1030. Q&A with Dr. Martin


Dr. Martin answers questions sent in by our listeners.

Some of today’s topics include:

  • Low hemoglobin
  • B12 deficiency & blood clots
  • Celtic salt
  • MTHFR gene & B12 absorption
  • Carbonized zero calorie drinks
  • Alopecia
  • Migraine aura without a headache
  • Cause of high enzymes
  • Cancer from fungus or parasite
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Kidney stones
  • Probiotics & staph infections


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone. Hope you're having a great start to your day and it's always good to have question and answer Friday. <laugh> We always enjoy your questions so much you guys really contribute to the, success of this program. Thank you. Let me get to the questions, okay, because we got lots of questions.

Sophie is asking, "How can I bring my hemoglobin up?" Well, listen, the best way to bring hemoglobin up is to start eating steak, okay? Because hemoglobin, you need iron and you need the best iron, okay? Not spinach, but steak. So vitamin S is the best thing you can do cuz it's got B12 and it's got iron. Okay? So if you're asking hemoglobin, build up your hemoglobin. Now the other thing people don't even think about when they think of hemoglobin and hemoglobin, remember, every time you breathe, your red blood cells go through your lungs and hemoglobin is like Velcro and oxygen attaches to it. So you wanna raise, obviously your hemoglobin. People don't realize this. Water. H 2 O, right? H 2 O, oxygen water, my friend Vitamin W. It's so, so needed. And only water is water. Okay? So you wanna raise your hemoglobin, eat steak and drink water. Okay?

Barb, "Can B12 deficiency cause blood clots?" Well, I never look at B12 in terms of thickening your blood, Barb. So maybe indirectly, but not directly. Okay? So blood clots, you know, I mean, there's several reasons that people can get blood clots. It's usually per poor circulation. You know, blood clots can start in the legs and travel, you know, up to the lungs. But is it a lack of B12? Nah, not primarily. Now B12 is important for red blood cell formation. And you know, like B12, all you have to do is listen to me over a period of time and I'm huge on B12 deficiency and I'm huge on vitamin D deficiency because most of the populations are deficient in both. They don't eat enough steak and they don't get enough sun. Sun, steak and steel. Okay? But really Barb, eh, you know, I really don't see that as being a primary thing.

Sue, "Why do you like Himalayan salt over Celtic salt?" Well, did I ever say that? I like Celtic salt, okay. I always talk about Himalayan. Well, I like Celtic salt. Any real salt. Celtic salt is real salt, okay? And all I know about Himalayan salt is it's got about 83 trace minerals in them. That's what makes salt, salt. Table salt has been denatured. That's what it is. Table salt is just sodium chloride. It, it's been denatured. All the minerals are taken out of it. You know, man thinks they're smart, right? They always change things, you know, they change the sugar, they change the fat, and they change the salt. When man makes something, it's usually not very good <laugh>. Okay? So I like Celtic salt, I do whatever your fancy is there, okay? Uh, but make sure it's real salt.

Sharon, "I have the mother MTHFR gene. Does that relate to B12 absorption?" Well, it can. It absolutely can. So whenever I hear someone has a gene, okay, it can be a weakness. I talked about this yesterday. I have weaknesses. Okay? Now I don't have a missing gene or whatever, but you know, like I was saying yesterday, as I get older, especially, I mean, I am almost identical to my father <laugh>. Like it's, they didn't call me Tony Jr. for nothing. Now my dad was a diabetic, so that makes me much more susceptible to diabetes. Yes, but your genes or whatever, they load the gun, but you can override those genetics. So if you have a malabsorption possibility with B12, with the mother gene, then you make sure, because one of the things it does is it can, it doesn't always do it, it can create a malabsorption syndrome. So you gotta always monitor your numbers. And Sharon, you know, take B12, it's a water soluble vitamin. Take it anyway. Even if you're eating steak, I would take it as a supplement. You wanna have good levels of B12. So if you have a weakness in a, in any absorption of those vitamins and minerals, well then I'd be on probiotics to absorb. Probiotics those bacteria are so good for you in terms of absorbing and sort of counteracting that gene you're missing.

John, "What is the best product for metabolism?" Well, that depends John. Okay? Because metabolism is a big word, okay? And metabolism. You know, when people usually think of metabolism... You know, my metabolism is slow, that means they gain weight very easily, right? So for that, and it depends. I'm big on thyroid, you know, getting your thyroid activated the way it should. Now, remember again about the thyroid. The thyroid never acts on its own. It's a puppet with lots of strings attached. So you have to look at the big picture, John. But if you're looking at supplements, thyroid, if that's the case, the other thing I look at in metabolism is energy. Your mitochondria, the battery tax within your cells, that has a major, major function in metabolism. And for that, I'm, I'm big on Navitol, okay? Pine bark extract. Okay? Just for energy. I mean, depends on what you're asking John. Okay? You wanna stimulate maybe Thyroid, but Navitol for energy, okay? Or both.

Terry, "Are all these zero calorie cans of Bubly full of co2 hard on the stomach?" Maybe for some people, look, I find CO2 I like Perrier, for example. For me, I call it my Christian beer <laugh> because <laugh>, I like it. I like a, a Perrier with my meal at supper time. Okay? That's just me, okay? It's not water. Soon as you add CO2 to it, now it's not gonna kill you, but it now it gets metabolized by the body differently. So you're not really hydrating yourself when you're drinking sparkling Bublys. And you know, maybe low calorie or look, I talk about this story all the time. The Titanic. Okay? So if your metabolism, if your body, if you're really outta whack, well don't worry about the furniture, okay? Don't worry about the furniture, you're on the Titanic, you're gonna hit the iceberg. And some people have already hit the iceberg, but don't worry about the furniture at first. Get in a life boat or change course. So when it comes to water, and even people like they asked about this all the time about the Reset. Can I have sparkling water or whatever? Well, don't make it a substitute for the real thing. Only water is water. And I like spring water, okay? Because of its pH and mineral content, okay? I like spring water, but water is important. You know me on that, okay? So when you're having a sparkling water, it might not have any calories or no sugar, but it's not water, it's a drink, okay? Doesn't mean it's necessarily bad for you. And some people bothers their stomach, it certainly doesn't bother mine. You know what I'm saying? Okay, <laugh>, thanks for the question Terry.

Darlynn, "What are my thoughts on alopecia?" Alopecia is hair loss. And, and in women it's never normal. Men, meh, <laugh> men. I tell my grandchildren all the time, I, grandpa used to have a lot of hair, honest, okay? <laugh> I don't have so much anymore. Okay? But a male, okay, don't matter. Women, big time matters. I'm a very observant guy. So if somebody come into my office or I'm in the mall, I'm always looking at people, okay? And I do a diagnosis on people a lot of time. Well there's a woman, she's got hormonal problems. Okay? Too much estrogen. Why? I see, uh, a thinning in the, in the hair. Okay? And that's too much estrogen. And too much estrogen can slow the thyroid. The thyroid has a lot to do with a woman's hair big time. Okay? But alopecia itself, when you really having hair loss, I mean, you know, patches or whatever right out that's autoimmune and you need to start in the gut, okay? You need to start in the gut.

I think of one case I had a young woman in, she was the most skeptical person. Someone actually I think had to drag her into my office, okay? Because she didn't believe one thing about me. Okay? And that was just her. And it took me 10 minutes, okay? To convince her that she had leaky gut and that she had an autoimmune disorder. And I had a real good protocol on how to fix it. And I said, look, I can't go home with you, okay? And you don't even want me to come home with you, okay? You don't even like me <laugh>, okay? And I said, you gotta give me 30 days. You gotta trust me for 30 days. I know people brought you in here or sent you in here. Look, I'm gonna tell you what to do, but I can't make you do it. You're gonna have to trust me for 30 days. Are you willing to do that or am I wasting my time? And I convinced her to give me 30 days. I said, if you think I'm a quack, well in 30 days you're gonna find out <laugh>, if that's true or not, okay? And I said, look, I'm going to give you a protocol. And based on her testing, she definitely was autoimmune. She already knew that. But I said she had leaky gut, she had low levels of B12, she had low levels of vitamin D, her thyroid was sluggish, it wasn't working properly. And I got her to address all of those things in 30 days, including the diet.

Because her insulin, she had insulin resistance and she had way too much estrogen, okay? She was too much of a woman even though her hair was falling out. So we addressed all of that in a protocol. I sent her home with a plan in 30 days. I'll tell you that woman today, and this is 10 years ago, she loved Dr. Martin. She came back within 30 days for a follow up appointment and things were much better. She wasn't cured but much better. She saw it, she felt better. I just say, well let's get to the root of the problem. And I, you know, symptoms, okay, but what's causing this? Alopecia is 100% autoimmune. Therefore it is started in the gut. But you gotta look at all these things. So, very good question, Darlynn.

Francis, "What causes migraine aura without the headache?" Well, could be a lot of things. One of them I just talked about. Estrogen dominance. Inflammation is involved big time and insulin can increase your inflammation. When I look at a migraine, I always look at this, whether it gives you a full blown headache or not, even just the aura, there's something going on. I'm big on that. Almost invariably low B12. Almost invariably low magnesium. Almost invariably estrogen dominance in women. Almost invariably fatty liver. Now it may not be full of fat, but it's a start of fat and the liver is affected and the liver is gummed up. Those are the things that I used to see with migraines. Hormonal, sometimes leaky gut. Leaky gut, you know that. Insulin resistance creates inflammation in the body and for some people the weak link is headaches. But you gotta look at B12 and that's a big, big, big factor too. Okay, Francis, thank you.

Doreen. "What causes high enzymes? Doctor said kidneys are leaking protein." Yeah, maybe they're leaking protein, but you got kidney stress. Anytime the kidney enzymes or liver enzymes are up, you got liver or kidney stress and kidney stress can be dehydration. Way too much sugar. Way too many carbohydrates. Too many lectins. Okay cuz somebody asked that, what does Dr. Martin think about lectins? Okay, those are legumes mostly. And your beans and all. I'm not saying you can never have any, but you don't wanna live on that. Oxalates can give you kidney stress. And let me tell you what it isn't. Even though you're leaking out protein and you might find protein in the urine. This is what has thrown off medicine for the last 50, 60 years. You got protein in the urine, therefore you're eating too much protein. No, it's the opposite. You're not eating enough protein and there's nothing that will stress your kidneys more than if you are dehydrated. And secondly, you consume too much sugar and not enough protein. So they got this idea that protein destroys kidneys. Well ask a diabetic, they're the ones who are the most susceptible to kidney problems. It isn't protein. Protein is exactly what a diabetic needs. It's carbs, it's sugar, it's a lack of water. It's too many oxalates, too many lectins. People that live on vegetables. Don't live on it. That's hard on your kidney. Okay, thank you for the question.

Louise, "In the previous question and answer, you said low BP may be caused by thyroid." Yep. "You said you have to make it move." Did I say that? <laugh> Well look, I just talked about thyroid, Louise. How do you get your thyroid better? Well, again, lots of strings attached. Could be too much estrogen, could be too much cortisol. Okay? Stress really affects the thyroid. It may be fatty liver. Why? Because your thyroid needs T3 and T3 is made in the liver. So food has a huge, huge, huge, huge factor on thyroid. How do you gum up your liver? Carbs, sugar and leaky gut has an effect on thyroid. 20% of T4 to T3 is done in the gut. So multitude of factors. Okay?

Linda, I wonder if this is the real Linda? "I watched a video where a doctor said cancer is from parasites. Have you heard of this?" Yep. I'm more, cancer is from fungus than a parasite. Okay? But the answer still, to get rid of parasites or candida. Like I have a candida parasite formula because they often thrive in the same environment. You don't have enough friendly bacteria. And look, we live around parasites. Folks, you never really want to get a powerful microscope because you just take a little bit of of blood, you put a slide of feces or whatever. You see stuff that you know, like even stuff you eat every day, the living things that are in there, okay? Even in vegetables and fruit. But we live in a copacetic way with parasites and bacteria and viruses. So I'm not so much on getting rid of those, I'm more of getting your body immune system in good shape. Because if you think, unless you wanna live in a bubble, you know that that's what my biggest axe to grind in the last couple of years through this whole, you know, shut down, wear a mask, vaccines, whatever.

Look, I don't care if you did all of them, but what I was upset about is why isn't anybody talking about the immune system? Because there it's gonna be one virus after another virus after another virus and another virus, okay? And the solution is for you and for me to build our immune system so that we can handle those things. It's the same thing with a parasite. Now getting back to cancer, I'm more of a belief that cancer primarily comes from leaky gut. Garbage gets in the bloodstream that can cause autoimmune, it can cause a lot of problems that we talked about some of them already this morning. But one of the things it can do, okay is that especially when yeast or candida gets into the bloodstream and spreads, it can get into tissue, it can go everywhere. And I'm big on getting rid of candida, fixing your gut. Fix the leaky gut, get rid of all of that fungus because it spreads like wildfire. And for some it can be one of the big factors in cancer. Okay? And I talked about that. I wrote a book about it. Are We Built for Cancer? And one of the biggest things I talked about in there was fungus. So parasite. Yep. Yeah, yeah. It can be a factor. Big time. I wouldn't disagree with that doctor as much as I would say, eh, it's more, in my opinion, more fungus than the parasites, Linda. But I'm sure uh, parasites are involved. Thank you for the question.

Marlis. "My brother has an issue with ear draining. Is there anything that can help? Well, you might try Navage. Okay? Because a lot of times the ears are very much connected to the rest of the sinus passages. I like oil of oregano. Spray and pray like don't put it in your ear, but clear out the sinuses. Okay? And you've heard of Navage? It's a suction taking out the garbage. And if the ears are draining, are they draining? Where? Like draining outwards or draining inwards. If they're outwards and you're getting it draining, usually that's fungal. So start probiotics. Absolutely. And even maybe the Candida Formula with it. Okay? So thank you for the question Marlis.

Sherry, "What natural things can I do for a stomach ulcer?" Well, listen, usually a stomach ulcer is caused by a bacteria. Okay? And you better lower your stress cuz that aggravates, I mean an ulcer can actually come from cortisol just mmmm, stress, worry and whatever. So you gotta address that. And the other one is, you know, you want to kill anything in that stomach. Usually you get a stomach ulcer. The problem is your acid in your stomach actually isn't acidic enough. It's the opposite. And your proton pumps are pouring in extra acid to make up for the pH. You're not eating properly. So I would address those issues. Digestive enzymes, be careful with any, you know, balsamic vinegar or li I usually like that. But while the ulcer is still alive and well... that's, that could cause you a fair amount of pain. Okay? So, uh, be careful. Some people like milk, drink milk just to coat the ulcer. Ehh, not store bought milk. Have a have a tablespoon or two of cream.

Okay, two questions about the gallbladder. Giselle, "Are gallstone polyps caused by not using it enough?" Usually yeah, that's the case. Your gallbladder is a reservoir, it's a little wee reservoir for bile. You don't use it. Your gallbladder gets gummed up and you can form stones, you can form polyps. Lower your insulin because insulin makes polyps grow. Estrogen can make polyps grow. So lower your estrogen and start eating animal fat and protein. Now the second question, okay, it comes from Sandra. "Now that I don't have a gallbladder." Well that's different for bile, but that's only for bile, uh, reservoir because your liver is what makes bile. Okay, "Do I have enough in my liver to break down fat?" Well, your liver makes bile. Bile isn't made in the gallbladder, it's stored in a gallbladder. So yeah, you can live without a gallbladder and you need to be careful though. If you're doing the Reset, start easy with extra fat. You can do eggs, meat and cheese. But get the leaner cuts. I'm, you know me, I love fat, but if you got no gallbladder, you gotta go easy. But a lot of people, they find that they can really transition and if they go slow. Okay, so thank you for the question Sandra.

Rick, "What test does Dr. Martin recommend for SIVO?" Eh, there's a test that you can do. There's a breath test, there's a blood test that you can do. Meh, I'm a symptom guy when it comes to SIFO <laugh>. Rick, not SIVO, it's fungal. Okay, it's fungal. I double down on that all the time, okay? Look, if you got bloating and, and continuous problems, I clean up uh, SIFO. Don't feed the yeast, don't feed the bears. Probiotics digest... Our digestive enzyme by the way was me for SIFO, or the old SIBO. It was formulated for that cuz I saw so much of it in my office and that's why I got oil oregano in my digestive enzyme. And I have two or three other nutrients in there that helped to get rid of SIBO or SIFO. Okay, don't feed the bears. Good question Rick.

Lynn, "Is DHA and DHEA the same thing?" No, D H E A is made from your adrenal glands, okay? And D H A is a fat, it's a long chain fatty acid, so completely different altogether. One, one is a hormone made from the adrenals, okay? Like cortisol is made from the adrenals. D H E A is made from the adrenals. And D H A is a long chain fatty acid. So when you eat fish, steak, you get a long chain fatty acid. And you know me, I love DHA cuz your brain is made up of DHA, not D H E A. Okay, good question though. I want you guys to ask those questions.

Sabrina, "What does Dr. Martin think of lectins?" Not much. <laugh> You can have some but don't live on them. Okay? And I'm not into, you know, lectins cause everything from, you know, warts on your nose to something on your toes. You know, some people it's like gluten. Uh, I used to say in my office gluten schmuten. Now does that mean I didn't believe in gluten intolerance or whatever or Celiac? Of course I did, but I used to say nah, it's not the only factor. Like, and then, you know, look, I understand what it was. I, I wouldn't buy that soon as you get rid of gluten you're gonna fix all your problems. Nah, you know, autoimmune is much more complex than that. Leaky got as much more complex than that. The bottom line was leaky gut. Two, lectins. A doctor writes a book and he says get rid of lectins and you are, you'll never have another problem the rest of your life. And don't buy that guys don't buy that. Okay? I'm not saying there's no value to it, okay? But it's not everything. Do you understand what I'm saying? You go on the internet or you get books and you know, if you get rid of lectins, you are never gonna get sick the rest of your life and you're gonna live till you're 150. No, I'm sorry. Okay. And, and that's the way I look at it, but I'm not against talking about it.

Roxanne, "My mom has kidney stones for over six years. She has gone toxic twice." Yeah, they can be very dangerous. "Can you speak to this?" Well look, I talked about kidneys. Kidneys are Niagara Falls. Your mother I can almost guarantee is dehydrated. Okay? She might not think she is. And your mother is probably, again, I'm only guessing on certain medications that dehydrate the body. Kidneys need water and flushing. What kidneys don't need are any juices, any sweetness, no drinks other than coffee and water. If you have to have tea you can have tea. So kidney function and when you get stones and you know, for some people that's their weakness. But again, you can override your weaknesses. Clean up the diet. No oxalates. Okay? Because stones are either calcium stones or uric acid. And uric acid is caused by sugar and oxalates can cause calcium stones and oxalates are vegetables mostly. So be careful. I'm not saying don't have any, but for your mom, I wouldn't have any because she makes so many kidney stones. Okay? No sugar and don't drink sugar. That's the worst thing you can do. Okay?

Tina, "My scalp or the top of my head is very, very sensitive. Not like a headache. What could cause that?" Well usually... Look anything weird cuz that's weird. Okay Tina, I'm not saying you're weird. I'm saying your head is weird, very sensitive. Look at B12. Usually. For me, anything weird and with paraesthesia, you know, numbness or tingling in the mouth, scalp or whatever, I usually use low B12. Okay, thanks for the question. You're so good.

Joanne, "For those unwilling to do the reset, what do you think of TUDCA Tauroursodeoxycholic for liver detox?" Na, I don't know. Joanne, you're asking me something that I have no experience with. I haven't used this product. If you guys know me, I talk about, I know you don't wanna do the reset, but there's nothing like the reset to fix your liver. Okay? Like I used milk this all over the years or whatever, but I always used to tell people your liver is sugar, the storage of sugar turning to fat and get rid of the carbs. You might not have to do the reset, but you better lower your carbohydrates.

There's nothing that will detox your liver and your liver by the way. You get a brand new liver every six weeks. Did you know that? All your cells and your liver are regenerated every six weeks? But if you don't change, your liver's not gonna change. So all I'm saying is yeah, what would be better than a supplement for liver is water. Food. Cut your carbs down and drink water. Water. You have no idea how good that is for you and coffee. Do you know that coffee detoxes your liver? Yeah. Better than, I can't even pronounce what you said. I'll look it up. I didn't even see the question until I just read it now Joanne. Look, I I just know how I cleaned up liver. You know how I knew it. I used to measure their enzymes. I measured liver enzymes so I knew when the liver was cleaned up or not. And this is what I really in found to be affective. Thank you very much.

Anna is asking a good question. "A certain length of time needed to get a certain amount of melatonin?" Well it's very similar to vitamin D. Any studies that have been done, it's 20 minutes. So don't put your sunglasses on 20 minutes. Don't look directly in the sun, but it takes about 20 minutes to load up on melatonin. Okay? 20 minutes gives you what? 10,000 IUs okay? Melatonin, yeah, I'd say about 20 minutes.

Leslie, "Can you suggest what to do for my low kidney function?" Well, I talked about it. Water, change your diet, cut out the sugars big time. Drink a lot of water. Okay, thank you for the question, Leslie.

Julie, "Can I talk about medium chain triglycerides made in the lab?" Well, I don't like them necessarily. They take palm oil and coconut oil and they blend it together and you get a medium chain. You know, it was a big thing a few years ago. Bulletproof coffee or whatever, uh, you know, uh, ketones and, you know, I talked about it because it was a fad. You don't hear about it so much anymore. It was all right. I, you know, I found most people couldn't stomach that heavy oil digesting. Like I'm a, I like coconut oil. I like natural and pure palm oil. I, I, I don't dislike it, but I like oil that you eat like bacon. Okay? I like bacon. I like the oleic acid better than those medium chain triglycerides. Okay? So thank you Julie for the questioning.

Ray, "Do I like green powdered drinks?" Uh, no <laugh>, too many oxalates in a green drink. You're gonna get about 200 times more oxalates than you should consume in a day. Uh, I wouldn't touch it with a hundred foot pole. I don't like them. You wanna make a drink? Make Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie. Much better for you. Okay, thanks Ray for the question.

Cherry, "Someone told me he won't take probiotics because with his poor gut lining, he feels the bacteria will leave the gut and go into other places causing more issues. Could this be true?" Uh, no. <laugh>, no. He's, when you take a probiotic and you have leaky gut, it helps to repair the leak. First of all, those are good bacteria. They're not bad bacteria, they're not gonna cause you problems elsewhere. They're gonna help the problem. The problem is the bad guts not the good guys. Probiotics are good guys. They're good bacteria. Acidophilus biffus. I, I was reading a study, I sent it to Tony Jr this morning. Let me read it to you as I made a note of it.

Let me just read this and I'll finish with this cuz that's the last question. Probiotics and staph. Okay? A bacterial resistant staph infection called staph aureus or a golden staph, it's so bad, formed in the nose, gut skin. But if it gets into a wound, you got big trouble. You've got sepsis or you got cellulitis and you got a bacterial resistant bacteria. And here's what the studies said. When you take probiotics, good bacteria, you're swallowing them. You know what they found? You got a reduction in golden staph or that staph aureus by 96% in your nose and in your mouth, in your saliva. 96%. So do you think probiotics just stay in the gut? No. And it surprised the researchers. Probiotics have their own brain. Friend, can I say something? If you don't believe in God, I don't know what to tell people. Like I said, when I study bacteria and I go, you mean they got their own little minds and you can't hardly even see them? Yep. They know where to go and they go up into your nose and they go up into your mouth and even around your eyes and they diminish staph by 96%.

Now guys, I was gonna do this probably Monday because that fascinated me. I knew it. But when they prove it. Guys, what have I been telling you for years and years and years? 20 years on a radio show. Probiotics. Probiotics. Yep. And this one was a soil-based probiotic that they gave. I rest my case. Okay? Unbelievable. So, uh, Cherry your friend, it's the opposite of what he thinks because he's thinking bacteria being bad guys. Probiotics are good bacteria. They're on your side, okay? They're on your side. Yeah. You know, I tell people, if you don't take a probiotic and you live on this planet, you're making a mistake. In my opinion. You're making a mistake. I'm sorry. People say I don't need probiotics. Well, is your address ends with planet Earth? Yes. I beg to disagree. You need a probiotic. Anyway, I'll leave it at that.

Okay guys, have I told you lately that I love you? No? Since yesterday? Okay, I do. I mean it. You guys smart, smart, smart. Appreciate it. What great questions! Thank you for those questions. Makes Friday exciting, doesn't it? At least for me, it gets my juices up. Okay guys, we love you. Talk to you soon.

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