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Dr.Martin: Well, good morning everyone. And once again, welcome to another week of the Doctor is In live Facebook, [00:00:30] soon to be a podcast. Okay. So, I'm going to read a headline and it was a study that I saw Saturday, I think, and it's not surprising, but I want to read the headline and then we'll just develop this. Guys, telling you ahead of time, this is repetition, but I want to get into this a little bit because it really has to do with fundamentals of [00:01:00] nutrition. Okay. So, here's the headline that came out of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, okay. So every month, I don't know if it's 10 times a year, I think it is, that the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition puts out their magazine, now you can get it online.

Here's the headline. Okay. Children and adults should avoid [00:01:30] consuming animal products to relieve the risk for chronic disease. Okay. If that's the headline, let me do it again. Children and adults should avoid consuming animal products to relieve the risk for chronic disease, but it doesn't end there guys. Then it says, "No."

Okay. Because when I first read it, I said, "Don't tell me [00:02:00] the American Journal for Clinical Nutrition is going to talk about avoiding animal products. And I was a little bit upset, but I didn't see the big, "No," at the end of it. And they're making their case that you shouldn't avoid animal products. And good for them. Imagine in this day and age that they literally have to do that. Clinical [00:02:30] nutrition, why would they have to do it? Well, the world has changed and I'm very, very aware of that. So, we're going to go over this article today, and it'll just reinforce because I'm not kidding you guys, every day, every day, seven days a week, I'm dealing with either on the Martin Clinic private Facebook group, or emails, or whatever, [00:03:00] that come to our staff, then come to me and my daughter, my granddaughter, my niece. Whatever. They're vegetarians or they're vegans.

Every day I get it. Seven days a week. I already had one this morning before the show. Let me give you a little bit of background, and I think you'll understand this. Look, I'm old fashioned, I admit it. Look at this face, I'm [00:03:30] older. We live in a different world and I understand that. Sometimes I have trouble adapting to this world, but I understand it, and I've been in practice a long time and I seen it all folks. Nothing new under the sun, I've seen it all. Now, true story, Rosie and I were walking the other day and guess what we saw? A stroller. [00:04:00] Now, I love kids. Now I don't know if that was because I was brought up in a home with my mother was always having another baby. I was number six out of eleven. I remember all my younger siblings.

Lots of babies, I love babies. It's just me. And some people, they don't want to be... But we live in a different world. Guess what was in the stroller? [00:04:30] I'm going up, so I can say hi to that little baby, and there was a dog in the stroller. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, I thought dogs had four legs. The doggy parents, they're getting exercise, but I guess the dog doesn't need it. I don't know. Guys, and look, I know, I know, I know. It's a dog's world today. [00:05:00] It's a dog's world. I understand that. But, I was just laughing inside. I didn't want to laugh out loud. I was right up to that stroller. I love babies. I got 11 grandchildren and one great granddaughter, love them to bits. If I'd have known grandchildren were that much fun, we'd have had them first. And [00:05:30] grandparents, we don't know how to say no. It's not part of our vocabulary.

By the way, I just read this article, maybe a few weeks ago, a lot of people what they did during COVID because they were trapped in their house, said, "I'm going to go get a pet." A lot of people apparently did that and they've got a dog, and then they found out how much it costs to take care of a dog. The veterinarian, and I guess the [00:06:00] shots and all this and that, cost a fortune and these people didn't realize that. And a lot of them just brought it back. Brought the dog back to the kennel or wherever they bought the dog. Said, "I can't afford it."

But anyway all I'm saying is, that the article in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, doesn't surprise me. That actual clinical nutrition scientists have said, [00:06:30] and they have to say it because the world has gone to a point that the dog, and any pet, is up here on the food chain. If you love your dog... I get it. I'm trying to make another point. The point is that a lot of people take the love for the animal and then say, "Well, I can't eat an animal. I can't eat that." And I've said [00:07:00] this to you a thousand times. I heard it so often in my office, in the last 10 years. I never heard it before that, hardly ever. Thirty, forty years ago... Unless you were religious, for a religious reason, I hardly knew a vegetarian. Even in my practice I might've saw it once every two or three months, and then I started seeing it almost every day. [00:07:30] People that wouldn't eat animal products because it had eyeballs. And it's philosophy, it's not science guys.

And I'm so happy because even guys like me are under a lot of pressure. I mean, it. I belong to a group, I got a doctorate in natural medicine and clinical nutrition, but my one in natural medicine we're [00:08:00] about, I don't know, four or five hundred members I guess, in [Canaan 00:08:05], and probably more than not in the United States. And I belong to their association, and whatever, and I love them dearly, but 95% of them, maybe more than that, I mean it, they constantly, constantly, constantly tell people, [00:08:30] tell their patients, eliminate animal products from your diet.

If you want to avoid chronic diseases, cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's. I can't get over it, and every once in a while I questioned myself because I, just for a sec, okay, but I do, I question myself because 95% or more of my colleagues [00:09:00] disagree with me. These are people that are doctors and they get a doctorate in natural medicine after, and they got to take 4,000 hours of post graduate study just to qualify. And I'm telling you, it's unbelievable. But there's such an indoctrination today. [00:09:30] It's an indoctrination. And it starts in medicine, even with dieticians. Vegetables, and the plant kingdom is up here. And the animal kingdom of food, is way down here. Especially if its red meat. And I talked to you last week about dairy, [00:10:00] it's so bad for you. So is [inaudible 00:10:04].

Guys, when I saw the study, and I didn't see the word, "No," at the end of it, I said, "Oh, another study, here we go. Adults and children should avoid animal products." And I said, "Here we go again." From the gurus, but at the end they said, "No." And they made the point that I've been making for years, and years, and years. [00:10:30] So, let's just go over a few things again, it's a lot of repetition for you folks. I understand you know this stuff, but for the new viewers and that, I just want to tell you that... Because you're going to be under pressure. It's going to come, it's coming.

If you want to look at financial news, I was reading the other day about beyond burgers. Beyond meat. You go to the grocery [00:11:00] store, I picked up a package the other day in the grocery store, Rosie says, "I can't stand going to the grocery store with you. You read every label." No, but I'm always fascinated. Not that I didn't know it, I just wanted to reread it. I picked up this beyond meat and I said, "Why is it that a vegetarian or a vegan has to have a burger, but not a real one. And then you read the [00:11:30] ingredients. My word. I wouldn't give that to a dog, speaking of dogs, I wouldn't give it to a dog. A dog is a carnivore, right? They're not made to live on soy. Fifteen of the ingredients you couldn't pronounce. I couldn't get over it. Like I said, "Why is this such a big, big thing today?"

And in the financial news, [00:12:00] they were saying that the stock in these beyond meat or whatever they call it, they're going through the roof. People are buying this stuff. Like I said folks, don't even feed that stuff to your dog. That's how crappy it is. But the number one... There's a lot of good reasons to eat animal products. I'm going to tell you one of them. Number one on the hit parade is [00:12:30] cholesterol. And I know, today, tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, that's all right. I got no problem, I mean it. You want me to look at your blood work? It takes me five seconds. Don't send me 78 sheets of your blood work. Look, I mean it, I don't mind, send me your blood work. I got no problem. You want me to give you my two cents on it? I'll tell you what I look for right away. [00:13:00] I look and see your triglycerides and your HDL, your good cholesterol. Those numbers tell me so much, you have no idea. I'll tell you in five seconds, if your diet is wrong. Five seconds.

I'll tell you whether you're on your way to diabetes in five seconds. I will tell you if you have metabolic syndrome in five seconds, if I see your blood work. And what you [00:13:30] need, what you need to do, if you are part of the 88% of the population, this doesn't come from me by the way, 88% is a number that the CDC set in North America. Eighty-eight percent of the population have metabolic syndrome. They are metabolically unwell. This is the biggest story in medicine. It's the biggest story in medicine [00:14:00] that 88% of the population is unhealthy. Metabolic syndrome is elevated triglycerides, low HDL, good cholesterol, and that's food. It's not genetics. It's elevated blood pressure, belly fat, insulin resistance because insulin resistance [00:14:30] causes it all.

"My name is Tony and I'm a carbo-holic." That's what it means. And when you get a vegan or a vegetarian, God bless them, but they're wrong. They're wrong. They're not right. It's not good for you because you got no cholesterol. You're making yourself sick. Plants [00:15:00] are wonderful. God gave them to us. Most of them you can't eat. Did you know that over 95% of all plants on the planet, you can't even eat them. They're not made for you. Some of the animals eat them, but humans can't eat them, they're poisonous to us. But 5% of them are good for you. I got no issue with that, but you can't, you can't, you can't, [00:15:30] avoid animal products because it's the only place to get your cholesterol. Cholesterol is found in eggs, meat, and cheese. Dairy, that's where cholesterol is found. It's not found in asparagus. Look, your body makes cholesterol, 85% of it, you're supposed to fill in the other 15%.

[00:16:00] Now, you're not going to drop dead immediately from not eating cholesterol, but it's not good for you. Got it? No, but I'm serious guys. I know, it's so hard. You have to try and undo everything that you've been taught. Brought to you by Kellogg's, they started it. Dr. Kellogg's was a medical doctor. He wasn't [00:16:30] a dummy. He wasn't, but he made cereal. I was reading the history of the American Heart Association, which is really now, just a fundraising thing. That's all it is. They doubled down. "Oh, lower your animal product. They shouldn't be eating that, or hardly any, and eat cereal, and don't eat butter, and have margarine, and [00:17:00] eat beyond meat."

Oh, there's nothing, ladies, that will elevate your risk of breast cancer more than soy. And what did we read last week? The big story. Breast cancer has overtaken lung cancer as the number one cancer. No wonder. Stinking soy. Oh, soy, it's got to be so good for you. Nah, [00:17:30] don't touch it with a 100 foot pole. And all of these beyond meat, that's their main ingredient. Oh yeah, but you got protein in there. Yeah, I know, but it ain't animal protein. Cholesterol you need. You need DHA, you need... See Omega-3 is in the plant kingdom too. It is. There's no problem it. You got nuts and seeds and they [00:18:00] got Omega-3 in there. "Well, doc isn't that good? Yeah, it's good. Yeah, I've got no problem with that. But what your brain needs, and what your heart needs, is long-chain fatty acids. The longer, the better. So EPA is a long-chain fatty acid, and DHA is a [00:18:30] longer chain fatty acids. That's what your brain is made up of, long-chain fatty acids. And guess where DHA and EPA are found? In animal products.

So, the article spells it out. I don't know [00:19:00] what kind of ink they're going to get. They're going to get a lot of pushback because it's part of the indoctrination, you see? And I know you guys don't go for it, but I bet you, you know people in your family, your friends, or whatever... And salad, salad, has got to be better than steak. No, it's not. It ain't. Your long- [00:19:30] chain fatty... Your brain, by the way, your brain, is made up of DHA. You know, I've always said it. If someone calls you fat-head, take it as a compliment. We're missing fat today. We're missing it. It's one of the reasons we see so much Alzheimer's and so much of that chronic disease. It's not fat that gives you chronic diseases like cancer and cardiovascular disease. It's not fat. It's carbs, [00:20:00] especially sugar, but the whole world guys, the whole world is going for it.

They're going for it because as politicians have often said, just say a lie long enough and people will believe it. I saw it happen in nutrition. If you can actually have a conversation with some of my guru friends, [00:20:30] and I say, "Yeah, plants are good. I get it, but they're not as good as a steak." Plants don't have B12. Well, they do. For mice. Not for you. Plants don't have heme iron, they have iron. Spinach has some iron in it. Woopie-doopie. But it doesn't have, heme [00:21:00] iron. H-E-M-E. That's the one your body absorbs. You get it in meat. You get it in red meat. You get it in steak. You get it in liver. Galatians four and sixteen, have I become your enemy because I tell you the truth?

But, not you guys. But I tell you, a lot of conferences that I used to do [00:21:30] for doctors, they don't have me back because I'm not following their religion. Animals are for pets and not to eat. That would be the big headline. And the young generation they're been indoctrinated. As Tony Jr. said, my granddaughter's last three or four years of high school was he said, "Twenty-four [00:22:00] hours indoctrination." The number one problem in the world is not chronic diseases, it's the climate. I don't even want to go there. That's not my expertise, but I'm going to tell you something, it all goes together, guys. It all goes together. And the pushback will be against a guy like me. I get it. I'm ready for the fight by the way because I'm going to lay it out there. [00:22:30] The book on the reset has been an astounding success. And I mean that.

But a lot of my guru friends, they didn't like it. You liked it. But the people up here that are supposed to be guru people in the nutrition field, they didn't like it. I had a big push back on, in my opinion, very unscientific [00:23:00] literature. And I pushed back, it's not true. So, I just talked to you about a few things, B-12, heme iron, and cholesterol, and can I talk to you about amino acids? I mean, I've done so many programs on this, and leucine, and all your B vitamins. If you're a vegetarian or vegan, you better be taking supplements. You need B12. A [00:23:30] hundred percent. And you need heme iron. A hundred percent. You need to take amino acids. Interesting right? When you get out in the street and walk and you see dogs being pushed in a carriage, don't be shocked. It's part of the new world order. Okay. Okay.

So couple of housekeeping, [00:24:00] if you're not a member of the Martin Clinic Facebook group, get in there. Great discussions. What a community. It's beautiful. I love it. A lot of times I don't have to answer any of... They're asking questions, but you guys answer them. I like it. What are we doing this week? Friday is question and answer. Okay. So, if you want to save your questions for Friday, then just send them in and we'll try and cover all of them on Friday question and... Very [00:24:30] popular program, is the question and answer one. Okay. I liked that. I liked people, question me. I got no problem with that. Ask questions. Okay. Love you guys and talk to you soon.

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