898. High Fructose Corn Syrup & Heavy Metals


It’s being reported that the average American consumes 50 grams of high fructose corn syrup each day. On top of that, they drink 403 cans of soda a year! 

These statistics may be shocking to some, but it isn’t to Dr. Martin. High fructose corn syrup is highly addictive and it has so many names that you may not know you’re consuming it.

Join Dr. Martin as he discusses the connection between high fructose corn syrup and heavy metals. We live in a toxic world, there’s no question about that, but knowledge is power, and Dr. Martin wants to educate his listeners.


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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning, everyone. Once again, welcome to another live this morning. Hope we're having a grand start to your day. I read this article yesterday. It didn't blow me away, but it was kind of interesting and it gave a statistic. That would be shocking, except I've been talking about this for so long. It's not shocking to me, but listen to this. Okay? The average American, the average American consumes 50 grams of high fructose corn syrup a day. Plus the average American. These are American statistics and believe me in Canada, we're no different. The average American drinks, 403 cans of soda a year, 403. I don't know how they got to that average. 

Oh, like not good, not good, but the point I wanna make on high fructose corn syrup, you guys know me. I've been talking about this Frankenstein type of sugar for a long time. It is bad news on all fronts. I always tell you about high fructose corn syrup, how it's completely different. It's manmade. It is very addictive. It knows how to go directly. It's like cocaine, man. It plays with the feel good centers in your brain and the food industry. Once they created this monster, they put it in everything and they couched it. What do I mean by that? Well, you go read labels and they rarely ever tell you that it's high fructose corn syrup, but I'm telling you, they use it for several reasons. One addictive. They wanna hook us. And especially our kids, the food industry want repeat customers, the food industry. And you know, you would think, well, the food industry, eggs, meat, and cheese, no, I'm not talking about that industry. That's the farmers produce. No. The food industry is into the middle aisles of your grocery stores. That's where the money is. 

They love high fructose corn syrup because it's very addictive. It's very inexpensive and health Canada, the FDA, they allow it to be couched, meaning that they can use all sorts of names instead of high fructose corn syrup. But it's the sweetener of choice for them. Now, you and I live in a toxic soup. We live in a toxic soup environmentally. I've talked to you about that. You know, the other day I was bringing this to you and I talked to you mostly about Xeno estrogens, but let me just go over that list again, because I think it's worth it. And then we're gonna focus in again on high fructose corn syrup. Let me just get this article here it is. Okay. These are estrogen mimicker in our environment. These are bad things because the estrogen when it's dominant in men and women is bad news because estrogen is a growth hormone. 

Estrogen ladies make you a woman and that's good in this day and age when there's confusion about that, don't be confused. Okay? You're a woman and that's a beautiful thing. Good for you. And you need estrogen, but you need estrogen and progesterone to be balanced. Otherwise you get horrors. One of the major causes of horrors is estrogen dominance. We've talked about that at nausea. Now, men, you don't want estrogen. That's not your dominating hormone. What you want is testosterone. So estrogen in men lowers testosterone, lowers testosterone, not good. Now you can get a lot of this in the environment. And I talked to you about it the other day, BPAs aluminum plastic that is in 91 to 99% of our urines. That's crazy. We talked about Roundup PE herbicide that they're using. It's founding 80% of our urines. If you think you're getting away from it. 

Well, good luck with that. But unless you're planning to leave this planet, it's the way it is. 91 to 99% BPAs, aluminum, plastic. It's in everything, Mount Everest to the placenta. They found plastic and you have triclosan, which is deodorants. And even in antibacterial soaps, Ooh, like I said, every time I hear that, I want to go crazy. I watch people every day, every day, use that nonsense on their hands. Cause it's virus, virus, virus, virus, virus, virus, virus, virus, and especially the older population. Ah, you know, I guess the young do, but you know what? They don't know what they're doing. They're putting cancer right on their skin. Yeah, but I didn't die of a virus. You wanna die of cancer. Oh, oh. It gives me a splitting headache guys. When I see that stuff, it is so fake news. I never seen anything like, and we overuse it. 

Even in body washes now, Fs, perfumes, SCED candles, air fresheners, laundry products, nail Polish, BA BA BA, BA BA lots of stuff all around us. Nice. Okay. So there's stuff out in the environment. We live in a world and I'm bringing you back now to high Fructose corn syrup because it is bad in so many ways. And I don't talk about this enough. I should talk about it more. I just sort of gave myself a little head shake yesterday. When I was reading the amount of grams, the amount of sugar, fake sugar, really? That's what it is that we're consuming. It's in everything. Read your labels. It's in everything that's packaged just above from pretzels to ketchup to your condiments, high fructose corn syrup soda. Ooh. 

Okay. So we all know what it does because it makes a Bline to your liver. Not good, but here's something that, you know, maybe I haven't talked about enough, but when you have high fructose corn syrup, that's made in a VA that is made by man. It's a man made sugar. Here's what it contains. That is very dangerous to you. Mercury mercury. Now, one of the things I used to do in the office is test for heavy metals. And here's what I found an enormous amount of mercury led and cadmium and mercury led the way. When you think of mercury, you think of maybe not you, but what does the world out there think when you think of mercury, what do you think of? And the survey says, NA Timothy, you got it. Fish. 

I heard that every day in my office, doc, should I quit eating fish? And you know what? My answer was? No, why I got mercury? I said, you didn't get it from fish. Why you didn't get it from fish? You got it from high fructose corn syrup. What? Yeah. You know what? You know how many people avoid fish now? Listen, I don't like fish fish. My friend is good for you. Okay. So I take it every day in a capsule. I have fish every day, seven days a week in a capsule. Okay. Cause I wish I liked fish, but I don't. 

Okay. I don't. I'm sorry. It's good for you now. Dr. Martin, you know, you gotta have fish. You're gonna get heavy metal like mercury it's in fish. Yes, it is in the big fish, especially like tuna. But listen to this, listen to this, listen to this. This is important. And this is for you guys who like fish, you know what fish contains that you don't have to worry about mercury. Now, if you've got this, you guys are already smarter than the average bear. Okay. I think that came outta Yogi bear, the cartoon series. Do you remember that? You're smarter than the average bear. Now listen, you guys already are, but there's something in fish that negates the mercury that is in there. If there is any selenium selenium, that is a key leader of mercury selenium. So look, I'm not trying to be silly here, but I don't want you to avoid fish. 

Fish is good for you now. I like steak better. And I mean that because steak really is better than fish for you. Cause steak's number one on the hipper. It is now liver is a little higher, but I don't like liver. I don't like the taste it okay now. Okay. Are you following me here? But the number one source of mercury is not fish. The number one source of mercury is hyper fructose corn syrup. There's mercury in it and there's no key leader. There's nothing in high fructose corn syrup to take it outta your body. And that's why we see so much and listen, what mercury does. Okay. I mean, mercury is so toxic. You put a drop or two of mercury in a lake and that ain't good. You're really condemning the lake. That's how toxic mercury is. It's very toxic. And it is especially, this is my theory. 

Okay. This is my theory. I've been talking about this a long time. Why do we see so much neurological problems? Like, ALS Parkinson's and Ms. Why they're on steroids today? There's so much of it. Tremors and degenerative, neurological changes. Well, one of the biggest factors guys is heavy metal and mercury is at the head of the pack. It's scary living in this world, you know, but I don't want you to be discouraged. Don't be discouraged by what I just told you. Because on the other side of it is the solution to living in a toxic world. 

I'm going to give you the solution to living in a toxic world. Now, what food has the most selenium in it? Well, obviously fish now remember selenium is a real key leader of real powerful key leader. That's found in food. Someone give it to me. Someone give it to me. Oysters. Yes. They got a lot of selenium. Good for you. And you got the right answer, cuz actually, if you wanna know, what's the number one food for selenium is eggs, eggs. Eat your eggs. Every time you eat an egg, think about you're getting rid of heavy metal eggs. 

Somebody the other day said, doc, I wanna take a multivitamin. Now look, I have a multivitamin mineral, amino acid. You name it in blood boost. Okay. Oh boy, that, that product is so hard to get. Our manufacturer. Don't like me I know, but I don't compromise. I want everything in it and I mean everything, but listen, somebody said, well, I wanna take a multivitamin. The reason I need blood boost, okay. That we produce blood boost is because when you're really low in, you know, people that going through cancer treatment or people that are exhausted, people that are anemic, people that are whatever, okay, it's therapeutic. I mean, it's unreal how good this stuff is. But what you can do personally, every day, eat eggs. Eggs are one of the greatest sources of selenium and key that you can ever eat. 

How many eggs can you eat in a week? Somebody asked me that the other day. How many eggs doc? Uh, a hundred. Well, why, why you be in a hundred egg? Well, if you want, there's nothing negative about eating an egg and eat the selenium is found in the yoke. Eat the yoke, even though the world, they'll tell you, oh, be careful about your cholesterol. Ooh. So remember now we live in a toxic soup. We're consuming a toxin like mercury, not because of fish, but because of high fructose corn syrup, I'm telling from a guy who tested these things. And I saw it every day, every day, every day, mercury. Now let me say something else. Mercury is very toxic, especially to your neurological system. Okay? So we've established that now mercury gets into your bloodstream and will travel in your bloodstream. When a person has what leaky gut leaky gut leaky brain, that's how it gets into your tissue because your body's smart. It knows Mercury's no good for you. Your liver, my friend, your liver. 

It has a detective, a private eye that works for it. Looking for a bad guy. Now listen, leaky gut microscopic, where you have junk getting into your blood sugar. Remember if you have a good microbiome, biome junk, can't get into your bloodstream. You might consume it because you're taking high fructose corn syrup. But your body's smart. It'll say NA NA NA, nah, none of that is coming into the bloodstream unless you have leaky gut. And when you have leaky gut, you have little holes. And again, these are sub microscopic and they get through that endothelial cells and they sneak into the blood. And of course, once it's in your blood, it gets transported. And if you have leaky gut, you have leaky blood brain barrier too. What causes that antibiotics? Non stem. Anti-inflammatories a junky diet, feeding sugar. And you got much more bad guys in bacteria than you have good guys. 

And that causes a dysbiosis. What's dysbiosis? You get fungus. Yeast carries heavy metal. It's a transporter for heavy metal. So that's the gut connection. You got leaky gut heavy metal's gonna get into your body and it's transported into your bloodstream with fungus Candida. And this is why I've always said, if you don't fix your gut, you're in deep trouble. Cause you've got toxins running through your body. Now listen to the second part. The second part, your big detox organ is what I mean? Your lungs, your kidney. Yes. Yes. But nothing like your liver, honey, nothing like your liver. Your liver produces glutathione. What is glutathione? Somebody asked. I saw it on our private Facebook group yesterday. What does Dr. Martin think about glutathione? I love glutathione. Your body makes it. Your body makes glutathione you're fearfully and wonderfully made. If you didn't know that your liver has got the capacity to detox, you, you don't have to drink green juices to detox yourself that comes out of the smoothie industry and people that said you gotta do that. 

Nah, no, you don't keep your liver clean. Keep the Costco parking lot empty. How do you do that, doc? Well, you lay off the sugars and the carbs because that'll pack up your liver like nobody's business and there'll be no room for Glutathione. What is Glutathione on your body makes it. And what is it? It is Velcro. It's human Velcro. Any carb that comes into your liver gets caught like Velcro, Velcro running through your blood. It's one of the reasons I like Navitol, they don't reach a glutathione, but I'm telling you your body makes it guys eat eggs, fix leaky gut. That's why I'm big on Probiotics. Do you know the probiotics? Probiotics are key leaders. They're on your side, friendly bacteria. I'm telling you guys the more they study bacteria, the more they study the microbiome medicine is missing the boot. 

When they don't understand the significance, the importance of probiotics, especially in the toxic soup that we live in today, toxic from what we ingest to what we smell to what's in the air to what's on our skin. It's everywhere and we need probiotics. I double down, triple down, quadruple down all the time. My friend, the more they study, there's certain strains of probiotics that are really good at Keating. Keating means they literally bite off heavy metals. They spit 'em out. Put everything on your side, keep your liver empty. Let your liver do its job. Let it produce Glutathione. Let it Velcro out. Get outta your system. Eat eggs, eggs have high high, high selenium. And it's nature's perfect food. Perfect. It's a multivitamin one, eat a multivitamin eat and egg. It's a multivitamin.

Remember to get rid of that yeast, candida, fungus, it transports your heavy metals. Remember that? Okay. The average American drinks, 403 cans of soda a year. The average American consumes. And this is low by the way, because they're not taking into account here. The other sugars that are really high fructose corn syrup. I read the article 50 grams of high fructose it's higher than that because anything that's couched, what the food industry is allowed to do is lie about what sugar they're using. They got away with murder in my opinion. Okay. Did we have fun today?Okay. We love you guys. I'm gonna talk to you soon. 

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