain DHA, long is much more bioavailable. It's what your brain is made up of. And where do you get DHA? Fish and steak, fish and steak. And you get EPA too. But if you follow me any length of time at all, I've been as consistent as all get out. There is nothing like DHA because I've proven it. I've it on blood tests where they do the omega levels. I've proven it to optometrists with their eyes. I've proven it to patients. Tens and tens of thousands of patients over the years take DHA. Your brain is made up of DHA.

And flax seeds, you guys know this, I love flax seeds, but not for omega three. What seed do I tell you to take? Only one because you're not a chipmunk or a squirrel, but there is a seed that I love flax seed. Why? Because of lingens and lingens block estrogen. And that's good for women and that's good for men. I love it. I even allow you to have flax seeds on the reset because of lingens. I'm a lingen's guy. Lingens block extra estrogen. And we live in an estrogen dominated world. And flax seeds are good. For the omega 3, no, no. Okay. No, I'm not big on that because they're not bioavailable enough. Your body don't sop it up like it sops up DHA and EPA. And I like DHA more than EPA. I like EPA, but I love DHA and you can't change my mind.

Oh, I didn't even finish Sherry, your second. I heard that flax is better because of the mercury in the fish. You know what? Listen. First of all, you and I don't live in a perfect world, okay? So it's a good question. I appreciate it very, very much. Don't get away from fish because of mercury in the fish. Because if you think that your seeds and nuts and your vegetables, and I hear this every day, so don't take this personally. People tell me, well, yeah, but Doc, but you got glyphosate. You think in the soil today that there's not heavy metals there? I don't care where you go, Dr. Martin, it's fully organic. Well, good for you. But it doesn't mean, it's still on this planet. It ain't perfect. It's better, but it's not perfect. And the only fish really that have the big fish like tuna would have mercury, salmon, I love salmon. It's so good for you. I love steak. Even better. It's got more DHA than fish does, okay? If you get grass fed beef, it's got more DHA than fish does. Perfection, you're going to get that in heaven. On this planet, no, not so much. Man seems to ruin things when he puts his hands to things, right? And look, I don't buy that and listen, I take fish oil every day, every day, every day I take fish oil. I want this brain to work. I want my joints to work. I take it every day. I'm consistent.

Okay, Hans, "what causes nosebleeds out of nowhere, man, in the forties?" Well, look, it could be like I've seen it where they have an allergy, they developed allergies, they don't even know it. Check that out. Make sure of, obviously one of them you really make sure you check out is that check the blood pressure. Make sure that that hasn't, you can have silent high blood pressure, silent in the sense that you don't know you have high blood pressure and that can cause nose bleeds, allergies, irritations to the nasal passages. Sometimes what happens is they get a fungus, they get a yeast developing in the sinuses and your body's trying to get rid of it. So probiotic, sniff them. Don't do drugs. But you can sniff probiotics, put probiotics in the nasal passages and see what happens. It could be a fungus in there. Okay? I'm serious though. Don't sniff drugs, but you can snip probiotics. Okay? No, they're so good for you, right?

Okay, hey, I got through those questions a lot faster than I thought. I must not have pontificated too much this morning. Okay, a couple of announcements. One, we're going to have question and answer Friday, so we'll have it Monday, today and Friday. Okay? So let's get your questions in. Thank you for your patience last week. Again, it was a little different. I had to change the times. It was just when they scheduled me to speak at the conference. So I had to do an earlier program. And guys, thank you for the feedback with Teo. We had a lot of fun on Friday at the program. Okay?

Guys, don't be shy. Ask your questions. Our staff is the best, okay? These are real people that are answering your questions and helping you out and we mean it. My office staff, the best, okay? The best. Nic, Ginette, Brandi, Chantal, the girls, fabulous people and I mean it. Okay? So if you've got any questions, send them in. If they can't answer, it comes to me. If you want any blood work, look that, send me your blood work, I'm happy to do it. I look at blood work all day long and it gives me a real good idea. Or I can give you a couple of things to watch for when you send me. Get me your B12, get me your vitamin D. If you can get vitamin D, get it done. If you have to pay for vitamin D, it's worth the investment. You should get vitamin D levels checked at least once a year. Get your B12 checked if you can, at least twice a year. And I want those critical tests. I like C R P, C-reactive protein. That inflammation marker. I like looking at ferritin. I like looking at your triglycerides. I like looking at H D L. Okay, I like those things. They tell me a lot. And so don't be shy. Send in your blood work. Okay guys, we love you dearly and we'll talk to you soon.

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