764. Transport Companies in Your Blood Vessels


A new study has come out on oxalates, the tiny molecules that bind themselves to calcium. The study says, more than anything else, oxalates are the root cause of kidney stones.

Dr. Martin is big on transport systems and the trucks on the highways of your blood vessels. He talks specifically about two “transport companies,” HDL cholesterol and vitamin K2, and how they also take oxalates out of your system.

Listen to today’s episode to learn why calcification is bad, and how putting more trucks on the highways of your blood vessels is good for you!


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning, everyone. Once again, welcome to another live. Hope you're having a great start to your day today. I am. Had my vitamin C. Always a good start, right? Do you know what this month is? Might not have seen the news release, but January is Vegan-uary. It is. They have a month dedicated to veganism, okay. Now I don't have to go or you don't have to have followed me for very long to know what I think, okay, to know what I think. They've dedicated a whole month to it and they call it Vegan-uary. Instead of January, Vegan-uary, okay. Oh, let me take a deep breath, because I got to get started and talk to you. There's a couple of things that are really significant about vegetarianism and veganism. And it's coming to a theater near you because there has been literally a red meat terrorism, propaganda against red meat that's been going on for quite a while and the food industry is behind it.

And the thing is, a lot of people are buying this hook, line, and sinker. You can go on Netflix and watch what I call terrorism against red meat. And I've been screaming blue murder about this. It's not true, it never was true, and it seems every day I've got to defend red meat. I don't mind, I don't. I understand, and you know what? This program is all about getting behind the headlines. When I see that the whole month of January is dedicated veganism, guys, let me tell you something. It's propaganda, it's religion, really. It is. It's a belief system and they hammer it, they hammer it, they hammer it. And part of it, it's the pros and cons, they tell you how good vegetables and fruit are for you, but on the other side of it, they vilify especially red meat, right?

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out. They don't talk about chicken too much, a little bit, but they can't stand red meat. And again, I'm a big defender of it. Now I want to read to you a study that came out, just a recent study on veganism. Really, really looking at the effects of veganism, the dangers of veganism. Now you really got to sift through headlines to be able to even find this, believe you me, but I've been very consistent for the last 50 years. Look, red meat is not your enemy. As a matter of fact, it's the best food on the planet. It beats chicken, it certainly beats salad, okay. Let me give you a couple of studies. One of them, this is a brand new study that came out on oxalates.

Now what are oxalates? Oxalates are little tiny molecules that bind themselves to calcium. Oxalates are tiny molecules that bind themselves to calcium. And here's the study. The study suggests that oxalates, more than anything else, are at the root of kidney stones and the rapid increase in kidney stones in our society today. That is the study. Do I disagree with it? No, but there's two factors and I'll get into that in a minute. It's not just oxalates. Now, people ask me almost every day about the reset, the 30 day program where you're not going to eat any oxalates and they go, why doc? Why can't I have a few vegetables? Why can't I have a few seeds and nuts? Well, my thinking is for 30 days... I'm not telling you guys that the plant kingdom is no good. Please don't misunderstand me.

It's good, but for 30 days, I want zero, nada, none oxalates, because oxalates bind to calcium. And the study is showing that can form kidney stones, but it's worse than that guys. It's worse than that. In the absence of vitamin K-2, calcium being bound by oxalates can be far more dangerous than just kidney stones. Calcium will calcify. I talked to you the other day about lung disease and aldehydes that we get from PUFAS, polyunsaturated fatty acids found in seed oils. It's coming as a podcast. I want you to review that because that's a very, very important problem in our society today. As a matter of fact, I think I might do this tomorrow and talk about, again, a new study that came out on PUFAs, brand new, hot off the presses, but lay that aside for a minute and let me explain to you what calcium does. 

Now is calcium good for you? 100%. You need calcium, but you need calcium to be delivered. Calcium is not good in your kidneys, calcium is not good in your blood vessels, calcium is not good for your lungs, calcium is not good if it stays around your blood vessels of your heart or brain. It calcifies the same way that oxalates. When they check out kidney stones, there's two type of kidney stones. There's oxalates, the majority of them, and the other one is uric acid stones. They form stones. Anybody ever have gout? Those are crystals. They end up in your joints and they're no fun, very painful, create an enormous amount of inflammation, but so do oxalates. Oxalates, chemicals that bind themselves to crystals are dangerous. You guys know the importance I put on trucks, okay. You know what I mean by that? Okay. Now, I'm worried about Canada in the next week or so because they're talking about trucks not being able to come across the border, there could be huge shortages because of it.

Well, what do trucks do? They transport. I'm big on transport in your blood. You guys know that because I talk about triglycerides all the time, and HDL. Triglycerides are three fat balls, they're dangerous. They're made in your liver when the parking lot full of sugar and crappy carbs, but what is the antidote to that? The trucks on the highways of your blood vessels, they're called HDL cholesterol trucks. They transport triglycerides. Here, triglycerides, I'm going to hitch my wagon to you, and now I'm bringing you back to the liver to be metabolized, broken down. Do you want good cholesterol? 100%, you need cholesterol. Dieticians, the food industry, and big pharma lied and people died. Millions of people have died because they don't have enough trucks on the highways. Now let me talk to you about another transport company. HDL. Do you like HDL guys? Do you like HDL? Of course you do.

Number two. What is another transport company? It's called vitamin K2. Now vitamin K2 is a fat soluble vitamin that's found, listen to what I'm going to say, in eggs, meat and cheese. Vitamin K2 is not found in plant kingdom. If you insist on eating plants only, you don't have K2, the truck company going through your blood vessels, hitching their wagon to calcium, because that's what K2 does. Now, K2 does more things. It's really good for your immune system, it is tremendous, I put it in with our vitamin D, but guys listen to me. In nature, God put vitamin K2 in the animal kingdom. Why? One of the reasons, it's in perfect harmony the way your body is supposed to operate because when you have a piece of cheese or butter, cause those are the highest sources of K2. In a piece of cheese, you have vitamin K2.

Why is that so good for you? Because you are eating transport trucks that once they get into your body, they will take oxalates out. They will take calcium form by oxalates out. And of course, if you have a piece of cheese, think about this for a second. Is there calcium in cheese? Is there calcium in butter? Is there calcium in eggs? Is there calcium in meat? Oh yeah, for sure. Is calcium bad for you? No, it's not bad for you in the presence of vitamin K2. The Rodney Dangerfield that gets no respect of vitamins, K2. People don't talk about it. And the reason they don't talk about it because it's not part of their narrative. You see vegans, vegetarians that teach this stuff, they don't want to talk to you about vitamin K2 and the importance of it because they know it's only found and the animal kingdom.

Eat your cheese. People go "Doc, it's cheese, it's dairy." I didn't say ditch dairy, I said switch dairy. Every time you go to the grocery store, I look at milk. I want to scream. I said, well that's not milk. That's white Pepsi. Oh, but then I see the cream, then I see cheese. And I said, now that's dairy I can fall in love with. I see butter, not margarine, butter. And another study, it came out on young women. This study just came out while they're talking to you about Vegan-uary, January being vegan month, there were studies coming out about young women. I think I actually posted it on our private Facebook group. Young women are the most susceptible to the lie of nutritional terrorism, not eating red meat. Young women, they're the worst. You wouldn't believe, okay, and I mean this and my staff will agree with me, that over the years, but especially in the last 10 years, I saw hundreds of young women coming to my office and they had the same mantra.

"Oh doc, I don't eat anything with eyeballs." And here's what I would do. Can I change your mind? Can I tell you that you just bought a lie? It's terrorism against red meat, especially. It's not true, it's not science, it's religion, it's indoctrination. I know you love your little dog and I know you love your cat, but cows are meant to eat grass, not you. Cows eat grass and you eat them. Because when they eat grass, they make omega-3 and you need them for omega-3. And you won't die immediately, young lady, you won't, but you are going to be very unwell. And I would go through the list, I said, first of all, and I test them right on the spot. There was no exceptions to this, they were all extremely low in B12. I said, look, your brain, your nerves, your immune system needs a vitamin called B12.

Now you don't think about that, they don't teach you that, and you're not being taught that in schools when they're indoctrinating you to become a vegan or a vegetarian, but I'm telling you something, it's impossible to get B12 from the plant kingdom. It's not in it, there's not enough for a mouse, and I would repeat, repeat, repeat. You are extremely low in B12, your brain will not operate properly, you're extremely low in heme iron, your body needs the right iron, it's called heme iron. It's not found in the plant kingdom. It isn't dark, no it's not. You need that, especially women need it. Why do women need heme iron? Because they menstruate. They do, they lose blood every month. Young women, I used to plead with them. You got to replace that. Your red blood cells will not operate properly without vitamin B12 and heme iron.

And you know what was fascinating about my office? I used to be able to show them their blood because I looked at it under a powerful microscope and I would show them their shadow cells. I said, you see those guys there? "Yeah. Yeah. They look empty, doc." I said, that's what they are, they're empty red blood cells. They're not doing anything, they can't bring you any oxygen. And look, you'll survive, but you won't do well. You can't live without oxygen folks. Now, if you insist on lowering your oxygen levels by not eating red meat, you better take a supplement. I would rather you eat B12. You're going to supplement the rest of your life, are you ready for that? "Oh my doctor didn't tell me my B12 was low." Your doctor has forgotten.

They don't look at it anymore, they used to. Now they... B12. They're so worried that you're going to have high B12, it tries me crazy. What do you mean high B12? Your B12 should be high. "It's 220, it's normal. Oh." No, I want 800 to 1200. Oh, I go crazy. Another big thing, and I used to explain this to them. Your body needs vitamin K2. It's not found in the plant kingdom. There's K1 in the plant kingdom, but not K2. It's a lie, it's not true. Imagine dedicating a whole month to a lie. Human beings are not meant to be vegetarians, they're just not. I talked to you, well, was it yesterday? You don't even make an enzyme. Everybody talks to me about vegetables. I said, yeah, but you better not live on them because you don't even make an enzyme called cellulase.

You don't make it, rabbits make it. Quit eating like a rabbit, you're not a rabbit. You're not a cow, they have four stomachs and no gallbladder. You got a gallbladder. Why do you have a gallbladder? I don't know, doc. You have a gallbladder because gallbladder is made for fat. It's made for animal fat. God attached it to your liver so that when you eat fat, your liver makes bile and it sends that bile into your gallbladder and your gallbladder empties to emulsify and emulsify. You know what that is? It's sucking up the fat soluble vitamins. You are not going to get the fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A. By the way, listen to what I'm going to say. There is no better mask in the world. I feel like telling people that. They look at me, you don't have your mask on. Yes I do.

You just can't see it, it's invisible, but I have a mask on. Oh you do? Yeah. It even covers my eyes. How do viruses get into your body? Touch your face, touch your eyes. Medicine says, well, wash your hands 67 times a day. Why not just have an invisible mask on? It's called vitamin A. How do you get vitamin A? I'm waiting. Waiting. What's the answer? Eggs, butter, cheese, cream has vitamin A. Now you put your invisible mask on. I used to tell my little vegan, vegetarian girls, I love you. I would tell them that. I said, I love you so now I'm going to tell you the truth. I'm not going to lie to you, I'm not going to give you propaganda. I'm going to tell you the truth, the truth is you're making a huge boo boo when you don't eat meat, when you don't eat eggs, when you don't eat cheese, when you don't like butter. "Oh, I like margarine." Ooh. There's no vitamin A in margarine. That's the visible masks. You want to know why vitamin S is so good for you? And guys, you better put transports.

Actually, when you eat eggs, meat, and cheese, you're elevating two transport companies. I like that, I just thought of that. HDL goes up, hitching their wagons to triglycerides, HDL transport. I'd like that, HDL transport company. And the other one, when you eat animal foods, you get the transport company called K2, and they're good. Oh, they take calcium and put it where it belongs. They're going to help save you from heart disease. Imagine you eat steak and it actually helps your heart. You eat eggs, meat, and cheese, and it actually helps your brain because it takes calcium. You don't want calcium sitting in your blood vessels. You don't want triglycerides. I think that's got to be a book.

Oh, I get excited, but guys, got it? Got it? I've been preaching this for a long time guys and studies, if they're honest, okay, if they're honest, will follow the real science, not propaganda. It really is information terrorism. I like that, don't you? Information terrorism on red meat. It's craziness, it's not true. Okay. I can breathe again. Now guys, I look at these studies and I, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. You feel almost insignificant because you can't scream at the masses. Jesus turned the world upside down with 12 disciples, so go up and tell the truth out there, would you? Influence who you can, right? Don't drink the Kool-Aid, don't drink the Kool-Aid. Somebody asked me, what does that mean, doc? I said, well, what was that guy's name, Jones, in Jonestown, they called it where he gave them poisoned Kool-Aid and they all drank it because whatever he said goes. Don't drink the Kool-Aid folks.

The world's Kool-Aid about red meat, about it's better for you to be a vegetarian, it's better for you to be a vegan. That's drinking the Kool-Aid. Don't drink it. Okay? Guys, tomorrow in afternoon session, 4:00 PM. Friday, question and answer. Send your questions in. It's always fun answering your questions, I mean that. I'm used to it guys, don't be shy. Ask me questions, I'm used to it. When I did my live radio show, I didn't know what the questions were ahead of time, I really didn't. Just send them in, had to wing it. And sometimes you get some real difficult questions, but I like them. Okay. Private member Facebook group, join. We'd love to have you as part of our family. Okay. The reset book, you got to get it. If you haven't read it, you got to get it. Okay. And thank you for making it the number one help book in Canada. Okay. Thank you for that, we appreciate that. Okay. Now, we love you guys and we'll talk to you soon.

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