If You Are Getting Thermal Image Scan On Your Visit, Here Is Some Information That You Need.

Thermography is a non-invasive painless test with no needles or exposure to harmful radiation
Thermography is heat sensitive only.

  1. Avoid tanning/sunburns for 5 days before your exam.
  2. Avoid lotions, creams, powders, makeup, skin products or anything with an oily base
  3. Avoid excessive use of deodorants and antiperspirants. Depending on the type of scan you receive, you may be asked to avoid using deodorants the day of the scan.
  4. Do not shave or wax the the day of the exam.
  5. For 24 hours prior to the scan, avoid hot and cold packs, massage therapy and analgesic creams.
  6. Avoid exercise 4 hours prior to the scan.
  7. Shower or bathe in neutral temperature water if your scan is within two hours.
  8. Avoid caffeine, nicotine and alcohol for 4 hours prior to the scan.
  9. Avoid wearing tight fitting clothing or binding clothing prior to the exam.

During The Procedure

  1. Your images and interpretation results are totally confidential.
  2. The scan is in a totally private room and you go behind a hospital-type privacy curtain.
  3. We use the most advanced medical infrared camera with the highest resolution technology in the country. The camera is mounted on a remote controlled pan and tilt platform which allows for complete privacy.
  4. Some scans may require you to disrobe for 15 minutes prior to the scan in order to acclimate or cool down. This will take place complete privacy using a privacy curtain.
  5. The scan is a no-contact, no compression, no radiation and completely safe for everyone.
  6. Avoid skin-touching-skin during the cool down time. Try not scratch or rub your skin during acclimation period.
  7. Tie up your hair and do not wear jewelry around the neck during the cool down period or scan.
  8. After the scan, the technician cannot discuss your images with you. They need to be interpreted.

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