1147. Autism Uncovered: New Discoveries, Fresh Perspectives


Dr. Martin shares an incredible study that’s linking autism to the microbiome. Researchers analyzed the microbiome of kids with autism and discovered they have no bifidobacterium or very little of it. This likely lead to leaky gut.

Dr. Martin has been consistent in saying that leaky gut leads to autoimmune and can cause autism in kids. This study just emphasizes the importance of looking at the gut as a potential cause of autism.


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Dr. Martin:  Well, how you guys doing? Welcome to another live this morning. Hope you're having a great start to your day and we sure appreciate everyone that comes on and watches us live and listens to our podcast, our wonderful, wonderful audience, the best in the world. Okay, guys, study came out. It's incredible. Really is incredible. And they've linked autism to the microbiome. They've linked autism to the microbiome. When they look at an autistic child, that's why, guys, I've always said it's autoimmune. I have been consistent. Look to the gut of these children.

Again, I know I went to school in the days of Noah, but there was no such thing as autism. Nah, there was probably, but it was so rare. Nobody ever talked about it. It wasn't in my medical books. And I told you the story, 19, maybe 79 or whatever, a colleague of mine told me about his two sons being autistic. And I, what are you talking about? And he had to explain it to me. And I was in shock. I'd never heard of it. And I'm not kidding you, about 1979. Here we are today, and autism is what? One out of 20, 1 out of 30 kids born. It has been an unmitigated disaster. Disaster.

And now that we've been talking about it for the last 30 years or 25 years or whatever, they never, ever talk about what might cause it. They said, well, one thing for sure, it's not vaccines. One thing for sure, and you can't even talk about it in terms of vaccination, but I'm going to tell you what I've always said. I've always said this, leaky gut, leaky brain, and these kids are canaries in the coal mine. And I'm going to talk to you this morning about this study and my personal research. I saw, I'm going to say probably in my practice, well over 500 for sure, over the years, autistic kids, parents coming to me with their children. And here's what I discovered consistent. I used to tell parents, look at, this is one, the child is the canary in the coal mine with a very fragile system and second perfect storm of things that affected this child.

It's a scourge in our society today. It's a scourge and typical, typical of the government all over the place. North America, typical, and the pharmaceuticals and whatever, they never look inward. They never look at themselves and say, I wonder if we could have been part of the problem. Okay? And they talked about genetics and they talk about, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah. It ain't genetics my friend. Why today that we went in the 1970s, I mean almost zero cases to what we're seeing today. What we're seeing today, and this study is saying there is a huge connection to the microbiome because what they did in this study is they took these kids with autism and they analyzed, which you can do today. They analyzed their microbiome, they analyze the bacteria in the gut of these kids, good bacteria, bad bacteria, and ugly. They checked it. Okay?

Now this study says one of the biggest differences in autistic children, they have no bifidobacterium or very little, they just don't have any. And when they looked at it, and I'm going to show you again, you know me in illustrations, I'm going to show you again what they see. Okay? Now they go microscopic, but here's what they see in autoimmune. Now let me show you illustration for those listening on a podcast. I'm showing you a piece of a shag carpet. See it. Okay? So use your imagination if you can't see it. Here's a little chunk square of shag carpet. We don't use shag carpets anymore, but for the sake of an illustration, this is a cross section of what your small intestine should look like, like a shag carpet. And these little shags are called villi.

And underneath this villi, I mean there's gazillions of bacteria in here, okay? When you have a healthy microbiome, you've got a lining between the villi. It's a barrier between your villi in your small intestine and your blood, okay? And the shag carpet is like a healthy small intestine. The villi are there. You've got lots of bacteria and your good guys are beating your bad guys, or at least keeping them at bay. That's what they show. We know so much more about the microbiome, but I'm going to tell you something. I've been talking about the microbiome for 40 years. It's not new to me. My practice would look at blood and look, live blood is not everything. So if you ever go and get live blood done run, if they tell you they can see a thousand things in there, you can't. It's not meant for that.

I used to teach the course on live blood analysis, and you're looking for a few things, not a million things. It's a tool. I like it. I think every physician should have a microscope in their office. They should. And have a quick look at your blood. It tells you stuff. And we used to get a light show in my office because I often would see live the white blood cells running around. I used to look at red blood cells. I could count quickly. I looked at the shape of them. I looked and seen if there was any gunk in the blood. When you are fasting, blood should be sterile, clean, a clean mean fighting machine. That's your blood, a little drop of blood. You can Google it if you want, and look at live blood. Just look and see.

But anyway, like I said, sometimes practitioners, they go overboard and they see everything in there. It's not meant for that. That's why I love traditional blood test. You guys know that. I talk about them all the time. Get your B 12 done. Get your vitamin D done. Get your lipids done. I want to know what your triglycerides are. I want to know your H D L. I want to know your C R P. I want to know your ferritin. I want to know those things. Those are in traditional blood tests, and they're very, very important. I would say to you, probably more important than a live blood. I'm still holding up the shag carpet, okay? So this my friend is a healthy small intestine. Lots of villi, lots of shag carpet, lots of good friendly bacteria. And that's healthy.

When they analyzed the microbiome and the villi of these children with autism, you know what they found? Now I flip that carpet and you see the backside of this carpet and it's got no villi or one or two. It's autoimmune. The carpet got carpet bombed. I'll tell you more than anything else, what changes this shaggy to this, the backside with hardly any villi. And you now have what we call leaky gut. Why? Because the bacteria here, you're lining between the gut and the blood got compromised. You have an invasion of yeast. Yeast is an invading army. It's a Trojan horse that gets into the blood. It's a carrier of toxins including heavy metal. That's what yeast does. Yeast should never get into your blood ever.

But today, the number one, cause they're not saying it in the study because all they're saying is what I've been saying. They're saying that the microbiome is compromised, no exceptions. And in autism, I can tell you they have never looked at the gut. They look at the brain, but they don't look at the gut. And what got into the brain came from that gut. And I had been consistent about that. And one of the scourges. Look, if I offend people, somebody asked yesterday, I can't remember who it was. On our private Facebook, they said, "is Dr. Martin, all right? He seems intense." I died when I read that. Okay? Thank you for being a good friend to this show. Okay? And you worried about me that Dr. Martin, he is so intense. He's more intense than he ever used to be. Yeah, did you ever hear me on my radio show? I thought I was pretty intense in those days too. Very opinionated. But yeah, I'm all right. Okay. I can't remember who asked yesterday. I'm good, honest. Okay?

But guys, for 40 years I've been talking about the gut. The number one reason. And these kids are the canaries in the coal mine that they get affected. I'm going to tell you is antibiotics, number one cause. They're wonderful. Antibiotics will save your life, but you get a kid through the placenta and even maybe in their first year of life or two, and their bacteria, they're good guys, especially the bifida gets wiped out. Now you have leaky gut. They can have leaky gut right in the placenta, mummies on antibiotics, even a year before her pregnancy wipes out her bacteria, she didn't know. No one told her. No one when she got that prescription and no one told her to take probiotics, otherwise she would've.

And you know what I think about that? You know how I'm mad at pharmacists over that, and I'm mad at physicians over that. They don't read. They don't keep up. It's malpractice to give out an antibiotic in the hospitals. They should be mouth open and pour those friendly bacteria, pour the probiotic. The first thing they should do when you get into the hospital is give you a probiotic and give you a mountain of it. The most dangerous place to go in the world is not Afghanistan. It's your local hospital. They've got c difficile and you name the bacteria there. Well, why? Well, they use antibiotics. They have to, I get it. But they over clean. There's no friendly bacteria there. And then you get people compromised. Yeah, your immune system's down. You're going to the hospital. They can't think past their noses. It bothers me. So the bifidum is wiped out. It's wiped out. They're starting to talk about the real problem, okay? The real problem.

So here's the perfect storm. I used to tell parents this. Here's the perfect storm. Antibiotics, baby, or you mom. And what did you know? You had an infection, you had a bladder infection, you had this infection or whatever, and you took antibiotics. Of course, don't call me if you have a raging infection. You need an antibiotic. The double-edged sword, they save your life, but kill you. You guys know I'm just preaching to the choir. Now. One, I'm telling you antibiotics and it's incredible. The greatest discovery of the 20th century, and what do I say, the curse of the 21st. Okay? And then mummy sugar feeds the yeast. They're pregnant and they're consuming sugar. And we talked yesterday about high fructose corn syrup, and they consume that sugar. They're feeding the bears. The yeast is overgrowing, even in the placenta. Baby's exposed. And again, you get a lot of babies. They got yeast and they don't get autism. But like I say, it's a perfect storm. It's a perfect storm.

And then one of the factors, and this comes back to the microbiome again, the C-sections. C-sections. And guys, this is a fact. Even the obstetricians, the College of Obstetricians have told their members, both in Canada and the United States to cut back on C-sections. They're doing too many of them. And it's surgery. There's side effects. It's not the best. Man thinks they know more than God. God wants that baby to go through the birth canal. Why? To pick up bacteria, mommy's bacteria. Look again, C-sections can save mommy's life and the baby's. Am I against all C-sections? Of course I'm not. Don't misquote me, but what they got to do, what they should be doing, and maybe some places do it. Take mommy's mucus and put it all over the baby's face. If they're not going down the birth canal, that is key because it's bacteria.

Here's what I saw, and even research is proving it. In the perfect storm, antibiotics, usually bad diet, way too much sugar and C-section. Not always, but it's very common, C-section, and can be a perfect storm for the baby. Guys, don't misquote me, please. Okay. You know me, I don't talk about vaccines, and the reason is they don't want me talking about them or I'm going to lose my program, but I'm just saying that when they look at it, okay, the perfect storm, I mean, when I was a kid, people got two vaccines, now they get 70. Kids get 70. And I'm not saying anything, I'm just telling you what the facts are. Okay? So isn't it interesting that when they look at the microbiome guys of these babies. They're seeing a huge compromise in the carpet. Autoimmune is carpet bombing. Okay? Any autoimmune from Parkinson's, MS, psoriasis, eczema, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's, you don't necessarily have to have digestive issues. Okay?

You know what SIFO is? It's not SIBO, it's SIFO, small intestine fungal overgrowth. Yeah, there's bacteria there. Ladies, you get a bladder infection, you got a bacteria there. If you get a recurring bladder infection, you have a fungal infection. Bacteria is there. Oh, they take a urine sample and here's some doctors. You take a urine sample and they see bacteria in the urine and they give a person an antibiotic that gives me a headache. They should be given a probiotic. And I'm just going to say it. If you don't take a probiotic, you are making a big mistake. I don't care who you are. If you don't take a probiotic, you are making a big mistake and you can't do it with yogurt. Okay? You can't. Yeah, maybe I'm a little uptight because in Canada, they want to stop us from taking a supplement of probiotics. It's coming. I can't get over it. Yeah, I guess I maybe I'm uptight. I never thought of it. Okay. They want to stop us. Everything is pharmaceutical. Wow.

Okay, did I have anything more to say about autism? Sugar, talked about the perfect storm, what happens. The study is in incredible. Will it be buried? Yeah, probably. Okay. I thank God for my little service that shows me every study and I flagged this one. Okay, guys, have I told you that I love you lately? No? Hey guys, what's tomorrow? Question and answer Friday. Tomorrow I promise I won't get uptight. Okay. I promise I won't get excited. Yes, I will. I probably will. Okay and guys, I'm all right. Okay. I thank you for caring for me. I do. I was sort of chuckling yesterday when I saw that because I chuckled in a way, and I said, man, my audience, they are unbelievable that they care for Dr. Martin. Okay, guys, talk to you soon.

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