1133. Biological Time Warp: Young at Heart, Old in Cells


Continuing from yesterday’s episode, Dr. Martin looks at how young people are young chronologically, but they're becoming old biologically.

A lot of diseases that were considered predominantly “old man” diseases are now showing up in young people. As talked about in the last episode, kidney stones and kidney disease are showing up in far younger people than ever before.

Join Dr. Martin as he sheds more light on what’s happening to cause such rapid biological aging in our young people.


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone, and once again, welcome to another live. Good to be with you this morning and we really appreciate you guys coming on with us on a daily basis. It makes it much more fun when I know I'm not talking to myself. Okay, let's get going. We're doing part two. What did we talk about yesterday? The young have become old. They're young, okay? They're young chronologically, but they're old biologically. And we talked about that yesterday and we really zeroed in on kidneys, how young people are getting kidney disease, getting kidney stones. And when that happens, I'm a why guy. So to recap yesterday, why? And we went into the number one cause happens to be food and how biologically that ages and now we have these diseases that used to be, frankly, diseases of old men in a lot of ways, okay?

Guys, let me tell you something, okay? Just because I'm going to bring this up. Old white men, okay? Somebody said that to me yesterday. Well, that's diseases of old white men. Yeah, kidneys don't used to be okay. Not anymore. But when I was in school, in the days of Noah, when I was in school, women and heart attacks was unheard of. Unheard of. I mean it. You look at any medical textbook that came out of the 1960s and the 1970s, they would say this. Heart disease for women is extremely rare. It's an old man's disease, heart disease, not anymore. Why?

Now, young people are becoming old biologically quickly. And yesterday we talked about skyrocketing kidney stones and skyrocketing kidney disease in young people. That's scary. That's scary. And young people, and increase in strokes in their twenties. Again, guys, if you would take out any kind of medical literature even. Unheard of a stroke in young people, increase in heart disease in young women. And now heart disease in women was a postmenopausal thing, okay? Postmenopausal then women became more susceptible to heart disease. But not our children, but that's all changed now. We're paying the price for our bad habits. We're paying the price of our bad habits.

So, I'm reading an article here that talks about all these things, and I think I have eight or nine things that have all gotten worse in the last 20 or 30 years. All of them have gotten worse. Okay? So skyrocketing kidney disease, young people with an increase in strokes, young women with an increase in heart attacks, young women, unheard of. Cancer rates, colorectal cancer in young people, unheard of in my day. Okay? It's not my day anymore, okay? You know what I'm saying? It's not good guys. It's not good. Skyrocketing. This is what they're saying. Skyrocketing colorectal cancer rates.

Guys, just by the way, if you talked to almost any physician, okay, just to show you their training. God bless them, but just to show you their training. If you ask 95% of physicians why there would be such a skyrocketing in colorectal cancer, I'm going to tell you what the answer is. We're eating too much red meat. I'm not kidding. You can Google that if you want, but guys, that's not the answer because the rate of red meat, the eating of red meat has gone down big time. It's down 300% in the last 30 years. People have got the memo about red meat and it's too bad because it's not true. And you would think if the consumption of red meat brought colorectal cancer rates down. No, no. As the consumption of red meat went downwards, the increase in colorectal cancer went upwards. Guys, that's a fact. That's a fact. There's a war on red meat, big time. Cows, too bad and people buy it.

If you went again, just go out to the general population and do a survey, what's better for you? A steak or broccoli? Okay, let's take the best of red meat and take the best of vegetables. I did this by the way, on my radio show years ago. I said, we're going to do a survey this morning. I said, what do you think is the healthiest vegetable that you know? And the answer is, and they didn't even have to use a lifeline or call a friend. You know what they answer was broccoli by far. Beat carrots and beat whatever else was in the top five, but it wasn't even close. Broccoli won. Okay? I asked them, where would you put a piece of steak there? Red meat right at the bottom, because it'll elevate your cholesterol, steak. Red meat is acidic. Gee, you don't know anything about pH.

I was talking about my audience at the time and I said, you learn that steak is acidic. I said, that's not true. It's not true at all. But you see in their minds, in people's minds, and I don't blame the people, I don't blame people, but in their minds, they've been taught for years and years and years and years that vegetables and fruit are better for you than meat is. And you should see the young generation, they're indoctrinated. You go to school and they pump it. Guys, it's a religion. I hate to tell you it's a religion, but let me bring this forward a little bit. And I called it yesterday, duping, when you don't know the facts, it's just propaganda. When you don't understand nutrition, and guys, you know me, I'm going to tell you, you guys know I am reinforcing what you see in your own families, what you see in young people, what you see. I'm just reinforcing it guys because I know you know better.

But we're in a minority. Don't, don't ever kid yourself. We're in a minority, but that doesn't mean we're not right. But as the propaganda takes hold and the consumption of red meat went downward, downward, downward, downward, guys, you got to replace that. I used to tell this to my young patients. I said, okay, you're not going to eat red meat. I heard it more than once, but I can still picture it in my mind. A young lady said to me in my office, "doc, I don't eat anything with eyeballs." If they have eyeballs, I don't eat it. I'd laugh if it wasn't so sad. If it wasn't so sad. I said, you mean you don't even eat fish? Nope. They got eyeballs. Yikes.

And listen, if someone took the time and the energy to come and see me, I treated them with great respect. I really did because I love people and I particularly love my patients. I did. And so I said, can I change your mind in a very respectful way? Can I change your mind? Wasn't easy. Some I did. I said, you are on the broad road that leads to destruction. Your thinking will make you sick because you are devoid of certain vitamins, certain amino acids. You are not getting a complete nutrition profile. You're just not, not consuming it. So I said, if you insist, you must the rest of your life as long as you do it, you must replace vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and bioavailable protein that you're not going to get with your diet. I said, that's just science and true science. And you have to understand that.

So what am I saying here, guys? At the end of the day, the duping of North Americans especially, okay, has led to disaster. Kidney disease, unheard of unless you got old. Heart disease, unheard of in young people. Women getting heart attacks and strokes, unheard of in young women, premenopausal unheard of. Guys, I've been around a long time. Unheard of. Colorectal cancer was a cancer of old white men. Almost invariably it was. And here we are today. It is skyrocketing. You know what? The world, they don't even ask why. They don't even ask why. Because it goes against their agenda. It goes against the narrative. And listen to what I say that's involved in this narrative too. Big pharma and big food, and they buy and pay for politicians of all stripes and the media, both social media and mainstream media bought and paid for.

And you and I are John the Baptist in the wilderness. Repent. We're John the Baptist in the wilderness. I understand that it was easier in the 1980s to convince people to eat more protein, to eat more steak, and that broccoli wouldn't cut it. But today, very difficult. And again, I tell you with certainty about this, that most of my colleagues who have the same qualifications I have, they bought it too. They bought it. I said, yeah, they taught us that, but that doesn't make it right. They taught us about cholesterol too. Don't you remember? I said, do you believe that? Oh no, I don't believe that about cholesterol. I said, well, what about B12? What about B12? Where can you find B12? Red meat? Yeah, you just answered the question, like B12 isn't in the plant kingdom. I'm sorry. It's just not, your body can't survive without B12. You are going to get sick big time.

It doesn't happen overnight, but it's happening now rapidly. Why? Because like I said, I call it eating in a vacuum. What do I mean by that? You're eating in a vacuum if you decide, and when I say you guys, you know what I mean? It's not you. I'm talking about, it's the world out there. When the world decides to emphasize the plant kingdom. Here's what Dr. Martin has found. I used to see it in my office every day. They lower animal kingdom, they lower eggs, meat and cheese. Okay? They lower it. But you know what goes up this way? Almost invariably, people that tell me, "oh, I really eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. I live on that," ah yeah really? I said, no, you don't. You just gave me a list of foods that you eat.

You did this, okay? The animal kingdom comes here and the plant kingdom went up. Yes, but it's not only that. What you consider plants are grains. Grains. "Oh, Dr. Martin, it's whole wheat." They're cereal eaters. They're wheat eaters. What's that mean? They're carboholics almost without exception to that. I said, what you've done is you've taken the king of the castle, protein and you've taken the dirty rascal, carbohydrates and you've brought them to the top of your pyramid and your protein and your bioavailable protein and fat. Animal fat, fat has sunk like the Titanic in your diet because you don't eat in a vacuum. I said, you're doing this. Yep. Your protein and fat went down, because you think fat's bad for you? Especially animal fat, saturated fat.

You know how many times I heard that in my office? "Saturated fat, Dr. Martin, saturated fat it," it's like this here, okay? And I'm showing for my podcast this one pound of fat, and that's saturated fat. You can see it on the steak. That's saturated. I like chicken better than steak because chicken don't have saturated fat. I said, well, who told you that saturated fat is bad for you? My dietician, my doctor, my teacher, I'm sorry. It's the best fat. Saturated is satisfied fat. It doesn't oxidize. When you look at butter, you might not see health. But when I look at butter, I see nothing but health. When you look at an egg yolk, what do you see? You see fat. I see health. I see that yolk as nothing but vitamins and healthy fat. When you look at a piece of cheese, what do you see? Oh, I see fat that I said, yeah, but I see health. I see vitamin K2. I see protein that is the best for you.

I don't want you to get rid of the farmer. I said, I want you to be the farmer's best friend because you've got all these diseases. You are going to pay a price for making a huge mistake in your diet. Guys, I'm doubling down on sun, steak and steel, and you see the stink in the middle. I mean it, okay? Skyrocketing kidney disease, skyrocketing strokes, skyrocketing heart attacks in young women, colorectal cancer through the roof, the rates of diabetes. And by the way, all the other ones are related to diabetes. And as I tell you, and you guys could write a book about it, by the time someone is a diabetic, they hit the iceberg. They were on the Titanic for a long time and they already hit the iceberg. The last thing to happen is the iceberg, the rates of diabetes through the roof.

But again, remember, if people in their heart of hearts, if they lower their animal kingdom because they think it's bad for them, they will up their carbohydrates. No exception. Listen, I just got to tell you, I never saw an exception to it. And I'm sure there are some, but I didn't see it in my office ever. They didn't realize that when you don't get the protein and fat from the animal kingdom and they make the plant kingdom their God, they're in deep doo doo. And the statistics where young people are getting old people disease, we're paying a huge price. You know what guys? To be honest, I feel sorry for the world. I do. I feel sorry for them. Okay? I have people that I love. You're not a prophet in your hometown. That's what Jesus said, okay? You're not a prophet. They didn't listen to him and they didn't listen to me either. And I go, well, I still love you. I do. You're wrong.

Guys, this might be a three-part series because I didn't even tell you about some of the other stuff that's going on in young people. It's crazy. It's crazy. Okay, what's tomorrow? Question and answer. Friday, isn't it? Okay. Do we have fun on question and answer Fridays? Yep. Almost without exception, I would say, right? Rapid fire and lots of fun. Your chance to ask questions. Now, guys, let me say this again. I'm going to repeat it I'm sure. The Sun, Steak & Steel (and Sleep), the book. Fabulous. Did you get our email today about cortisol? Did you? If you didn't get that email, check your spam box. But if you didn't and you don't get our emails, we send them out about twice a week. Okay? Get the one today on cortisol. I actually should do a program on it because it's so good. It's so interesting. Okay?

And it really comes from a book I wrote. Let me see if I even have a copy of it here, years ago. Two Hormones that Want You Dead. Insulin and Cortisol, your two real master hormones. And I think we'll probably do another program on it, I'm sure. Okay, so guys, get your questions in and if you haven't got our new book, Sun Steak and Steel, I'm wondering why you don't, and they make great gifts, guys for friends, okay? Okay. Yeah, we love you. I'll talk to you soon.

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