663. Q&A with Dr. Martin


Dr. Martin answers questions sent in by our listeners.

Some of today’s topics include:

  • Psoriatic arthritis
  • Temporal arteritis
  • Glutathione supplementation 
  • Brachial radial bursitis
  • Fulvic acid
  • Varicose veins
  • Prolia shots for osteoporosis
  • Calcium supplements
  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Celiac disease

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Dr. Martin:  Good morning, everyone. Hope you're having a great day, good start to it. And Question and Answer Friday, always fun. I enjoy it, I hope you do. Let's get going. First question, Jenny, “Can Dr. Martin talk about psoriatic arthritis?” Yes, I can. Now psoriatic arthritis, break it down into psoriasis, skin and arthritis. Not a good combo. No fun. It's autoimmune. It means that your body really has turned on itself, Jenny. The body turns on itself. Why would it do that? Well, you have to go a step backwards and look at what Hippocrates said 2,000 years ago, the father of medicine. And he said, "All diseases start in the gut." Now I'll tell you, he wasn't far from the truth. And the more and more we study what we call the microbiome today. Guys, even in the 70s, you know what we knew about the microbiome? Not much. Not much. Every time you get on a scale, take 3 pounds off because you got 3 pounds at least of bacteria in and on your body... and it's a constant battle between the two. Between good bacteria and bad bacteria. And psoriatic arthritis is when you lose. You're losing. It starts there. And if you want to fix it, you got to start there. You have to start with the gut. You have to change that microbiome. 

For some people... Listen, I believe, and I think I'm right, that when you get an invasion and remember what I've taught you in the past, in your body there's a constant war, good guys, bad guys. You don't see it. It's microscopic. It really is submicroscopic. And it's amazing how your body can deal with that, good and bad. And you lose when you have more bad than good. Now that's simplifies it to some extent, but I'm a simple guy. And really that's what happens. When you do not have enough friendly bacteria. What happens? You get an invasion of candida, of fungus. It's the third army. It can only come in when you don't have enough good guys. And this happens when you take antibiotics.

I'm telling you with psoriatic arthritis, with Crohn's, with MS, they don't really classify Parkinson's as autoimmune but it's autoimmune. From these cognitive, from these skin conditions that are autoimmune, from Sjogren's, to others. It's fungus. It's candida. It's a yeast forming inside your body and it's invading. And it can go everywhere, including the brain, including your skin. I saw that someone sent to me through our staff last night, a young girl on her legs and I said, "Well, that's psoriasis." And I said, "Mom," or grandma, whoever it was asking the question, "you got to fix the gut. What you see on that skin is coming from the gut."

You know how they say that even on commercials on TV, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? No, not when it comes to your gut. What happens in your gut won't stay there. When you have this war going on and you're losing, one 5-day antibiotic. And by the way, new study came out the other day, I got to talk about this for a sec. New study came out the other day, take an antibiotic. You got an infection, take an antibiotic, but stop it. Stop it. Ladies, urinary tract, stop it when you stop the burning. It'll tell you on the medication, finish it, but that's not true. It's not true. I know why they say it. But what you're doing is you're destroying all your good bacteria. And I've said this, I'm not against antibiotics. Please don't ever say I am because I'm not.

I always called it the greatest discovery in medicine in the 20th century. It is. But today we have the rebound. Today we are paying the price for the overuse of antibiotics. We're paying that price. And I believe conditions like psoriatic arthritis and other autoimmune disorders, one of the primary causes is the overuse of antibiotics. So, it's a double edged sword. It's good for you, it can save your life. You have a raging infection, folks don't delay treatment. But why is it today that we see so much autoimmune? Antibiotics, one. Two, bad food, sugar, sugar, sugar. Sugar feeds yeast. Don't feed the bears. Sugar feeds it. And don't fool yourself. Don't be deceived. 

I don't care who you are. Yeast is like a teenager, it needs sugar. It wants sugar. It'll call your name every day and say, "Please feed me." Don't feed it. It's like cancer. Cancer cells will call your name, "Hey, please feed me." And I've told you, a lot of cancer cells are fueled by yeast, fungus, candida. Yeast outside the body, okay who cares? Somebody is asking, who asked about nutritional yeast? Yes, here it is, Tony. How could I forget your name, Tony? Nutritional yeast doesn't feed your bad guys. Nutritional yeast, like I said, outside the body, nutritional yeast, it's full of B vitamins and that. I'd never been big on it as a supplement because you get all your B vitamins when you eat eggs, meat and cheese, I'd rather you eat that. And nutritional yeast doesn't have enough B12 for even a mouse so you're better off to eat it. But if you like nutritional yeast, I don't care. It's not feeding your yeast, the bad guys inside of you. Nothing to do with that, Tony.

But guys, there's other factors like even nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories. Oh doctor, they're over the counter, they must be safe. No. Advil, Tylenol, even though that’s different medicine but they destroy your friendly bacteria. I know people that have been taking stuff like that, medications every day of their life, they don't realize what they're doing. You better protect it. If you have to take a med, almost every med will destroy your friendly bacteria but nothing like an antibiotic will. And if you know that, well okay, you could take an antibiotic. Well, I tell people you're going in for surgery or whatever, double up your probiotics and double up and when you finish, double them up again. You need to replace that bacteria. Another question from Tony. Wonder if it's the same guy? I don't know. Is an anesthetic something that affects the gut microbiome? Tony, it's all part of, I'm glad you asked it. And guys, when I say Tony, it's not me that asked that question. Yes, anesthetic. Yes, it will affect your microbiome for sure. Prepare. You're getting surgery, you're getting an anesthetic or whatever. Just put everything on your side before and after. Good question.

Louise's asking about arteritis. Now that's different. That's different than arthritis. Although it's inflammation of your arteries and where you get that ordinarily, an arteritis, is what they call a temporal arteritis. Those are the blood vessels going up to the brain. Is it dangerous? It sure can be. It sure can be. And is it bacterial? Is it viral? Is it fungal? What causes that? Well inflammation again is not Houdini. It's not Houdini. It just doesn't appear. There's a reason for inflammation. We did an email about that, about pain. Pain is caused by inflammation. Your body's responding. Kick me in the knee, that'll hurt but your body responds with more blood supply, more enzymes and proteins. And they're like the ambulance system that goes to the site of injury. Problem is if it doesn't go away. Now can be destructive. That's temporal arteritis where the arteries are inflamed. Can be very dangerous. Good question. Thank you. And that was Louise.

And Terry Navitol optimizes glutathione. True. Do we need to supplement glutathione? Generally, no and I'll tell you why, and very good question, Terry. Glutathione is something your body makes. It's one of the reasons I want you to empty your liver on the reset because your body makes Velcro. That's what I call glutathione. You're fearfully and wonderfully made. You don't realize it. Your body produces glutathione. What is glutathione? Glutathione is Velcro. When there's garbage in your blood, Velcro, glutathione, it sticks to it and it goes out.

The problem is if you have any gummed up liver, how do you get a gummed up liver? By eating crappy carbohydrates and sugars. It'll gum up your liver because it fills it full of fat in the liver. I'm showing you again, one pound of fat and there's a 5 pounds of fat in behind my shoulder there for those who are on Facebook. And of course this podcast, you're not seeing it. I want you to visualize it. Fat in the liver is not good for you for a lot of reasons. Fat in your liver will turn into triglycerides in your blood. That is super dangerous for your heart and for your brain. Strokes and heart attacks. Fat in your liver is very bad for you because then you're going to have trouble converting T4 to T3 for your thyroid. Fat in your liver will gum up the liver and will not allow your body to produce the glutathione that it would ordinarily produce.

Velcro. I'm not big on taking glutathione because it's not well absorbed. Navitol, pine bark extract, study after study shows it does three things, major things. One, it elevates your glutathione. It actually makes your body make more Velcro, one. Two, it elevates your nitric oxide. What's nitric oxide? Opens up your blood vessels. Now you get extra blood flow. That's really key. More oxygen to the brain. Your heart has to work less than it ordinarily would. There's less resistance. Your heart's a pump. If your blood vessels are open and they're relaxed, your heart doesn't have to work as much. That's why we love pine bark extract in that way. And then the third thing is it's very, very antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It protects you from premature aging.

I wish we didn't have the age. I wish. Oh doc, I'm never going to age. You will. Hate to be the bearer of bad news and reality, no you're going to age. But you don't want to age prematurely. A lot of people, if we could see inside their organs or into the organ, they'd see they're aging rapidly. They have enormous amount of what we call free radical damage. Oxygenation. You're rusting out. Pine bark is one of the best. It is the most powerful antioxidant. That's why I talk about it all the time. Good questions. We appreciate them. 

Jennifer, I have brachial radial bursitis. Well, that's no fun. Any bursitis, your knees, your wrists, brachial, wrists, they're no fun. Bursitis, it's actually like an infection of the bursa. It becomes so inflamed. Can happen in the shoulder. It can happen in your knee. It can happen in your heel. You got bursas everywhere. No fun. Couple of things. We talked about this yesterday in an email or maybe the day before, when we sent out an email. We like to teach about inflammation in general and so you do everything you can, Jennifer. Look, therapy, all of that. I'm sure you've done. And a lot of times I often look in the wrist or whatever they called it, carpal tunnel and never fun or whatever. Bursitis, whatever in the elbow or you can get a bursitis in the elbow joint and in the wrist. And it's no fun and it's very achy. I love therapy on it. I love anti-inflammatory. I like our inflammation formula. I like pine bark extract and it's no fun. And there's no ordinarily a quick fix either. There isn't and I feel for you. Okay, Jen.

Tara, fulvic acid. While I've talked about this before, people asked me what fulvic acid, what do I think? Well, you can get it as a supplement. You know really what it is? It's compounds really found in the soil. You want to eat some dirt, you shouldn't have to pay for it. Now look, I get it. I understand fulvic acid, it's a supplement, it's a compound, it's soil. There's nutrients in there. Ahhh, nah. I'll give you an example. Our probiotics are soil based. Why is that so good for you? Well, first of all, well, you don't have to refrigerate them. They're not dairy. You know me, please don't ditch the dairy. But I would tell you to ditch your dairy probiotics and switch them. Don't ditch them, switch them. Soil is better because it doesn't matter what you do to a soil probiotic, you can't destroy it.

There's actually some fulvic acid in a soil probiotic and those different strains of bacteria, do you know that in our supplement, our probiotic, to culture it in the soil takes years. I don't just take a scoop of soil and then put it in a capsule. It takes years to let that ferment and to get your bacteria. Those things, after that, they're hardy. They replace your bacteria. They make up your microbiome as long as they're broad spectrum, meaning there's different strains. Fulvic acid, look, I haven't had a lot of experience using it as a supplement on its own. Are you asking? Don't waste your money. I don't have a lot of experience and all my practitioner friends or whatever and they're going to say, "Oh Dr. Martin, it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. Try it on your patients." I don't want to be negative but I'm a little bit negative.

Dinae, wondering possible solutions why I changed fuels two years ago and getting varicose veins from the groin down. Well, Dinae I think for you, it has nothing to do with what you ate. It just happens to be a coincidence. Now, varicose veins, if they're superficial and you can see them, I don't blame you. Nobody likes that but they're not dangerous either. And it had nothing to do with you changing fuels, Dinae. It really doesn't. There's no reason for that. I can't give you an explanation why you would have got it but people get them. People get them. You know what I like, I like the rebounder. I got trouble with my circulation in my legs. I'm like my father, I got to really be careful with me and I am proactive on that.

Sarah, dental cleaning, what do I think about the enamel? The industry says, well look, I'm a big believer in dental cleaning. Professionally, I'm not going to say no. They can be invasive to some extent but you know what I like for dental cleaning? Other than brushing your teeth of course and stuff like that and flossing, you know what I find better than all of it? Is the Waterpik. Do it yourself. Clean. I find the Waterpik is the best if you're asking and it's not invasive. Does it damage it? Sarah, the enamel, they shouldn't be damaging that. They shouldn't.

Cheryl, Prolia shots for osteoporosis. I don't like it. The problem with bone building products, medications, shots or a medication you take once a month or a medication you take once a week or sometimes they'll give you a medication and they're bone building. The problem is they're looking for love in all the wrong places. You see, you are far better off if you are losing bone, one of the big reasons that you lose bone, more women than men, it's just not getting enough calcium. No, it's not that at all. You're not getting enough calcium to the bones. And generally I'm going to make a general statement, there's exceptions. When the world went, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, cuckoo because it did. When the world went cuckoo 50 years ago, when they said eat cereal instead of your eggs, when they said cholesterol is causing heart disease and the world went for it, there's a lot of lies out there. And that was a huge one.

And people, oh, I better get my fiber. I need fiber. Brought to you by Kellogg's. What a lie. You didn't need fiber, you needed protein. And we have gone this way downward, on a downward trend, eating high carbs because I got to get my fiber. And low protein and fat that your bones need. The number one selling supplement is calcium. Even today. And I shake my head guys, I shake my head. Why don't you eat your calcium the way God wanted you to eat your calcium? You know how God wanted you to eat your calcium? Not in a supplement. He wanted you to have eggs and meat and cheese and butter because what happens when you have butter, dairy, and you have cheese, dairy, and you have eggs, well not dairy, farming, you get all the calcium you need plus K2 to take the calcium and put it in your bones and your teeth where it belongs.

See, the problem is you take a calcium supplement, it's going to stay in your bloodstream. Won't even be delivered. And when we bought that lie, that was the start. And then we said, "Oh, stay out of the sun because you're going to get skin cancer." And people stayed out of the sun. I go to Florida and the only people on the beach are Canadians. We're crazy. No, but seriously. I tell my Florida friends, Susan, is this true or not? I tell my Florida friends, "You guys are crazier than hoot owls." Why? Because you believe the lie. You live in the Sunshine State and you stay out of the sun. How crazy is that? And then when you do go out in the sun, you lather up with sunscreens that are cancerous. You want to get cancer? Put something on your skin like a chemical and add heat. Was I right? Yep. And now you have millions of people in North America walking around with osteoporosis.

And another thing, you're not Forrest Gump. Do you know what I mean by that? You ever watch the movie Forrest Gump? I just find one of the funniest movies I've ever watched. One day he starts running and he runs and runs and runs and runs and runs and runs and runs until he stops, Forrest Gump. I said to people, "You're not Forrest Gump. What are you running for?" Ladies, you don't need cardio, you need weight resistance exercises. That's what makes your bones strong. Muscles strong, bones strong. But we get these lies and we run with them. That's society today. Have we seen that in this 18 months? The virus, the virus, the virus, the virus, the virus, the virus. I'm so sick of it. Nobody's talking about the immune system. Nobody talks about vitamin D. They dismiss it. And nobody talks about comorbidity.

The only people that get really sick are people with metabolic syndrome but they don't want to talk about it. I'm sorry. I ranted. Oh, I can't stand it. Look, I can't be your personal physician. I'm giving you a general answer. I hope you understand that, Cheryl. Okay, Cheryl? I'm on your side by the way. When I go on my rants, it doesn't mean I don't love you. I do. I mean it but I don't like bone building medications. They're missing the point. I got to take a breath. I don't wear a smartphone. I don't want a phone telling me to breathe. I don't want that because I would not be breathing. Breathe, breathe. I don't like that.

Asking for her brother, whoever that is, does losing weight, gaining weight after sports, years ago in high school make it harder to lose weight today? No, no. Look, there's people. Look, everybody see your fingerprint? Everybody's different. You're unique. Nobody has your fingerprint. You got an identical twin, they don't have your fingerprint. That makes you unique. Some people really struggle with fluctuations in their weight, more than other people but here's a consistent teaching. If you got trouble up and down like the yo-yo, you need to change fuels number one. Number two, you got horror-mones. You got horror-mones and there's an imbalance there. That's why I like to fix the horror-mones first. The Reset is good for that, it's a great building block to starting to fix the hormones. You got to start with food.

Now, couple of more. Carol, is there any connection between vitamin D and thyroid? Yeah, there's always a connection between vitamin D and everything. Your thyroid will not work properly without vitamin D. Your thyroid has a solar panel attached to it but so does everything else. I was looking at a roof the other day and it had all these solar panels on it. And I said, "They're just capturing the sun." Well, that's your body, guys, from your brain to your toes and your hormones need vitamin D. They're a big part because remember vitamin D is not just a vitamin. It is a vitamin but it's a hormone. And if you want to get rid of horror-mones and balance them out, vitamin D is essential for it. Nothing works without vitamin D. Study came out this morning, by the way, that I saw this morning, I think it came out a few days ago. Again, if you are not eating from the animal kingdom, eggs, meat and cheese, eggs, meat and cheese, you're not even absorbing vitamin D properly. Remember it's a fat soluble vitamin and they're showing that, this study showed a vegan or a vegetarian, whatever, they're extremely low in vitamin D. They don't have the saturated fat that they need from the animal fat.

Sharon, hydrochloric acid. Well, you make it. And Cheryl's asking, "Well, why don't you have it in your digestive enzyme?" Well, the digestive enzyme is made... There's a lot of things in there and the most powerful enzymes in the world I put in are digestive enzyme, along with oil of oregano. But HCl, hydrochloric acid Sharon, is what your body already makes. It's like glutathione, like I talked about earlier, your body makes it. You just want something to increase it. You want acid. Acid belongs in your stomach. It should be very acidic like a lemon. 1.5 to 2, no higher than that. The problem is that most people have very low in acid but I like to go, why are they low in producing acid? They don't have enough enzymes. They're eating an acid suppressor.

Now, remember what I'm saying because a lot of people get pH wrong. They get pH wrong. Because what they want to do is just measure your saliva and oh, I'm acidic. You want acidity in the stomach. And when you have a very good acidic stomach, you're breaking all your food down properly. Plus, I'm going to talk about this because I actually want to do a little bit of a study on it again. Okay, Sharon? I don't give hydrochloric acid to people I say, "No, no. I want to help you to make more of it." And when you make hydrochloric acid on your own, it won't go up your esophagus to give you heartburn. This is a huge problem in our society today. We're going to talk about that because I got a whole teaching on it. I want to do it again. I've done it in the past but I'm going to bring it out next week.

Angel, I've had celiac disease for 10 years, how do you get rid of it? Well, you don't want to be eating any gluten. Eggs, meat and cheese, Angel, eggs, meat and cheese. Probiotics, eggs, meat and cheese. Cut out the sugars. Cut out the crappy carbs. I can't stand when they go get gluten-free products and it's all carbs. It's all crap. I can't stand that. Change fuels, Angel. Eggs, meat and cheese, that's what your body's desiring. Lay off all breads, lay off all noodles, lay off all crappy carbohydrates. Don't eat any of it. Start with 30 days and now you will get a lifestyle of this. It will become part of your DNA. You'll realize, holy moly, I feel better. Holy moly. What was I eating all these years? You know how many people tell me that every day? Duh, why didn't I meet you 15 years ago? Yeah, you should have. I wasn't on Facebook, that I can guarantee you. I had my own radio show for 20 years and I tried to preach that for 20 straight years. But I couldn't get to everyone. I'm telling you.

One last one and here we go. Tapioca flour, Millie. Why would you want to use that? It's full of carbs. It's full of carbs. I remember someone, he tell me, this is years ago just telling me, "Oh, that tapioca flour. That's good because it doesn't have any cholesterol." They were waiting for me to agree with them that this was a good flour. And I said, "You don't want me to give you a sermon do you?" That's a high carbohydrate flour. Why do you want that? There's much better ones out there.

Okay, I'm done. Guys, thank you. Appreciate you very much. Have I told you that lately? No, probably haven't. We do love you and we appreciate you. The Martin Clinic, we appreciate you guys. You have no idea. Thank you for watching. Remember our private Facebook group. If you're not getting our emails, we do a lot of teaching on emails. If you don't get them, sign up martinclinic.com. That's all the advertising I'm going to do. I can advertise my new book, it's into its third print. Unbelievable. Number one seller. Thank you guys for that. Coming soon though, it's coming back. We love you. Talk to you soon.

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