1178. The Reset Code: Rewire Your Immune Health


Dr. Martin welcomes a special guest in today’s episode. He then discusses the negative impact of sugar on the immune system, weakening the body's defense against bacteria and viruses.

Join Dr. Martin for that and more in today’s episode.


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone, and welcome to another live this morning and hope you're having a great start to your day. Hope you've had your vitamin C and we sure appreciate you guys coming on as usual. Okay, so we're not going to do today question and answer Friday. My time is limited. You wouldn't believe today, guys, as you come on here this morning, I got a very, very special guest this morning. Yeah I'm telling you, I've got a friend that I've met here at the conference and I really like this fella and his name is Teo. And Teo is a real friend. I'm going to invite him to come on the set and talk to us this morning. There he is, Teo. How are you?

Teo:  I'm great. How are you doc?

Dr. Martin:  I'm doing well.

Teo:  I tell you I'm on bread and water. I'm not on eggs, meat, cheese. This guy doesn't feed me more than bread and water.

Dr. Martin:  Is that right?

Teo:  Yeah, I, I'm okay. Yeah. You know something? I got a song from you guys.

Dr. Martin:  What?

Teo: A song. Yeah.

Dr. Martin:  You actually got a song for all of our friends?

Teo:  For everybody.

Dr. Martin:  At the Doctor Is In?

Teo:  This is a one size fits all.

Dr. Martin:  Wow.

Teo:  You won't believe it. You want me to sing it?

Dr. Martin:  Yeah for sure. As long as I don't have to sing with you.

Teo:  Oh no. Well Les helps me out a bit. You got it?

Dr. Martin:  Okay, let's go.

Teo:  Here goes... Doc Martin taught us something that all of us should know. It's all about that sugar and I've learned to hate it so. He said it, he told us to cook less carbs and on all of our plates and eat more meat and cheese of cows that sit and ruminate. So let that protein in, let your health begin. Carbs and sugar lose and protein always wins. So eat your EMC, get your meat and cheese. Open up your mouth and let the protein in.

Dr. Martin:  I love it. I'm telling you, you are unreal.

Teo:  Oh well, I try to be real sometimes. You know this character beside me? He has followed your lead. He didn't see it for a long time. Hey, look at him. He lost 50 pounds.

Dr. Martin:  Well, good for him. Good for him. Why don't you introduce your friend with you there.

Teo:  Oh, this is Les Fry.

Dr. Martin:  Les Fry, okay.

Teo:  I'm glad to meet all of you. I see you online doc and I follow you as close as I can. I wish you, I wish you'd live close by.

Dr. Martin:  Well, I'm so thrilled to have you guys be here at this conference this week. I was overwhelmed to see some of my dear friends here and friends of the podcast and we more than appreciate it and especially this guy here, Teo.

Teo:  I feel honored.

Dr. Martin:  Well, I'm telling you, you are a superstar, my friend.

Teo:  Oh my goodness. Did you hear that, Les? Yeah, I got it loud and clear.

Dr. Martin:  Okay. Well guys, we appreciate you coming on this morning and just making our day here at The Doctor Is In podcast. Teo, what do you got planned for today? Eggs, meat and cheese?

Teo:  Whatever is on the menu. What is it? Oh yeah, well, eggs, meat and cheese. Yep. All the way. You got it. Okay. Bye you guys. Nice to meet you. Have a good day. Eat your EMC.

Dr. Martin:  Well that was great. I'm telling you what fun that was and to meet, you know what guys? I really appreciate meeting some of our dear friends at this conference and it's been a lot of fun. Now I'm going to show you something here that I think we've all seen, but if not, I want to show it to you again. I'm just going to get this going. Okay? Now if you can see it, let me know. See this? You see that white blood cell, okay, you see it there and chasing the bacteria. Got it? Lemme just get a little closer, okay? I know there's a ring there. That's my light. Okay, can you see that? Everything all right there?

Okay, what did I want to show you that for is because I'm reading, and I've talked to you about this before, but if I bring that back up, I just want to show you here, if I bring that back up, I was reading an old research paper, okay? Because I've told you in the past that when you take even a teaspoon of sugar, you put that white blood cell to sleep. So you saw it chasing that bacteria around. Let me see if I can get it again. You see it chasing, but the point I want to make is there was a study actually done many years ago. I'd never really seen it this way. I've seen the one in a half hour that'll put that white blood cell to sleep. But the other thing is that if you drink a can of soda or a pop drink, just one bottle of it or a can of it, you'll put that white blood cell to sleep. You'll put white blood cells to sleep for five hours. Isn't that incredible?

The importance of cutting back on sugar, I can't emphasize it enough. Once you do the reset in 30 days, one thing you're going to be doing besides a lot of other things that really help inside your body, one of the things that we don't talk about as much maybe as we should, is the importance of you are really helping to reboot your immune system. In 30 days you're going to. You'll do it in less than that probably about 21 days. But because you're not consuming sugar, okay, because you're not consuming sugar, you are improving your immune system. Now, we all know that you need vitamin D for your immune system. Your white blood cells, the ones we were just looking at, they have antennas looking for sun, they're looking for vitamin D and they get supercharged with vitamin D. So remember that. Vitamin D is really important.

So what I'm saying is when you're doing the reset part of it, and I mentioned this in our book, Sun, Steak and Steel, I mentioned it, that what happens, one of the things that happens is you reboot your immune system. Now isn't that important? Think about it. A good time to do the reset, by the way is to start anytime now you know why? Because the flu season is coming to a theater near you. It is just what it is. You don't get the flu generally in the summer. You get it in the winter and the bug goes around, but I'm not so concerned about the bug. I don't know about you, but I'm not concerned about the bug. The bug doesn't bug me. The virus doesn't bug me. What bugs me is how little we talk about the immune system and the importance of you getting your immune system right up to snuff.

And when you cut out sugar, your white blood cells can do their job. Sugars, they take the life out of your immune system. It's as simple as that, and you never hear that. So if you do nothing else, but get your vitamin D levels up. If you don't take vitamin D because you're out in the sun a fair amount in the summer, okay, but I can tell you something, you need to be taking vitamin D now. Vitamin D and cut out the sugar. What a combination that is. It is so good for you and again, you get a lot of other advantages. You're going to lower your insulin resistance, you lower all markers of inflammation. Your C R P goes down your C-reactive protein, and that's an important thing too because even inflammation can slow down your immune response. Your body is tricked into dealing with inflammation. It gets sidetracked rather than dealing with a virus or a bacteria.

So guys, this is really, really important that you look at that. This is the time of the year. This is the time of the year. I like taking vitamin D all the time, but I really ramp it up right now for me. Me personally, I'm up to about eight to 10,000 I use right now for me, okay? I can't tell anybody how much vitamin D they should take, but this is what I do. Tony Jr. and I often compare notes. He's so big on vitamin D. I mean if you think I'm big on vitamin D, you talk to my son, I mean he is just so focused on getting his vitamin D levels up in his blood. Incredible.

And when we think of immune system too, let me just say this. You guys know this, but when we think of immune system, we think of viruses, bacteria, fungi. But the other thing is cancer cells. Maybe it'll never happen and it probably won't happen in my lifetime, but every oncologist, every oncologist ought to have in their tool bag, vitamin D. If they just get vitamin D up to a certain number. Now you and I are into prevention of cancer, right? You and I are into prevention of it. We try and minimize our risk of cancer, right? And remember, you could be watching this morning and you have cancer cells in your body, but remember, one, they need fuel. And two, you have an immune system. Your immune system is meant not only to fight bacteria, viruses, fungus, yeast, but your immune system when it's highly tuned, will go after cancer cells.

So don't feed cancer and make sure your immune system is up to snuff. It cannot be up to snuff without the proper amounts of vitamin D. As we get older, your vitamin D goes down. One of the things, and I'll bring this to you next week, is I just read a study on the absorption of vitamin D. If people that do get a fair amount of sun and their vitamin D levels are still low, there's a connection between being dehydrated and low vitamin D. Whole new study on that and I'll talk to you about that next week. Okay? So it's really, really important. Wasn't that fun today with Teo? I just couldn't get over that and Les being on with us this morning.

Okay guys, we love you dearly and we'll talk to you soon. We're going to be back at the normal times, God willing, on Monday and the rest of the week. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for coming on with me. We're going to do question and answer Monday. All those questions come in. I just didn't have time today. Thank you guys. We love you so much. I mean that and thank you for the people that just showed up and were able to just introduce themselves. It's just people we see on our list and some of them of course, they don't even tell us that they're watching. Like we got one and a half million downloads now on The Doctor Is In podcast, over a million and a half. And we thank you for that. Okay, we'll talk to you soon.

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