1005. Q&A with Dr. Martin


Dr. Martin answers questions sent in by our listeners.

Some of today’s topics include:

  • Hashimoto’s disease & high A1C
  • Leaky gut syndrome
  • Polyphenols 
  • Pine Bark Extract
  • Egg whites
  • Hemochromatosis
  • Ashwagandha
  • Unexplained itchiness


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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning everyone, and once again, welcome to another live this morning, our question and answer Friday. Always a fun time and hope you're having a great start to your day as we take your questions today. And we appreciate everyone that's sent in their questions. 

Josie is wondering if Dr. Martin can explain the link between Hashimotos and high A1C. Well, look, let's just talk about Hashimotos first. Okay. Hashimoto's is an autoimmune, inflammation of the thyroid. The body attacks the thyroid, it's autoimmune. And here is autoimmune in a nutshell. Okay? I have never seen any autoimmune, including Hashimotos. That doesn't start with leaky gut, leaky gut, leaky joints, leaky skin, leaky lungs, leaky brain, leaky liver, leaky thyroid. The body turns on itself because there are things in the blood that don't belong there. And antibodies go up. The body recognizes them as being foreign.

And now you have thyroiditis and inflammation of the thyroid, sometimes even goiter. And with Hashimotos, everything slows down the valve. Constipation, the metabolism, fatigue, weight gain a lot of times, depression a lot of times, and everything gets messed up. The thyroid is, is your gas pedal, it's your metabolism and it's slows to a crawl in Hashimotos. Look, a lot of people don't even have Hashimotos in a sense, but they have a sluggish thyroid. And what I do with people with Hashimotos, you gotta start with the gut and you've got a fixed leaky gut, okay? That's really important. And what always you get an invasion of a third army. It's yeast, it's fungal. This is a huge factor in ms. It gets into the brain, the fungus gets into the brain, it can, and Parkinson's, it can carry heavy metals into the brain like lead, cadmium, mercury, and the thyroid can get messed up.

Remember, the liver is an area where T4 is converted to t3. Very important for the thyroid to function properly and autoimmune. A lot of times you get, okay, leaky gut, you better fix your diet. Don't feed the bears, don't feed yeast. So I look at it where people have a sluggish thyroid or Hashimotos, the diet is a huge factor for them. The reset is essential for them and to cut out sugars and don't feed the bears. So high a1c, yeah, even high cholesterol, but I don't care about that. I really don't. You gotta fix the underlying problem first, okay? So fix the underlying problem. It doesn't happen overnight, but that is really, really important to do. Diet is key. Fixing the gut. And again, what I've said, if you go back even another stage, go back to well, what caused leaky gut? How did I get leaky gut?

Well, you could have got that in the placenta when mommy had leaky gut. And mommy might have been on antibiotics before she got pregnant and her microbiome was messed up. And the baby's microbiome gets messed up. Children, one dose of antibiotics in a child wipes out their friendly bacteria. They start a dysbiosis, they start leaky gut right away as children. I've always talked about that. Autism is leaky gut. Okay? It's leaky gut. Leaky gut, leaky brain garbage, getting into the brain. It starts in the gut. Same thing with the thyroid when it comes to Hashimotos. But the diet does make a big difference because when you eat low carb, when you get off all the sugars, you're not feeding yeast. Anti antibiotics are a great, great, great, except if you don't take probiotics with them. You're wiping out your friendly bacteria. It's the number one cause today of leaky gut.

And leaky gut is the number one cause of autoimmune disease, including brain disorders like autism. You know, I always tell my patients, well, autism is leaky gut. And that's why we see so much of it today. The benefits of modern medicine plus the downside of modern medicine. Antibiotics are great to save your life, but they were never meant to be used the way they're used today. We overuse them. They're creating in our society today. And no one talks about it and doctors still haven't got the memo. Why are you giving antibiotics for a viral infection? Stop. You're creating monsters. And one of the monsters is leaky gut. But the other monster is resistant bacteria. That's why we see so much cellulitis, cellulitis. I remember in the 19, what was that? But today, cellulitis, sepsis is a major, major disaster. Go to the hospital, the most dangerous place in the world. Look, I'm not telling people not go to the hospital, of course, right? You have an emergency, go to the hospital. But the problem is in the hospital and they're the first ones to admit it. There's so much sea difficile, so much sea difficile. And it is difficult sea difficile to treat because it's very resistant to antibiotic. It's the overuse of antibiotics. I mean, there's other factors, but that is a big one. Okay? 

And Eric, pure fish sauce. Is it good? Yes, it's good for you. Remember, I take fish every day. I don't take fish sauce, but I take it in a capsule. But what would be in fish sauce would be so good for you. If it's only fish, well look, you get almost complete amino acids, all of them. Plus you're getting a real good oil, okay? You're getting a good oil in, fish because in the animal kingdom you get the best omegas. You get dha, the long chain fatty acid and you're gonna get some epa. It's a little bit shorter fatty acid, but they are tremendous for your health. So yeah, I you know, I never really thought so much about fish sauce, but if you like it, man, it is well, well recommended on the reset. Absolutely.

Burton for naval, it says it has O P C super antioxidant. What does the O P C mean? Well, O P C means the polyphenols. Okay? So big words pine bark extract is made up of. I always go back to the story of Jacque Cari. That's part of our Canadian history, okay? So for my American friends, Jacque apparently named Canada. Canada won the golden hockey yesterday. And the name Canada was given to this country. My Jacque, he was a French explorer. When he came over from France in the 15 hundreds, his men, 25 of them had died of scurvy on the seas. And his surviving crew came to the St. Lawrence River. They befriended the natives that were here, the indigenous, and they gave him and his men, this is history, a tea. Okay? How do we know that? Because Jacque Cartier wrote about it. He actually wrote in his animals that he was given a tea made up of pine bark.

And his men, not only did they not die of scurvy, but he wrote, we felt so much better. Well turn the clock ahead to the 1950s. And there was a French scientist by the name of Jacque Mak. I met the man, very smart. And he said he was reading Carise animals. And he goes, what's in pine bark? Obviously something like vitamin C. Cause they got rid of scurvy. And Jacque Cari says, not only got rid of scurvy, man, he didn't even call it scurvy. I'm sure, I don't think he knew what it was. But he said, we felt so much better. I felt so much better. You know what junk ma did when he went back to France, he was a researcher, a biochemist. And he went back to France and he started to do studies on pine bark extract in the south of France.

Napoleon had planted, I saw them, I went there and Napoleon had planted these trees in the south part of France and Cari did research. What he found out was that pine bark extract contained a broad spectrum of OPCs. These polyphenols, proin big words mean nutrients. And he couldn't get over how good this stuff was, how much was in pine bark extra. And he wrote about it. He produced it. He developed ways of producing pine bark extract to make it very powerful. And the rest really is history. Had great results with pine bark extract. I was told about it. Try this, it's out of France. Try it with your patience. And that was well over 30 years ago. And guess what? I found it to be very effective. I wrote a book about it. I travelled because I wrote a book In those days when you wrote a book, you got all these TV and radio appearances.

I had an agent and I travelled the world giving interviews on pine bark extract. I studied it, I saw it with patients and I found it to be quite effective from the brain to the toes. And so at the end of the day, pine bark extract is like a multivitamin on steroids. It doesn't really have vitamin C, but it's stronger than vitamin C. Just like coffee. Coffee's not vitamin C, but coffee acts like vitamin C and is better than vitamin C. Think about this for a second because people run on Google and they go, Dr. Martin's talking about coffee again. And he calls it Vitamin C and I mean it because it is. And they go on Google and they go, does coffee have vitamin C? And Google says no. And they go, what's Dr. Martin talking about? Well, the natives, the indigenous, the First Nations, when they gave pine bark extract, it cured scurvy in the 15 hundreds. Was it vitamin C? Was it an orange they gave them? Nope. They gave them a tea with pine bark extra. So what does that tell you? That's why I always say it, guys. I mean it when I tell you coffee is better than vitamin C. Why? Because it acts like vitamin c plus it has a thousand phytonutrients in it. Why am I talking about coffee when I'm supposed to be talking about Pine Park Extra? Cuz I like talking about coffee.

Pine bark extract is pound for pound. One of the best supplements I have ever, ever dealt with. And navitol means energy. It is fantastic, but it is a polyphenol. It is 50 times more powerful than vitamin C alone. Okay? It is tremendous. That's O P C. That's what it means. Okay? That was a long dissertation. But I like telling stories. 

Douglas, what do I think of lectins? Well, look, when you go on the reset, you're not having any lectins. Lectins, you know, there's a book out by Dr. Gundry. Okay? Whenever just one doctor says it, I, it doesn't mean it's not true. Okay? But Dr. Gundry sort of started this thing about lectins, you know, legumes and stuff like that that causes leaky gut. Is it true man, but I don't think it causes leaky gut per se, but it can certainly irritate your gut and maybe a contributing factor in leaky gut.

And it's one of the reasons, one of many that I don't want people when they do the reset for 30 days, I want them to focus in on the animal kingdom, eggs, meat, and cheese. And not the vegetable kingdom or the plant kingdom for 30 days. Am I against plants? No. There's a reason. You know, someone asked me yesterday about kidney health, okay? I said, well look, here's kidneys 1 0 1, okay? It's not protein that destroys your kidneys. That is fake news. Protein never ever, ever, ever destroys kidneys. Sugar does, insulin does. And especially fructose, high fructose corn syrup is a destructive force to the kidneys. You know what? The other ones are oxalates. You know what oxalates are? Well they conform. Okay? Oxalate stones in your kidneys, where do they come from? The vegetable kingdom. Okay? Now again, I'm not saying vegetables are no good, but I want you to take 30 days and not eat them because I want you to not have any lectins.

I don't want you to have any gluten. I don't want you to have any oxalates for 30 days. Give your kidneys a rest. You're not gonna be having any sugar. So you're giving kidneys a rest. You're gonna regenerate the body, you're gonna fix a multitude of things. Friend, listen, there's a reason for my madness. I know you think I'm mad. The rest of the world thinks I'm crazy. It's not a popularity contest, it's the truth. And there's no lectins in eggs, meat and cheese by the way. 

Okay,  can you discuss veneers? Well, veneers is a middle of the ear syndrome causing nausea, causing vertigo, causing. I actually wrote a paper in 1973 on ERs, okay? And I'll tell you what a big factor is in ERs is insulin. It's a big factor. Insulin resistance creates inflammation. Inflammation can affect your middle ear and you wanna lower inflammation, you need to lower your insulin. Okay? Now there can be neck problems causing manures, uh, pinching nerves, especially the cranial nerves. And I mean there's other factors, but one of them in diet is get your insulin done. Okay, good question. Thank you. 

And Carol, can we use egg whites? Yes. Yes. Why do you want to use egg whites without the yoke? Okay, egg whites are protein. I ain't got no problem with it. You know, just make sure, read the ingredients. Now egg whites, sometimes they put stuff in there, just straight egg whites. I don't know why they do it. But you know, if you want to use egg whites, okay? I don't know why you don't want to use the whole egg. Maybe somebody tell me that. Okay? Somebody tell me that eight weeks are good, the yoke is better. All your B vitamins are in the yolk, okay? Your touring your carnitine, your vitamin A, it's in the yoke man. That's where the nutrition is. Okay? Now there's some protein in egg whites, but nah, okay, I don't know if I answered your question. 

Are we allowed Cocoa butter on the reset? No, it's a plant. I'm not saying it's not good for you. I'm just telling you I want you on the animal kingdom for 30 days. Stick to butter. Butter. I want you to use lots of butter. Butter is good for you. Real dairy. See, I'm big on dairy, not milk. Okay? Not milk unless you have a cow in the backyard. I'm big on dairy. People ditch dairy and I don't like it. I don't like it. It's not right. Your body needs dairy. Dairy is good for you but not milk. Now listen, if you have an intolerance to cheese and you got leaky gut, cuz that's how you get an intolerance to cheese, okay? Then you might have to avoid that. Even some people can't even have eggs. I feel sorry for you, but you don't do well with eggs. That's leaky gut. By the way. Don't blame the egg. Okay? It's like milk. The government's never going to allow it. So I don't hold my brother. But if we were allowed to drink whole milk, okay? The government said, okay, it doesn't have to be pasteurized and you can drink whole milk. Okay? I'll tell you, lactose intolerance, which is in about 60 70% of the population would go away almost overnight. Okay? Now I watched my little great grandson, I got one great grandson and three great granddaughters, okay? And I watched yesterday because I saw my little great grandson. And by the way, when you're great grandparents, you're at the back of the bus, okay?

And I don't blame his grandparents cuz they, you know, they would jump over a wall to get at that baby and the great grandparents at the back of the bus. Okay? But what I'm saying is mummy's breastfeeding, that little boy, he's 10 months old. You know what he drinks besides mummy's breast milk, which is the best thing in the world. That's exactly what God wants you to do. Water, they're weaning him on water. So when he gets off, mommy, what he'll drink is water, not juice, not milk, water. Wean the kids on water, okay? Wean the kids on water and then when they can eat, give them cheese cuz they're gonna get dairy, okay? They don't need milk, especially in the grocery store. Cause by the time that milk gets to the grocery store, it has become white Pepsi. Very, very sugary. The fat mostly has been taken out that d nature's milk.Why do we see so much lactose intolerance today? It's crazy. Kids don't need grocery store milk. Don't let 'em touch it. Oh, Dr. Martin, when am I gonna have my cereal with? Well, don't eat cereal. How's that? 

Okay, Laurie, I have a compound hemochromatosis and can I still do the reset? Whoa, Laurie, why not hemochromatosis? The liver is gunged up big time and your blood is thick as molasses. The reset empties your liver. It's one of the treatments that I give for hemochromatosis. You can go get blood and get blood out. They take blood outta your body. Am I against that? And I guess if it's so high, but I like emptying the liver and the reset. One of the first things that happens is you empty your liver. Of course you can do it. Okay, good question. 

Sanjana, what do I think about high antibodies? Well, I think I talked about them this morning when I talked about hashimoto's. High antibodies in the body is a sign of autoimmune. Something is off and it's in the gut. You have to start there. Sanjana. Okay? Starting the gut really makes a difference with those antibodies. The body's turning on itself because of the invasion of the third arm.

Okay, Marilyn, what's my thought on Ashwagandha? Well I love Ashwagandha I have it in my cortisol formula. I have it in my inflammation formula. I love Ashwagandha on its own. Me. I like mixing it. I found when you compound it with others, you get better results. That's, you know, always talk about that guys, I don't mind tooting my horn. I'm gonna toot my horn right now. The Martin Clinic products were used in a clinical setting. Probiotics, I had to get results and you know, like cortisol formula, I had to get results because I measured cortisol. I had to get it down. If you take Ashwagandha, yeah it comes down a bit. But when you put it with other things it came down even more. That's why I do that. I never copy a formula and a lot of people copy my formulas and my son Tony Jr. Doc Jr. Is a very, very smart biochemist, okay? Very, very smart. And we put our noggins together on these formulas. Okay? But yeah, I love Ashwagandha. 

Okay Christine, my triglycerides and HDL is good. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. If you have good triglycerides in hdl, that's a good thing. Okay? That's a good thing. Now my CPR is up to one. Used to be zero five years ago, could inflammation be caused by an increase in stress and also causing my A1C Yep, yep, yep, yep. Cortisol. Okay. Here's what cortisol is. Cortisol is, and a lot of people, millions and millions of people have high cortisol.

Especially in the day and age in which we live. We live in a different world my friend. And there's so much more people that are stressed. And here's what stress does. It does a lot of things. But here's what cortisol does. Remember what cortisol is. And if I scare you, cortisol is normal, you're gonna secrete some cortisol, you're gonna secrete some adrenaline, you're gonna punch me or you're gonna run. That's the fight or flight. But if it goes on and on and on, boy oh boy, that's very destructive inside the body because what cortisol does, it pours gasoline on the fire of inflammation. So if you got high insulin, right, you got high insulin cuz you're a carbohydrate and then you add stress, cortisol, it's gonna pour gasoline on the inflammation fire, it's gonna be more destructive. It can affect your gut, it can affect your energy, it can affect your a1c. Yep. Because your body is, your blood sugar's going up and your A1C is gonna go up even though you're eating well. So eat well. Don't stop that. But you also need pristine to take care of that stress. Absolutely. Absolutely. And that's what cortisol does. 

Joanne, can you speak on keto itch? My back gets extremely itchy. Well look, I don't know about keto itch, okay? And I'm not big Joanne, I'm sorry I'm not a keto person. I'm not. I never was and I never will be. I don't like keto per se cuz a lot of people talk to me about keto doc. That's a keto. The eggs, meat and cheese is a keto diet. No it's not. No it's not. A keto diet is very low carb but it allows for a lot of keto foods, which I don't like. They're artificial foods, a lot of them.

Yeah they're low carb but I don't like that stuff. And so keto itch, I don't know if I can talk about it because I'm not big on a keto itch. But I'll tell you what causes an itch. Unexplained itchiness is usually your thyroid is talking to you. Okay? That's been my experience. Two things. Your thyroid and you have Joanne insulin resistance cuz that's another factor in itchiness on the skin. Thyroid, itchy, slows down, itchy, sluggish. Thyroid and insulin resistance or both? Okay? Again, keto itch is there such a thing? I don't know. You're giving me a new term today. Now I heard about the keto flu, but I haven't heard about the keto itch. Okay? And maybe I'm gonna go Google it. 

Sandra. What can my sister do for osteoporosis? Well number one, start eating eggs, meat and cheese. Number two, vitamin D. Make sure vitamin D levels are really optimized. Okay? Number three. Not calcium but vitamin k2. So when you eat cheese, you're getting vitamin k2. K2 takes calcium from cheese and puts it in your bones. That's why cheese. Why do you think I talk about cheese all the time? Why are butter and cheese part of the reset? The Rodney Dangerfield of vitamins. Cause people don't even know what they're K one. Well, you get a lot of K one when I eat my salad, my spinach. I know but you're not getting k2. K2 is in the animal came to when you eat eggs, meat and cheese. Steak and butter and cheese. Cheese kegs has the highest source of vitamin k2. So you got osteoporosis. Do that. Now the third one, vitamin E. You got weak bones. You need strong muscles. Strong muscles. Strong bones. Okay. Walking, won't it Walking's good. Won't help osteo approach. You need to get strong. Tell your sister I said so build muscle and I don't care how old you are, you can build muscle. You're 90 years old, you can build muscle. Did you know that? Yep. Okay, let's get going cause I'm getting slow here. 

Darlene, if you are hypothyroid or no hyroid are, you should not be eating peanuts. Well, you shouldn't eat peanuts anyways. I like peanut butter. You should increase carrot intake. Who told you that? Darlene, you're trying to say don't eat peanuts buddy. Carrots. Why? Okay, I wanna know why, okay is the peanuts because it got light things in it and carrots cuz it's got better Carine. I like carrots, but I like steak better. Steak is better than carrots for vitamin A. Your thyroid needs vitamin A. But I don't know where you're coming from. Okay? Carrots are supposed to be better for thyroid. Man I honestly, when when you hear about carrots, you hear about your eyes, right? That's what my mom used to tell me. Eat your carrots. Its good for your eyes. Well yes, steak is better for your eyes. So is fish okay? But yeah, carrots are good. I like carrots. Okay, don't eat carrot cake.

 Kathy's asking a good question. I was diagnosed with diabetes, type 2 28 years ago and my A1C has never been at low levels. Is that brain damage reversible? You better bet your boots so you can reverse. Your body is fearfully and wonderfully made and if you take care of it, it's amazing what you can do. That's why I'm so huge on the reset because it regenerates. I don't care how old you are, it will help your liver. If it helps your liver, it helps your metabolism, it helps your a1c, it helps your triglycerides, it helps your H D L. It lowers inflammation, it helps your kidneys, it helps your brain and get on high DHA Absolutely Kathy, you have to do that. 

Okay, Rita, the last few days. Loose stool, gallbladder don't have a gallbladder. Well there you go Rita. So watch your fat intake. You don't have a gallbladder now you're still making bile. Okay? So when you don't have a gallbladder, your liver makes bile. It your gallbladder never makes bile. It was just a reservoir per bile. Now usually what I find, you have to start slowly on the reset, for people in terms of its fat, not the protein, but its fat content. Be a little bit more careful Rita. And that could be that. Okay? Be a little bit more careful with that. 

Yvonne. Does B6 and B vitamins get stored in the liver therefore unhealthy? Well, no, it's not unhealthy. That's one of the functions of your liver to store vitamins. Even B12 is stored in the liver. No, your liver, don't worry about your liver. If it's when your liver gets gummed up, it's not cuz it's gummed up with vitamins. It's gummed up with fat because of carns and unum. Deum it. Nah your liver's meant to store vitamins. 

Okay, Karen, Dry eyelids. Uh, you better use more dha and probiotics cuz it's usually a fungus. The eyelids is usually a fungal leaky, leaky eyes lids. Okay, and last one, DUIs asking about, uh, gra and Granial Osis form of vasculitis. Yeah, what about it? I have this on top of my brain of ms Well, you know what? Louise, well there's a lot of autoimmune involved in that. And today's been an autoimmune day, hasn't it been? So fix the gut comes from leaky gut. Now there can be some genetic factors there, but generally it's leaky gut and it helps a lot when you clean that up. Okay guys, thanks for the questions today. You guys are great. We appreciate it. Now listen, I'm, I'm making an announcement for Monday for the next few months, Mondays and Thursday, go and do afternoon programs. That's what I'm starting next week. Mondays and Thursdays we'll put postings up Mondays and Thursdays afternoon sessions at four 4:00 PM Okay? That's what I'm planning. Are there gonna be exceptions to that? Maybe we'll see. Okay. But we'll keep you posted. Okay guys. We love you. Talk to you dear. No talk to you soon.

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