1126. Sunshine & Healing: Vitamin D's Impact on Leaky Gut


The number one reason why people get leaky gut is due to antibiotics… and if you have leaky gut, there’s a good chance you have trouble absorbing vitamin D. 

Dr. Martin shares a new study saying that vitamin D actually feeds your good bacteria!


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone. Welcome to another live here this morning and nice to have you on with us and we always appreciate it. Rice Lake, Ontario. Regina, nice to have you on this morning. Brenda, a couple more. Norma from Texas. And Judy, how are you? Brenda Sudbury, never heard of it. Rhoda, Labrador. Lila, good morning. And Karen. Hi guys. Indianapolis, Betty Lynn and Sonya, Beamsville. Brenda, we appreciate you guys. Diane, thanks for coming on from Ottawa. Okay, so brand new study out. Okay, I just got a comment. Okay, got to comment. Thanks for making this book, Sun, Steak & Steel number one in Canada, best selling now. We appreciate you guys for doing that. We appreciate it very much.

But you know, it just the more they study vitamin D, it's incredible. I mean, this study came out and it actually showing, okay, this study came out, says vitamin D. Okay, a lack of it. And remember, now before I get into this study, let me just give you some stunning news, okay? Stunning. 75% of the population is low in vitamin D. So low, okay, I mean, this is extremely low. Okay? Let me give you this statistics. 75% of the world's population is below 30 ng/mL. That's American reading of vitamin D. 75% of the population is below 30 ng/mL. Now in Canada, it's two and a half times that so meaning that we measure it different, but 30 would be 85. And what they're saying is 75% of the world is below that. Guys, what do I want for vitamin D? Minimum, when you get your dihydroxy 25, which is how they measure vitamin D in your serum, in your blood, okay?

In the United States you should be 60. Okay? So in Canada, I like eh, around 180, 200. And I like it even a little higher than that. But that, I mean, if you get in the 180s, 200 in Canada, I'm a pretty happy guy, okay? 75% of the population worldwide is below 30 ng/mLs. And in Canada they're below 85. Guys, that's not enough vitamin D for a mouse, okay? So that's one study that came out on the weekend that I read. But listen to this other study on vitamin D, vitamin D and leaky gut. Now if you have leaky gut, you have trouble absorbing vitamin D. And that can be one of the reasons we see stunning low numbers, stunning low numbers. But this study is saying something different. It's saying that vitamin D actually feeds your good bacteria. It feeds your good bacteria. So if you have a lack of vitamin D, it can be a cause of leaky gut. Isn't that crazy? 

Now, let me just go over this a bit, okay? Because really important, how do you get leaky gut? What's the number one way to get leaky gut? You guys know this, it's not a test. You know it already, the number one reason that people get leaky gut is due to antibiotics. Antibiotics you get, it's called friendly fire. Antibiotics, I mean, who hasn't taken an antibiotic in their lifetime? Come on. But one thing for sure, if you are five days on an antibiotic, they wipe out all your good bacteria, just their gonzo. They're friendly fire. They kill the bad guys, but they kill the good guys with it. Okay? So that's the number one reason. I don't think I've ever written a book out of the 20, I don't know, 23 or 24, I've written that I don't talk about antibiotics. The greatest discovery of the 20th century and now becoming the curse of the 21st for a lot of reasons. But the number one reason is because it kills friendly bacteria, kills the good guys. It doesn't know what to kill. It kills the bad guys can save your life, but it kills the good guys. And people don't worry about that too much because they didn't die from the infection.

But they're not thinking long term. And you have developed, a person has developed leaky gut. You know how many kids are walking around with leaky gut? And where that shows up is down the road. So we know that antibiotics, we know that sugar, for example, causes leaky gut. Why does it cause leaky gut? Because sugar feeds the wrong bacteria. Sugar feeds yeast, sugar feeds the invading army. So it's the chicken or the egg. What comes first? Well, usually the perfect storm of autoimmune. I remember doing this years ago. I called it the perfect storm of autoimmune. Someone was on the private Facebook group, brand new come on. And they're asking a lot of questions and that's good. Every right to ask questions. Question me. I got no problem with that, okay?

And they said, okay, I think I got this right. They have like, doc, how can I do the reset when I have an intolerance to eggs and cheese, dairy? And I didn't think meat was that good for me. Okay? So they come in with those questions, very good questions. And right away, I know that person has leaky gut, okay? Cause when they have an intolerance to eggs or cheese or dairy, you already have an underlying problem. It's part of the perfect storm of autoimmune. Now, some look, people think autoimmune and they think of psoriasis, they think of eczema, they think of rheumatoid arthritis, they think of ms, they think of, yeah, yeah, those are all, that's all true. But there's a progression to those things. They didn't come overnight. It starts with leaky gut. It starts with the wiping out of your good bacteria. And you have in medicine, it's called dysbiosis. You have more bad guys than good guys. And that's called you lose.

And it's not instant. It's too bad we don't have a red light that comes on on the top of our head that says, you got leaky gut. It'd be nice, but we don't. But I always tell people, if you are a child or anyone has taken antibiotics, I guarantee they have a leaky gut. You got to fix that. And sometimes, and this is studies have been done. When you wipe out all your bacteria, sometimes it never, ever, ever comes back unless you take probiotics. And guys, look, I have been consistent, consistent, consistent for near 50 years on the importance of probiotics. Probiotics are friendly bacteria you need to replace. Okay? Let's get back to this study.

Okay, so what have I always said? Antibiotics cause leaky gut almost invariably. And I can't get over in the world in which we live, we're in 2023 for heaven's sakes. And you still have doctors and pharmacists who give out antibiotics without a probiotic. It bothers me. It is so stupid. I just can't get over that. They're so shortsighted. I just can't get over that. That bothers me. It is such poor thinking. They don't worry about what goes on down the road. Hey, you got an infection, let's fix it. I feel like grabbing pharmacists by the throat, it drives me crazy. If I owned a pharmacy, I would never allow a patient on an antibiotic to leave my pharmacy without a probiotic. I wouldn't let 'em do it. I said, you're doing one thing, and that's all right. You got an infection. Okay, I got it.

Guys, think about this for a minute. Okay, I know I get sidetracked, but that's me. You go to the hospital, okay? You're admitted. They give you antibiotics to save your life or as a secondary treatment, right? You're getting a surgery or you just had surgery and they don't want you to get an infection and blah, blah, blah. And they give you an antibiotic, they do it IV or whatever. Okay? Am I against that? No, no, I'm not against that. But why do you think in a hospital, why has a hospital become the most dangerous place, worse than any place on the planet? And guys, please don't misquote me here. If you get hit by a bus, you got to go to the hospital. Don't call me. Do you understand? People think sometimes I'm crazy. I admit I am. It's because sometimes they misquote me. Dr. Martin hates antibiotics. No, he doesn't. Dr. Martin hates medicine. No, I don't. I hate bad medicine.

Back to the hospital story. You go to the hospital. You know how many times this happens? You come out of the hospital and you develop C difficile. That's a bacteria and it is very difficult. Thus the name C difficile, right? It's so resistant. Today we have these superbugs. How did we get superbugs? Antibiotics mostly. Okay, so I'm just saying the antidote. The antidote is right in front of us, okay? We have the answer to it. I'm not against antibiotics. You need an antibiotic. It'll save your life. But for heaven sakes, make sure you take probiotics, okay? Make sure. They should be given by the mouthful to someone that's on a very strong antibiotic. And by the way, anti-inflammatories destroy your bacteria. A lot of meds destroy your bacteria. The worst are antibiotics. But remember, a lot of meds do, especially those non-steroidal anti-inflammatories that people live on for pain and headaches and stuff like that, they don't think about what they're doing to their bacteria. All they want to do is get rid of their headache. I get it. Okay.

We've created a monster. Leaky gut. Leaky gut, leaky brain, leaky gut, leaky lungs, leaky gut, leaky skin, leaky gut, leaky liver, leaky gut, leaky eyes, leaky gut, leaky, everything. Sinuses, brain disorders, yeast travels into the brain, it gets crossed, the blood brain barrier, and it often carries heavy metals with it. I never worry too much about heavy metals in my office. I tested for them, but I didn't worry about them as much as I worried about fixing leaky gut. Because if you have leaky gut, you have leaky brain, the blood brain barrier has been compromised. And thus you get people with mercury people, doctor, should I stop eating fish? Well, nah. But just understand that if you have fungus, if you have yeast, if you have candida, it'll carry that. It's a carrier of heavy metals. You're never going to get away from all the heavy metals in our world. You just can't. Okay? You can't. It's in the soil, it's in the air, it's in everything you can't. But you can protect your body. Be the lean, mean fighting machine. Okay?

Okay, so back to this study. The perfect storm I call it, of autoimmune. Okay, perfect storm. The first stage of autoimmune is leaky gut. Leaky gut. And you get the first stage, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories. Okay? Over the counter, bad eating, a sugar consumption. What are we up to now? Like eating almost 200 pounds a year. Your gut was never made for that. You're feeding the wrong army. We all have a little bit of yeast in our gut, everyone. And it's actually a little bit of yeast is on your side. It helps digestion, it helps absorption in your gut. A little bit of yeast. Oh, Dr. Martin, I want to eradicate yeast. Well, no, you need a little bit in your gut. You don't need much, but you need a little bit. It's when that yeast gets into your bloodstream, you're in deep doo doo. Yeast travels in the bloodstream. I remember physicians saying, cause my patients, they'd go see their doctor and they'd say, well, Dr. Martin said I had candida, yeast in my blood. And the doc, a lot of times I heard this more. Don't listen to that quack. He's a quack, quack, quack. You can't get yeast in your blood, it'll kill you. Well, they were right, it'll kill you, all right? But it don't do it quickly. It does it slow.

So the stages of autoimmune, the perfect storm, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, poor diet, like kids today, they're feeding yeast like it's coming out the wazoo, it's coming up both ears they got so much of it. But they don't know that, that sugar feeds yeast, okay? So you get it from meds, you get it from the diet, you get it from the environment, okay? You get it from the environment. And good luck guys. If the last part of your address is planet Earth, okay? If that's part of your address, you got to be where we just live on a planet that's not perfect. Okay? It's not perfect. And then you get all these artificial things, processed things, processed oils, they disrupt your microbiome, that's your bacteria, good, bad, ugly. Okay? And then the one that's thrown into the equation is a lack of vitamin D. Wow. Wow. Okay.

Now here's what I used to say. If you have leaky gut, you can't even absorb vitamin D properly. But this study is saying it starts earlier than that. That if you have low levels of vitamin D, it can cause leaky gut. Wow, okay. Wow, wow, wow. Think about that. And the vast majority of the population has low levels of vitamin D. because they're scared skinny of the sun. They're scared skinny of the sun. And I started with the new book, sun, numero uno at the top of the food chain is sun. How good it is for you. This is incredible, guys. It's incredible when you think of where we're at in research and it goes, man, oh man, if you're deficient in vitamin D, it's a huge factor in leaky gut. Okay, man, isn't it an essential vitamin? And what did I tell you? There's a huge war going on on vitamin D, huge. If they had their choice, they'd take it away from us completely. You don't need that. It's fat soluble. It's dangerous. You can get toxic. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. The waiting rooms in the hospitals and the emergency departments and the waiting rooms and the walk-in. No wonder they're in there. They got too much vitamin D. You know what it is, guys? It's just the opposite of that. It's the opposite of that.

And don't hold your breath, guys. Don't hold your breath for this to catch on. You guys know it. I know it. And from your soapbox, preach it. And you know what? They don't listen if they don't listen, Linda, what are you going to do? Don't get frustrated. Don't give up. You do it first. Okay? I was flying the other day, okay? I've been on a plane so many times in my life. I mean, when they give you the safety things, okay, I got to be honest, I don't listen. Okay, there I go. Don't listen, Linda. I've heard it. I've heard it a million times. But one that I did sorta let my ears listened to the other day is when they said in the rare, an unlikely event that the cabin would lose oxygen in the rare and unlikely event, the mask will come down from the ceiling automatically. You know what they tell you? Put your mask on before putting someone else's on. You're traveling with kids. They said, you better put your mask on first.

So guys, what's the point of that? Well, you guys know what the truth is. Do it. You guys know how to eat, do it and then preach it. They don't listen. What can you do? You tried. You can bring a horse to water, but you can't make them drink it. Now you can add a little salt, make them thirsty. If they see you and you're doing well, that's adding salt to the water. Make 'em thirsty, guys. Make 'em thirsty for the truth. But isn't that something about vitamin D? Not only that, 75% according to, I mean, guys, listen, listen, it's almost a hundred percent because what they're saying, extremely low for them. This is the study. 75% of the world population is below 30 ng/mLs and 180 nmol-ml Canada, like they're below that. They're below 85, not 180 below 85 in Canada, 75% of the population. Guys, if you're below, they optimize vitamin D. Your body doesn't work properly.

But what they're showing in this study, what they're showing is that vitamin D is like a probiotic. It actually feeds your good bacteria. And when someone has leaky gut, they have low levels of vitamin D almost invariably. It's one of the causes along with antibiotics. Isn't that something guys? The more they study vitamin D. You know, I've said this so many times, I'm going to say one more saying that I, I've said, okay, this is years ago when I used to have my radio show. I used to say this, okay? Okay. Linus Pauling, who I met, by the way, okay? Linus Pauling won a Nobel Prize in medicine. You know why? Because he was studying vitamin C, not coffee. He should have been studying coffee. He didn't know. Who knew? But Linus Pauling, he was a very smart guy and he did studies on vitamin C, okay? Vitamin C and cancer vitamin C in the immune system. And here's what I always said, right from the 1970s, he only missed by one letter in the alphabet. He was talking about vitamin C, and he should have been talking about vitamin D.

But even today, even today, let me close with this, even today, the mistake made by the medical community all around the medical community is this. They see vitamin D. If you say a half lie, long enough, people will believe it. The whole world will go for it. You know what they said about vitamin D? It's good for your bones and you don't need much. Liars, liars, pants on fires. They never equated vitamin D for your immune system. And even today in medical school, vitamin D for your bones, why do you think they want to cap it at a thousand IUs? To them a thousand IUs of vitamin D. It's a, Dr. Martin, it's a fat soluble vitamin. You can get toxic. You want to see me get a migraine is when I hear that, I said, why don't you measure it and find out how low they are? Okay? I know. I would promise not to get excited.

Okay, guys, I'm just going to give you some heads up. It'll be posted in our Facebook group. Okay? Tomorrow, July 4th, I'm going to do a program that's going to be on at eight o'clock, so a half an hour early tomorrow, okay? Wednesday regular time. Thursday is, you know what? Question and answer Thursday. Why? Because Friday I'm off, I'm traveling. Okay? So this week, tomorrow, early, Wednesday, regular Thursday regular. But it's question and answer Thursday, not question and answer Friday. So get your questions in. Okay guys, thank you again for making this such a success. Sun Steak and Steel. If you haven't got your copy, get your copy. Okay? We love you guys. We'll talk to you soon.

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