1015. Q&A with Dr. Martin


Dr. Martin answers questions sent in by our listeners.

Some of today’s topics include:

  • Migraine headaches
  • Insulin resistance vs. insulin sensitivity
  • Osteoporosis drugs
  • Intermittent fasting at age 76
  • Zinc & hair loss
  • B12 injections
  • Body washes & dry skin
  • Hammer protocol for fighting a virus
  • Vaseline on your skin
  • Glucose dawn effect


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone. Welcome to another live question and answer Friday. Hope you're having a great start to your day. Okay guys, let's get to our questions. Okay, Keith is asking, “My adult granddaughter has bouts of migraine headaches, which are affecting her ability to function at work. Can Dr. Martin discuss how this migraine condition can be controlled?” Well look tens of thousands over the years migraines I treated. Okay, and here's me, Keith, always want to know why someone gets migraines. Okay? Now women, number one, cause of migraines in women is a hormonal imbalance between estrogen and progesterone. Too much of a woman can lead to migraine headaches. It's horrormones Keith and your granddaughter probably has horrormones, okay, in women.

Now let me look at the other things that can cause migraines. Okay? Men and women dehydration. And like I said, don't wait for thirst. Dehydration is a major cause of headaches, even migraines. Dehydration. Your brain is hypersensitive. It's water and electrolytes and that can be a cause. The other one, insulin resistance. Insulin resistance. And when you look at insulin resistance, okay, and somebody asked a question too, Leo, I'll get to that so I can answer that. The same time, Celine is asking a good question about insulin resistance and insulin sensitivity. Are they the same thing? No, they're not. Okay, let me talk to you about that. But insulin for a lot of people affects their weakest link, okay? And that's why when you have high circulating insulin or insulin resistance, what is that? When your cells don't like the presence of insulin, and that has 100% to do with your diet.

When people insist on eating sugars and crappy carbohydrates, you need a boatload of insulin to take that sugar. Remember, when you eat a piece of bread turns to sugar in nanoseconds, and insulin says, come here, you cannot stay in the blood. I must park you. You can't park there. Your body is very smart. We talk about this all the time, how your body will not allow sugar. If you don't think sugar is toxic, then you don't know how the human body works. Your body does everything it can to take sugar out of your bloodstream. It has a dedicated organ to it called your pancreas and a dedicated hormone to it called insulin. Okay? And when you have too much insulin, it creates inflammation. One of its first things that happen. The body responds to too much insulin with a response of a little bit of autoimmune almost. You get an inflammation created. Now again, that inflammation can affect you from your head to your toes and it'll usually go to your weak link. So what does migraines have to do with insulin resistance? Well, for some people they get a lot of headaches, migraines, a lot of times it's hormones.

But one of the hormones can be insulin. It's amazing how many people over the years when I put them on the reset, headaches disappeared. Now folks, you got to drink water. You got to drink at least two liters, 64 ounces for my American friends. You got to drink that every day. If you are a human being, you need water. And only water is water. Nothing else is water and only water is water. And I like salt water, not a lot of salt, but I like electrolytes and I found it to be very therapeutic. Giving somebody like Himalayan salt in water and fixing their migraine. They didn't realize they were dehydrated or they didn't realize they had too much estrogen. I put them on a hormonal formula and presto, their migraines went away because I blocked their extra estrogen. Remember, it's always a balance between estrogen and progesterone. 

And then the other factor was insulin. The diet, food. Okay, food. Here's what I used to find clinically, by the way, with people, with migrants, clinically. What else did I find? Leaky gut, almost invariably. Insulin resistance, which I talked to you about. And then I'll get onto insulin sensitivity. Celine in a minute, <laugh>, I'm going around and I found they were low in magnesium because I used to test that they used to be low in magnesium often. Okay, was it the actual cause of a migraine? I think it was just part of the parcel. Okay? And they were low in B12, very low in B12 usually. So there's got to be some kind of deficiency or mal-absorption too in these people, and I used to top up their levels and even vitamin D, they were low in vitamin D. These were classic leaky gut, low B12, low magnesium, low vitamin D, all of the above key. 

Okay? Now let's get to the difference between insulin resistance and insulin sensitivity. Okay? You want to be insulin sensitive. So when you do the reset after 30 days, remember why was it 30 days? Because it takes 30 days approximately to get rid of insulin resistance where your cells, especially muscle cells, fat cells, liver cells, they get so sick of seeing insulin coming around that they resist it to bad neighbor. Bad neighbor always coming around and you just get tired of it. Insulin sensitive is a good thing because you're not eating a lot of insulin producing foods like sugars and crappy carbohydrates. Your cells say, hey, welcome neighbor. Welcome. I haven't seen you in a while. How you doing? Nice to see you. How can I help you? That's what goes on when you're insulin sensitive. But again, understand this insulin is a food hormone. 

You only use insulin when you eat. And today the elephant in the room when we look at all chronic diseases is insulin resistance or at the Martin Clinic, we often call it high circulating insulin. And that my friend is at the root of chronic disease, not inflammation. Inflammation is the second step. The first step is too much insulin. Over a period of time, your cells become resistant and your body's reaction to that resistance is it will produce even more. And like I always tell you guys, diabetes, when they tell us that almost 50% of the population is pre or already diabetic, that is one of the scariest things. My friend, I know they're over at the World Health Forum and they're talking about the climate when I wish they would talk about the elephant in the room. Why are we so sick? Why in this day and age in 2023, why is cancer worse than ever? Why is heart disease worse than ever? Why is Alzheimer's worse than ever? Why is diabetes worse than ever? Why is autoimmune disease worse than ever? Why is that? Because they're looking for love in all the wrong places. 

It's not finding a drug. It's not, it's food. It's the 200 pounds a year consumption of sugar for the average North American. It's the lies they tell us. It's lying. Go to the middle aisles of your grocery store and see the crap that is in those aisles that my friend is why we have so much insulin resistance, which leads to cancer, the weakest link, okay? Some people, the weakest link is cancer. For some the weakest link is cardio. For some, the weakest link is their brain and their memory. We talked about A1C yesterday, and it should have been the biggest story in the last year. How to protect your brain. Who doesn't want to protect your brain? We all put our hands up and say, yeah, I want to protect my brain. Well, look at this study. It's not amyloid plaque, it's not a drug, but the narrative will be, we're working on it. 

We're going to find a drug, but instead of talking about let's change our diets, we've been lied to about our diets. It's not moderation, it's elimination. Because when your A1C even 5.3, 5.4, your brain is starting to shrink and my friend A1C is a measurement of insulin resistance, sensitivity. You want to be sensitive to insulin and the only way to change it is for one, admitting that they're a carbolic and then saying, you know what? I'm going to help myself with that. Okay guys, my whole practice, well, it always included food always. You never left my clinic without nutrition 101. You learn it. It's very simple. Eat eggs, meat and cheese and eat less carbs, bread, pasta, rice, cereals, sugar, sweets, pastries, juice, milk. Okay, can we do that? Yep. Well, then you can fix insulin resistance. Then again, the root cause of disease. Now there's leaky gut, which is another one, and oxidation we talk about free radicals. Those are the three seeds of disease at the Martin Clinic. Thanks for the question. 

Gretchen. Okay, she's talking about osteoporosis drugs that build bone. Now I'm going to tell you something, okay? This is research that has proven what I have been saying for 50 years. You know what the problem with these bone making drugs, they make bone. Yep, they do, but it doesn't change fractures. It makes bone, but it don't make good bone. You know what makes good bone? Let me tell you what makes good bone. Osteoporosis. You want to get strong. You hear me. Strong. The stronger your muscles, the stronger your bones because muscles attach into the bones and the anchor there, and the stronger your muscles are, the more your bone anchors and creates bone osteoplast. Okay, good nutrition, calcium. Do I like… People think doctor, my you don't like calcium. I like calcium. I want you to eat it. I don't want you to take it as a supplement. You don't need calcium as a supplement. You need to eat your calcium because when God put calcium in food… Listen Linda, he combined it with vitamin K2, which takes the calcium you're eating like cheese, like cream, even steak and eggs has calcium with K2, especially cheese and butter and all that. People have been avoiding that stuff. Why would they avoid it? Calcium with K2? Because K2 takes the calcium you're eating and puts it in bone where it belongs, not in your bloodstream, and that's the problem with calcium supplements. They stay in your bloodstream. Do you want to have calcified blood vessels? Of course you don't. 

Now listen, here's another thing. Most people with osteoporosis, even medicine would agree with this, are very low in vitamin D. Ohhh, I'm so worried about vitamin D and I take a 1000 IU and I'm wondering if I'm going to be in the emergency department. Ooh, <laugh>, that gets me angry. You need vitamin D, you need the sun, and if you can't get the sun, you need to supplement. Okay? Vitamin D, K2, eat cheese. Eat butter. Why do you think I love butter so much? I just don't like bread. No, I love bread, but I can't live on it. Man shall not live by bread alone. You can't. You can't. Got to be careful. That's carbs. 

Okay, and here's another one. Here's another one. I brought this research out maybe a couple of years ago. I showed you a study, this is a long time ago and I should go try and find it again. In one of my podcasts I talked about bone and insulin resistance. Here we go again, my friend. People that are carboholic and they become insulin resistant are much more susceptible to osteoporosis. I wouldn't touch those drugs for all the tea in China for me, okay? For me, it's not fixing the problem. Okay? Thank you very much. I know I pontificate guys. I just can't help myself. Okay, thank you, Gretchen. 

Okay here's Jennifer saying, “What causes itchy spots along the base of my skull at the back of my head, only at the hairline?” I'm going to tell you something right now. What causes that is yeast. It's fungal, and you need to fix leaky gut and don't feed the yeast, don't feed the bears, don't give it sugar. You'll be surprised at your diet and what probiotics will do. Okay? Thank you for the question, Jennifer.

Suzanne, intermittent fasting. Okay, “he recommended the reset as well as…” I don't know who he was. Was that me? <laugh> “As a diabetic brought on by sugar and crappy carbs. Cause of course I get shaky and feel sick if I don't eat after five hours and I get nervous of passing out, I'm 76. Any suggestion?” Suzanne, yeah, the suggestion is… Look, intermittent fasting is good, but you don't have to do that. You don't have to do that. If you're a diabetic, you don't have to intermittent fast. Just eat eggs, meat and chase and lay off the carbs and lay off sugar. A hundred percent Suzanne. And if you have to eat a little bit more frequently, I don't care about that. That's good for you. I intermittent fast and I like intermittent fasting. But for diabetics, until your blood sugar is well under control, some diabetics can't do intermittent fast. It's not for them, okay? It's not the be all and end all. Okay? I like it. I talked about it thousands of times and I'm more of a guy like if you can skip breakfast and allow your body to get 14, 15, 16 hours of not eating up to 18 hours if you can do it, but a diabetic, they often have to eat, but eat the right thing. That's the answer, Suzanne. 

Okay, Louise. “Is there a difference between convulsions and seizures?” Well, I never thought of that but one thing for sure. Okay, one thing about epilepsy, you know how they treated that way back in, even in 1920s, the ketotic diet, a high fat diet, no carbs in 1920, they found out that that worked. And then of course the food industry and the drug industry, God bless them, they didn't like that. So it got buried. It got buried. These are facts guys, okay? 

And Lynn is saying, “Is milk from a cow allowed on the reset?” Yeah. If you've got a cow in the backyard, Lynn, you can have milk right from the tap. Don't go to the grocery store and buy your milk. What I want you to do is drink water, coffee, and cream heavy cream. And I don't mean to just go and drink it like that. I mean if you want to, you could. But I like it in my Dr. Martin's Perfect Smoothie. Why do I talk about that all the time? And by the way, the meal replacement, if you want to sign up for it, send in an email on the private Facebook group, okay? We put out a statement on how to do it and it's a meal replacement program with the Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie. If you want to change the smoothie a little bit, go ahead, but I don't want you using any plant milk. I don't want no oat milk. I don't want no almond milk because that's full of oxalates. I don't want that. But you can do a meal replacement. I love bone broth. I tell you why I love bone broth. Bone broth there's nothing like bone broth as far as protein, as far as L-glutamine, as far as all the amino acids and it really makes for a perfect smoothie. 

Now the reason I want you to use four ounces of cream, heavy cream, and then you're going to get your calcium with your vitamin K2, right in this smoothie. I know I look mad, but guys, there's a reason for my madness. I'm going to answer something about flax seed. Somebody asked that. I'll get to their name in a second, and I want you on flax seeds. If you don't use flax seeds, okay, but here's why I like them. I like them. I like them a hundred times better than chia seeds. You want to put chia seats in there? We'll go for it. But that's not what I like. I like flax seeds. I've always liked flax seeds. I'm always talking about flax seed. “Dr. Martin, why do you talk about flax seed? Because they have a hundred times more lingens than any other seed.

And lingens block estrogen. And when you block estrogen, the extra estrogen, okay, ladies, what is estrogen? Makes you a woman? What does too much estrogen do? Make you too much of a woman and you're going to gain weight. Nevermind the other things that estrogen does. Why do you think I love flax seeds so much? Estrogen, lingens, okay, only 50 years I've been talking about lingens, okay? And I know people, ah, flax. Flax seeds are, I hear it all the time. Flax seed Dr. Martin, that's, you know that's going to elevate your estrogen. No, it's just the opposite. Just the opposite, okay? That's why I allow it. Even on the reset, it's the only plant that I allow because it's… it blocks estrogen and I'm trying, that's one of my goals with people. Okay, so Lynn, thanks.

Dale, “Can zinc cause hair loss?” Well, zinc helps here and I guess too much. You know how often I've seen too much zinc? Here, I'll write it down. This is how many times, oh, doc, you didn't write anything down? Yeah, because I've never seen it. Now I guess it can happen. Yes, you could get too much zinc. You don't hear me talking. Do you? About taking a supplement of zinc? Do you see there are some things, guys that God wants you to eat, not supplement. Zinc is one of them. I'm not saying you can't supplement with zinc. I'm just telling you that if you eat vitamin S, steak, eggs and cheese get lots of zinc. Did you know that zinc in the plant kingdom, there's none. Well, maybe a little bit for mice, not for human beings. It's another reason when people tell you to stay away from animal products, the environment, and let's get rid of cows and let's not eat anymore red meat.

Somebody was saying that at that World Economic Forum or whatever they call that all the elites are there. Well, don't eat red meat because if we could, my daughter taught me this. One guy was Siemens. He was the head of… I think CEO of Siemens, one of these huge conglomerate companies. I don't eat meat anymore, and if a billion people would stop eating red meat, we would save the planet. Guys, I'm sorry. I've never heard anything as stupid as that. Are we all supposed to take a supplement of zinc then a supplement of vitamin A, supplement of heme iron, a supplement of vitamin B12, a supplement of all the amino acids like L carnitine, L arginine and L leucine and all that? Okay, let's just do that and we'll take supplements, isn't it the craziest thing you've ever heard in your stinking life? 

It bothers me when I hear stupidity and I will not be persuaded with crazy arguments. You give me science, you give me the truth. That's what I want. I don't want nonsense because that's all it is. It's nonsense and it's a narrative. They'll eat their red meat, but they want us to eat crickets and fake meat. That's what they want us to do. But them big guys that fly around on their private jets are going to dictate to us. And I'm telling you, it's powerful. It bothers me. You have no idea. Anyway, I just got that off my chest. Okay. “How long does it take to feel more energy after a B12 injection?” Well, it depends. My father's level is at 600. So you must be talking about your dad. Well, 600 is still very low. I like minimum of 800 in blood work when I look at b12. So keep going, Patricia, he'll get his energy. That'll help and make sure he is eating red meat.

Maneau, “I take a shower with Dove soap.” Okay, but there's chemicals in it, “but my skin is dry.” Well look, skin is always inside out. I mean, you look at anyone's skin, I observe skin, but in my head I was always going back to their gut. You got dry skin, leaky gut. Okay, you got anything on your skin, then don't belong there. Invariably, it'll come from your gut. Fix the gut. And a lot of people with dry skin, they don't use the right oil. Now when I talk about getting an oil change, you want to switch from those terrible seed oils and use olive oil. I like butter. I like even better. Okay? Coconut oil is good. Change your oil. Now, the best thing for your skin in a lot of things is probiotics and high DHA. It's so good for your skin, it lubricates. You need an oil change. I love DHA. I was talking to Dr. Bennett this morning about using DHA with children. Some of his patients there. 

Francis. Okay? Francis is saying she's asking about intermittent fasting. She finds better mental clarity and more energy. Yeah, well look, you're emptying your liver, you're helping your brain. Like intermittent fasting is wonderful. It really is. I like it again. I really do. It gives your body a chance to regenerate itself. The mitochondria like it. Your little battery packs Francis. Yeah, for sure. Food, especially today, we eat too much food. We eat too often and we eat too much and we eat too much of the wrong thing. So when you clean that up, boy, your body loves that. Now you might react at first. Some people react to the reset and they get discouraged.I said, you're changing fuels. Your body's not used to it. It's not used to the good fuels. Give it a chance and then it will start to give you high five. Your own body will give you a high five. If you change fuels, then give the right octane eggs, meat and cheese are the best foods in the world. Bar none, okay? They're the best high octane fuels. Okay? And then when you stop eating crap, and then when you give your body a rest and intermittent fasting, it's all good for you. Okay? Thank you very much, Francis. 

Tracy, “Tell us what the hammer protocol is for fighting a virus.” Well, that is a high dose of vitamin D. Here's what I do when I get the first sign of a cold, 20 to 50,000 IU of vitamin D for me three days a week. I can't tell you what to take. I just can't. There's a war on vitamin D and I need to be careful. Okay? But that's what I do at the first sign of a cold, okay? That's my protocol. And of course, cut out sugar. “I make my own bone broth.” Okay, you can have your bone broth as a hot beverage. You can have any time. It could be part of your one meal a day. It can be part of meal replacement. You make your own bone broth. Good for you. It's good. Okay. It's good. I like our vanilla. For me personally, I like vanilla. Our bone broth. Okay? A lot of people like the chocolate. Why do we do that? Because so many people say, doc, I want something. I want a protein powder. What do you want me to take as a protein powder? I said, we're going to make the best one.

Okay, here's a question. Deborah said, “Is it okay to use Vaseline on your skin?” I wouldn't. It's petroleum. Not that it's toxic, but wouldn't, there's better things to do. Use olive oil on your skin. Use Revera on your skin. That's what I use. Okay? 

Colette. “Is it normal for glucose to go up while sleeping?” Sometimes. It shouldn't really. I mean, usually glucose will go up. It's not really when you… I guess it is. It's when your body's starting to wake up in the morning. We call that the dawn effect. And it makes sense because your cortisol, when you're waking up, your cortisol is starting to come up because it's going to wake you up and get you going. Cortisol's not bad unless you overuse it if your body produces too much because of stress. But cortisol will elevate your blood sugar temporarily, even without eating. But it's not a bad thing. 

You know what? I just got to tell you? I get a little bit uptight Colette about people measuring their blood sugar all the time. I was always against that. Always. Now, I'm not saying never check it, but some people it's, it's like a religion with them. Change your diet, change your diet, and it's amazing what happens to your blood sugar. I just didn't like it all the time. Okay? I didn't like it because people get all uptight and they live by numbers. I don't like living by numbers. I don't even with blood pressure people are, I said, well, you're stressing yourself out. Of course, your blood pressure is going up. I remember patients would bring me, here's my blood pressure over the last six years in a book three times a day. I said, if you think I'm reading none, I mean, I took their blood pressure and some of them got white coat syndrome, even though I never wore a white coat ever in my practice. I never wore a white coat. But some people that were nervous around me, I don't know why anybody would be nervous around me. And I said, well, you're getting white coat syndrome, even though I'm not wearing a doctor's suit. The only time your blood pressure goes up is when you get it done in your doctor's office. Anyway, I don't want to discourage people from taking their blood pressure. I'm not saying that. But don't overdo it and don't overdo your blood sugar either. Drive me crazy. 

Okay? And Yvonne was the one that was asking about the flax seeds. And it's not limited. I look, I mean, I got to take more than a couple of tablespoons a day. Okay? Guys, if I had one of those watches, it would be telling me to breathe right now. I'm glad I don't have one. Okay? Now guys, have I told you lately that I love you? I haven't. Thank you, by the way, for all your friendship and all those birthday wishes I got yesterday, okay? I'm 39 and holding. I'm in a holding pattern now. I'm sorry. <laugh> 71. Okay? And you know what? I'm, like I said yesterday, I'm very thankful for my help. I love you guys. I thank you for all your best wishes. You're my dear friends. Okay? 

Tell your friends, get them to join. Thousands and thousands of thousands of people have joined our private Facebook group. Okay? Send us an email that you're going to join us with our meal replacement program starting Monday. Okay? That's a weight loss program. You can do it as part of the reset. And if you're doing it just as a weight loss or whatever, then you can do it even if you don't want to lose weight, good for you. It's a meal replacement. So you do one or two shakes a day, okay? One or two a day, and you only eat one meal a day. So pick your meal that you like, and most people will pick their supper or lunch or whatever. And then the other ones just use a shake. And someone only use one shake a day, can they? They're not hungry. So listen to your body, okay? We love you. Talk to you soon.

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