1145. Prime Cut Wisdom: How Steak Nourishes Every Organ


You must already know how much Dr. Martin likes vitamin S, steak. There’s no food in the world that is better for your organs than steak. In fact, every organ in your body benefits from red meat. 

Dr. Martin says certain nutrients in steak are especially beneficial for the brain, liver, immune system, and heart, and are only found in the animal kingdom. He calls them the four C’s.

Join Dr. Martin as he goes into detail as to why no food on earth compares to red meat!


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone, and once again, welcome to another live this morning. Hope you're having a wonderful start to your day. Okay, let's get going. I want to talk. Every organ in your body this morning, every organ in your body needs steak. Now they need sun. We all know about vitamin D. Okay? We all know about vitamin D, but every organ in your body needs steak. And I want to tell you why, okay? I want to tell you why.

No food in the world is better for the organs I'm going to talk about today than steak. Now, you want to substitute steak and put liver there, you have my permission, okay? But I never talk about liver except your liver, not the food liver. I like steak better, okay? Simple as that, but I mean it guys. I'm going to give you some nutrients that are found in the animal kingdom, and found especially in steak. And I want to tell you, every organ in your body will benefit from it. The best food by far is red meat. By far. There's nothing that compares to it. And again, we're going to go into a little bit of detail today, okay?

Now, if you are a bodybuilder or know someone that is, one thing that they like to use is creatine. So you'll see creatine powders, creatine supplements. Am I against that? No, not really, but I always tell people, well, I know, but you could eat steak. You want to get strong muscles. Creatine, creatine's good, but it's found in vitamin S. It's found in vitamin S. The other thing about creatine that I like, okay, so I'm going to talk to you about those Cs this morning and a few other things, okay? Creatine is good for muscle and muscle building and your memory, creatine is good for your memory, but you don't hear me talking about that that much because I'm not talking about it as a supplement. It's not in my fav five, if you know what I mean by that.

I was showing people the other day, okay? Just to give you an illustration of why I like certain supplements. I was showing someone the other day, and you might have seen this on Facebook or whatever, one capsule, a 50 billion probiotics, broad spectrum. I don't care how much yogurt you eat, you'll get some acidophilus. And yogurt is good as long as no sugar added to it. I don't mind yogurt. I mean it, okay? People like yogurt. Yeah, it's all right, but it ain't what it's supposed to be, okay? In a sense that it's dairy. Do I like dairy? I love dairy. Don't ditch it, switch it. So as long as you're eating like a Greek plain yogurt full of fat, not factory, that's what they do. That's what the geniuses in the food industry do. They take fat out of food because they think fat makes you fat, and they got the population absolutely hoodwink on that.

The best combination in food is fat and protein, not fat and carbs, but fat and protein. Your body loves that. Okay? So what I was saying is you take one capsule of probiotic, one capsule of our probiotic, you have to eat 16,000 4-ounce yogurts to get the 50 billion bacteria, and you won't get broad spectrum. Even if you met eight to 16,000, you're not going to get the broad spectrum of probiotics. I've always talked about that. It's important to replace all those bacterial strains, and I'm big on that, but you don't hear me talking like, oh, you should take a supplement of creatine. I mean, you could, but I always tell people, well, look, the things that you can eat that gives you creatine, eat it. Rather than take a supplement of it, eat steak, you get creatine, good for the brain and good for muscles, get strong. So creatine I like, but it's in vitamin S, okay?

Now let's get to the brain again, another C, what's it called? Choline. Whenever you think of choline, think of brain. Memory, neurological synapses and neuro regeneration. Choline. Where do you get choline? Steak, you get it in eggs too. I love eggs. But guys, any Lindas out there? Listen, choline and creatine are not found in the plant kingdom. They're not. So if you know any vegetarian or any vegan, would you please at least convince them there, okay, you don't want to eat steak, I feel sorry for you. Now, a vegetarian might have some eggs and they'd get some choline and a touch of creatine, but they're not going to get the amount that they need. Brain needs creatine and choline, okay? And choline is a precursor in the brain to acetylcholine your messengers in your brain. They bring messages.

I always talk about, especially when you get to the hippocampus, okay, the hippocampus. There's three things in the hippocampus. I think I brought this to you in the past, I am sure I did. But when it comes to your hippocampus. Campus, memory, you guys know that. That center of your brain, there's three, I don't want to say compartments, but you have a librarian in your hippocampus that sorts your memories, okay? You have a librarian, you have a safety deposit box number two, where your memories are stored, okay? So you have a librarian, it sorts through your memories, okay? And you have a safety deposit box stores your memories, and you have a GPS in your hippocampus. You need that GPS to navigate and strategize in your brain where to go to next. So those three factors, those three, I don't know if I want to say compartments within the compartment of your hippocampus, those three functions, they need creatine and they need choline.

So guys, when I write a book, Sun, Steak and Steel, it doesn't surprise you guys. If you listen to me, you know what I think of vitamin S. But guys, when I think of every organ in your body, I mean it. It's a vitamin and you need to eat it. Vitamin steak, vitamin S contains creatine and choline. Okay? So we talked about your memory in the hippocampus, the brain itself. And let me just say this. I think in my opinion, one of the reasons, not the only reason, but one of the reasons we see so much degenerative diseases, I mean leaky gut for sure, absolutely. Leaky gut, leaky brain, fungus gets into the brain, but I think people are overfed and undernourished. People today are overfed and undernourished. Today, the fuel of choice is glucose. It's the food of choice. It's the source of fuel for 93% of the population. It's their fuel of choice and glucose. Remember now, okay, I like this illustration. I need illustrations for my brain to work properly.

Your brain is swimming in an ocean of fuel that it can't use properly. So think of a swimmer, a swimmer in the ocean. Holy moly, I'm surrounded by water, but you can't drink it. It's sea water, it's salt water, and I like salt water. Okay? A little bit of salt in your water. I like that. But the concentration in the ocean, you can't drink that. You can't drink it. Do you know what I'm getting at? Okay, so we want a better brain vitamin S. Let's talk about your liver, okay? The negative part is when you are a carboholic, you fill your liver up, and I'm going to do a little teaching maybe this week even on fructose. I have to because I talked to you yesterday just for a second. One third of Indians from India have fatty liver. It's incredible. And I want to talk to you why that's happening and why it's happening in North America. Why do we have so much fatty liver?

And again, if you go back to my schooling days in the seventies, fatty liver, what the heck is that? We didn't know the fatty liver. We know what cirrhosis of the liver was, and that was always due to alcohol. Now we have the new cirrhosis, it's called fatty liver. We switched the sugar and we brought in, as I mentioned in the book, the metabolic reset. I mentioned it again in my new book, Sun, Steak and Steel. We switched sugars. We went from glucose to high fructose corn syrup. It has in Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola. They switched in 1984, I think, and disaster for the liver, disaster. That's why we need vitamin S, because when you have L carnitine, another C, you know what L-carnitine does? L-carnitine in combination with choline will clean your liver. Your liver function will improve with vitamin S. Where do you find carnitine? Only in the animal kingdom. Only in the animal kingdom, my friend.

I know people don't like to hear that. They don't like to hear it. It doesn't suit their narrative. But if you want a healthy liver, you better get a good dose of carnitine and choline, because remember, the only thing that will fill the Costco parking lot, your liver is crappy carbohydrates. You'll fill that thing like there's no tomorrow. Your body has to find a place to store glucose and turn it into fat in the liver, and fructose is the worst. And we'll do a teaching on that. You need those Cs guys. You need those amino acids and they're found in vitamin S. You want a healthy brain, you want a help one compartment in your brain, especially your hippocampus, ahuh your liver, okay, you know me, what happens in the liver? Don't stick your liver's not Las Vegas. And the more now that we study liver, the more we see this scourge in our society induced by insulin and insulin resistance, it's a scourge.

And the answer guys is right in front of us, but it's not popular. And I tell you, I don't think it'll ever be popular because it doesn't fit the narrative of the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry who are in cahoots together. It's almost like they want us to be sick. I don't know their motives for that. I wouldn't say they want us to be sick. I don't think a scientist at Pfizer or whatever goes home at night and says, I sure hope I made people sicker today. I don't think that, I just think they've been duped. The pharmaceutical industry, you know my saying, if you don't, you're going to hear it again and again and again. The pharmaceutical industry, God bless them, know nothing about food, nothing, okay? They don't. And the food industry don't care about your health. They don't. And you put that combination together and you have disaster.

The pharmaceutical industry doesn't know anything about food and coming to a theater near you in Canada, it already happened in New Zealand. The pharmaceutical industry is so powerful now they want to control supplements, and they passed legislation in New Zealand and they actually passed the legislation in Canada already. Now, is there going to be any turning that back? I don't know, but I'm watching them do it and it's coming. Yeah, they say Health Canada, but who runs Health Canada? Who finances them? The pharmaceutical industry. So here's what they'll say about a supplement, by the way. Just if you're wondering, okay, here's what they'll say about a supplement. Here's what Health Canada will say about a supplement.

Well, it doesn't have the research. It doesn't have research of the of the standard that we want. Who's got that kind of money to do the research that pharmaceutical industry does? You can't do that. You can't patent it. So if you can't patent it, how are you going to spend millions of dollars to do the research that they want? Not that there's no research done on supplements. Of course there is. There's lots of research, but it's never to the standard of like, that's what happened in New Zealand, their health, New Zealand. They said, well, we have to control the supplements because they got no research that is satisfying to us. Guys, I got over, I used to say 150 papers studies on vitamin D. I have at least by now, over 200, probably more than that. Every day there's a new study on vitamin D and its effectiveness. Every day, every day, every day. I mean it.

And those studies will never meet the standards of Health Canada or the F D A. The F D A. And I know this for a fact. I've been around a long time. Folks, the F D A will never approve. And if you sell supplements in the United States, I'll just give you an example of the United States, you will never get the approval of the F D A never. Now, they allow the sale of them, but they do not approve of them. And you have to tell them that you have to tell the world that this statement is not approved by the F D A. And in Canada, this statement like on vitamin D, is vitamin D good for your immune system? If you said that in a commercial, for example, you would have to put this statement is not approved by the F D A or Health Canada. It never will be unless that industry is taken over by the pharmaceutical industry and you're going to need a prescription to get a supplement. My word, I never thought in my lifetime I would ever see the day. But we're here. We're here.

Oh, okay. Healthy liver. What do you need? Carnitine and choline. Healthy brain, creatine, choline, choline's good isn't it? For a lot of things. Okay, a better immune system. What do you need? Vitamin A, zinc and taurine. So we'll get away from the Cs for a minute. L taurine. I really like L taurine. You get it in steak. Where do you get zinc higher than anywhere else? Steak. You get zinc in eggs too. You get zinc in eggs, meat and cheese. But the biggest one is in steak and taurine, steak put the combination together. You guys know this. I rarely ever gave as a supplement zinc. Not that I didn't, I said I rarely gave it, okay? Because I used to tell people in my office, doc, what about zinc? Somebody asked me the other day, how do I get zinc? Well, eat steak. Eat steak. You want a better immune system? Of course you need vitamin D too. Two, not D2, D3, but you need vitamin D. Not even talking about that, right?

Vitamin A, the Rodney Dangerfield of vitamins. It don't get no respect. People don't think of vitamin A. If you lived in the third world, you sure would. But today we see an enormous deficiency of vitamin A. I look at people's skin, sure, I look at the gut because I know leaky gut, leaky skin, but you see skin, bad skin. I always tell people, you know what? You're not eating enough steak. If you want better skin, lay off the stinking carbs and eat steak because you'll get vitamin A and vitamin A is very good for your skin. Somebody said, I like that pro retinol A. Yeah, I like steak too, but acne and recurring, just bad skin. I was talking to you yesterday about Hollywood, and you see actresses, mostly women with hormonal issues and they got bad skin and they covered up in a movie or whatever, but you can see the, and I always say, man, those people are not eating enough steak. They bought the lie of vegetarianism and veganism. The worst is Hollywood for that healthy immune system.

Well, I could add better skin too with, I'll give you another C, carnosine. Okay, so we talked about creatine, we talked about choline, and there's another one, carnosine and carnosine is really, really good for skin. The health of your skin. Where's it found? Steak. Okay, doc, I want to burn fat better. Carnitine. Carnitine is a fat burn. Steak is a fat burn. It's got lots of carnitine in it. See what I'm getting at, guys? Put out a steak and look at all the amino acids, look at all the vitamins and look at all the minerals, and then bring me another food and compare it. Pick a food that you think is the best. Well, red meat gives you cancer. Red meat makes you a acidic. Steak is terrible. Who said that? They. I said, who's they? Google.

Every doctor that I know who studied nutrition for about five minutes in medical school. Just look at all the vitamins. Everybody would agree on that. All you have to do is take nutrition 1 0 1, put out a steak and say what's in that. And you get all the Cs, you get all your B vitamins, all of them, including one that you can't get anywhere else. B12, I didn't even talk to you today about that. B 12 isn't found anywhere else. I'm sorry. You can't live on B 12 in the plant kingdom. A mouse couldn't live on B 12 from the plant kingdom. There's not enough of it. And we got a whole generation today. It's getting worse and worse, and they're avoiding red meat and there's consumption of red meat. Of course, you've got to mortgage your house to get a steak. You think that's not done on purpose? Guys, you got to make an investment though. I tell people, you know what? Good health, it shouldn't be, but it's costly. It shouldn't be like that.

What are we paying for butter today? And eggs. But you got to make an investment, guys. I'm sorry. I hate to tell you, but they're trying to get rid of farmers for heaven's sakes. Oh, I get upset. I watch the world changing right in front of me and it bothers me. And some days more than others, some days more than others. I get too uptight. I start talking about foods. Do you want a better heart? Yeah, doc, I think I need a good heart. Yeah, I think you do too. Well, you need all those Cs, and I'll give you another C that your body makes in the presence of steak. It's called coQ10. Your little battery packs in your heart. Your body makes coQ10, but not if you don't eat steak. You're not going to make very much. Carnitine, carnazine, creatine, choline.

That is nutrition 1 0 1. And that's why if you do it and you don't have any bias, you just open up a textbook that has no bias to it and read where all your amino acids are, your essential amino acids and your vitamins and your minerals, and you look at food and steak will come out on top from your head to your toes. Benefits, it comes up on top. If you're not biased and you're honest to the science, look at vitamins. Okay, I need vitamins, right? Everybody agrees we need vitamins. Okay, where are they found the most? Oh, steak. Yeah. Eggs. Yep. Cheese. Yep. Butter. Yep, yep, yep, yep. Does that mean you can't eat any plants? No. I didn't say you couldn't eat any plants. For 30 days I don't want you to do it because I'm trying to get your insulin down, but you can have some plants. I got no problem with that. You want to have God's candies. Don't eat too many fruit, but you can have some. I like berries. I like vegetables. I do. Yeah, don't live on them.

I'm sorry if that hurts somebody's feelings, but that's the truth. You just don't get what you need from the plant kingdom, and especially the manmade kingdom of vegetable oil foods, the crappy carbs in the middle aisles of your grocery store. At least stay where the produce is. Stay away from those crappy cereals, crappy snacks, crappy dinner, crappy, crappy everything in the middle aisles of your grocery store if it's got a barcode run. I like that. I like that. I just came up with that. If it's got a barcode run, I like that. Okay, guys, I didn't even hit your thyroid. Maybe I'll do that. I'll do it tomorrow.

Guys, I love you sincerely and dearly, and thanks for putting up with my shenanigans. I appreciate it. I'm going to start breathing, I promise soon as I get off this program, I don't want to burst no blood vessels. Oh, I get so uptight when I watch the world go crazy. I get uptight. I get to my cortisol going, oh, okay. I'm going to breathe. I promise. Love you guys.

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