1000. 1000th Episode Q&A


Dr. Martin answers questions sent in by our listeners.

Some of today’s topics include:

  • Polyps
  • HMB supplement
  • Long term effects of stress and anxiety
  • Metallic taste in mouth
  • Best cookware options
  • AIC acid vs. coffee
  • 72 hour fasting
  • Bovine collagen vs. silica
  • Calcium buildup
  • ALS diagnosis


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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning everyone. Welcome to another live this morning. Hope you're having a great start to your day and we're looking forward to our question and answer Friday here. Guys, do you know what this is? Listen, do you know that this is gonna be podcast number 1000 today? Imagine our last time we're together in 2022 and this is number of 1000 of our podcast. Isn't that incredible? 1000. So thanks guys for being on with me to celebrate 1000 of these lives and podcasts. So thank you guys. Cuz hey, let's face it, if I didn't have an audience here, I mean what would this program be? Okay? And it's you guys, thank you for being so faithful. Okay, so this is number 1000. Like I'm just shocked by it, okay? Now I'll make an announcement at the end of the program too, but what are we gonna do? 

The ones that want to join up with us to do the reset on January the second, which would be Monday. Why not? Perfect timing. We're going to do the reset, okay? I'll make an announcement at the end about student in Oklahoma who's doing her master's thesis on the reset and is looking for volunteers to fill out a questionnaire and it's gonna be great. I'll make that announcement at the end of the program. So if you wanna join us on the reset, do that. And we'd really appreciate if you'd help Jordan finish your master's degree and her thesis is gonna be on the reset. Isn't that great? Okay guys, let's get to our questions. Okay, so Rita's asking a question, I guess she had imaging done of her esophagus and stomach, with the little camera being sent down and the specialist removed a few polyps.

Usually you find those polyps ordinarily much more when you do it on the bow, okay? But anyway, if you do find polyps, polyps, look, they're not normal in a sense, but polyps can or cannot develop into cancer, okay? The fact that they remove them, it's more that they wanna biopsy them. They wanna have a look and see what kind of cells are in there. I mean I guess that's really where medicine is good is when they talk about any kind of prevention, they like to remove polyps if they see them. And I'm not against that, but listen, we talked about this many a times and it's worth repeating Rita Polyps, they need fuel and cancer cells, if there's any cancer cells in those polyps, cancer cells need fuel. Okay? They need fuel and they're looking for sugar. 

Okay? You know I've always said about cancer cells, they're like teenagers or kids. They love sugar and hate steak, okay? They love sugar and hate steak. Cancer hates real nutrient dense food. It doesn't survive on that. It survives on quick. They need something very, very fast. Sugar breaks down rapidly and feeds cancer. And again, I always use, you want to talk about imaging, we'll talk about the PET scan. I always use the example of the PET scan and you know, I remember once, this is years ago, talking to an oncologist and they said, well doc, why do you tell people with cancer to avoid sugar? I don't understand it. I said, do you know what a PET scan is? She said, yeah. And I said, well how does it work? Uh, they give it sugar. I said, well think about it. If cancer cells light up like a Christmas tree when you give them sugar and it doesn't matter on a PET scan from your head to your toes, if you have cancer, you drink a cup of glucose and if you got cancer anywhere in your brain to your toes, you're gonna light up like a Christmas tree cuz that sugar's going right to the cancer, the cancer's going, Hey you come here, I need to be fed. Now that may seem simplistic to people, but I'm a simple man. Think about it. How can you deny it? Okay, so if you got polyps, Rita, I wouldn't even be worried about 'em if you're not eating sugar, if you got polyps, I wouldn't even be worried about it. Eat steak, eat eggs and eat cheese and have some fruits and vegetables, but don't live on those. Okay? I'm telling you. Good question.

Can Dr. Martin talked about H M B supplement? Yeah. Is it beneficial to take for your muscles? Look Okay, and Dale, I like the question. I really do because it gets me into my philosophy. I'm very philosophical.  Here's my philosophy. I'm big first of all on food. I'm a food doctor, okay? I'm a food doctor and supplements, of course I love them, but I'm primarily a food guy. So when it comes to your muscles, okay, when it comes to your muscles, muscles need protein and the best protein comes from the animal kingdom, eggs, meat, and cheese. 

Now if you wanna take a supplement with peptides or whatever, but I would rather you eat Dale, those things. I'll give you other examples. I love vitamin A. I do, I saw it yesterday on a shelf Vitamin A and people are very deficient in vitamin A. They really are. Do I want you to take a supplement of vitamin A? Nah, not really. I would rather you eat it because when you eat vitamin S, when you eat vitamin S steak, you get vitamin A. When you eat eggs, vitamin A is only found in the animal kingdom. Now a precursor to vitamin A is found in betaine in the plants. And that's all right. I'm not saying it's no good, but the real vitamin A is found in steak or when you eat eggs and cheese. But the highest source would be in fish or in cotton, liberal oil and steak. 

So I'm big on eating your vitamins, okay? Eating your vitamins. But do I love supplements? Of course I do. I want you to supplement. What does a supplement mean? It's supplement your diet. Okay? And if you are an Inuit, you live up in the North Pole up there in the Arctic, well how come they're not vitamin deficient? Well, because they eat whale fish, cod, caribou and seals and they eat blubber and they get all their fat soluble vitamins, even including vitamin D cause they don't see a lot of sun. But you see they have to eat that stuff every day and they're very healthy people by the way, when they stick to their diet, not start eating the white man's diet, that'll kill him. Okay? So thanks for the question Dale, but like for me, if you wanna take that supplement, go ahead. But I'm bigger on you eating that. 

I like bone broth. If, if you wanna talk about a supplement and what b does, it helps to build up your leucine elucian, which is an amino acid. Again, where do you find elucian in the animal kingdom? It's not in the plants. Complete amino acids are not in the plant kingdom. Why do you think I tell everybody all the time if they'll listen, I am a Nu Travo, I'm not a carnivore, okay? I'm a travo, I'm into nutrition. And I just tell you from a highly scientific perspective that the animal kingdom, the animal protein, the animal amino acid acids, the animal vitamins are superior to the plant kingdom. So because in this day and age it's all about propaganda, vegetables, fruit. You can live on that what you can. But you won't live well. You just won't because there's too many things that you don't get unless you wanna supplement. 

You know, like a vegan or a vegetarian must supplement their diet. If they don't, they're being majorly deceived. Major to deceive. You cannot be healthy without supplementing your diet by talk to a vegetarian not long ago. And I said I hope you're supplementing, I said, well I get everything. I said, no you don't. You don't get b12. There's no B12 in the plant kingdom. If there is, it's for mice, it's not for human being. You don't get hemi, you don't get leucine for your muscles. Elucian. It's not in there. You gotta eat animal prop. What? How come nobody ever told me that? I said because what you're believing is a propaganda. It's not science, it's propaganda. They want to get everybody away from eating animal products. And a lot of people drink that cooling. And I tell my audience, don't drink that Kool-aid cuz it's not true. Okay, thanks for the question Dale. 

Al, if stress and anxiety are not dealt with well you better deal with them. Okay? What are some of the symptoms? Well look a lot of things. Stress, anxiety where you get panic attacks. Even a lot of people go through that. I'll tell you the last couple of years in this world it put depression, anxiety on steroids. Do you know what I mean? Like, I mean it came out of the woodwork. All the anxiety and all the stress and it will affect you al from your brain to your toes. It can cause major digestive trouble. I usually use, okay, like cortisol, okay, cortisol is your stress hormone, okay? It's, it's the longer lasting fight or flight. Someone scares you, okay? It's normal. But if it lasts too long, think about what it does. It can be destructive to everything because it's a diversion. 

It's pouring gasoline on the fire and stress is often a big, big factor in cancer, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, they're big factors. You're not meant to be stressed over a long period of time, okay? You have two glands, you're adrenals, they're meant for stress. If someone scares you, you're going to release hormones and you are gonna run or you're gonna turn around and fight a fight or flight and your body is fearfully and wonderfully made. It's normal, okay? It's normal. But if you constantly worry, if you constantly are under stress, Mann is that ever destructive to your body? From brain fog in the brain to palpitations to heart raised blood pressure, digestive issues out the wazo, it is incredible. Okay? So I'm big on dealing with stress, okay? I'm big on dealing with stress. So good question Al. 

Sharon is saying she's got a horrendous metallic taste in her mouth. Well you know what Sharon get checked out now usually number one reason people have a metallic taste in their mouth is they got acid reflux. And it may be silent in a sense. I don't feel acid reflux. Yeah, but your mouth, you're getting a silent acid reflux. So fix your stomach Sharon, okay? Fix your stomach. Digestive enzymes, okay? If you're eating too much carbs, do the reset. It really makes a big difference in that stomach. Now the other things that can cause, and that's why I'm saying get it checked out, what are your B12 numbers? Because that could be very anything in the mouth I used to tell my patients anything in the mouth. I look for deficiency in vitamin B12 in the low end of numbers for b12, your B12 should be between 800 and 1200. The higher the better. Okay? And you guys know me, I've been consistent about that. Anything in the mouth? Now look, you could have liver problems, you could have kidney problems. These things gotta be looked at. She okay? If you got blood work, send me your blood work. 

Hannah, what is the best option for cookware for healthy cooking? Well the old iron pans, you can get good iron for iron pans. Yeah and you know the modern cookware, you know I'd be careful with the stuff like even Teflon, I talk about Teflon all the time just because I use it as an illustration, you know like nothing sticks on it. Okay? And actually the pans I don't care so much for, but I do like you to have te long like blood vessels, nothing sticks. The more oil you use, the more healthy fat you have fat. Think of this, okay guys, think about this. When you look at fat, once it gets into your body, don't look at fat anymore. 

Look at oil. If you run outta gas in your car, yeah you put gas in and you go again but never run out of oil. And the problem is today, okay, this is a huge problem in our society today. They have the wrong oil. Your body was never meant to consume the amount of omega six that we consume in all these so-called vegetable oils. We got the wrong fat in us and that's what creates clogging of the arteries. But when you see saturated fat, satisfied fat, not only is it full of vitamins, fat soluble vitamins, but it is also lubrication for your body. Why do you think I love high d h a oil so much? Why do you think I talk about that all the time? It lubricates. What about steak? Dr. Martin? It lubricates. Okay, I went in the other day to get an oil change. 

Part of what they do is they lubricate squirt oil everywhere plus they change the oil. Now I don't know much about my car, I don't, I know how to put gas in it and I am told every so many cliques or so many miles who gets your oil changed. That's a good idea. I change my oil every day in my body cuz I love fat. The good fat, there's good, bad and ugly fat lay off the ugly stuff. Now I don't know Hannah, if I answered your question you guys, Hannah, I'm letting my audience answer your question about the best cookware. Okay? So let's let our audience answer the rest of the question.

Maryanne, I'm 74 years old, you're still a P Maryanne, I take one packet of lipo sepic, vitamin C uh look you mean coffee <laugh> Maryanne look, do I like vitamin C? Yes. On its own, no, I'm talking about AIC acid. I'll tell you why. The molecule of vitamin C looks very much like sugar in your body. It's got very similar structure to it, okay? I always said Linus Pauling, okay, maybe you don't remember that name at all, Maryanne, but you might, okay cuz you're in my age group. Linus Pauling won a Nobel Prize in medicine for his work on vitamin C. And even back in the day I used to say he only missed by one letter in the alphabet he talked about vitamin C and I love vitamin D, there's nothing better than vitamin D and vitamin C theoric acid, acid doesn't even come close. The reason I talk about coffee so much, the real vitamin C, and guys, I'm not just fooling around with that cuz a lot of people think I'm just, well Dr. Martin likes coffee so he just calls coffee vitamin C, the real vitamin C because it is coffee is 500 times Marianne 500 times more powerful than AIC acid. Now eat steak, you're gonna get AIC acid, you're never gonna be deficient, you're not gonna get scurvy from eating steak or eggs or cheese. 

Vitamin C, I've always said it about vitamin C I like it, I'm not against it but I don't like it alone unless you have cancer. And they've shown that if you have cancer and don't hold your breath for this to happen. But this is something if you could ever get iv, an IV right in the arm, a vitamin C, that's how much you take. See, you can't take that much vitamin C, you're gonna get diarrhea. But for cancer therapy there's good research on very, very high doses of vitamin C to help to fight cancer. 

But you have to take it in intravenous. Now good luck trying to get a doctor, okay, good luck. We used to have a friend, my wife is a nurse in our clinic we used to give intravenous vitamin C because we worked with an oncologist out of trauma. Dr. Rudy Faulk, God bless, passed away way too early. He was light years ahead of his time on cancer therapy and using theoric acid in high doses. I mean it look and I know now they got liposomal vitamin C, they got liposomal. You know it's a fat phospho lipid delivery system. I like it, I like the research behind it. But I've never been big on taking vitamin C as a supplement on its own. I'd rather you drink coffee cuz it's gonna be a lot better for you and I mean it, okay? So I'm not telling you you're wasting your money. I just find look if you're gonna take a supplement as far as your immune system is concerned, Maryanne take vitamin D. It's a thousand times better than vitamin C. Okay? But I'm not against it, I'd rather you eat a little bit of fruit and get some vitamin C then take a supplement of it. Unless you're gonna take therapeutic doses. Anyways, that's my take Maryanne on it. 

Okay, thank you very much for the question Chantel, I wanna do a 72 hour fast. Well I like 72 hour fast. It's hard to convince people. Okay, research on 72 hours of fasting is for cancer when you first get diagnosed, I don't particularly for me like two hours of fasting, I think it's too long. You know, I know about auto faggy and auto faggy and auto, whatever they call the self-cleaning of the body. But I find if I like intermittent fasting better, okay? 

Unless you just get the diagnosis of cancer and you want to completely get your body fighting on your side that don't eat for 72 hours. I've seen research on it and how it starts to shrink a tumor, but I'm not big on 72 hour fasting. I think you make too much uric acid. There's too much byproducts. I don't think your body was made for that. Your body is made for intermittent fasting and shortening your windows of eating like six hours or whatever and the rest of the time your body is not having to digest and whatever. Okay? Especially at night. Especially at night, the results of intermittent fasting where you go about 14, at least 14 hours and even 16 hours of not eating overnight. Especially because your self-cleaning oven works really, really, really good. When you don't eat, you sleep and you don't eat. Okay, thank you very much. The dos and don'ts, I'm not big on 72 hours unless it's right after cancer shot that cancer diagnosed. 

What is the difference between bovine collagen and silica? Okay, well look, I like bovine collagen more than silica. Silica is a mineral, it is like a precursor to collagen. So I like collagen and bone broth. I'm a much bigger bone broth. I'm a big guy on bone broth and I'm gonna talk to you about that in a minute at the end of this program cuz I want people to join me on doing that. But you can take, I seen people take silicon for a supplement, eh? I'm not big on that. You're gonna do something, do bone broth is much better for you. Make your own bone broth or a good bone broth powder. Thanks Joanne. 

Brad, if you are eating a decent amount of butter, eggs, and cheese within the last year but have mild calcium buildup, well where do you have that? 

How much K2 would you, well, first of all, you're getting a lot of k2 if you're eating eggs, meat and cheese, you're getting a lot of vitamin k2. Vitamin K2 is found in the animal kingdom. It's another reason to eat from the animal kingdom because K one generally, and it's good for you, it's found in plants. Now we put in the perfect ratio of vitamin K2 in with vitamin D. Okay? So our supplement of vitamin D has the perfect ratio of vitamin K. But you hear me talking about vitamin k2, I'm not telling you to go out and get a supplement of vitamin k2, I'm telling you to eat eggs, meat and cheese. The highest source of K2 is founding cheese curs butter. Do you know the steak has a lot of vitamin K2 not found in the plant skies. It's not in the plant kingdom. 

It's another reason not to believe in the nonsense of vegetarianism or veganism. It's not true. How can you get vitamin K2 then you need to supplement. But if you have a calcium built out where in the joints or in the blood vessels, I have to ask a follow up question, Brad, because if it's in your joints, just eat, continue to eat eggs, meat and cheese in there is vitamin K two. And it'll take calcium where it doesn't belong in your blood vessels and puts it into your bone, not in your joints, by the way. Okay, Brad, give me the follow up thing there so that I can answer your question. 

Jenny, I have a question about ALS and what we can do to put it into remission. Well, good luck, Jenny. Once someone has been diagnosed with als, it's not good. I mean that is a very usually rapid degeneration, neurological degeneration. t's crazy, right? We saw it in Bo Salmi who used to be a big star for the Toronto Maple Leafs. I hate the leaves. I like the Blue Jays, but I don't like the Maple Leafs. But Bo Solomon, and some of you might have, this is, what was it about five, six weeks ago that he passed away and a week before they had a big celebration in Toronto for him. And boy oh boy, it was touching. He couldn't even talk anymore. And a week later he died of als. Look, I'm big on preventing als. Als starts in the gut. It starts in the gut. I believe it's a fungal infection, leaky gut into leaky brain. Fungus gets into the brain. And once you have, I can't think of anyone that I've ever seen that ever got cured by it. Now you need a miracle from God, believe me, not from me. 

Okay guys, those are the questions today. Thank you Jenny for that question. Okay? Now a couple of them right after this program on our Facebook page, okay? Our private Facebook, are you not a member? You're not. You make sure you join. There's going to be a posting there from Jordan and I was on her supervisory committee for her thesis that she's doing on the reset. Guys, we need people to sign up for that so that she can get all the research done. And it's just questionnaire. So there's nothing much more than just saying, yeah, sure, I'll be part of it and you'll answer questions during, before, during, after doing the reset. Okay? So we need you to participate. Okay? So Jordan, she's at the University of Oklahoma and she was under Dr. McEwen, uh, in the psychology department. And I got to know Jordan, well, never met her, but all online, isn't it amazing? 

Doing teaching online and whatever. But I was part of her committee and you guys might, I hope you haven't forgotten this. I had another student that I supervised her PhD and she did her thesis on the recent with post-traumatic syndrome. And Dr. Downey got her PhD. And so Jordan is getting her master's degree. So let's help her out. Guys, if you just want to sign up, there will be a post coming. Okay? Now, what was today 1000 <laugh> of these programs? And guys, again, I want to thank you so much. My faithful, loyal audience. It's you guys that make this a success. It really is. And I would thank you from the bottom of our heart, our staff at the Martin Clinic and myself. We wanna wish you a happy New Year. Okay? Hard to believe, huh? 2022 on the way up. Okay, so I'm planning to be on Monday, January the second. If you wanna sign up, let us know for signing up for the reset and help Jordan out. Would you? Okay guys, we love you dearly. Talk to you soon. 

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