1117. From Myths to Facts: Cancer and Food Exposed


Dr. Martin shares an article that made false claims about red meat. The article claimed that eating red meat causes colon cancer. Consumption of red meat is down 40% in North America over the last 50 years, but during that same time, colorectal cancer has increased by 300%. How can eating meat cause colon cancer?

Join Dr. Martin as he reviews this article and also shares several studies he found interesting in today’s episode.


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone. Hope you're having a great day. Hope you're having a great start to your week. I'm reading an article, found it kind of interesting. I didn't write it. I could, can't think of anything in this article that I disagree with. Okay, so let me just go over it. We got a couple of studies that I'd like to talk about too. We'll see how far we get. Okay, now this article says red meat consumption in the last 50 years is down 40%. Okay, so it starts off, that's the headline. Consumption of red meat is down 40% in North America. Does that surprise you? No. There's a war going on on red meat. It's been going on for a long time. And when people eat meat, they think chicken is better for them because it's got less fat. I don't agree with that whatsoever because I'm not a carnivore.

I'm not. I call myself a nutrivore. I base my thinking on nutrition, on what's in the food. So you give me a piece of steak, liver would be better, but I don't like liver. Personally, I don't like the taste of it. It's good for you, okay? But the number one food in the world is a steak, sun, steak and steel. And I mean, but that's being vilified. The elites of the world have their way, which they might we're not going to be able to eat red meat. They're going to get rid of the cows because of their flatulence. Well, that's what they're saying. I've never heard anything as stupid as that in my life. And I mean it. Okay? They're going to have us seat in crickets. And you know that fake meat stuff, I can't handle it, guys, because it's not true. Like, like I said, this article says the consumption is down 40%.

Is that surprising? Not to me, because I've watched this happen and develop over the years. I have had to defend red meat for a lot of years. I did it on my radio show for 20 years. Cause people, like I said, you see a lie long enough and people just, well, if the government says it must be true, and if you say enough times must be true. Fat makes you fat. Fat gives you cholesterol. Cholesterol is the boogeyman. Don't get in the sun, blah, blah, blah. One thing after another. Okay? But let me get to this article. And here's the headline on it. Lies about cancer and food, okay? Written by a couple of my favorite doctors. I like to read about lies about cancer and food, like I said, didn't come from me, although it could. And they start off by saying, red meat consumption is down 40%.

So how could it be at the root of all the problems, the chronic disease going up like cancer, because that's what they cancer. You get 10 doctors in a room and you get cancer, you got the diagnosis, they would tell you probably nine out of 10 not to eat red meat. And if you ask them about preventing cancer, they would probably add, you know what? You better cut back on red meat. Is it true? No, it's not true because red meat consumption's down 40%. Okay? So they listed six things that are false in this article. It's an article, it's not a study, it's an article. This is false. They say this is one of the top false statements. Red meat causes colon cancer. Well, guys, I can tell you that red meat does not cause colon cancer. Do you know the colorectal cancer is probably up about 300% in the last 20 to 30 years.

And here's me, ask a dentist this question and then I'll bring it to your cola. What rots your teeth? Dentist. You learn that before you get to dental school sugar. Oh, it creates cavities. They won't disagree with that. Yeah. Sugar, what do you think sugar does in your gut? Same thing. It creates cavities. And they're not good when they're in your gut. They're not good in your teeth. But sugar rots your teeth. Sugar rots your gut. It really does. And I've been saying that this is why when you seek colorectal cancer, this is something when they look at the age group that is affected by colorectal cancer is young people. That was unheard of 30, 40 years ago. Colorectal cancer was an old man's disease. And today it's quite common, like I said, somewhere around 300%. Why? Like we've been talking about on this program for eons, guys, we have been consuming sugar at an astronomical rate compared to what we used to.

What did I bring you last week? The average American now consumes 765 grams of sugar every five days. That 17 cans of soda equivalent. And then it talked about endometrial cancer being up by 78%. In this article, the average American consumes 765 grams of sugar. Guys, I'm not talking to you about fruit. They're not talking about fruit here. 765 grams, 17 cans of soda, a equivalent every five days. And they blame red meat. They don't look at sugar. They don't equate sugar and cancer. They don't equate it. It's not in their d n A to think about that.

They'll probably agree. Don't give sugar to a kid at night because his brain's going to be wired and they're not going to be able to sleep. I think everybody agrees with that, but they don't equate sugar in cancer. But that should be equated. Imagine 17 cans of soda every five days equivalent in sugar consumption by the average American. They don't read labels. And so they come up with this. Well, red meat causes colon cancer. And you know how they do this? They do it by what they call observational studies. And that is, okay, Joe, what did you eat a month ago? Did you have a hamburger? Yeah, yeah, I did. How many hamburgers do you eat in a week? I don't know. Maybe two or three or, yeah. Okay. And Joe, you got colorectal cancer. So Joe, it's the red meat. I have a hard time remembering what I ate yesterday.

You know what I mean? But that's how they operate on those. And then it becomes part of our thinking. It becomes over a period of time. I mean, this has been a war that's been going on for a long time. You can understand that the war on cholesterol and guys cholesterol is in animal foods and animal foods only. So there's a war on that. I actually read, you want to see someone that gave me high blood pressure? I read an article and I said, they're kidding. It can't be true. They're actually wrote this article, angst are bad for you. And I said, what kind of physician? Where did you get your medical degree in out of a cereal box? Are you kidding me? Eggs are really bad for you. Like it's 2023.

It took my breath away. They said anything over this guy was saying anything over one egg a week would be too many. Like I'm going, are you kidding me? You could have an egg at every meal for the rest of your life, and it would only be good for you. Because guys, at the end of the day, you have to understand when you're a nutrivore, you're looking at the nutritional value of food eggs. Are you kidding me? You know how much nutrition is in there? And I don't mean just the egg whites. Egg whites give you protein, but it's the yolk that's got all the B vitamins. It's got vitamin A, it's got vitamin k2, it's got all your stinking vitamins, and they tell you, no, that's bad for you. And it's 2023. Are you kidding me? Okay, lies about cancer and food, that was the article.

And I'm off into rabbit trails. Come back, doc, come back. Red meat causes colon cancer, false sugar more than anything else. And again, remember, they switched sugar to make it even worse. Went from cane sugar to high fructose corn syrup added to everything. Okay? Terrible stuff. The antichrist of sugars. Here's another lie. According to this article, it's best to follow a vegan diet if you have cancer. False. False. Now, remember I told you the story of Steve Jobs, right? The founder of Apple when he had cancer. Well, he was a vegan. When they say he founded Apple, he really believed in the apples. I mean, he lived on fruit. And the worst thing that he did was that he juiced them all the time. Okay? So it's best to follow, and this is false. And they say this and that. It's best to follow a vegan diet if you have cancer.

That's false. And okay, here's number six, but I'll bring it up now because I talked about it. Juicing helps battle cancer. False. False people got this idea. Look, you know me and my Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie, but it's not juice. Okay? Oh, doc, I got a green drink. I said, why are you from Mars? Might be good for martians, the green drink, but it's not good for you. Okay? There's way too many oxalates. And you know what? I know it sounds good, but Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie is a protein smoothie. And the one I like the best, the protein in there is bone broth. I like bone broth better than any other protein in terms of collagen, in terms of what it does for your gut, what it does for your brain, what it does for your hair, what it does for your nails, what it does for your skin.

It helps to repair leaky gut. And you guys know me, I talk about leaky gut all the time. And bone broth helps to repair it. That's why I like it in Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie. Now, if you want to use a whey protein, don't use vegetable protein vegetables. I'm not saying they're bad. I'm not. What I'm saying is they don't have the nutritional profile of the animal products. They just don't. They're missing things, and that's why you're meant to eat them, but you're not meant to live on them. Fruits and vegetables, they're good. Don't live on them. And if you have cancer, living on fruits and vegetables is not a good idea. I like this article. I'm not even arguing with the authors. I'm agreeing with them. Okay? It's best to follow a vegan diet if you have cancer. False. And the only fruit I allow, by the way, on the Dr.

Martin's perfect smoothie are berries. I think berries are good, really good. They're not too sweet. They're God's candies, but they're not too sweet and they're very good for you. That's why, especially if you can get Northern Ontario blueberries, or I think Quebec two in New Brunswick, and I don't know, wild blueberries, wild is better. I remember doing a program, this is, oh, I'm going to say 30, but probably not quite 30 years ago in French in Quebec, on the importance of de blue blueberries. Guys, I like blueberries. Northern Ontario, wild blueberries are tremendous. They are. They're good. Okay, you want to have a healthy snack? Take a handful of blueberries. I like strawberries too. I like strawberries. I like raspberries. Okay? But you don't live on them. But you can add them to Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie for kids. If your kid's not eating properly, if your grandchild's not eating properly, introduce them to that perfect smoothie for kids.

I used to get anorexic or borderline anorexic kids and kids with a D D and a D H D before school. I'd say no more cereal. And I explained that to the kid too. Nah, don't get up in the morning and have cereal. Don't have your pop-tarts, your brain. It'll make a huge difference if you put the right food in. I said, do you think you would like a smoothie? Oh, probably. Right? And they're thinking the one at the mall. I said, no, no, no. Mommy and daddy are going to make you a smoothie. Okay? And it's going to have four ounces of heavy cream. See? Don't ditch dairy. Switch it. Not milk, not almond milk, not oat milk. Cause they're not milks at all. Okay? No. Four ounces of heavy cream. Put a few berries in it. Put the protein powder in it, preferably bone broth.

Cause when a kid's got brain issues, they got leaky gut. Leaky gut. I don't know if I've ever seen an exception to that. So let's repair the leaky gut. I'd have them on probiotics and bone broth. And bone broth does the knitting because of the L-glutamine. It knits the gut blood barrier. And the microbiome, of course, from probiotics regenerate that whole microbiome inside the gut. But for kids, they love the smoothies. Oh, holy moly, doc, is that ever a good smoothie? I said, it's better than McDonald's milkshake. Okay? It tastes good, but a few berries in there, and even for the kids. Look, I'm just telling you what I would tell parents, you can put in a smoothie. If they don't find it, it should be sweet enough because with the cream, the heavy cream, the berries, okay, the berries should be fine. If you have to get a little bit of pasteurized honey or maple syrup, the real stuff, and put a teaspoon in there of that to sweeten it up.

For a kid, what was my goal? One, they would consume it. Some people they can take a green drink or whatever, it tastes like crap. And they go, I wonder why my kids don't like that. Like I said, well, they're not going to take that. You got to make something taste good. Now, guys, listen, if you're a diabetic or whatever, you don't get to consume maple syrup. Okay? Like I'm not talking about Aunt Jemima's, okay? Or did they change the name of that? Now, okay, I'm not talking about that syrup, okay? I am talking about true Canadian maple syrup. Okay? A little bit for sweetening or pasteurized honey, just a little bit. I want kids to buy into this and boy, oh boy, was it ever amazing how these kids thrived? Comparatively, their brain operated because you were giving that brain the right fuel, okay?

Giving that brain the right fuel, alright? It's best to follow a vegan diet if you have cancer. False red meat causes colon cancer. False juicing helps battle cancer. No, it don't. Now, true story in the cancer center in Sudbury, my recipe for Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie was there instead of drinking boost instead of drinking in ensure the nurses that keep to see me in my office, they said, we're going to bring this. Then it got thrown out. It was good for them. Cancer patients, they give them that boost and ensure, how crazy is that? So juicing helps battle cancer. No, it doesn't. Not unless it's Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie. Okay? Red meat causes colon cancer. False. It's best to follow a vegan diet. False juicing helps battle cancer. False high fiber reduces cancer risk. False. That's false. What's fiber got to do with reducing cancer? Nothing. Now, boy, does that ever go against the grain? Well, you see what fiber does, doc? It cleans me out.

No, it don't. No, it doesn't. You're not detoxing with fiber. You detox with Wata vitamin W. That's your number one detox. You need the river flowing. You need the river flowing like Niagara Falls at the kidney level. Because what happens there is now your detoxing, your big detox or organs are your liver and your kidneys. Not your lungs too, and not, yeah, but the big detox are liver, kidneys, water, water for your kidneys, water for your liver, because you need blood to be moving. You need water to wash out. You don't need fiber because fiber are going to do nothing for your kidneys. Fiber's going to do nothing for your liver. It just won't. Most fibers insoluble, meaning that it's going to end up in the toilet. And a lot of people think they win prizes for that, but what's that got to do with your health?

There's nothing like water to wash out. It washes things out and it's good for your blood. It's good for your bowel. You need water. That's better than fiber. I've been saying that for so long, but I've always said it. I've been consistent about it. I'm not saying you can't ever eat fiber. I'm not saying that if you eat any fruits and vegetables, you're eating fiber. There's fiber in there. I'm not against that. All I'm just telling you is that's not reducing your risk of cancer. I'm sorry. That was brought to you originally by Kellogg's, and that's where fiber came from. They made it famous. Fiber, fiber. Fiber. I hear it every day. I do. Doc, how can you do the reset without fiber? Well give your bowel a break and drink lots of water. Okay? Just drink a lot of water. You're dried up down there.

Okay. Did I talk about this one already? High protein diet increases cancer risk. False. It doesn't increase cancer risk, but protein, remember, got a bad wrap. Protein get a bad wrap. You need carbs. Very little protein. Look at the food guide, the Canadian and American food guide at the base in the pyramid. They got fruits and vegetables at the bottom. Live on that. And then as you get to the top, and you might have a little fish at the top, you can have some fish and maybe a little bit of chicken. And they want grains. Grains. The problem is they changed grains. Okay? Enrich bread was the first fast food invented. Okay? And God bread is good for you, isn't it? It's in the Bible. Yeah. Well, it's not manna. Today's bread isn't that. There's very little protein in bread, very little protein. It's almost strictly a carbohydrate.

And we fool ourselves. We go, you know doc? Yeah, but it's whole wheat. It's whole wheat. It's 12 green. I don't care if it's 75 green. It's still turning to sugar rapidly. It's a fast food. Any bread is fast food except Rosie's bread. Okay? No, but it just turns to sugar too rapidly. You're feeding cancer with that. Okay, my age, and I guess kids are the same, but my age and my parents age, and they lived on toast. I remember a guy in the office. I took his blood sugar and this and that. I said, man, you're like, you got sugar in your urine. I said, you're a diabetic. Nah, doc. Nah, but he, okay, so what am I going to eat in the morning? I won't be able to go to the bathroom. I don't think I said, you ever try it? Just eat bacon and eggs.

I said, he said, well, you're going to give me a heart attack, doc. I had to undo all of that. He thought cholesterol was the boogeyman. I said, you're a diabetic. Go home and have bacon and eggs. He said, doc, how can I have bacon and eggs without toast? He was a funny guy. He was funny. He, he said, how can I have those bacon and eggs without toast? It's impossible. I said, pretend. He said, cause I take my toast and I dip them in my eggs. I said, pretend. Anyways, this true story calls me a week later, okay? I wasn't going to see him for about six weeks on a return visit, but he called and the staff said he keeps calling. I said, okay, I'll take the call anyway. He said, doc, it's been a week and I'm still pretending I knew exactly what he was saying.

He was pretending to dip toast in his eggs. He says, I've been pretending for a week, and this is years later. I mean, now would be, this would be probably 15 years ago. This guy is doing fantastic. He changed his habits. No more bread. I said, you don't need it. Understand what it's doing. You're a diabetic. It's going to be sugar. It's going to raise your blood sugar. And soda does oatmeal too, because he really liked his oatmeal as an oat surfer. Horses not for you. You're not meant to eat oatmeal, especially in this day and age. When you got your sugars and you got insulin resistance coming out the wazoo.

Quit eating that stuff. I said, you'll change your habits in three weeks. You'll change. You'll form a habit. He said, doc, maybe I'll get tired of baking and eggs. I said, I never got tired of it. I never get tired of baking and eggs when I know how good they are for me. Our sausages and eggs and no toast. You ever get tired of coffee? I don't. What do you mean you get tired of it? I said, suck it up buttercup. You can change things in your life. Okay? He had that funny face that he just made faces all the time. Loved it. Okay. Was there any more High fruit and veggies intake. Improved cancer treatment outcomes. False. That's the last one. Not true. Not true. As a matter of fact, if you get the diagnosis of cancer, I get you off all of that for 30 days.

The reset. The reset, you cut out anything that will turn to sugar. So not even a baked potato, okay? For 30 days you got cancer. You got to be very aggressive in a cancer treatment. Okay? Lies about cancer and food. Okay guys, big week coming. Big week. Should have lots of fun. Okay, you got any questions for Friday's Question and answer. I try and get at all of them. Okay, I really do. So send your questions in. Okay, what else? I posted today in the Martin Clinic Facebook group about the gut. I just put a little thing in there about the gut. Okay? So if you see that, give me a wave. Okay guys, we love you. We’ll talk to you soon.

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