551. Vitamin D And COVID



In today’s podcast, Dr. Martin discusses 2 studies.

One from 2018 out of the UK that proved the flu shot didn’t work if someone was obese or metabolically unwell – which is scary since 88% of the population is metabolically unwell!

He gives a small update on COVID and again discusses the importance of Vitamin D!

He also discusses a study on Vitamin D and the benefits of just 20 minutes in the sun.

Other topics include nitric oxide, inflammation and B12.

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Dr. Martin:   Good morning, everyone. And once again, good to have you on with us this morning. Always a privilege to be with you and to talk to you about the latest in health news. Let's look at a couple of studies, a few studies that come out always fascinate me. I'm just going to make mention of one because we've already done it, but I've got to keep you updated on COVID. I got to keep you updated on this. We go in behind the scenes on the virus and look at things that may be the world is not looking at. They specifically look at the virus.

Who knows if it'll ever end? But I always emphasize what's behind and look for the elephant in the room, which is metabolic disease. And then this came out yesterday and it's actually something that I brought up several months ago, would have been last year in 2020, because this study came out of the United Kingdom, which again, I don't know if it's ever been mentioned again. I've looked and looked and looked and I never seen it, but we are now into the vaccination process, right?

Johnson & Johnson just came out with one and Moderna and all these vaccines, and this is going to be worldwide vaccination. This is what I just wanted to give you a little bit in behind. And they report that they get 60% or 50% immunity or whatever. But if you guys remember this, those of you who have been with me for a bit, if you were on our podcast last year, you might remember this. Again, it came out yesterday again, but it goes back. So in the United Kingdom, this is for the flu shot. The flu shot every year usually gets about 40...

Well, there's no flu this year. Apparently in Sudbury, I was just reading this on Sudbury News, there wasn't one case of the flu this year report. Not one. Now, I don't want to get into the politics of that because I think there is politics behind it, but not the point. But the flu vaccine in the United Kingdom, 2018, their studies showed this. If there was obesity or metabolic dysfunction in the United Kingdom, the flu shot 2018 didn't work. It shocked the researchers.

They were wondering why is it in the United Kingdom that they push about 40% immunity with the flu shot. 60% it doesn't seem to help them. 40% it helps. And they couldn't figure out why. Is it because they picked the wrong bug every year? The CDC, they get together, the World Health Organization, and I guess they try and figure out, and they do in the summertime what kind of flu bug we're going to get this year, influenza A, influenza B. And they try and guess. So it's a guesstimate. And that's what they always thought was not working.

Maybe they picked the wrong strain. And that's happened. But what the United Kingdom study showed is if you are messed up, if someone is messed up metabolically... And you know me, I'm insulin resistant. If that is high, especially in someone that's obese, the United Kingdom study on the flu shot, the flu vaccine said it doesn't work. The vaccine doesn't work. This was brought up yesterday from different physicians. They're worried that the vaccine for COVID isn't going to work in people who are messed up metabolically.

And guys, I've said this, repeat, repeat, repeat. It's the elephant in the room for you. You take care of yourself. You make sure your immune system is firing on all cylinders. But, and this is what I'm saying, you can't out vaccinate a bad diet. That's really the bottom line. You got a bad diet. I don't care how much exercise you do. I'm not saying don't exercise, but if you've got a bad diet, exercise doesn't undo a bad diet. Supplements don't undo a bad diet. It just doesn't.

So isn't it interesting that even yesterday another study comes and what they're doing is, is this really going to be as effective as it ought to be? And it really comes down to a person's metabolism. It comes back to a person's diet. We've talked about COVID and hospitalizations. Here's what we know, and then I'll leave it and we'll talk about something. Here's what we know. Someone that gets sick and is hospitalized for COVID, someone that gets sick or is hospitalized for COVID has pre-existing conditions, and the biggest one, the biggest one is cardiovascular diabetes.

I always say cardiovascular is directly related to type 2 diabetes because it's insulin, even without diabetes. So diabetes, without diabetes, I don't care about the diagnosis of diabetes. The vast majority of people, about 80 something percent, are diabetic, and they don't know it because they're waiting for the diagnosis of high blood sugar. That's the last thing that will happen. Your body is so unbelievable, it won't allow your blood sugar to go high or your blood sugar to go too low. Your body fights that. Everything in your body fights that. That's how toxic sugar is. This is incredible. Obesity, pre-diabetes, diabetes. When someone goes into the hospital, they are messed up metabolically. High blood pressure, insulin. Cardiovascular, insulin. And guess what they're really low in? Vitamin D. Anywhere they're doing the studies on. North America, they don't look at vitamin D. It's only for your bones. Doctors, it's so hard to get them to look at vitamin D. They don't even want to touch it most of the time. Oh, why do you want to take that test for? Your bones are fine.

Vitamin D. New study just came out. Let me bring it to you, new study on vitamin D. Here's the headlines, more time in the sun decreases your blood pressure, decreases your risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality. Listen to this. Listen to this. This is very, very significant. What they know is vitamin D increases your nitric oxide. What is that again? Nitric oxide is nitroglycerin. Explosion inside your blood vessel, a good explosion, by the way. It opens up your blood vessels. Nitric oxide is important.

It was discovered in 1980. When I was in school, we didn't even study nitric oxide honestly. Now, we knew nitroglycerin was used for people with angina. Even today they still use it either with a patch or you put a little sublingual angina pill, and you're getting an angina attack and they know that that's nitrile. But then they discovered in 1980, the guy who discovered it got a Nobel Prize in medicine, that your body actually makes nitric oxide. And this study is saying vitamin D is essential for nitric oxide.

The sun. Three S's, sun, steak. Why does steak elevate your nitric oxide? What vitamin's in there? You guys, I'm testing you. I'm always testing you. What vitamin is in steak that elevates your nitric oxide? Sun, vitamin D. I mean, vitamin D does a lot of things. It's so good for your immune system. It activates your T cells. Every cell in your body's got a little antenna, but especially your white blood cells, your immune system. Sun, steak, for what vitamin? Let me just see. Let me just see. I'm just waiting for the scrollers to give me the answer to what vitamin.

You guys know this. B12, Diane. B12, Diane. B12, Diane. You got it. I know you guys are thinking, but when I test you is I want you to remember stuff. I do that with Nick and Jeanette and Brandy, because they asked me a lot of questions during the day that you asked. And I want them to think. Think. Because once you repeat something, you get, "Oh yeah, that's why." Nitric oxide, which is whoop of the blood vessels. When people are low in nitric oxide, you get high blood pressure. You get cardiovascular disease. That's why you hear me saying sun, right?

The sun. It's not the boogeyman. The sun is good for you. Get out in the morning, even if it's 50 below, and it's sunny out. Take your sunglasses off and let the sun come into your eyeballs. Now don't go look at the sun. Just let it come in. Let that bright sun come into your eyeballs and you get melatonin. I already tell people, why are you taking melatonin? Unless you got no sun. And then when it's dark at night, pitch black, your body makes melatonin. Now tell me there is no God. Convince me there is no God. You go look in the sun and you make melatonin.

Holy Moly. You go in the sun and you make nitric oxide for your blood vessels. Now, what in the world is as good for you as vitamin D from the sun? It's a hormone, by the way. It's not really a vitamin. Vitamin D gives you elevated nitric oxide. Nevermind everything else it does. You know why I call vitamin D... Well, Tony Jr. actually started me on this more than me. He said, "Dad, it's a hormone." "Yeah, I know." He said, "It's any central biomarker." I like that. He said, "Vitamin D is essential biomarker, because vitamin D..."  This is Tony Jr. He said, "Dad, one thing we know, vitamin D will lower your inflammation." Silent. Inflammation, remember, it's not at the root of the disease because you need insulin resistance, leaky gut, and aging, oxidative damage. That's the root cause of all disease, but inflammation comes with those things. But vitamin D lowers your inflammation. The silent killer. The silent killer. Oh, doc, I don't have any pain. That doesn't mean you don't have inflammation. Are you tired? You got inflammation.

Your body screaming that your inflammation is high is fatigue. Almost invariably, about 99% of the people, they're not at the top of their game. Their body can't run on the octane that it usually does. That's what inflammation... That's a sign. I know you can get it tested. The best test is the CRP, C-reactive protein. It should be at zero. Now, medicine says if it's three or under it's normal. It's not normal, even at one. But I like to look at vitamin D levels, because that'll tell you what your inflammation is.

Isn't it interesting that vitamin D and nitric oxide? Sun, steak. What is steak? Steak does a lot of things. Why do I talk about it all the time? What vitamin is in steak? B12. What does B12 do? Well, it does a lot of things. We talked about in the brain yesterday. Steak. Eat your B12, because it elevates your nitric oxide. It is good for your blood vessel. This is why when I get a patient that has neuropathy, they have neuropathy, feet, hands, sometimes numbness, very uncomfortable pain, I give them B12.

They're usually very low, and I give them because it elevates their nitric oxide. And plus, I often give them Navitol because that elevates their nitric oxide. Sun, Steak. What's the third? Steel. Weight. Weights. Resistant exercises. I know you guys are trying to get me to do a video on the gym. Maybe I'll do that. No, but really, you don't need... Look, you don't need to be Arnold Schwarzenegger, but you need to move. But it's more than just movement. One of the things they're finding out, be strong, as strong as you can be.

Ladies, be strong. You want to avoid sarcopenia, muscle wasting. Walking is wonderful. I love it. Move. It's all beneficial. But one of the things I know, when it elevates your nitric oxide, which is so good for you, the vitamin E, exercise, is resistance. Be stronger. Steel. I like bands too, like those stretch... Guys, you can do that right in your house. You don't have to go to a gym. I'm not saying don't go to a gym. I love gyms. You know what drove me insane? You know there's no science when they shut the stinking world down and they shut the gyms.

What did I tell you last year? The last place they ought to shut down is the beach. Did I say that or not? What was I saying? You need vitamin D. Forget the social distancing there. You want vitamin D. The virus hates the sun. It hates it. I was so upset. I tried to call... I did. I called my local health unit and I said, "Well, what are you thinking? You're not talking about somebody's immune... All you're talking about is washing your hands and you're looking at the virus."

I said, "But for heaven sakes, the best thing to fight the virus is the person's immune system. And why are you closing the gyms? They can wash their equipment, clean it, if that's what you're worried about. It's essential, man." When they put you in two weeks of quarantine, they don't even let you leave your house. That ain't science, guys. That's not science. You need the fresh air. You need the sun. The sun's out, at least get your melatonin if you don't get my vitamin D. If it's too cold, you can't be exposed your skin.

But guys, this is what the study is saying. More time in the sun. More time in the sun. The sun's not the boogeyman. Steak isn't the boogeyman. Dr. Martin's got cholesterol. Ooh, you need cholesterol. And by the way, if you got no cholesterol, you can't even absorb vitamin D. See, the perfect storm of vitamin D is when you're eating steak and fat and bacon and eggs. And we already talked about cheese yesterday. Guys, the studies are showing it. We're right. The world out there is wrong. We're right. And I'm trying to get the world to listen.

Work on your body. One of the things you can do is what you eat every day. In 20 minutes of sun, 20 minutes, 20 minutes, you're going to get 10,000 IUs of vitamin D. Oh, that must be too much, doc. No, your body knows exactly how much. And the only people that actually have to worry about vitamin D in their bloodstream and too much of it if they're messed up. The kidneys are not working. Their liver is not working. They've got gut problems. But 90% of the population is low in vitamin D, especially people who have dark skin.

They're famous for being low in vitamin D. They got dark skin. They need more vitamin D than me. And I try and preach it to them. You're low in vitamin D. It's going to elevate your nitric oxide. It's going to lower your inflammation. It's essential. That's the update really on COVID. Interesting, isn't it, that that the vaccine is going to be less efficient if people are messed up metabolically. And you guys know this. I'm preaching to the choir this morning, but it's always good to preach to the choir.

It reinforces what you're already doing. You're taking care of yourself. I always tell people, because somebody asked me yesterday, somebody asked me yesterday, they saw me working out and they said, "Do you practice what you preach?" I said, "Well, I try, yeah." Man, I believe it. I practice what I preach. I work out. I eat well. I don't eat sugar. I'm very low carb eater. I'm a big believer in the reset. I didn't put the reset together without knowing its effects. What you're getting is years of diet information. And I'm telling you, there's nothing like it.

The problem is a lot of people, they can't undo all the bad teaching that they've done. I'm going to bring to you this week a study by the American Heart Association that shocked the pants out of them on fruits and vegetables. It shocked the pants out of them on fruits and vegetables. It wasn't good. Now, I'm not saying don't eat fruits and vegetables, but I'll bring you the study, a huge cohort study, looking at all the studies from the American Heart Association. It shocked them what I've been telling you guys consistently. The top of the food chain is eggs, meat, and cheese.

Not in that order. It's any one of them. Actually, the top of my food chain is steak. Okay? So I could say meat. But doesn't eggs, meat, and cheese go better than me saying meat, eggs, and cheese? EMC. EMC. EMC. The reset. What it does to you cardiovascularly, unbelievable. I'll put it up against anything, what it does to your cardiovascular system, what it does to your inflammation markers, against anything, and how your cells love EMC, your cells at the cellular level, at your mitochondrial level.

Because when you're burning good fuel, boy, your cells like that. Rocket fuel. Not 87 octane, 99.9 octane. Okay. Lord willing, back tomorrow. More teaching. Lots of good stuff come Friday, question and answer Thursday, just announce it now, I'm going to be on in the morning again. I think that'll be four weeks in a row. We're going to do a morning session. Just the way my schedule is running. You guys are great. We appreciate you. Practice, guys. Practice what you preach. Share the video. Share the teaching. Get them to sign up and download. It'll come automatically to their smartphone. Get them to sign up for the Doctor Is In Podcast. A lot of people... We've got a couple of million downloads. People are listening, and we go one at a time with people. One at a time. Take care of yourself. We're trying to make a difference. Try and make a difference, but you got to do it to yourself before you influence someone else, guys. You got to experience it. So take care of yourself. Love you guys. Talk to you soon.

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