1112. Revive & Thrive: Exploring the Body's Regenerative Abilities


Dr. Martin often reminds listeners how we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Our bodies really are incredible, and that’s evident with the regenerative abilities we all have. That’s right, our bodies regenerate!

Join Dr. Martin as he shares 7 ways our bodies regenerate, literally from head to toe. Dr. Martin also discusses the Reset, helping you understand why you should want to start making changes sooner than later.


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone, and once again, welcome to another live this morning. Hope you're having a great start to your day, and we always love having you on with us in the morning and for our podcast. Thanks for listening. We always appreciate it. Guys, I know it's Monday. Every day is a new day, okay? Every day is a new day. What do I mean by that? Every day and today could be the day you start. Okay? I know I'm preaching to the choir, but I want to remind you this morning how your body operates. Fearfully, wonderfully made. That body of yours has an amazing capacity to regenerate. And that's what I want to talk about this morning, okay?

And then you will get the overarching principle of why the Reset. Okay, why the Reset? And there's a lot of reasons for it. And the primary one is lowering insulin resistance. Because insulin resistance leads to metabolic syndrome. And metabolic syndrome leads to cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's, diabetes, autoimmune. Chronic diseases. So the Reset is significant, but I want to go deeper than that today. I want to go deep and talk about this because you know, learn this really early in health, but you sort of forget unless you remind yourself how your body has the amazing ability to regenerate. So if you guys are taking notes, these are good notes to take, okay? And if you're not, we'll get a few folks like Wendy and whatever, who love to take our notes and then post them afterwards.

But I just want to remind you how your body operates and how you regenerate, okay? And we're going to go from head to toe in terms of your body's regenerative capacity. Okay? So let me go through the list and we'll talk about it. Every two months. Every two months, you get new DNA, not a bad place to start. Getting new DNA. What? Yeah, you get new DNA every two months, but if you don't change anything, you are going to get the same problems. But every two months you get new D N A. Skin, how often do you think you get new skin? That's why I always tell people skin is an organ. Start on the inside to change the outside, okay? Start on the inside to change the outside. How often do you think you get new skin? Once a month. Brand new skin. You don't think of it, but you know, ever see dying skin on your clothes or whatever you're shedding all the time, especially if your skin is dry. But all I'm saying is all of us, we get new skin.

Well doc, I've had eczema for 10 years. I've had psoriasis, I've got dermatitis or whatever. How come if I get new skin every month, how come I still got it? Well, because you didn't change anything, the underlying problem hasn't been fixed. Okay? So DNA, which is key. When you think of cancer, okay? You think of DNA, how that's affected. You get renegade cells and renegade DNA. Your body has an enormous capacity to change. That's good news, guys. You're not stuck with something. You're not. Things can change because your DNA changes every two months. Your skin, your blood, okay? We all know that. Well, yeah, most of us know this. You learn this in high school. How often do you get new blood? Three times a year. See, that's how they test A1C by the way. Okay? Glycated hemoglobin.

What is hemoglobin? Well, that is protein that attaches itself to oxygen. And every time you breathe, breathe, what happens in your lungs? Well, your red blood cells go through your lungs and they pick up oxygen. In the middle of your red blood cell, you have hemoglobin. It's like Velcro, and then it delivers it from your brain to your toes. Can't live without blood. Can't live without oxygen. But the good news is every three months you get brand new red blood cells, all of them. That's good news, isn't it? Amazing capacity to regenerate. I used to tell people in the office, okay, take a blood test and I'd do it right in front of them. What color do you think that's going to come out before I prick your finger? What color? Red. Yeah. Yeah, red. Now if it comes out any other color, you're not from this planet, okay? You were born on Mars or somewhere else, but if it comes out red, you regenerate. All of us regenerate brand new red blood cells every three months. Okay?

You know why I love to see your A1C? Because it tells me about more than anything I think. Well, I like triglycerides and HDL too. But as far as insulin resistance, if you want to test it, if you want to see if your cells hate insulin, I like a1c probably more than anything else. Even more than testing your insulin. Not that I don't like insulin testing, but you can hardly get your doctor to do it. All their interest it is, is your blood sugar. Why do you want to get A1C done for I got your blood sugar. It's more important than that because blood sugar is a lagging indicator. Mission control of your body. Mission control number one is let's control blood sugar. Even if you eat 10 donuts, your body mission control will go into action to keep your blood sugar tightly, tightly regulated.

So by the time you get high blood sugar, you're in deep, deep doo doo, and it's been going on for a long time. Oh, I went to the doctor and he said, my blood sugar is high. Well, hello. For years you've had insulin resistance. That's why the A1C is such a good test because if you're over 5.4, you have insulin resistance and even lower than that, it's starting. And my name is Tony and I'm a carboholic. That's what it means. And you got to be very careful. But the good news is you get brand new red blood cells every three months. You can change.

Brain, you get a brand new brain every year, okay? Your brain takes longer to get in a brand new brain. And this is why I tell people, okay, this is why if you listen, Linda, I always encourage my patients. Always stick to the plan. Okay? Stick to the plan. "Oh, Dr. Martin, it's hard." I didn't say it wasn't hard, but it's worth it. Who on God's earth wants to get Alzheimer's or dementia? It takes a year to regenerate the brain. Now things happen before things get better before, but you get a brand new brain every year, skin every month, red blood cells, every three months, D n a, every two months. Okay? So stick to the plan. Now that doesn't necessarily mean you have to do the reset past 30 days. The reset is very strict. It's very, very restrictive. There's a reason for it. But it's a 30 day program.

Now you can eat that way the rest of your life if you want to. But the idea with me was to get you on a trajectory, to get you on a path, get you off, as Jesus said, the broad road that leads to destruction. And there will be many who find it. Folks. 93% of the population are on the broad road that leads to destruction. And they don't know it. They don't know it. They're looking around, they go, oh, he must be the right way. Everybody's on here with me, all the dieticians, all the physicians. I'm looking around, most physicians are with us. It's popular. It must be true. Nope, not true. They're on their way to destruction. I know it's popular. "Uh, Dr. Martin, you have no idea how much fiber I get and I have cereal in the morning and I love my oatmeal." Yeah, well, you're on the broad road that leads to destruction. It's not easy getting on the narrow road. It's not. It requires 180 degree turn. Okay? But it's worth it. It's worth it, guys. It's worth it.

And your body will cooperate if you change fuels. That's the primary thing. Changing fuels, food. You go to nutrient dense food, your DNA will thank you. Your skin will thank you. Your brain will thank you. Brain takes a little longer. Remember, it's a year to regenerate that brain. Okay? Your blood will thank you, it will. Okay, what else? Liver. Now it, don't write this note down too fast because you are thinking, because I talk about this a lot. How do you empty your liver? How long does that take? Six days. Six days on the road and I'm going to make, I'm going to empty my liver tonight. Six days. But not a new liver. You want all to regenerate those liver cells. And that takes six weeks. That takes six weeks to completely regenerate the liver. Isn't that fascinating how your body works?

You know, you take this in school and it's almost like, seriously, it's all forgotten. It's all forgotten because you've been dealt with this deck of cards and you got to play with these cards all your life. And really that's what medicine says. You got dealt a deck of cards, you have weaknesses. Your dad was a diabetic, so you're going to be a diabetic and you really very little you can do about it. In my training, believe you me, this was pumped at us 24 hours a day. It was genetics, it was genetics, it was genetics. Very little lifestyle. And heck, I was in natural medicine. You know, you would think we'd get it differently, but nah. Our gurus were telling us if you got genetics for heart disease, you're in deep trouble. Well, no, I'm not saying it's not a factor. Okay?

You know how I love to tell stories, the story of my father, it completely changed the way I think before I went to school. So I used to sift out nonsense, I sifted it out, I had to learn it. And sometimes I even had to answer wrong on a test to get my marks so I could get my degree, but I never believed it. When they were telling me, okay to eat margarine. I said, well, that's stupid. When they were telling me that saturated fat was bad fat, I knew it was stupid. When they were telling me that meat is acidic, I knew that was stupid. And when they were telling me that the best things in the world were fruits and vegetables, I knew that was stupid. In the same program they'd tell you about all the vitamins that are in meat, all the amino acids that are in meat and eggs and good dairy. And then they would trash them. I'm not kidding you. Cholesterol being at the root of heart disease. I knew it was bs. I'm sorry to use that language from the get-go.

Okay? So you get a brand new liver every six weeks. Okay? What else? Stomach lining. Oh, this one's the real fast one, okay? You get a brand new stomach lining every, if someone gets this, I'm going to give you two high fives. Somebody give me an answer if you can. Okay? Two weeks, Debbie, you're pretty close. Someone a day. Laurie Lee, well you're close. Annette says two weeks. You guys are really smart. You know, you really smart. Three months, Crystal, too long for the stomach. I'm talking about a stomach lining. Andrea, Rosa. And I like your answers, I do. Sue the, you're the closest so far, Mary, you're right there. But it's five days. Five days, five. Imagine every five days you get a complete new lining of your stomach. And we say, doc, I've had acid reflux for 20 years. I know but you didn't change anything. It comes back damaged even though you get new.

But guys, think of the point. The point is it's worth changing. It's worth it. And I have a way, I have proven it to tens of thousands of patients. If they would just stick it out. If they would just stick it out, it's amazing what's going to happen inside that body. We should have a whole book of just testimony, people that have tried the reset and they might have even done it for the wrong reasons. Okay? What do I mean by that? Well, they did it for weight loss. And that's all right guys. I don't care what reason you do it for. Cause what I'm trying to get you to do, lower insulin, that's the number one thing. Get you off the broad road, get you off the Titanic, change direction of your life. And when you get to the 21 day mark, you formed a habit. Now your body is responding to that change. And now your body is going to scream at you and will talk to you about how bad a carb lover you were.

And everybody's a little bit different on that, but most people, their body responds by saying, you know, come off the reset. And you go, you know what? I don't do so well when I eat carbohydrates, I don't feel so good. And the light comes on. Hello? And you go, I don't need those carbs. Yeah, I used to eat a lot of carbs. I didn't even realize it so much. But you didn't probably even think of, this is how your body, brain is responding. It's not finished responding, but it's responding. That takes a year. Your liver, six weeks. That's why continue. Look, I didn't say no carbs after 30 days, but now you can introduce the plant kingdom. You're in the animal kingdom to start. Why? In the animal kingdom, your pancreas is on a holiday, your insulin resistance is getting fixed.

Unfortunately with plants, you need some insulin. You don't need that much of it, but you still need it. And you can't live on fruit. They're God's candies. And I mean it, okay? You're not living on bananas, you're not living on grapes. And apple a day doesn't keep the doctor away. Steak does. And in your mind you go, that's true. Boy, you're winning a big battle when you can change your mind. But understand takes a year for a new brain. This is why when it comes to dementia, start early, make changes early for a healthy brain. I know you get a new one, but the brain is degenerated. You're going to get new cells and that, but you know it's over the edge of no return and you don't want to get there. You want to get it before here, okay? Before you fall off the cliff, as far as your brain is concerned. But guys, you have an enormous capacity.

Last one. Okay, so there's seven things. For those of you keeping notes, how long does it take to get a new skeleton? You get a new skeleton every, let's see my smart audience. You guys are always so stinking smart. I just want to see if anybody, Mary, every seven years. Nah, not that long. Kevin says, I don't know. I like that when you say, I don't know Kevin. Marcy says every day. Nah, not quite you guys, it's a year. That's less than a year. Every three months, you got it. You guys got it. Okay. DNA, every two months, skin every month, blood every four months, brain every year, liver every six weeks, stomach lining five days and bones three months.

The moral of the story, the moral of the story. And someone said this the other day on our private Facebook, you know me, I like illustrations. They said, when you're on the plane before you take off, they tell you in the event, unlikely as it is that you will need oxygen. You remember that? When you get on a plane, in the unlikely event that you will need oxygen, you put the mask on first and then you can help someone else. Okay? Because if you don't put the mask on first, you won't be able to help someone else. You put the mask on first. So who am I aiming at when you do this, guys with your thumbs up and your finger pointing. Okay pointing. I pointing at you. But notice I got three fingers pointing back at me. Okay doc, you better listen to what you're preaching. Change you first before you can change someone else. Okay?

And there's a lot of Lindas out there, okay? There's a lot of Lindas out there. They're not listening. And when they don't listen, lead by example. Okay? Lead by example. But guys, I'm telling you, there's a reason for my madness. I know that some people think I'm insane. I'm a quack. Yeah, that's alright. You can think that. But there's one thing you can control. You can't control everything in life, okay? You just can't. But you can control what you eat and it's worth it. Think of that body which is fearfully and wonderfully made. Think of it. It's unreal how you can help regenerate the body when you think from your brain to your toes. And I mean it because you get a brand new skeleton. All of those things come in brand new every three months. Isn't that crazy? New blood. New skin. How many people have we helped with their skin? Okay, now I didn't even tell you about your microbiome. You know what? I think I'll do that tomorrow because it was a new study out. Change your bacteria. Okay, we'll talk about that.

Okay guys, we got a great week coming up. You wouldn't believe I got my notepad here. Let me give you some headlines. 10% of Americans over 12 years older are on antidepressants. We're going to talk about that. I think we'll get to it. Grains today, not good, not good. Study on grains. Insulin resistance, primary cause of heart disease. Hello, new study, thyroid. Boy, we had a lot of questions on question and answer Friday on the thyroid, didn't we? Well, I'm going to go into maybe a little bit more detail. Cause there was a, I like this new study that came up, chemical found in Splenda. This was on mainstream media, chemical found in Splenda, found to cause significant health effects. Not good. Stay away from that stuff.

Okay, and we'll talk about leaky gut tomorrow and how you can regenerate that gut. Amazing, amazing new study. Okay, guys, so don't be shy. Send your questions in. If you want me to a look at your blood work, send your blood work in, okay? And have I told you lately? You know what I'm going to say that I love you guys. It's all about you guys because you guys make this program. We're getting close to a million and a half downloads on our Doctor Is In podcast. That's you guys. Okay? That's you guys. So we appreciate it and we love you. We talk to you soon.

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