1002. Obesity Rates Triple in One Generation


A recent article Dr. Martin read is saying that obesity rates have tripled in one generation! The article goes on to ask what the reason is for the increase. Dr. Martin shares the reason why in today’s episode.


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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning everyone, and once again, welcome to another live here this morning. Now news, news, news, this was an article that came out yesterday, so I flagged it yesterday. Obesity rates in one generation, okay? In one generation has tripled. Okay? Here's the article. Tripled obesity rates in one generation. What is the reason for this? Okay, what's the reason? Now I've told you about generations. When I was a kid, long time ago, 1950s, the average North American consumed 25 pounds of sugar a year. My children's generation, my four kids were born in the 1970s and they were up to 50 pounds a year of sugar in the seventies. That was because of a big time cereal and people were buying the lie. We talked about this yesterday of cholesterol, so fat-free cuz that gives you cholesterol and now they're adding sugar. 

You take fat out of food, you're adding sugar. It was up to 50 pounds, okay? I had cookies and ice cream as a kid too, but 25 pounds to my children's generation. My adult children now and their kids, okay? Their kids born, most of them from the year 2000, okay? They're kids little bit before. They're up to 200 pounds, 50 to 200 and change. That's the reason for the triple in obesity rates. It's one of the reasons I'm gonna give you a couple of more tripled obesity rates in one generation. This is a big article and they're talking about, they don't even tell you why. They're asking. Why, why don't they ask me? I would tell them why. I've been observing this for a long time. And of course you have the introduction of seed oils, vegetable oils, hydrogenated oils, a big factor in obesity. 

But even more than that, and you guys know this because what happened in our society, they changed sugar. It was sugar and sugar is sugar. But the worst thing they did is they made a manmade sugar and they made it in a liquid form called high fructose corn syrup. And I'm gonna tell you my friend, fructose, if you wanna know why a bear gets fat, that a bear prepares for hibernation, what do they do? They eat up to about 30,000 blueberries a day. Fructose in nature. It goes directly to the liver. It stores fat. And I'm telling you, my friend, this is the number one reason we see a tripling in obesity rates today. A tripling oven. Isn't that crazy? But the world doesn't understand that high fructose corn syrup is the anti-Christ of sugars because of what it does to the body and how it destroys the liver and how it destroys the pancreas and how it creates an epidemic of obesity today. 

I mean, folks, listen, you know me, I've said this for a long time. You know, leave the planet in the 1970s and come back in the year of 2022. And you will be shocked at the size of people. Go to your local mall. You don't have to be a rocket scientist. Go to your local mall, use your eyeballs for observation, and you will see that I am exactly right. And yet the world, it doesn't understand these things. Ah, fat makes you a fat and cholesterol is the boogeyman. No, it's not high fructose. Corn syrup is the boogeyman. It's in everything. It's worse than sugar by far. Why is that? Because it's fructose and it's liquid. What do I tell you all the time? God meant for you to eat fruit, not drink it. God meant for you to eat fruit and not drink it. And when you drink it, you see, even when you go into cereals, go to your cereal on Frosted Flakes are not good for you. 

Okay? If Cheerios has a heart on the box, it's because you're going to have a heart attack if you eat that stuff. But what you don't realize is the sugar they use there is high fructose corn syrup. It's liquid fructose. It's the sugar that the food industry loves and created. They created it in a vat. They created it in a laboratory. It's not natural. You think it is? Oh, from corn, high fructose corn syrup. I know, but your body don't even know what that is. Your body doesn't metabolize it properly, it sends it to the liver so fast, it makes your head spin. And for me, when I read an article like this that obesity rates have tripled, does that surprise you? Doesn't surprise me. I've been screaming like John the Baptist for a long time about these things. Triple obesity rates. You know it's craziness. 

It's another reason why I wanna pump your tires all week on doing the reset. If you haven't started, start today, start tomorrow. Tell us that you're going to start though. Tell us. I, we really wanna know. You know why? Because we wanna keep you accountable. We wanna pump your tires up. We want you to stay the course. It's worth it. Just your liver. I talked about this yesterday in the first week, when you will not consume any high fructose corn syrup whatsoever. Do you, you know how good that is for you? One of the things, when you have a foreign substance, because that's really what it is, high fructose corn syrup is a foreign substance. It messes up your triglycerides so quickly and people don't realize that. So when you do the reset, one of the advantages of the reset, yeah, you're not having any sugar, but you're not having any high fructose corn syrup and metabolically that is so good for you, okay? 

It's the iceberg. Okay, let's go back to the Titanic. Okay? The Titanic hit an iceberg that was the size of a motel problem with the iceberg. I've been to St. John's, okay? I had never seen before I went to St. John's to do a conference. Hey, that's, it's gotta be seven, seven or eight years ago now. Okay? I enjoyed it very much by the way, whenever the folks in St. John's going to invite me back to do a seminar. But you know what I saw? I think it was September or October, I saw icebergs. I'd never seen an iceberg before, man. Massive. But what's underneath the water is a lot bigger than what you see on the top, right? 

So the iceberg that the titanic hit, remember if you have metabolic syndrome, you're on the Titanic, you have insulin resistance and it's food my friend, but it's very specific. The worst thing is the iceberg of high fructose corn syrup. So when you are a carbaholic, okay, my name is Tony and I'm a carbaholic because if you go even into your grocery store and look at bread now, Brent turns to sugar rapidly anyway. I don't care if it's 5,100 or 200 grain bread. Oh, Dr. Martin, it's, it's whole wheat. I don't care. It's going to be sugar in a nanosecond. But then they add sugar. Almost every brand they add sugar. Guess what? They're adding high fructose corn syrup. The obesity rates have tripled and metabolically, it's not just obesity. You can be skinny as a rake and have insulin resistance. Your body just doesn't have the ability to store fat. 

Like most people, most people, their body has an enormous, remember what insulin does? Insulin is a fat storing hormone. And guys, if you remember my book, serial Killers, two Hormones That Want You Dead Insulin and Cortisol or my book, the Metabolic Reset, okay? I got a picture of a jail guard there, okay? And he's sitting there and behind the, the rails, behind those rails is fat and in front of the jail cell, a man with his name insulin across it. And insulin does not allow fat to escape. You have to understand that as long as insulin is present, it doesn't allow fat to escape because its jaw is to take glucose. If you don't have muscles are not enough room in them. And if there's no more room in the liver, it will create fat cells. The problem with visceral fat for a lot of people, skinny people, they don't even know they have it because they can't see it. 

Like you look at somebody that's got a lot of weight on them, is obese, are overweight. Well, you see it, you go, okay, I get it. But you see, this is why, like for me, I am huge on looking at blood work for this because I can tell you if you're insulin resistance just by your blood work, nevermind if I get a look at you. Well, of course today I'm not in practice anymore. I can't observe individual patients anymore. I'm not there. They're not in my office. But I can tell by their blood work if their body is playing havoc with insulin. If insulin is creating havoc within the body, it's a fact storing hormone. But if insulin becomes a bad neighbor, you know what I mean by that? Remember, insulin works at the cellular level and it really, particularly muscles, liver cells, fat cells are the three areas primarily where insulin operates. That's why I always tell people, look, get strong. Have some muscles. Have muscles. Why? Because muscles are bins. They're bins and you have more ability to store glucose in those muscle cells. Got it? But insulin resistance is when there's no room in the end. 

Okay, we just came through Christmas, no room in the end for Jesus. Well no room in the end for glucose to be stored in muscle cells. And then there's no more room in the end of your liver cells. There's no more room. So what does the body do? The body creates fat cells. Cuz that's what insulin and insulin will always do its job until it can't. Insulin resistance is yourselves going, you know what, when you get outta here, you're a bad neighbour. You're always coming here. Why are you here all the time? But if you're a carbo guess what? You have insulin resistance. Your cells don't like insulin cuz you used it too much. You know me And use it or lose it. Don't worry about your pancreas, don't worry about insulin, you'll never use it or lose it. Okay? You don't want to use it. 

You wanna send it to Hawaii on a holiday because it's going to change your life. You have no idea. Like what was the article here? Let me just see if I can get it cuz I posted it yesterday. This was by a Christie, Leon and md. Okay? She says, health conditions associated with insulin resistance. Now you and I talk about this all the time, so none of this is surprising to you, but I posted it yesterday, okay? Because she wrote an article about it. She says, here are the health conditions associated with insulin resistance. Now remember, insulin resistance starts in the kitchen. It's what you eat. It's the choices you make if you eat meat, eggs, cheese. I know, I know, I know, doc. Is that all you ever talk about? Uh, yeah. But let me tell you why. Because when you eat steak, hamburger, chicken, you don't need insulin. 

You need a little bit like this little bit, little bit. When you eat an egg, you don't need insulin. Did you know that? You need a little bit. Every time you eat, you need some. But when you don't need very much, it's exactly how your body is meant to operate. So guys, listen to me, Linda, listen. Insulin resistance is the overuse of insulin. And at the cellular level, your cells don't respond. Insulin's knocking at the door or ringing the doorbell. Hey, hey, hey, open up. I gotta put sugar in yourselves. And they go, eh, I can't stand you. Get outta here. But you know what happens? Insulin says, I don't care if you can't stand me, I'm gonna keep ringing the doorbell. So you're pancreas makes even more insulin for the same food. And yourselves resisted more. And as pancreas makes more, they don't care until the day that you become a diabetic on that day takes a long time. 

Diabetes is the last thing that happens in the body as far as blood sugar goes, because your body, your body guys, your body is so smart. Look, you know me, I quote the Bible all the time, but it's because the Bible even talks about this, that you're fearfully and wonderfully made. Okay? Your body's unbelievable. If you think that just happened, well, I'm sorry I disagree with you, I respect you. But I disagree with that. Like it's too complex. It's unreal. Your body is so smart. It says sugar, sugar. I can't have sugar in the bloodstream. Why? Because it's gonna destroy blood vessels very quickly. So you're pain, pancreas goes secrete insulin, get it out of there to traffic cop a you out, out, out, out, out, out, out, out. You can't stay there. See, that's how your body operates. It doesn't want you to be a diabetic. 

It's the last thing it wants because it knows that sugar is so toxic. So when someone tells you, why don't I just eat in moderation, your body's not meant for sugar. If you don't believe that, empty your five liters of blood, take it outta your body. And on the worst of these, you're gonna have less than a teaspoon of of sugar in your blood. Why? Because sugar is so toxic. Your body is smarter than the world out there. Your body is smarter than the food industry. And when you see someone walking around and you see the triple obesity, just understand that your body, that is a protective mechanism. It is. Your body is just trying to get sugar under the bloodstream and it must store it. That's what it does. It stores it as glycogen fat. And even skinny people, they can get insulin resistance big time, but they don't see the fat, they don't see the sugar turn to fat, they don't see it. 

It's invisible to the naked eye because it's visceral fat. It's around their organs and they don't know. They don't have the protective mechanism. Obesity, to some extent, think about it, is the body's protective mechanism. Now, it's not good for you, but the body would rather you have fatty, fatty everything than you have diabetes. It would rather you have fatty liver than diabetes. It would rather you have visceral fat than diabetes because diabetes, listen, if you don't think diabetes isn't serious, it destroys everything. And you know, thank God for medications, okay? Thank God they do some wonderful things in medicine, including a drug like metformin. But I'm gonna tell you something, okay? Let me just tell you something. It was never meant to be used for long term because if someone is a diabetic, type two, the cure is food, not drugs. Drugs never cure anything as far as diabetes is concerned. A diabetic never goes into revision without changing their diet. I don't care how many meds they take, it doesn't matter. As a matter of fact, I always told my patients, this meds have an expiry date. You know, can people come in? I mean, I saw tens of thousands of patients that were on metformin. I mean, my specialty in a lot of ways was the endocrine system. Hormones, including insulin. Especially insulin. I was a food doctor. 

When you're a food doctor that makes you a hormone doctor, insulin's a hormone, it wants you dead. If you use it too much, it'll kill you. And Dr. Lee Young said in an article yesterday, she wrote an article on health conditions associated with insulin resistance. She went diabetes, of course. Then she said Heart disease. Yep, heart disease. Yep, because of what? Triglycerides. Inflammation. Low cholesterol. Cancer. Cancer. Insulin resistance in cancer. Listen to us, less than 50 years ago, one out of 50 people in North America in their lifetime would get a diagnosis of cancer. One out of 50. You know what it is today in your lifetime. I'm not talking about death from cancer, I'm talking about the diagnosis of cancer. You know what it is today? One out of two. One out of two. You think we've made progress? Well, we've made progress in a lot of areas. I agree. But when it comes to cancer and heart disease, we haven't made progress. We're losing the war. That's what sorta infuriates me. It infuriates me. Because we're not winning the war. We're losing the war because we're looking for love in all the wrong places. My friend, we're not looking to food for cancer. We're not talking about insulin in cancer. We're not talking about insulin and heart disease. We're talking about cholesterol. Cholesterol, cholesterol, cholesterol. I wanna chic people. 

Screaming in the wilderness, reading Matthew chapter three's about John the Baptist coming on the scene screaming in the wilderness. That's me. I've been screaming for 50 years. I still got a voice. Amazing. No, but guys, I just get, I get worked up. You know Dr. Lee Young, she's thinking smart smarty pants. That girl, I appreciate her. She writes this article and says, yeah, health conditions associated with insulin resistance include diabetes, heart disease, cancer, fatty liver, polycystic ovarian disorder syndrome, Pecos, and sarcopenia. Yeah, imagine muscle wasting. One of the side effects of insulin resistance. It's food, my friend, obesity, of course, stroke, dementia. Here's what she said in the article too. She said, you might have insulin resistance and you have no symptoms cuz you don't even know it's there. The doctors don't test for it. They're not looking at it. They're only saying, Hey, you're not a diabetic. 

Don't worry about it. Or you're not a pre, you know what they call a pre-diabetic, my friend. You send me your a1c, send me your a1c. That's a three month average of your blood sugar. When doctors don't take an A1C test, I just want to shake them when they don't order it. Ah, your blood glucose is fine now it's not enough. Blood glucose is the last thing that will go south. I wanna know about your a1c and I wanna see your triglycerides and I wanna look at your cholesterol, your HDL especially, because that tells me everything I need to know about the state of your liver and about insulin resistance. A1c. I love it. Ooh, okay, I got excited again. I didn't mean to, my blood pressure went up. 

Okay? Okay guys, I'm gonna go through some of these articles that have come out unreal. Some of the stuff it, it's not surprising, but it's fascinating nonetheless, guys, I'm aiming at you. I'm aiming at my audience. I want you to understand how your body operates, what you can do to control the situation as much as possible, okay? As much as possible. And that's why the reset guys, so good for you. Those who have started it, I understand it's different. I understand you're going to get resistance because people have been duped, people have been brainwashed. People around you, your friends, your family, your spouses, what, how many eggs are you eating? That can't be good for you. Yeah, it is. Okay? Yeah, it is. Trust me, it'll be worth it. I can promise you that. Okay? Let us know if you're signed up for the reset, okay? I don't know if our student there at the University of Oklahoma, Jordan, if she's got enough volunteers, maybe Jordan, you can let me know if you're watching this show. You've got enough volunteers for your study, the Reset Group, our private Facebook group is helping Jordan finish her master's degree and she's doing her thesis on the reset and it's just a questionnaire and your name won't be used and blah, blah, blah. Okay? So guys, I love you. I love you. You heard that before. Okay, now I mean it. Okay, talk to you soon. 

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