1066. The Insulin-Immune Connection: Exploring Autoimmunity


It has recently been discovered that when you have insulin resistance, it causes your body to create antibodies. Antibodies in themselves aren’t a problem, but when you start producing too many, the body can mistakenly attack its good cells. It’s autoimmune when this starts happening!

Dr. Martin says that eliminating sugars and carbohydrates from your diet is the best way to reduce insulin resistance. This discovery is another reason why you don’t want to be a carboholic!

Join Dr. Martin as he looks at a hodgepodge of different studies in today’s episode.


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Dr. Martin:  Good morning everyone, and once again, welcome to another live this morning. Hope you're having a great start to your day, and it's always good to be with you. Okay, let's get going. I got sort of a hodgepodge of just different studies I've looked at and we'll pontificate a little bit this morning on different ones. Here's one if you have a cold. Okay, so this is talking about if you already have a cold, here's what they're saying. Eating sugar will increase the duration of the cold. Okay? That's interesting, isn't it? Look, okay. I always tell people this, okay? People that tell me they never, ever get a cold or never get sick, well, good for you, but that's the exception, not the rule. I mean, 99.9%, the folks out there going to catch a cold, okay? And I've always talked to you about your immune system, and there's always things that make you more susceptible to a cold, okay?

One, vitamin D, vitamin D. Any virus. Any virus. Vitamin D is essential. Okay? So when they were clearing the beaches, remember that? It wasn't Normandy, it was the first day of the shutdown. I remember I was in Florida, they were shutting the beaches, and I was John the Baptist in the wilderness. Guys. I know why they did it. Cause they wanted everyone to go home and because they said it's going to spread. But I was trying to tell anyone that would listen. I said, listen, Linda, listen, the sun, the sun is the best thing to fight a virus. I was right. I was telling folks yesterday, because I have to do it almost every day that people are always asking me. And it happened twice yesterday actually, on our private Facebook group. You know, what about vitamin D? Well, listen guys, there's a war on vitamin D. I'm sorry. It doesn't make it true. They just want to tell you not to be careful. Don't get in the sun and vitamin D, the supplement, no good for you. And you're going to hear it over and over and over again because there's a war on vitamin D. So to prevent a cold, vitamin D.

Two, get some sleep. The connection between the immune system and sleep, cortisol, okay, is incredible. Studies are confirming it, and I've been saying this for so long, just that if you don't get a good night's sleep, your immune system goes down. Okay? And then this study is saying, well, if you already have a cold, what you eat is important. I guess when you don't feel good, you're probably going to reach for some of those crappy carbohydrates. But this study is telling you don't do that. Don't do that, because it's just going to extend the duration of your cold. Okay? So that was interesting. And then I was reading a study, okay, insulin resistance, okay? So we all know what that is. Has a unique profile of creating 19 antibodies. Okay? What does that mean, doc? Okay, I don't want to get into the weeds, but let me explain as I unpack this study. What it's saying is when you have insulin resistance, okay?

Now remember, insulin resistance is the root cause of metabolic syndrome, okay? Insulin resistance is the root cause of metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome, 93% of the population have metabolic syndrome, meaning that they are in trouble. They might not even know it. Nobody's told them they're not listening to our podcasts, because I talk about insulin resistance all the time. Cells become resistant to insulin. We talked about three ways last week that that can happen besides food, but primarily why are people on the Titanic as far as their health goes because of food, sugar, crappy carbs. Crappy carbs are made up of two bad things. They're going to be sugar rapidly, and they're made in bad oils far from being vegetable oils, but that's what they call 'em are seed oils. Okay? Really bad. It gives you a double whammo, okay? But let me get back to this. So insulin resistance, is that the root? Here's, that's what they're saying. Okay? It's one of the root causes of antibodies being produced in your body. What does that mean? Well, that's autoimmune.

Now guys, if you've been around me long enough, you know the way I talk. Any autoimmune, okay, you want me to give you a list? Any autoimmune alopecia, ALS, type I diabetes, irritable bowel disease, Crohn's, ulcerative colitis, MS, Parkinson's, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid, Hashimotos or Graves, those are autoimmune. Okay? Lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome is autoimmune. Now, again, you guys have been around with me for a while. No. And anytime I talk about autoimmune, I talk about leaky gut. Okay? So your gut has a barrier, or at least it should, but a lot of people have a barrier, but it's not working. It's like the southern border of the United States. Okay? Look, I'm not getting into politics, I'm just telling you what the truth is, okay? People come across the southern border of the United States every day. I don't blame them, okay? That's all I'll say politically. I don't blame them. If I lived down in the third world and I could get my tail to the United States, I would probably try and do it myself.

But isn't that a good description of a leaky border? Well, that's what you have in your gut. You have a barrier between your gut and your blood. Blood should be pristine, okay? Blood should be pristine. Why? It's the river of life. It goes everywhere from your brain to your toes. You need blood supply, brings oxygen, brings nutrients, brings healing. But what if garbage comes in through leaky gut? Okay? What can get in there? Well, bacteria, bad guys, toxins that should have ended up in the toilet can come into your bloodstream. Yep. Yeast, I talk about this all the time. Fungus, candida can get into your bloodstream and spread like wild flower, okay? And so I always talk about that whenever I would see autoimmune, I'm aiming at the person's gut. And by the way, okay, let me just say this because someone, it was on our private Facebook group yesterday, and maybe they'll ask the question on Friday and I'll go over it. I read somewhere that you shouldn't take probiotics, okay?

Now, I love people questioning me. I mean it. Question, how are you going to get any answers if you don't ask questions? So I never minimized questions. Remember, I did a radio show live for 20 years. People would call in. It was a call in show, very popular in Windsor in that area with Lynn Martin. They would call in and ask me questions live. They weren't screened ahead of time. But I liked that. How do you think you're going to get info? Okay, but somebody said yesterday on the Facebook, I read that taking probiotics is not good for you. Now, see my face, my cortisol's going up. I wasn't angry with the person. I'm angry with the article they read. Ooh, I've been using probiotics for 40 years, and they're good for you. Why? Because they help knit your border. They help block garbage from coming into your bloodstream. Probiotics do a lot of things. The more they study the microbiome, the more they realize what they don't know.

What did I read the other day? I think there's 1900 in the last year, 1900 new studies on the microbiome and medicine. Hello? I don't know if they're going to get the memo, but they should. Whenever you see autoimmune, whenever the body turns on itself, auto immune, the immune system is wonky. It's not working right? It's turning on itself. Why? Look to the gut, leaky gut, and I've talked to you about this thousands of times. One of the biggest causes today of leaky gut is the destruction of your good bacteria caused by something that was supposed to save your life. Antibiotics. It's a double edged sword, my friend. I've been warning, screaming, shouting. We're overdoing it with antibiotics. They are everywhere. Everywhere. They're in our food chain. They are everywhere. Are you leaving the planet? You're not? Well, not soon, good. Well, this is for you. You need to be on probiotics. I don't care who you are. No, but we just live in that world, my friend. What can I tell you? What can I tell you? We live in that world, okay? I wish we didn't have any chemicals that we were worried about. We didn't have to worry about antibiotics. We didn't have to worry about anti whatever. I wish it were, but it's not so, okay? It's not so.

So, take your probiotics. I'm sorry. You know what? Folks, we're not talking billions of bacteria. We're talking about trillions of bacteria in your body. You need balance. You're never going to get rid of bad bacteria. People that use those antibacterial soaps, that gives me a migraine. You're stripping away even your good guys. You don't want to do that. Use the old-fashioned soap and water. Okay? So that was all about the gut. You know me, I get on rabbit trails and it's hard to get me back. But this study was showing that when you have insulin resistance, when you are a carboholic, my name is Tony and I'm a carboholic, okay? Reformed. Once you're a carboholic, you're always a carboholic. But I understand that. I understand my weaknesses. So discipline. But back to the study. Now what they're saying is it's a huge factor in autoimmune disease. Huge factor. Leaky gut. Yep, yep, yep. And insulin resistance. Big. Why do you think I love the reset even more and more and more and more? I read this article yesterday and I said, man, oh man. It's confirming.

It's confirming the importance of resetting the body. It will really help even in autoimmune. Yes, for sure. You want to fix that gut, leaky gut. Stop the leak, stop those toxins from coming into bloodstream, regenerate your microbiome. Yes, yes, yes, very important. But then food, lower insulin resistance. How do you do that? You lower your intake of carbohydrates. That's what creates insulin resistance. Okay? When we insist on eating carbs, bread, pasta, rice, cereals, sugar, sweets, pastries, bread, bagels, muffins, milk, yada, yada, yada. Those cause insulin resistance. Why? Because your body gets tired of seeing insulin coming around the block all the time and headed directly for your house to knock on the door of your cells and your cells, eventually, you know what they do? Stop coming. But insulin being a very bad neighbor, they're not listening, Linda. They keep coming and coming and coming. As long as a person insists on eating crappy carbohydrates that turn to sugar rapidly. It's just the way it is. Don't shoot the messenger. I'm just telling you the way it is. That's how your body operates.

And now they're saying, when you have insulin resistance, it creates antibodies. Here's what an antibody is, okay? It flags things, okay? It flags things. So you eat something, your antibodies go, okay, let it in. That's a good guy. Okay? But sometimes antibodies can get messed up and they flag good guys and they attach to them because they see them as invaders when they're really not. My friend, that's autoimmune. Always leaky gut and research is showing, new research is showing always leaky gut, always. And number two, insulin resistance. So fix your gut, repair the leak, replenish the bacteria, put the good guys in. Put the good guys in. Replenish plus, eliminate carbohydrates. Totally. Well, yeah, for 30 days, I would you got any kind of autoimmune? Your thyroid is into Hashimoto or Graves or your joints, rheumatoid or hair alopecia, skin eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, digestive, Crohns, IBD, Celiac. Okay? All of those, they respond to two things. Fix the gut and fix food. Fix the food. It really works.

Okay, so I got all over this study, okay? Just on sugar, we know that it puts your white blood cells to sleep, immunity. Your white blood cells go to sleep for an hour. They have a siesta. You have sugar and your white blood cells fall asleep. Okay? You can Google this or go YouTube and watch a white blood cell. I used to show my patients this all the time. Okay, look at your white blood cell. It's chasing a bacteria. You can't see it chasing a virus. When you look at blood under a powerful microscope, you see the activity of your white blood cells. It's incredible. Okay? They're like kamikazi pilots. They don't care, man. They'll move your red blood cells, they'll move everything out of the way. I always find it fascinating. I never, never ever got tired of looking at that stuff.

I looked at that and I'd say there is a God. That don't happen by chance. Okay? That's what I used to say, but I was always fascinated by white blood cells. They fascinated me. Okay? The different types and how they chase around. And if you gave the person sugar, how they would go to sleep, like snoring within a second, okay? You're eating sugar, your white blood cells go to sleep. Now your immune system's going down. But when you develop insulin resistance, which is too much crappy carbs and sugars over a period of time, we all know what it does for metabolic syndrome. We all know what it does for cancer. We all know what sugar does for cancer. We all know what sugar does for heart disease. We all know what sugar does for Alzheimer's. Type three diabetes. Right, we know them. I mean, we obviously know what sugar does for diabetes. We know that. We didn't know is that sugar flags antibodies. The body turns on itself and is a factor in autoimmune disorder.

And by the way, autoimmune disorders are on steroids, my friend today. What do I mean by that? They're out of control. Look, I always sort of specialized in autoimmune. I saw lots of it, but because of food, because of leaky gut, it's getting worse and worse and worse and worse and worse, not better. All the advancements in medicine, all the advancements in science, all the advancements of mankind, and yet when it comes to chronic disease, we're losing the battle. And I've always said it. It's because we're looking for love in all the wrong places. So someone gets autoimmune, what do they do? Steroids, prednisone. We better lower that inflammation. Yeah, I get it. You want relief, but that ain't fixing the problem at all. So send this message out. Anybody you know that has any kind of autoimmune disorder, let them know. Let 'em know lovingly, okay? Do it lovingly. Let 'em know, how about you listen to this podcast, give a listen on the new research on autoimmune. Absolutely incredible.

Ah, that was fun. I enjoyed every minute of that, okay. Guys, we got a great week. What's Friday? Question and answer Friday. So send in your question. Like I said, I appreciate your questions. Okay? I really do. Okay. I want you to question, okay? I want you to question, okay. And share this. You can do that. Get your friends to join the friends and family to join the Martin Clinic Private Facebook group. Boy, we love that group. You guys are great. Okay? And as you can tell, I go in there every once in a while, either to post something myself or to answer questions. I see stuff or my staff see stuff and they say, doc, get in there and put your two pennies in. Okay? Hey guys, we love you. We'll talk to you soon.

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