1035. Q&A with Dr. Martin


Dr. Martin answers questions sent in by our listeners.

Some of today’s topics include:

  • Vitamin D supplements vs. sunshine
  • Elevated bilirubin on Reset
  • Intermittent fasting & amino acids
  • Mammogram showing increased calcification
  • Liquid collagen vs. bone broth
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Hot flashes on Hormonal Support
  • Dr. Atkins vs. Reset diet


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone. How are ya? Hope you're having a great start to your day. Welcome to question and answer Friday. Always a fun time. We have a lot of fun, right? Okay, let's get to the questions. Lynn is asking, "Is duck fat considered a good choice over coconut oil or avocado oil?" Yep. It's a very good fat. Yeah, I got no problem with that at all. It'd be very good to cook with, absolutely would have a very high heating point and you wouldn't be able to denature it. Okay. Unlike a lot of seed oils and whatever, you heat them up and it makes them even worse. The duck fat would be a very good fat. I like it. Okay. I, I like the, I like bacon fat too. I talked to you about that yesterday, right? Very, very good for you. Okay, so Lynn, thank you. Yep, absolutely. Okay.

Now, Deb, "If you get 10,000 IUs from the sun in 20 minutes, okay, but also take 8,000 IUs of vitamin D3, what happens to the supplement you've taken?" Okay, well let me, I, I, I understand where you're coming from and let me answer Deb. Okay? The best way to get vitamin D is from the sun. It's the best way. And you'll never, ever, ever overdose on vitamin D from the sun. Your body tops it out and that's the end of it. Okay? Again, it's the best way. The problem is, okay, ask Kevin today. Can you get vitamin D from the sun in Oshawa today? Nah, you live in North America and you live in the upper half of North America. The vast majority of people for six months of the year at least they don't get vitamin D. Now that doesn't mean they don't see the sun. The sun is good for you, even in 40 below because you can get melatonin from the sun, okay? But you're not gonna get vitamin D because unless you expose your legs and you expose your arms, those are your biggest solar panels in your body, okay? The sun is always good for vitamin D. You need your solar panels on your arms and legs primarily. Well, good luck with that in the middle of winter, okay?

Now, when you get in the sun and you take a vitamin D supplement, a lot of people do that, even though they're in Florida or whatever. Look, when you take a vitamin D supplement, I mean, there's always a possibility that you are going to accumulate more vitamin D than you really need. But I always tell people, look, people, if you look at 90, 80, 90% of the population, they're low in vitamin D and the world and wrongly so, and medicine and wrongly so have always been terrified of the effects, the accumulation of vitamin D. They've been terrified. It's been a narrative even when I was in school 50 years ago. It was a narrative 200 IUs of vitamin D? Be careful! You wouldn't believe it. That's what we got taught. But it was never true. It was always based on bad mathematics, okay? And really was vitamin D levels were based on bad math and because they were scaredy cats and didn't understand the significance of vitamin D. Because to any doctor, just about, okay, you have to understand how they're trained, okay? You're in medical school, you take about five minutes of vitamin D and you know what you're, you're told they scare you skinny because for medicine, vitamin D is for your bones. That's it. And that's all. Vitamin D is for your bones. You don't need much of it. And it's a fat soluble vitamin. So if it's fat soluble, people can die from vitamin D.

No, I'm gonna tell you what's happening in our society today. People are dying, all right, from vitamin D, a lack of it. And if you, and some of you have saw the study, real studies on vitamin D and the immune system and keeping people outta hospitals with a virus. If you saw that vitamin D should have won a Nobel Prize in medicine. But I can tell you something, there's no money in it. It gets me going because something as simple as vitamin D is inexpensive. And you guys have to admit this. If you've been following me for the last couple of years, I have been, and I tell you on my radio show 20 years before that, consistent, consistent, consistent about vitamin D. It is the most important vitamin that you can consume is vitamin D. If you can get it from the sun, the best, vitderma, the best. But because you can't always, I'm big on supplementing with vitamin D.

And you know, if doctors were truly educated in this area, the first blood test they would do is a test on vitamin D called dihydroxy 25. They would order that with every man, woman, and child, and even your dog. <laugh> I mean, they would do it, but because they don't understand the significance of it because they've been brainwashed. I'm sorry, I know it's a fat soluble vitamin. So what, here's the research folks been brought to you by The Vitamin D Council. They did the research, they've done it, it's been proven over and over again in order to become toxic in vitamin D. Listen to what I'm going to say. You would have to take 50,000 IUs of vitamin D every day for six months. Now who the heck does that? I brought you a study, couple of weeks back. A woman with pancreatic cancer and she was 83 years old and she made a mistake. She thought she was taking 5,000 IUs of vitamin D every day and she made a mistake. She was taking 50,000 IUs of vitamin D. And you know what they found? I mean they wrote it up. It was written up in a medical journal. A woman makes a mistake. And you know what they found out? Her tumor shrinked, her pancreatic tumor was put into remission. They wrote it up and they said she made a mistake. Did she really make a mistake? <laugh> That's all she did. Vitamin D, she thought she was taking 5,000, she was taking 50,000.

Now, I'm not telling you to take 50,000 IUs of vitamin D, I'm not doing that. All I'm saying is you gotta get through the negative narrative on vitamin D. You have to get through it because that's what it is out there. There's a war on vitamin D. It's too simple. It's too cheap. You know, stay out of the sun brought to you by Johnson and Johnson, stay out of the sun. No. And if you can't get the sun, then take a vitamin D. And of course somebody asked a question too. Okay, let me see if I can get to it so I can answer it right now. Deb's asking the question. I'm traveling and wondering if I should take a vitamin D or get it by the sun. Well, Deb, if you're traveling and getting into the sunny south, well get it from the sun. You don't have to take a supplement for the next few weeks or whatever you're doing. If you're in Florida for the winter. You know what the problem is with Floridians? I love them dearly. You know what the problem is? They didn't get the memo on vitamin D. They don't go in the sun, they're scared. Skinny of the sun. The only people on the beach in January are Canadians. <laugh> Because Floridians are scared of it. You know, or they lather themselves up with um, cancer producing sunscreen? Yikes.

Anywho, and there was one more on vitamin D too. Hold on, let me just see if I can find it quickly. Nancy asks, "Does vitamin D and K2," okay, "Vitamin D3 and K2 does it thicken the blood?" No, no <laugh>, it does the opposite because look, one place you don't wanna have calcium, you've got a little bit of calcium, okay, in your blood, but calcium don't belong in your blood vessels. Calcium belongs in your bones and your teeth. Okay? One thing for sure, vitamin D is good for your bones, even doctors would agree with that, okay? That if you've got osteoporosis or you're scared of osteoporosis, tell you to take some vitamin D. Yeah, they make a mistake though too of telling you to take calcium. You don't take calcium, you eat calcium, eggs, meat and cheese, lots of calcium plus God put vitamin K2 in with the food. Okay? You already got vitamin K2.

Does it thicken your blood? No, it doesn't thicken your blood. It actually, I, I I know why you're saying it by the way. Uh, Nancy. Okay? Because you read about clotting, okay? And they'll tell you if you have anti clotting meds, okay? And like Eliquis, you had a stroke, so they put you on blood thinner including aspirin, okay? And then they tell you don't take vitamin K because that's gonna clot your blood. No vitamin K2 don't clot your blood. Vitamin K1 clots your blood. And even then, I don't want to get into it, but vitamin K2, its primary job is to take calcium and put it where it belongs. You need calcium, your bones need calcium, your teeth need calcium. Someone was asking about cavities this morning, vitamin K2, eat cheese, eat eggs, eat meat. Okay, thanks for those questions on vitamin D much appreciated.

Okay, Trudy says, "Is it normal to have elevated bilirubin 2 and a half weeks into the Reset?" It, it's not normal, but it's possible. I'll tell you why. Trudy, the reason possibly is, okay, bilirubin, I used to test it in my office all the time. It's a liver and bile reading. But if you got gallbladder that's gummed up and your liver is gummed up, your bilirubin will go up. Okay? Now, if your body is not used to eating fat, cuz women they love salad and not meat as much as they should, they love their salad and chicken and salad. Okay? Now I'm joking with you in a way I'm teasing, okay? But I mean it women in general, okay? There's exceptions. Don't come after me for exceptions, okay? Women in general bought the lie that fat is bad. Well I talked to all about that yesterday on a podcast, fat is so bad. No son. No son.

Now there are some bad fats, but if you haven't used your gallbladder and now you're starting to use it, there's a degumming process going on with your gallbladder and the production of bile. You know what bile is needed for? Fat. Bile is needed for fat. That's why God gave you bile so that you would eat fat. It emulsifies the fat allows you to absorb the fat soluble vitamins. A, D, E, and K. You need that. But a lot of people, a lot of women, especially men can do it too, when they buy that low fat theory. It was the biggest hunk of bull <laugh> and I been screaming like John the Baptist for years. Crazy, crazy, crazy. Fat is good for you. Duck fat, bacon fat, any animal fat, it's wonderful. Avocado, yeah, it's good. It's a fruit fat, okay? Yeah, coconut, it's good for you. Very, very healthy fat, but animal fat is even healthier. But if you haven't used it, your bilirubin might go up a bit. I wouldn't worry about it because at the end of the day it's gonna come down because once you've cleaned out your liver and your liver starts functioning properly and producing bile like it should and that gallbladder starts to empty itself all the time cuz you're eating fat and you might have to go easy at the start, you know, you might have to go easy. Okay? Really, really, really good question Trudy.

Eola. Hello Eola. "My question is, if I'm doing intermittent fasting following supper meal til noon the next day, the following day, does the body require amino acid supplements like taurine and L carnitine until morning to support my energy level?" Well, well, look, you want L taurine, you want L carnitine, you want coQ10 energy, you want creatinine, you want all the Cs. Eat steak. So Eola, listen, if you wanna supplement but you're fasting and you wanna take L taurine or L carnitine or I like those things I do, I want you to eat those things. So if you had a steak the night before and you're doing intermittent fasting, you don't need a supplement of blood when you eat your next meal, you'll get it. If you're looking for more energy, well, I'd take navitol before I took L carnitine or whatever, but I like L carnitine and that I do, I talk about the five Cs that you get in steak. I'd rather you eat those things, okay? Okay, Eola, I really like your questions. Really good.

June, "I recently had a mammogram done and results were new and increased calcification in the right breast, no masses they will redo in six months. Any advice?" Well, lots of advice. Okay, June, lots of advice. Keep your estrogen down. Keep your insulin down. Those are two growth hormones, okay? Keep your cortisol down. Breast cancer, almost without exception, is a factor of those three. Too much estrogen, too much insulin and too much cortisol. Stress hormone. Now let me say something about calcification. I actually talked about this the other day. Okay, what did we just talk about in vitamin D and vitamin K2? Calcification. Calcium in breast tissue that don't belong there.

Now, uh, you guys know so much, but let's pretend I'm in just an audience where they don't know me, okay? I'm asking the question. Kidney stones, what are they made up of? What are 75% of kidney stones made up of? And some genius in the crowd might get up and say, oxalate stones, they're calcium stones. Yep. I said, how do you get that? How do you get calcium in your kidneys? And the other one is uric acid. 25%. How do you get uric acid? Fructose. How do you get calcium? Oxalates, spinach, salad. Now let's bring that over to your breast tissue, ladies. You gotta be careful about this oxalates, calcification in the breast tissue when you live on vegetables. I'm sorry, that's not good for you. I'm sorry, my vegetarian friends, you're wrong. I'm sorry. My vegan friends, you're wrong. And you need K2. And K2 is found in eggs, meat and cheese. Butter. Yep. <laugh> Wanna take calcium out of your breast tissue? Eat eggs, meat and cheese. Have you got vitamin K2 there? You see in nature God put it there to take that stuff away from your kidneys and your breast tissue, okay? Don't get too excited.

Okay, Brenda, "Can your body be in shock with the reset diet?" <laugh> "I'm not used to this and my chest felt tight, worried too. Exercise two weeks on the reset, have SIBO and burping a lot." Brenda, let me tell you this, okay? Yes, your body, we actually wrote an email about it yesterday. Your body changes, your body's changing fuel. I'm gonna tell you, Brenda, if you don't put your hand up here, I'll put it up for you because I already know you, you were a carboholic. How do I know you were a carboholic? Well, you just told me what? Well, you said you had SIBO. Well you really didn't have SIBO, you have SIFO. Okay, SIFO, fungal overgrowth. So that tells me 100% you're a carboholic, Brenda. Okay? My name is Tony, I'm a carboholic, okay? Into remission. Can your body play tricks? Yep. Because you're changing fuel.

First of all, Brenda, let me say this. You need to trust the process. Trust it, okay? I know it's hard, man. Any change like this is not easy, but it's worth it. It's worth it. You have to trust the science of this. You're emptying your liver, you're not feeding your SIFO, you're giving your digestive tract an enormous break. Any shortness of breath or what did you say, you had a little chest tightness at all. Your blood sugars are regulating, your A1C is going down. Your inflammatory markers, your C R P are going down, your triglycerides are going down, and your H D L is going up. Your uric acid levels are coming down. Brenda, Brenda, Brenda, trust, trust. You gotta trust the process, Brenda. And don't be shy to ask questions like you did. Plus get into our group if you haven't done it already, and ask questions. And we're gonna put our arms around you online and love you up and get you to keep going. You're doing the right thing. Absolutely. And you ain't gonna have a heart attack. It's the opposite. Okay, thank you very much.

Sharon, "Is liquid collagen as good as bone broth?" Okay, "or are they the same thing?" They're not the same. They're similar because... Okay, liquid collagen is collagen protein. Bone broth contains collagen protein. Okay? That's where they're similar, they both contain the collagen protein. The reason I like bone broth better because it has all the other nutrients, okay? And a lot of minerals and it's a much more complete nutritional supplement. Okay? Bone broth, it's got L carnitine, L argenine, those five things that I talked to you about earlier with steak, the five Cs, <laugh>, okay? It's so good for you. Look, liquid collagen, no problem at all. And I say this all the time, guys, okay, I say this all the time. Protein is wonderful. It's the king of the castle, but you are meant to eat protein with fat. This is why in the Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie, even if you don't use bone broth, which I like the best by the way, let's say you used collagen, liquid collagen, you put it in your smoothie, no problem. But you better put cream with it. And the reasons I want fat, protein and fat is nature. That's what you're meant to eat protein on its own. That's why I am not big on a protein supplement.

Somebody said, doc, I like, uh, creatine. Yeah, yeah. Depends on what you put it with. And you know, you get these, uh, branch chain amino acids and you know, uh, you know, kids are drinking them or weightlifters are drinking them. And I go, man, you, you gotta put fat in with that stuff for it to be absorbed properly because that's nature. That's what God, you put a piece of cheese, what's cheese? Protein, fat. What's a egg? Protein. Fat. What's steak? Protein. Fat. What's hamburger? What it should be. Protein and fat. You know, the geniuses take the fat out of it. It's hard to find, you know, just ground beef, you know, because anti-fat craze, oh, we took all the fat out of it. He should have left it in there. Anywho. <laugh>

Okay, Nicole, "My daughter's pregnant and due on May 21st." Okay, "just diagnosed with gestational diabetes." Well, she's a carboholic, okay? She's a carboholic. Eggs, meat and cheese. Eggs, meat and cheese. And I would even have her on our insulin balance. I I'd get that insulin. Okay, but she's got to eat right? Good for her. And baby another Nicole, any suggestion for healing cavities? Yeah, get off sugar and get on, uh, vitamin D with K2.

Okay, Catherine, "On behalf," <laugh> I like this Catherine, "on behalf of postmenopausal women, when we," okay, I didn't know you were the spokesperson, Catherine, but I love your question. "We started taking hormonal support, we got hot flashes again, wondered why?" You're getting younger. Okay, big thing with hormonal support, hormonal formula, it knocks estrogen down. "Dr. Martin, I'm post menopausal. Why are you knocking my estrogen down?" Because estrogen is everywhere and you might think you're low in estrogen, you're not. And you want estrogen taken away from your body, especially around your breast tissue, your ovaries, your uterus, all of the womanly parts. Take the estrogen away. And for men, take the estrogen away from your prostate. That's why I love our hormonal formula. Okay? That's one.

Now, if you're postmenopausal, you might wanna get onto our menopausal formula because that'll elevate your progesterone. Remember what I say all the time, ladies, is balance. Estrogen or progesterone, and you never have to worry about never, never take in my opinion, ever take, ever take estrogen. Because when they give it to you, they usually give it to you in horses' urine. And you're not a horse ladies. And so they give you horses' urine. It drives me crazy. And it's, it's estrogen, it's cancer producing. Stay away from that stuff. Better to augment your progesterone. Your progesterone. Get it up, get that progesterone up. And Catherine, thank you for being the spokeswoman for postmenopausal women. I love it.

Okay, Mary, "I did the reset in 2022. Whenever I eat anything, shortly after I become tired, bloated, not feeling well, does this matter if on reset or not?" She always feels like this. "Take many supplements from you. Any ideas? I get hangry." <laugh> Well, you got hormonal issues, Mary. Okay, let me tell you what else you have. I know just from what you've told me, you got SIFO, you got SIBO, which is really SIFO. You've got a problem in the small intestine. You got an overgrowth of yeast and that can make you hangry. Yeast that travels my friend. And it can get into your brain, it can get everywhere. You gotta get rid of that, okay? You gotta get rid of that Mary, for sure. And look bloated and that kind of thing can be cortisol too. You're cortisol, you're stress hormone. Okay? So be careful with that.

Connie, our, uh, group member. "If I have alcohol, I get red across my cheekbones." Well, I'd say you're allergic to it. You have an allergy. It's an intolerance. What would I tell you to do? Stop <laugh>. Yeah, I mean, really. You know, if you have an intolerance to something, eh, and get on probiotics for sure. Okay, Connie, can we get prebiotics from eating EMC? Absolutely. You eat cheese, you have eggs. They always tell you, and listen, I I I don't disagree, okay? That if you have garlic, I like that as a prebiotic. Asparagus, I like that as a prebiotic. It, it does have some, uh, inulin fiber and that kind of thing in there. But when you eat cheese, you're getting probiotics and prebiotics, right in nature. Steak, prebiotics, because your friendly bacteria love steak. They love eggs, they love meat, they love it. And fiber, I've always said it. It's overrated. Am I against it? Eh, but it's so overrated. They, they talk about, you know, it's, it's the best thing that ever happened to mankind is fiber. Nah, that was made up to you by the food industry, especially Dr. Kellogg's and his cereals. You gotta have grains because otherwise you don't get enough fiber. If you don't get enough fiber, you're not gonna go for a big poo. And if you don't have a big poo, you're gonna die. Okay, Dr. Kelloggs.

Lucy, "What's the difference between Dr. Atkins' diet and Dr. Martin?" Let, let, let me tell you this, okay? Dr. Atkins was a genius, okay? He was a genius. He was a cardiologist and he was lightyears ahead of his time. I studied Dr. Atkins big time, okay? And what did he say? If you can get your insulin down, he was a cardiologist. He said, you're gonna get your blood pressure done. Fat isn't killing you. Sugar's killing you. That's Dr. Atkins. Now the difference between myself and Dr. Atkins is Dr. Atkins. You know, his was a lifestyle and I, I don't disagree with it. Remember, my reset is a 30 day program. And they're very similar in the sense that I'm a big insulin guy. If you guys haven't figured that out yet, you haven't been listening, I'm an insulin guy. I'm gonna get your insulin down. I want to empty your liver. I want you to get your triglycerides down and your good cholesterol up. And this is what, uh, Dr. Atkins preached. He was a genius guys. And they vilified him. They hated him. Medicine hated him. They threatened to take away his medical license. You can actually, I think go on YouTube and all. He brought all his patients to a, a hearing and they just testified on all their blood work and how much better they were. I love Dr. Atkins, by the way. Didn't die of a heart attack. He died when he, you know, was walking out of his cardiology clinic in New York City and he fell on ice and hit his head. Okay? Ooh. I used to get mad at people that said he had a heart attack because he was eating too much fat.

Okay, Linda, okay? Are you the real Linda, Linda? "Can Dr. Martin tell me how his probiotics work?" Well, listen, it's all, all in the quality because you're, you're saying they don't seem to be enterically coated. It's more important that you have the best strains. It's all quality. Because if you have quality strains of bacteria, it gets past your stomach acidic. If you got a cheap probiotic, it doesn't, you can enter acot 'em or not. So what if they're not good strains? So, um, yeah, we got the best, in my opinion. I've been talking probiotics for over 40 years, okay? When people didn't even know what they were I was talking about, I talked about that.

Okay, Kathy, "My cartilage is gone in my ankle. Is there a supplement?" Bone broth. Bone broth, I mean, if there's a supplement, gonna bring your, and I take vitamin D, vitamin K2.

Ron, "Hypoglycemia following EMC, what to do of getting low blood sugar?" Well, you might have to snack Ron until you fix it. Okay? Hypoglycemia really comes from hyperglycemia. And when you get low blood sugars, it's cuz your blood sugars are fluctuating all the time. When you do the reset, that'll fix it. Now it might take a bet. In the meantime, if you find your sugar's going too low, well then snack. But snack on the right things, Ron. Eggs, meat and cheese. Okay? I see that a lot by the way, for people to get out of hypoglycemia.

"What causes, uh, diarrhea on the reset?" Well, this, it can happen. We actually wrote a newsletter about it yesterday. Your body is detoxing and one way it detoxes is sometimes it does a little too quickly is diarrhea. Now it's not extra common, but it does happen. Okay? And, you know, just trust the process. Make sure you're well hydrated. Make sure you're, you're taking your, uh, electrolyte salts and that kind of thing. I'm big on that, okay? During the reset, cause your body's making a huge adjustment. Well, another one on the gallbladder dissolved without surgery. Well, look, you gotta be careful. You just start using your gallbladder again, introducing fats, but very slowly if you have stones, okay? But I've seen it where stones are eliminated and that's another reason I like vitamin K2. Have some cheese go easy until your body starts to get used to it. But I've seen this stuck reversed.

Susan, "Why does the candida parasite cleanse give me digestion or burping?" Well for you it might, it doesn't ordinarily. Take it with food. Take it with food. If you find that it's burping up the taste after. Some people take DHA and they get the burping, most people don't. It's such a high quality fish oil. Okay, group member is L carnitine. We talked about it already. Safe to take if it's used in a pre-workout. Yeah, it's safe. L carnitine, eat steak. You get a lot of L carnitine. Guys, I answered all the questions. I think. <laugh> I love you guys, okay? We appreciate you guys more than you know, more than you know. Love you. Talk to you soon.

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