1081. Mind-Metabolism Marvels: Unraveling the Mystery


We have a major problem in the world today in terms of health, and would you believe the cause is pre-existing conditions? That’s right… They all have the same root cause, and it’s metabolic syndrome.

Dr. Martin says there are 3 major epidemics happening today… obesity is the first, metabolic syndrome the second, and the third is mental health. We truly have a mental health crisis in North America, and it’s getting worse.

Join Dr. Martin to learn why pre-existing conditions are linked to what’s happening in our world in terms of health.


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone. How you doing? Hope you're having a great start to your day and we are looking forward to our little session together. Okay? Now, if you guys remember this book, the Metabolic Reset, by the way, coming back in my new book, Sun, Steak and Steel, coming soon, the Reset is back in it. Okay? So for those who want a hard copy and not the one online, it's coming back the Reset. I've rewritten the Reset, the Metabolic Reset in my new book. Okay? It's in them, okay? Coming to a theater near you. Okay? Now in this, I started out in the preamble by saying what, okay, I don't know if you guys remember this, okay? It was the elephant in the room. Houston, we have a problem, okay? And that's what I want to talk to you about today. And I want to put these things together because they come together. 

What's the problem? The major problem in the world today in terms of health? Is it a virus? Is it? No, the elephant in the room, even during the virus, was not the virus, it was pre existing conditions. And what they didn't tell you with pre existing conditions is that they were all the same. Those preexisting conditions, they all came out of one root cause. What was that cause? Metabolic syndrome, right? I was screaming blue murder because we had a problem and we went about it the wrong way. And now, you know, go back and what do they call that? Monday morning quarterbacking. You go back and look. And I hate to tell you I was right because the only people that succumbed to the virus with almost no exception, was what? People that had metabolic syndrome, they had preexisting conditions like diabetes. 

And we closed the whole world over that. Of course, one of the biggest things that I screamed about was getting people out of the sun. Ooh, that drove me crazy. I happened to be in Florida when they were closing the beaches and I was lucky. I knew I couldn't change it. When I can't change something or I can't change somebody's mind, I stopped talking. Hey, you don't want to listen. I'm not wasting my time. So I talked to a few politicians, they weren't listening. I talked to physicians. I figured, okay, I know the way you're trained, but would you admit this? The only people that are at risk are the ones that have preexisting conditions. If you're healthy, guys, I talked about this all the time, about the importance of your immune system, and that's why guys, this is why Vitamin D was suppressed, was poo-pooed. 

You couldn't talk about it. Not in the mainstream media. Anyway. So today, Houston, we still got a problem. Big problem. I want to talk to you today and put this together, okay? I want to talk to you today about our problem. If you looked at our health problems today, what are the main problems? Obesity. Look around, use your eyeballs. Visualize what's happened to people. We got a lot bigger and not in a good way. Okay, one, two, metabolic syndrome and metabolic syndrome can happen to skinny people too. Obesity for sure to metabolic syndrome characterized by, okay, what is metabolic syndrome? Why does 93% of the population have metabolic syndrome? It's astounding. High blood pressure, higher than normal blood sugar, high triglycerides, low hdl, and visceral fat, belly fat. And I add uric acid to it. Okay? I do that just because I believe that that's a biomarker for metabolic syndrome. 

Okay? High blood pressure epidemic today. High blood sugar epidemic today. High triglycerides epidemic today, low hdl, low cholesterol epidemic today. Okay? And visceral fat. Okay, fat for a lot of people. Fat that you can't see because they talk about belly fat and yep, you can see that. But what you can't see is fat around the organs. Look behind me. For those who are watching on Facebook, look behind me. See that? Five pounds of fat, okay? And on the podcasts, visualize it. This big ugly yellow glove that is a foot long and six inches wide. And I'll tell you something, if that wraps around an organ, heart, liver, gut, dangerous, dangerous, it has a life of its own. Okay? So one, obesity, you can see it. Two metabolic syndrome. Can't necessarily see it, but you can measure it by blood work. Why do you think, guys, that I want you, I encourage you. 

Send me your blood work. I'll tell you whether you have metabolic syndrome or not, whether you have the condition insulin resistance in your body. Okay? Big problem. Because you can take a direct line from metabolic syndrome. Okay? The world hasn't figured this out yet, you guys have. But you can take a direct line and go right over. And what is the major cause of heart disease? The number one killer in society today? What is it? It's high triglycerides and low H D L, high blood pressure. And even though it's within normal limits, it can be in the upper range of blood sugar. What does blood sugar do? What does it do? It destroys your blood vessels. So you have a direct connection between metabolic syndrome and a direct connection. Heart disease, and we talked about this yesterday. There's a direct line between metabolic syndrome and cancer. 

Okay? A direct line. Now I'm not saying every cancer is that, but one thing we know cancer needs fuel. Cancer cells need to eat just like other cells, except they have a preference. What did I tell you all the time? Cancer hates steak. Even though the world would tell you, oh, don't you eat red meat because that go give you cancer. Don't you eat red meat? Cause that going give you heart disease. That's the way the world thinks. But they're dead wrong because cancer does not survive on steak. Cancer hates eggs, hates them. Cancer hates cheese. 

It just hates it. It can't feed on it. Okay? So I know what they say, what they say. Who are they? Remember you got to go behind the scenes, okay? You got to go behind the scenes. I was teaching the young people this weekend in North Carolina go behind the scenes of the world and see how the world operates. Go behind the scenes, don't get caught into the flow, and people don't even think anymore. It just, oh, it must be true. I see people today, even today, here we are, 2023 and people, they wear a mask still and they think it's protecting them from a virus. I mean, the first day in medical school, the first day they teach you viruses. They're so stinkin small, you can't protect yourself from that. You better have a good immune system. Now, they don't teach that in medical school anymore, but they should.

You can't protect yourself from a virus. You have to do it internally, but they don't listen. So you got obesity, you got metabolic syndrome. 93% of the population and what is it in the United States, in Canada, 50% of the population are obese. 80% of the population is overweight. We got big problems. What in the heck happened with all the scientific advancements that there is in society? And here we are. We're worse health wise than ever. Yeah, because we've lost our collective minds. We are not thinking the world's like gravity. There's a constant pull to conform. Don't question the authorities, don't question the elites. And they have narratives. One of the narratives is the climate. You don't even want to get me started. Okay? Can I guarantee you one thing in Sudbury, Ontario, we get winter and the day we don't. You can talk to me about the climate changing. Climate changes every day. Just live in the north. Anyway, I don't want to get into that. That's political. That's political. 

Oh, by the way, remember with metabolic syndrome, you got to understand how I think metabolic syndrome draw a straight line across and you got heart disease. Draw a straight line across cancer, draw a straight line across, and you got Alzheimer's. And I'm going to come back to that in a minute and draw a straight line across. And you got diabetes, which is again, you talk about an epidemic today. Now, the third major problem that we have in our health today, obesity, metabolic syndrome, which is heart disease, which is cancer, which is Alzheimer's, which is diabetes, okay? It's metabolic. 

And the connection is on the third one. You know what it is? What is a major crisis in our society today? Major mental health. Mental health. We have, and I'm not throwing this word lightly around a mental health crisis in North America. Big time. Big time. And all I'm going to say to you is the more they research mental health, the more that the traditional thinking of mental health is being turned upside down. For those who will listen this summer of 2022 ought to have turned the mental health profession and professionals. It ought to turn them on their heads. What did they say? Depression is not a chemical imbalance. What? 

No, it's not. Bipolar is not a chemical imbalance. All came out in the summer of 2022. Study all the reviews of all the studies. And what they were looking at is why does antidepressants now, here was the question, why is medication really not working? It was almost like what's the difference between placebo and SSRIs that are like candy today They're giving out. And they found out, man, we haven't done well with traditional medicine. We just haven't done well. And the research was showing in depression, in bipolar and the third one, Alzheimer's. That Alzheimer's was not protein in the brain. Amyloid plaque. It's not. And again, it doesn't mean that there's none of that there. It just means that's not the cause. That's what they said. Now, did the mental health professionals changed? Did they repent with sack cloth and actress? Not even a bit. Not even a bit. 

So don't wait for medicine to change. I e example, cholesterol. Don't wait for them to change their mind. I've been telling you guys, and I've been telling my patients, I've been telling people on a radio show for years and years and years and years and years and years and years, cholesterol's not the cause of heart disease. If it was, we would've fixed it by now. It's just not. It's not. Well, it is. I shouldn't say it's not because cholesterol is a problem when it's low. Your heart's in trouble when your cholesterol is low. What have I taught you guys? What have I taught my audience? 

What's in your lipids? They don't even look at it. Fat balls. Triglycerides, not cholesterol. You won high cholesterol. Oh, Dr. Martin, what about my total cholesterol? Well, good. Is it high? What about my L D L? They made L and now they got light pole protein and they make it up. Don't wait. Don't wait for health professionals to change their mind. It's not going to happen. If it does, it won't be rapid. I can't see it. And it doesn't matter how much I scream. Look, you get me. Okay? Why am I so passionate? Okay, well, because the truth will set you free. I'm passionate about that. Now when I see someone lying, I can't handle it. I can't handle it. It bothers me. You just got to go back to some basics in physiology, in biochemistry. I mean, again, I'll bring you to cholesterol. Since when this cholesterol bad for you. When I was in school, cholesterol wasn't bad for you. Not as far as looking at numbers or whatever. They didn't talk about it. Cause they didn't have statin drugs yet. That's how old I am now. The food industry was talking about cholesterol. The cereal companies were talking about cholesterol. Dr. Kellogg's was talking about cholesterol being bad. Why? Because they wanted to sell you a lie. That cereal is better than bacon and eggs. It started with that. And margarine is better than butter. 

That doesn't have cholesterol. Do you remember that? I know, I know. I'm ancient. But when that happened, I was screaming. That's not true. Day one, in biochemistry, you can't live without cholesterol. Your cells are made up of cholesterol, your brain is made up of cholesterol, your eyeballs are made up of cholesterol. You need cholesterol. Why? Because they're transporters. They make up your cells. Plus they're FedX on the highway and byways of your blood vessels. They're the good guys. They're the firemen, they're the police. They're the good guys. They're not bad guys. And now of a sudden, it almost changed overnight. I'm not kidding you. Cholesterol became the boogeyman. Holy moly, the boogeyman. They said it. They said it. They said it. They said it. And guess what? It's a narrative. And you better follow suit and doctors because they forgot about nutrition. They don't even get it taught. They don't think about it. Well, must be true. Research is showing. Yeah. Research paid by the pharmaceutical companies. They haven't even made a dent in heart disease. Heart disease is worse than ever. I rest my case. 

Coming back to mental health. They're connected. It isn't what they thought. Including Alzheimer's, which is the third leading cause of death in Canada and the United States. And number one in the United Kingdom. It's the leading cause of death in the United Kingdom. Why is that? Amyloid plaque? Nope, it's not that. It's metabolic syndrome of the brain. And now they're getting very specific. You know what it is in the brain? It's your battery packs, your mitochondria, and what changes your mitochondria? Think about it. What changes your mitochondria? Their battery packs, fuel. And what happens in the brain is this, your brain is overfed, but undernourished. That is a huge underlying cause of mental health problems over feeding of the brain. And undern nourishing the brain. Too much and too little. What are crappy carbs? It's fuel. Alright, with void of nutrients. So your mitochondria or your battery packs, which takes your food and turns it into fuel ATP, okay, you got a lot of garbage coming at that mitochondria.

And the mitochondria, you know what? It's overfed, but undernourished. And now you've get a bad fuel burning. You know me in my analogies, okay? You know me in that wood stove, you have a long camel, okay? You want to heat it, you're going to bed and you want the fire to last. You put paper on the wood stove or do you burn logs? Do you know the answer to that? Okay, last week I got on an airplane. Okay? Now did they put 87 octane in the plane? The trucks that come up and put fuel in those jets, what kind of fuel are they using? Jet fuel. It's 99% Octa, those jets. I'm sorry, that ain't 87. Okay, at the gas pump? No, no, no. It's 99.9. It's a different fuel and your brain operates on a different fuel if you will give it the right fuel. And what they're saying now, the new research is coming out. They're saying that we've been looking for love in all the wrong places when it comes to mental health. Now, I'm not saying there's no emotions involved. I'm not saying there's no family dynamics. I'm not saying any of that. But what I am saying is this. 

Why is it that some people, okay, because it's a good question asked. You put two people and you put them in the same environment, a bad home, bad everything, and one thrives and the other one doesn't. They're the canary in the coal mine type of thing. It's fuel my friend. You go back, it's fuel. The problem is with mental health, okay? This was always something that I've said by the way, because I used to see it in autistic kids, a D D and A D H D. And I used to tell the parents it's fuel. Yeah, they're the canary in the coal mine. Their brain is hypersensitive. They're the canary in the coal of mine. One of your children. They're getting away with it. Bad eating. But you see this little guy or this little girl, they don't get away with it. I said, they really have diabetes of the brain. 

What? Yeah, they got diabetes of the brain. They don't do well with a bad fuel. They just don't. They need high octane. I remember telling the kid, I had to explain to the parents and then I had to explain to the child, the children are very smart, by the way. They are really smart. They watch parents like a hawk. Okay? They're really intelligent. So I used to look at little Johnny and say, Johnny, listen to me. You are special. What? Yeah, you're special. Okay? You're special. You need special fuel. What? I said, well, listen, I'm going to tell you a story about my car. Okay? I had a sports car, boys like cars, okay, little boys. I said, look, I had a sports car. And when I bought it, the guy who sold it to me said, listen, when you go to the gas station, don't you put that cheap fuel in there. 

You got a turbo engine. Put the turbo fuel. In those days, it was 93 or 94. I can't remember. I said, okay, I don't know anything about it, but if you tell me that's what I'm going to do. I told little Johnny, you are special. Your brain is special. Yeah, yeah. It's special. It needs high octane fuel. Okay? When you see all your little buddies, they're eating sugar and ice cream and cookies and that kind of stuff. Your brain don't like that stuff. I said, you're special. They loved that when they found out they were special. So when you see somebody that's depressed, they're special. Someone that's autistic, they're special. They're not worthless. They're special. They need a different view. That's all. 

Okay, guys, you know what tomorrow is? It's question and answer Friday. Okay? So send in your questions, okay? Send in your questions. We love you guys more than you. No, yeah. More than How could I do any of this without you? I couldn't. I'd have no venue. Okay. I'd have no venue. Thanks for putting up with my rants and I mean that. Okay? I appreciate it. But you can see for me, I'm passionate about it. Okay? We can't solve all the world problems. Okay? Well, we can start with us. Okay. Joshua said, as for me, and he said, my house, we will serve the Lord. That's what he said. And I say, as for me and my house, we're going to eat the right fuel. There we go. Okay. Love you guys. Talk to you, son. 

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