1064. Q&A with Dr. Martin


Dr. Martin answers questions sent in by our listeners.

Some of today’s topics include:

  • Loss of vitamins when cooking
  • Poor vitamin absorption
  • Macadamia milk
  • Cod liver oil vs. DHA
  • Sugar free gum
  • Sources of coQ10 
  • Glaucoma & cataracts
  • Chronic urticaria
  • B12 & ubiquinol
  • Nitrates in meats


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone, and once again, welcome to another live this morning. Hope you're having a great start to your day. Guess what today is? It's question and answer Friday. Okay, let's get to our questions this morning. Joanne. Good question. Joanne is asking, "how much vitamins do we lose when we cook?" She's talking about absorption. Well, look, that depends. Look, cooking. You eat a steak, you better cook it. If you eat a hamburger, you better cook it. You're not going to cook it and you're not losing vitamins when you cook it because if you did, you could never eat meat. I mean, meat's got to be cooked, right? Fish, I mean, you got to cook it. I guess you could eat some fish raw, but generally there's very little vitamins lost. Now if you overcook, I guess you could lose some of the vitamins.

But guys, I don't look at just vitamins like when you eat, and this is why I'm so big on eating everything first, right? When I say vitamin S, I mean it. It's got everything you can think of in there from protein, fat, the amino acids, minerals and vitamins. That's why it's a perfect food. It really is. It's a perfect food. And you get some vegetables. I guess if you cook them, you might lose a little bit, but I would tell you, Joanne, I wouldn't even worry about that because you are getting everything pretty well that you need. And yeah, I guess you lose a little bit when you cook some vegetables or whatever, but you got to cook meat. And I found over the years, just when I tested people nutritionally and they started eating well and better, you know what? All of their levels of vitamins and that went up.

Okay? Now the other part of it is you said poor absorption. Well, that's another issue. I mean, yesterday we talked about B12 and a lot of people, they might eat their steak and yet below in b12, and that's because they're not absorbing their b12. That's an absorption problem. That's a digestive problem. A lot of people have trouble with the upper gi. Their stomach doesn't have enough facility and therefore they have trouble with that. So every individual is different, and those people often have to fix the problem. That's why I love digestive enzymes. I'm big on that. That's why I love probiotics. Probiotics help you to absorb nutrients. That's one of the things that those bacteria do. The good ones on your side, they help to absorb nutrients. So there's a lot of factors there. Joanne, and thank you for the question. Well, you're asking, I don't know if this is the same, Joanne or not.

I can't eat steak every day. How much red meat do I have to eat to get the vitamins my body needs? Well, we're speaking specifically there. Red meat is very specific to b12. And again, if you don't have a malabsorption syndrome, the best way to look at B12 in a sense is you got to optimize your b12, Joanne. So I like 800 to 1200. So if you can get your blood work done, that'll give you a real good clue as to how much B12 you're absorbing the nut. But I would say as a rule of thumb, red meat, steak, hamburger, lamb, roast beef, all the red meat, I would say two to three times a week minimum. And even more than that if you can, because it's so good for you, there's nothing better for you than that, okay? You were meant to eat red meat.

You were meant to eat meat for sure. And red meat, absolutely. Because if God put B12 in red meat, he wouldn't have told you not to eat it. Think of him. And your stomach was bill for steak. I argue that all the time. Your stomach was built for steak. And when you don't eat steak, you're in doo doo, you're in trouble because your body was made for it. And people today, they think they're smarter. There's indoctrination about not eating red meat. It's craziness. There's a war on red meat, just like there's a war on vitamin b12. Okay? So can't eat steak every day. Yeah, I get it. Okay, I get it. 

Francis, “is unsweetened Macadamia milk. Okay, for what? You didn't say. For what? Okay to drink. Why do you want to drink that stuff? Why do you want to drink anything other than coffee and water and Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie. And there you're using cream. To be honest, I don't like plant milks. I don't. I don't. They're not the health food that they tell you they are. Okay? And when you drink plant milk, you're going to get a lot of oxalates, okay? And I would tell you to be very careful about that. There's no reason to drink that stuff. Drink water and coffee. Okay, you can have a tea. Okay, good question. Doris. I hear Dr. Martin talking about D H A. Well, I'll tell you why. Let's, before I even get to your question, why do I talk about D H A? Well, because your brain is made up of D H A. About 60% of it is d h a fat long chain fatty acids. That's what that is. So if someone calls you fathead, you take it as a compliment. 

Okay, Doris. Now I wonder if taking cod liver oil is just as good as taking D H A. No, it's not. But it's still good cod liver oil is excellent for vitamin A. Okay, so steak, vitamin A, I like cod liver oil. It's good for you. There's nothing wrong with it. You get vitamin D. Why do you think the Inuit, why are they low in vitamin D? They certainly don't get no sun, but they eat a lot of cod and cod liver oil. They eat that organ. They love seal. They take seal and they eat the liver and they get an oil from it, and they get vitamin A for their immune system and they get vitamin D. Look at cod liver oil. I was given as a kid, I was given cod liver oil as a kid because they were scared in those days. They didn't even know what it did for your immune system. All they were thinking of was rickets, bowing of the legs, the bones. They were worried about that. That was the way they gave vitamin D, but they didn't even realize how good it was like with vitamin A too. And vitamin A is good for your eyeballs and it's good for your immune system. Remember what I taught you about vitamin A? It's your invisible mask. Don't wear a mask. Don't wear the other mask. They don't work. They really don't.

Okay? But the invisible mask works, because it protects your eyes, this is where the viruses and the bacteria go in. And when you're eating steak or cod liver oil, they're very good, but it doesn't have as high d H, it has some d h A. But I like therapeutic doses of D H A. I am out to see this up here. My brain, okay, I'm trying to protect my brain. I'm getting older. What is our concern? As we get older, our memory and memories are stored, right? It's like a safety deposit box up there in your hippocampus. You got the box, then you have the librarian all in your hippocampus, your brain, your memory center. You got a librarian up there that when you're thinking about something, oh yeah, when is that? You know your memory, you got a librarian, but it doesn't work without d h a.

When you see someone with dementia, whatever, the librarian is gone. They can't sort things in their memory and even their safety deposit box of their memory is scattered, okay? That's the way I look at that brain. And that's what I know about D H A. It's so incredible. It's so good for you. And steaks got a lot of D, H A and fish have a lot of d h a. So you eat it. And I have that fish every day in a capsule, okay? It's the way I am. Okay? And been chewing sugar free gum for years. Most have asam. What are your thoughts? I don't like it. You want my honest to God opinion. It accumulates over the years and I know it's sugar free. By sugar free don't mean healthy either, right? And it's good in the way that it's sugar free, but what do they flavor it with?

And they use these artificial sugars. Now sometimes you can get gum, I think with xylitol and it's a sugar alcohol probably a little bit better. But even then, okay, you can get gum that is got none of that stuff in it. Okay? That's got none of that stuff in it. I would recommend if you have to chew gum, then try and get one that's completely sugar free and plus artificial sugar free too. Okay? Anyway, I like chewing gum, but I got to tell you, it ain't the best thing for you. Okay? Thanks Anne for the question. Jacob, hi. What can I do with blocked sali glands? Well, one of the things I would do, because they get blocked up, there's usually a little bit of hardening there, and I saw it over the years, and I like probiotics, okay? Because it's usually a fungus that blocks it up and hardens.

And I like probiotics. I really do. I'm big on b12. Anything in the month as far as vitamins concerned, it's a b12. And I find that that can be very, very helpful. And you know what? For some people, okay, and I'm just going to say it because I saw some people that we talked earlier about oxalates, they get stuck in there. Oxalates are little crystal oxalates are like little glass. So watch your vegetable intake. Watch your vegetable intake. That's all I'm saying because I used to observe that in practice. Okay? Doreen is eating grapefruit while taking supplements. While taking supplements is yes, it's okay. Now. You'll see certain medications they recommend you don't drink grapefruit juice or eat grapefruit because there's an enzyme in there. It can affect certain medications. And really, if you're on any medications, read the side effects and the contraindications that are given to you when you take a medication.

But not supplements. I haven't noticed anything with supplements. I'm not that big on eating that much grapefruit either. It's candies. I wouldn't have that every day. But again, it depends where you are metabolically. If you're in that 93% of the population that have trouble with any form of metabolic syndrome, then you treat fruit as God's candies and be very careful. But I like grapefruit. I like it. Okay, just don't. I wouldn't have it every day. There you go. That was Doreen and Sharon, can you reverse damage C clogged veins and get triglycerides down? Well, absolutely you can. You're fearfully and wonderfully made. Sharon, your body is able to regenerate. It's amazing how fast your body can regenerate, can. Now, some things are so advanced, it's going to take a miracle from God to change anything. But yes, your body, even as you get older, can reverse things.

But it'll never reverse things unless you change your diet. Okay? It'll never reverse. You know, asked about triglycerides. Well, every day I show people, and I showed people when I was in practice to lower their triglycerides, but they have to acknowledge that my name is Tony and I'm a carboholic. I get them to say that, not Tony, but I get them to use their own name. When they get you in these programs, the AA or the 12 step programs or recovery programs that get you to admit who you are. I'm an alcoholic. My name is Tony. Okay? And guys, the reason is, is because what you're saying is I know what the problem is. So triglycerides is carbo, triglycerides is carboholic. You want to get 'em down, you got to put the carbo to bed, you got to change, okay? You got to change.

And it's amazing. Now when you have C clogged arteries, okay, you have C clogged arteries. I've seen it. I've seen it. Where the body regenerates. If you can lower all markers of inflammation and your body is got an enormous ability to regenerate itself, and the first goal should be to get your body in the process of healing, regenerating, you have to start in the kitchen. It has to start with food, okay? And it's amazing. I've seen it, well, I've seen it. I I've seen triglycerides over the years, and you want low triglycerides and high hdl. You want low triglycerides and high cholesterol. That's what you want. Now, you might not think you want that because everything in medicine today is low, low, low, low cholesterol. Why do you want to have low cholesterol? Why you don't want low cholesterol? You want low triglycerides. That's not cholesterol.

It's lipids, but it's not cholesterol. Okay? You don't want low cholesterol, you want high cholesterol. I know that it goes against the grain. I understand that. I know that. You know it's 24 and seven the other way. Hammer down the class around. Oh, Dr. Martin, don't you differentiate H D L from L D L? No, I really don't. They're both needed and they both should be high. It's triglycerides, my friend, okay? And it's unfortunate, and I'm not holding my breath. A lot of cardiologists are starting to understand it, but I'm not holding my breath because your whole world is going against you. I told you what makes the world go round, big pharma and big food, they're you. So you just have to understand that. So yes, yes, yes. Your body will respond, okay? Will respond. Now how advanced it is, but you just do everything you can not to let it get any worse.

Okay? Thank you Sharon for that question. Robert Robert's asking about, okay, now, coq10 in the kitchen, you get coq 10 from steak. Your body already makes coq10, but when you eat the right food, you make more coq10. Why do you need coq 10? Coq 10 is essential for your battery packs, your mitochondria. Unreal. What's coming out today? The more we study the battery packs within all yourself, there's such good research on mitochondria and the brain, your brain cells, the battery packs within your brain cells. Okay? So that's coq 10. When you take a statin drug, you destroy your coq10.

That's not good. That's well established. So do I like coq 10? Yep. But the form of coq10, you got ubiquinone, o n E or ubiquinol o l. It's only the ubiquinol that's readily absorbed. Okay? So that's why we got a new product, ubiquinol, o l, okay? Tony Jr and I have been searching for the right one for a long time, okay? Because you better absorb it otherwise you're just wasting your time and money. I love you qual because I've been talking about coq 10 for 50 years and what it does inside of your mitochondria. I was screaming like John the Baptist for years and years and years about people that were taking the most popular medication on the planet, statin drugs and what it does to destroy your col U 10 people, they just think, you know, well, I didn't drop dead, so yeah, but facts are facts, okay?

I love Ubi Al coQ10, eat your steak and take Ubi Al. You know what? I'm taking Ubi al for my brain. I mean, I am zero in on my memory. I need it. I want it. I want a good memory. Okay, Robert? Yes, you're a good question. Lori can going off sugar and eating low carb, reverse early stages of glaucoma and cataract? Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep. It's amazing. What have I told you all along about your eyeballs? It's circulation. And what's the first thing that sugar does? It destroys micro circulation. Okay? Your body knows that. So it does everything it can to keep sugar down. And if you got the memo to keep sugar down and carbs that are going to be sugar in nanoseconds it amazing how much better your eyes can get. Again, we got to talk about is it going to be complete reversal for some people have seen it, some people I've seen it.

Okay, so Lori, you can't go wrong on limiting your carbs and sugars and they go together. I can't get my systolic blood pressure. I am one 60 over 80, whatever I do, take meds and exercise, try to eat clean. What would be the cost? Well, look, I'm going to give you a little bit of a teaching and I've been doing this for a lot of years. And look, I'm never telling people to come off medication or whatever. I can't do it. You're not my patient. I wouldn't do it. Okay? But here's what I always tell people. Not that I don't look at systolic, but I am far more interested in your diastolic. And I never call high blood pressure ever unless you're a second number. Your diastolic is over 90. If you are a one 50 or whatever, one 40 or one 50, whatever. But your second number is not 90, in my opinion.

You don't have high blood pressure. And again, this is for information purposes only. I'm not your physician, I'm giving you information. My experience, a lot of people, first of all, I take their blood pressure far too often. They give themselves white coat syndrome. I used to have patients come in, they had books and books. Do you want to see my blood pressure, Dr. Martin, eight o'clock in the morning, 10 o'clock in the morning, two in the afternoon, six o'clock and 8:00 PM Do you want me to read? I go close the books. I'm not interested. You know their blood pressure, blood pressure, they do it with blood sugar, blood sugar, blood sugar, blood sugar. And I tell 'em, I said, you're driving me nuts. Haven't you drove yourself nuts yet? You're creating anxiety for heaven's sakes. Anyways, close the books. I didn't want to know. I just took your blood pressure.

That's what I want to know. And I didn't wear a white coat in the office ever, but some people had white coat syndrome even with me. How can you get nervous with me more? How is that possible? But some people, soon as they get into a doctor's office, their blood pressure goes up. That's very common. So am I saying never to take your blood pressure? No, I'm not saying that. But don't live on that. And secondly, if your second number, your diastolic is not overnight, I don't consider that high blood pressure at all. And remember, kidneys have a huge effect on your blood pressure and when you go low car and when you cut out those sugars and when you start taking care of yourself, it's amazing what happens to your blood pressure for the vast majority of people. Okay? And again, I'm not talking about meds, okay, thank you, Sally.

I wouldn't worry, Sally, from the numbers you're giving me, you're getting yourself uptight in my opinion for nothing. But anyway, Carrie did the reset and finding you my estrogen with PS is more of an issue. Is eating meats and cheese high in histamines causing this estrogen? Nope. Nope. Carrie, your body's changing. You're a woman, okay? You're a woman. You know what I used to actually have, and you can ask my stop. I used to have a picture with hormones and with someone walking across a tight rope, you know what the big pole that they would use? You ever watch that? A tight rope walker and they got a pole and they're walking. That's hormones or hormones. It's a balancing act.

And the vast majority of people, whether it was the real imbalance in their horrors, their reset helped them a lot. As far as histamines, I'm not big on that. I just got to tell you, when people tell me cheese elevates your histamines, I don't buy it. I never have, and I don't think I ever will. It's leaky gut. You got trouble with histamine, your histamine sensitive or whatever, that's leaky gut. You got trouble with the bacteria in the microbiome in your gut, my friend. That's what I usually tell people. Okay, so is cheese high in histamines? Where do people get that? That's craziness. Cheese is good for you. Now look, some people they can't eat cheese, okay? They're unique. No, but you got to figure yourself out. Everybody's different. But when I talk in generalities like it's eggs, meat and cheese, you know me, some people can't have eggs.

I feel sorry for them. It's not the egg. Got it? It's not the egg, it's you. I used to tell patients that. They said, well, eggs got to be bad. I can't digest them. I said, well, that's you. It's not the egg and it's you. It's not the cheese, okay? It's not cheese, it's you. You got to fix you. Okay? You think I'm controversial? Okay, Rita, we got a few more here. Chronic urticaria, that's hives with the reset health. Yes, it will get off all sugars, get on probiotics because it's leaky gut. Urticaria is autoimmune. Your body just is overreacting and it's usually because your microbiome is imbalanced. A lot of times with urticaria, it's yeast, it's fungal inside the body. And the third army invaded, and now your body's overreacting to it. Okay? Now you can get hives from the sun and things like that.

Okay? Again, it's not the sun, it's you fix you. I love those questions. Okay, thanks Stephanie. I enjoyed the naval webinar. Well, thank you for coming on, Stephanie. It sounded like what I heard was that a supplemental glutathione will not pass the blood-brain barrier. No, it's not that. It's not passing the blood-brain barrier. Stephanie Glutathione, first of all, it's like coq 10, your body makes it, okay, so glutathione, your body makes melatonin, your body makes coq 10, your body makes. Okay? Now, as a supplement glutathione, and we've known this for a lot of years, when you take it as a supplement, it's poorly bioavailable. That's the word we use. Your body has an enormous difficulty absorbing it. Glutathione, by the way, when you eat steak, you elevate your glutathione. Why do you think I love vitamin S? Okay, now, so it's the bioavailability Navitol. On the other hand, pine Bark extract is very bioavailable.

I might have talked about this on the webinar, don't remember, but I saw the study where they did a saliva test after taking pine bark extra. Okay? They did a saliva test and 72 hours later they do another saliva test. They just took the pine bark 72 hours earlier and it still shows up in the saliva. What's that mean? The bioavailability is incredible. It crosses the blood-brain barrier. Glutathione, your body makes it as a supplement. Now there's a new form. So I love glutathione. It's Velcro inside your body to remove toxins. It's a master antioxidant. But I used to tell people, if you're taking a pill of glutathione, you're wasting your money. Navitar will elevate on its own glutathione. Your body makes it and Navitol helps the body to make it even more proven fact. Now, I like glutathione in an iv. Okay? So if you had a cancer patient, which I often did, I said, if you can get an iv, I would put high, high vitamin C in there because that's the only time vitamin C in my opinion.

The other vitamin C, not coffee, we'll do you any good plus get glutathione put in there. His glutathione is a master detoxer, and when you put it at iv, your body absorbs it. Okay? Now they're coming out with this lipid nanoparticle with glutathione. Eh? I haven't seen the research yet. Maybe promise. Okay? But that's what that was about, Stephanie, okay, Teresa can a no carb cause low blood sugars to the point of lightheadedness? Yeah, originally, Teresa, maybe oftentimes in the first week or so, when you go on the reset and you go low carb and you're actually going no carb, your body is changing fuels, and that can, ooh, like your brain is going, holy moly, what is this? What is this? You're giving me a different fuel and your body's reacting. The other thing is sometimes when you go low carbs, because the kidneys are changing for the good, but in the meantime the electrolytes can be out a little bit of out of balance.

So I often would recommend electrolytes temporarily at least to help with that. So it's the body changing fuel. So it can give you lightheadedness, but it's going to go away. Make sure you're drink enough water. And just like I said, when the body changes fuel, you're going from burning glucose and now you're not burning glucose anymore. You're not eating any glucose. So you're not burning. What are you burning? You're burning ketones. Your brain's on rocket fuel and it's the change. So that's what happens there. Therea Carol, my husband is taking metformin and statins will do him any good to give him B12 and ubiquinol. If he's not on ubiquinol, he's in trouble. You tell your husband, I said that, Carol, he's in big doo doo. Statins destroy coq 10. Now listen to this. Okay? I didn't even mention this before. Your heart has so many battery packs you wouldn't believe your heart's a muscle.

Every cell has about 5,000 battery packs in there. You really need a lot of energy for the heart, the mitochondria. When you take a statin drug, imagine you're taking a statin drug, so to prevent a heart attack, and in the meantime you're destroying coQ10 that protects your batteries in your heart muscle. Jeepers. It used to give me migraines, even thinking about it. How stupid, at least if you're taking a statin drug, would the pharmacist please tell you to take coQ10? They know that. They get taught that in school, but they don't do it. Absolutely. And B12 too, Carol. Your heart needs b12. Your brain needs b12. Your muscles need b12. Your cells need b12, b12, b12, b12. I never talk about, hardly ever about the other B vitamins. Eat your B vitamins and tin b12.

I'm calm. I erased my voice, but I'm calm. Marley on CTV news, the University of Guelph had a study on nitrates. Were good for your heart. What are good nitrates on What are bad? What? Ain't no bad nitrates. Okay. I always tell people, okay, there's nitrates in bacon. Yeah, but there's nitrates in vegetables, celery, you know what they put on bacon, celery powder, nitrates. That's not bad for you. Is there good nitrates and bad nitrates? No. They make it up cause they don't want you to eat deli meat. Well, it is better to eat deli meat than a lot of things. I'm not against deli meat. Deli meat is good for you. It's got a bad wrap. It's full of vitamins, it's full of protein, it's low car. It's good. Bacon is good.

Sausage is good. Smoked meat is good for you there. I said it. It's good for you. It's not bad for you. Okay? The cereal companies, the big food companies, they want you to eat in the middle aisles of their grocery store. That's where they make all their money. They're lying to you. The biggest problem in the world is insulin. Okay? It's sugar, my friend. Not meat, not nitrates. What do you think they did in the Bible to preserve meat? Salt. Salt and celery salt is what they preserved meat with. It's good for you. What's wrong with it? Salt's not the bad guy. Sugar's the bad guy. Okay, I think we did it. Yep, we did it. We did it. Okay guys, have I told you lately that I love you? I haven't. I know I didn't do it all week. I bet you how crazy is that.

Guys, we love you and I, Nina, thanks for being so supportive. Okay? You guys are unreal. Thanks for making our podcast. The doctor is in the number one help podcast in Canada. Now let's make it number one in the USA too. Why wouldn't we do that? Okay, so all my American friends, you share this, share it. Tell people about the doctor is in. They don't have to watch me live. Okay? They can listen to the podcast on the Doctor is In podcast, on your favorite smart device. Okay? You can download and listen to it, and we thank all of our members in the private Facebook group. Thank you, thank you, thank you. What a community. What a group. We love you. We can't say that to you enough. Okay? Talk to you soon.

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