1099. Sick and Struggling: A Nation's Battle for Health


Dr. Martin often refers to the Titanic as a picture of the state of our health in North America. Disaster is pending and most people aren’t even aware.

According to some new stats, not only are we on the Titanic, but we’ve already hit the iceberg! 70% of adults are on at least one prescription medication, and that number quadruples after age 65. 71% of the population is overweight and 40% of those are classified as obese. On top of all this, there has been a 62% decrease in sperm count in men in the last 50 years!

Dr. Martin calls the entire situation an unmitigated disaster because it’s already here. We live in a sick nation with people who are physically and mentally sick.


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone. Once again, welcome to another live this morning. Guys, thanks for coming on. We appreciate it. Okay, let's get going. Let's talk about a sick nation. Okay, and guys, okay, unless I tell you differently when I say this article was written about the United States of America, okay? So the US but Canada, I blended. I wrote my book, Sun, Steak & Steel. Anytime I talked about America, I talked about North America, okay? Because I blend Canada and the USA together, when it comes to health statistics, there really isn't any difference that I can find. I mean, whatever I say about the USA, I'm saying it about Canada. But this article was written about the United States of America. Okay?

So listen to what a kind of sick nation, nations that we live in. It's incredible. And I guys this, I say this so often. All the tea in China, looking down the road, all the tea in China is not going to save us. All the money in the world, not going to save us from the absolute disaster that you and I live in health wise and coming down the road. And again, without being political, our leaders seem to be focused in on the climate. I'm focused in on our health. Because when it comes to disaster, guys, the statistics I'm going to give you right now is an unmitigated disaster. It's already here. It's already here. We live in sick nations, physically and mentally sick.

Now, let me give you a few of these statistics, okay? Brand new hot off the press, okay? 70% of adults, according to the Mayo Clinic. 70% of adults living in America are on prescription drugs. 70%. Okay, and I'm not telling you, and I never will tell you to get off a drug, I'm not telling you that. I'm just going to give you facts, just the facts. You have to be as old as me to appreciate that statement that came in the show, Dragnet, okay? I used to watch that. I liked it. And it was, man, just give me the facts. Just the facts. So I'm giving you facts. 70% of the population is on at least one prescription medication. When you get over 65 years old, the average is over five meds.

Okay, 71% of the population are overweight with 40% of those are actually classified as obese. You know, don't have to go far, go to the mall, go to stores, and they got the big section. People are just bigger. And 62% decrease in sperm count in men in the last 50 years, 62%. You want to talk about population control, like it's unreal. 62% decrease in sperm counts in men. And we'll unpack this a little bit so we can talk about these things and why you probably already know, but it's not a bad idea to go down the road and let's have a look at this.

But like I say, when I look to the future, when I look to the future, North America is not only on the Titanic, but they've hit the iceberg. They've already hit it and we're sinking like the Titanic did on its maiden voyage. We're sinking as a society and they think about the climate. And that's a big, big problem to our world leaders. But really the big problem is our health. It's our health because that'll collapse the economy. When 93% of the population have metabolic syndrome, metabolic syndrome is at the forefront of chronic disease, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's, diabetes, autoimmune, all the money in the world's not going to be able to come together. It'll collapse our economy.

And guys, it's right in front of us. We have created in North America a disease care health system. It's a system that is really focused in on people that are already sick. And then we spend a fortune trying to manage disease. Literally, guys, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out. It's sad. It bothers me. I wish I could be more optimistic, but we don't seem to be getting the memo. We're not taking it serious enough. And you know, you see these food companies, and again, I just got to tell you, here's the root of it. The food companies, there's eight to 10 that run the world. And they don't care about health. They just don't. They pretend. I read an article yesterday that they're now hiding again high fructose corn syrup.

Now you, I've written in books, you got to be sharp when you read a label because the food industry, they're smart. So what do they do? Natural sugar, no high fructose corn syrup is made in a lab. It is highly processed. It is devoid of nutrients. It is meant to hook you. It's meant to make addicts. And the food industry wants to turn people into addicts. Okay? I'm not blaming farmers. When you talk about produce and you talk about dairy and you talk about eggs and meat, no, I'm not talking about that. It's getting away from that. And the food industry don't care about your health. They care about customers. I'm sure there's some good people there that work in those industries. I know there are.

You just go down the cereal aisle and they're so powerful that they have literally the dietician industry, the profession hooked on the word moderation. Hooked on, you need carbohydrates. Your brain needs carbohydrates. Guys, those are lies. But if you say a lie long enough, just say it. Repeat, repeat. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. That's what they do. The food industry is the tobacco industry took it over. They just moved in the sixties and seventies. They moved over to the food industry. They knew how to hook people. They knew how to make addicts. And they got started. And look what's happened. Eggs are no good for you cause they give you cholesterol. Right? Propaganda, indoctrination. Cereal must be the best food in the world. It gives you fiber. They started the fiber craze and they lied about cholesterol and the world went for it. I'm going to give you an example.

If you were to take a survey, this has been done by the way, but let's say you and I did it. We did a survey and we got young people, so people under 20 and asked them, what is the biggest problem in the world today? And you know what they would say? Climate, almost invariably it would be over 90%. Cause that's what they hear in school. And it's the media's narrative doesn't matter. They just continuously preach it. Right? And again, it bothers me because the elephant in the room is food. It's a much bigger problem. But who am I right? In the scheme of things I want to teach because I just want people, and I know I have to undo this thinking, okay? But if you look at the young generation, they've already bought it. And I'm not optimistic that that's going to change. I'm not. It's an agenda.

So, food is the same thing, guys. They went after my parents and that generation, and they bought it. They bought that lie big time. Cholesterol is the boogeyman. Fiber is the savior. If you don't have fiber bought and paid for. They were geniuses. Think about it. A marketing strategy to change. They started with breakfast. They started with the first meal of the day. Look at the bacon and eggs. You are going to see dripping cholesterol. And guess what? Yeah, you might taste good, but boy, oh boy, will it clog your arteries. And the food industry is very smart. They say it, say it, and buy research to enforce it. They buy researchers and the medical profession, God bless them, okay? They don't know anything about food. They wouldn't know a protein if it slapped them in the face. They don't take nutrition in medical school.

Look, you guys, every one of my listeners, every one of you would be PhDs in nutrition compared to physicians. And I hate to say it, but it's true. They just don't know anything about food. And they took it too. You know what they took? They took the word moderation and they put it into their "cocombre" up here, and it's part of their thinking. And so you get cancer. True or false? You get cancer. What's food got to do with it? You get any advice on food? What's food got to do with cancer? That's doctors. Okay? Generally. And heart disease. Oh yeah. Well, now food's important. You better increase your fiber and don't eat eggs, meat and cheese. Why? Because that's going to give you cholesterol. And cholesterol is the boogeyman. I mean, one thing, the food industry influence medicine and medical schools.

As a matter of fact, food is so unimportant in medical school. You know what they did? They handed off even in the hospital to dieticians, they handed off because your doctor couldn't talk to you about food. Most doctors can't. In the seventies, I took 2000 hours of nutrition in the seventies, and I was taught traditionally, okay? It was coming in our classrooms. Oh, eggs, meat and cheese. But I knew better. I wasn't a smarty alec, I wasn't. It was just that my dad was smart and he taught me about sugar diabetes, and that changed my thinking. It's sugar diabetes. "Oh yeah, dad, what's that mean?" It means you can't have sugar. You and sugar don't get along.

And every chronic disease has massive roots to food. And because we got lied to, okay, we got lied to. It wasn't true. It was a propaganda thing where they wanted to change people's minds. And they started with breakfast and it worked. Now you have billions of dollars of sales of cereal, and you have thinking that is backwards. That says cholesterol is the root of heart disease. And now they're doubling down. You know what they're doing? The food industry, again, they're geniuses in marketing. You know what they're saying? Red meat. Big time responsible for cancer. Red meat especially. Oh, you can have some chicken if you want. Get some chicken fingers and chicken nuggets. They're good for you. But don't you dare eat red meat because not only heart, but cancer. Guys, I watched it happen. I've watched it happen and I get a migraine. It bothers me, but I know what they're up to. I know what they're up to. I know their strategy. I've watched it for the last 50 years.

And you know what? I do give them high fives. I do. Because I said, well, you did it. You did it. You convinced us. And now the Martin Clinic, we're just like a little revolutionary force. And we're fighting back. We're small, we're minority, and we're fighting back because it's not true. And then let me just say this, okay? Because you have a food industry that absolutely does not have a conscience when it comes to what they've done. They just don't. They double down on it. Think about it like Bill Gates and other elites, and man, they are geniuses at keeping up the narrative. And then you got big pharma, okay? You think they didn't want a piece of the action? Well, they jumped in and they said, man, oh man. Oh man. Oh man. Oh man. There's money to be had.

And if cholesterol, okay, if cholesterol is a big problem, we better get that cholesterol down. If you're over 65, I think it's 90 something percent of the population are on statin drugs to lower cholesterol. They have a hissy fit. You go into your doctors and they read blood work and ugh, I don't care what's going on. Look at your cholesterol. It's high. You're going to die of a heart attack. You probably won't even make it home. How did they learn that? How did your doctor learn that? What's obviously in medical schools, right? Yep. Bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry. Big pharma. They're not stupid either. They go after you, but they don't start with you. They start with physicians, right in medical school.

Cholesterol, you're going to lose your license if you don't lower cholesterol. Do you know that red meat? Okay, doctor, they don't know anything about food, but your doctor probably likes steak. But the powers to be are telling them steak. Well, I know you like it, but it ain't good for you. Even though it's got all the vitamins, all the minerals, all the macros that you need. Remember, in the 1950s, doctors were so concerned about B12. There wasn't a doctor in North America that wasn't giving out B12 shots in their practice. I betcha there wasn't one. You think they didn't know the importance in the 1950s about B12? Oh, you're tired. Here's some B12. Like there were no question. And they give you a shot. They give you an intramuscular shot. Physicians that's what they do. Today, you got to drill their teeth without anesthetic to get a B12 shot.

You know, you know me. Go to every senior home, every senior home, every senior home. You want to make them better? Give them B12. I'd give 'em a shot every day if I could. They're so low. They're B12. Even if it's normal, that's normal for a mouse, not for a human being. They don't eat red meat. Very little. "Oh doc, I'm cholesterol medication. You know how you don't want me to eat any red meat, do you?" Yeah, I think you should. It'll make your heart stronger. No, but guys, I'm telling you, it's the way it is. So Brenda, your B12 is high. Good. That's what you want. You want high B12. I know it gets flagged, and I laugh when I see a flag around B12. They discourage physicians about B12. They discourage them. Could be toxic. I've never seen the case of it ever in 50 years. Oh, I know why. You're in the emergency here. Your B12 is high. No wonder you're sick as a dog. I get a headache.

Look at the statistics. Look what's happening in our world. 70% of adults are on a prescription drug. And the number one drug of all time is a cholesterol lowering medication called a statin drug. 71% are overweight. It's food. Your brain doesn't work without carbs, you know? You need wheat and grain cereal. You're just going to die if you don't get enough fiber in your diet. You should see how people believe that. They just believe it. My parents' generation, unreal. My generation, unreal. Fiber, the superstar of food. No, it's devoid. It's devoid of nutrient. And then they make this up. Here's how they make it up. Oh, you know what? You know the new kid on the block in terms of medicine, one of the newest things is the study of the microbiome, right? They're geniuses. Your microbiome feeds on fiber. No, it doesn't. No, it doesn't. Your microbiome feeds on steak.

The bad guys, your bad bacteria plus yeast, fungus feeds on sugar, my friend. And when you're eating fiber mostly, look, I got no problem with someone eating fruits and vegetables. I just don't. So don't say that I do. I don't. The problem is people live on that, and you're not supposed to be living on that. Your body was never designed to live on fruits and vegetables. I'm sorry. It's not true. It's devoid of the proteins, the amino acids that are bioavailable. There's no B12 or vitamin D in food in the plant kingdom. There's none. What's that mean? Well, don't live on it. That's what it means. People think if they have a big number two, they win the prize of some kind. Your body's not designed, you know, it's not.

When I read this article, 62% decrease in sperm count in the last 50 years. Guys, we have to have immigration. Okay? I mean it, because left to us, we're not going to have enough kids. Maybe that's by design. I don't know. Okay. Okay. I get excited. I get a little angry. I do. The Bible says you can be angry, but don't sin. Okay? I come to the edge of it where I want to sin, but I have to have self-control. Okay? And so I'm just teaching. I remember when I used to give courses, doctors could go take courses for continuing education. They have to take so many hours every year. Okay? I worked for an outfit. I was a part-time teacher. They loved me because I used to, oh man, I give it to them both barrels. I said, my two year old knows more about nutrition than you guys. They must have fired me because I haven't been asked back. It's been a lot of years.

Okay guys, tomorrow off. Okay, I'm off tomorrow. I'm traveling. Okay? Traveling tomorrow, okay? But we'll be back Thursday, okay? So let everybody know. And we love you dearly. I mean it guys, you guys, again, when I bring this thing out to you today, this newest health article, which is very frightening. It is pessimistic. It is all of the above. But you guys are smarter than that. You don't get duped. Don't get duped. Okay? Love you. Talk to you soon.

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