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Dr.Martin: Well, good morning everyone. And welcome again to another live. Hope you're having a great day. If I asked you... I'm going to ask you a question because a study [00:00:30] came out, I saw it last week, but I just sort of held on to it because I want to do some teaching this morning so that you understand where I'm coming from. And plus, I think for a lot of you, this will be a revelation. It really will be. Now couple of questions I'm going to ask before we start, you are... Okay, you [00:01:00] are a herbivore or a carnivore, question number one. Question number two, who has more gallbladder impacts, men or women? Question number two.

So are you a herbivore or a carnivore? [00:01:30] It's important to know that. We get that all mixed up. Are you a herbivore or a carnivore? So what's your answer, somebody? A herbivore or carnivore. Just who you are, you got a dog, is it a herbivore or a carnivore? I'm going to tell you how you can find out if you're not sure. So your dog is [00:02:00] a carnivore. You are a carnivore. How do you know that? Well, yeah, your teeth, but it's more than that. You have an organ that a herbivore doesn't have. You know what it is? It's your gallbladder.

So we're going to talk all things gallbladder this morning. So are [00:02:30] you a herbivore or a carnivore? So you can see why I get so uptight because the world is going towards vegetarianism and veganism, but that's not how God created you. You're a carnivore. Yes, ladies, you're a carnivore. [00:03:00] You were never meant to live on vegetable. You're never meant to live on salad because you're not a herbivore, you're a carnivore, right? And carnivores, they need meat and they need especially fat. So I've been listening to this for, oh, I don't know, 30, 40 years, [00:03:30] brought to you by Dr. Kellogg, who was a real doctor, by the way, Dr. Kellogg was a real doctor and he had a religious background and I don't want to pick on it at all because they do a lot of great things, Seventh-Day Adventist, but that was his background.

And they started this idea of being a vegetarian, that you shouldn't be eating meat, that started [00:04:00] with them in the late 1800s and 1900s. But Dr. Kellogg's, I mean, he was a medical doctor, very smart guy, but he had this idea and it really goes against nature because you are a carnivore. And when you stop being a carnivore, the big problem... And this is why ladies and I'm picking on you this morning only [00:04:30] to do some teaching because you guys know me. I'm a ladies doctor, please. I'm only picking on you because I want to teach you something. Why do women have gallbladder problems 90 to 10 over men? It's more than that but I'll take the more conservative number. 90% to 10 women [00:05:00] have trouble with their gallbladder than men. Why? Because a lot of women think they're herbivores. Now herbivores live on grass and they graze all day long.

They don't eat meat they [inaudible 00:05:22] grass. By the way, they don't have a gallbladder. Did you know that? God didn't [00:05:30] give a cow a gallbladder, doesn't need one. I'll tell you what God gave them though, four stomachs and they mulch all day and they regurgitate actually, they eat grass and horses, horses are herbivores. They don't eat meat and they graze. You give them hay [00:06:00] and they make an enzyme called cellulase, that's to break down cellulose, which comes from grass and hay. So when you see the produce department in a grocery store, ladies, I know your eyes light up. You're selling. [00:06:30] But God gave you a gallbladder and He expects you to use it. The problem is when you get a gallbladder attack, "Oh, I'm eating too much fat." No, you haven't eaten enough fat. What happens? Remember your gallbladder is a little pouch.

What does it do? What does a gallbladder do? It's a reservoir. It pours bile into [00:07:00] your small intestine. Bile changes the PH, bile helps to break your food down. And especially it is meant to emulsify fat. You ever see dishwasher soap? Which ones do you get? You get ones that help to take the grease and emulsify it, right? But what kind [00:07:30] of stones do you get when you don't eat fat? What kinds of stones? Stones in your kidneys by and large, there's exceptions, there are two types of stones in the kidneys. The number one is oxalate and the second one is uric acid. In the gallbladder, 80% of your stones are cholesterol stones.

[00:08:00] Now you're thinking, "Cholesterol stones? Cholesterol is in my gallbladder?" Yep. But you're meant to pour it out as you have a piece of vitamin S, steak and hamburger and roast beef and bacon. I had bacon and sausages this morning. [00:08:30] My gallbladder was working, why? It was pouring bile into my small intestine just to suck up that fat man, we need that. Your body needs it, you're not a herbivore. You're a carnivore because you have a gallbladder and you don't have that enzyme called cellulase. You don't even have [00:09:00] it.

You don't make it because you're not a cow. You're not a horse, of course. I remember that when I was younger, 90 to 10, huge nurses' study done years ago, a new study just came out, but I'll talk to you about that in a second. But a nurses' study done in 2005, said that women [00:09:30] were much more likely, 90 to 10 to get their gallbladder removed, to have what they call a diseased gallbladder. And it comes from, even the nurses' study agree, huge study, 250,000 I believe, 250,000 people study. Use it or lose it, [00:10:00] use it or lose it of your gallbladder.

So when your children and grandchildren who get indoctrinated and come home and tell you, "I'm a vegetarian, I won't eat anything with eyeballs." they are going 100% against nature, a 100%, not [00:10:30] right. I was online this weekend because I was answering questions and a lady came on and God bless her. What had happened is somebody had said, put a real testimony on our Martin Clinic private Facebook group and said, "Man, Oh man, the reset." And how much better and how much weight they lost and whatever. And there was one lady who came on and that's fine, like I said, [00:11:00] as long as they're respectful, comments are welcome. And this lady come on and said, "Well, don't put all your eggs..." And she quotes them. "Don't put all your eggs in the basket of Dr. Martin, because my cardiologist would not agree. And my homeopathy doctor would not agree."

And blah-blah-blah, and I went on there and I said, "Look, you want to comment? [00:11:30] You're going to get some pushback. I'm going to push back." And what I said to her is, "Well, first of all, if you're going to get any nutrition education from your cardiologist, well, good luck with that because they drank the Kool-Aid that cholesterol is a boogeyman. And for the last 40, 50 years, they believed that hook, line and sinker. I'm sorry, but [00:12:00] what they know about nutrition, I know on my little pinky finger." I just hate to be a bearer of bad news, but I had to push back because she was saying, "Nah, you know what? I wouldn't need that much fat because fat will give you saturated, fat is not good for you." Yes, it is. The best fat is saturated fat.

Yep. When you have a piece of steak, [00:12:30] saturated fat is the best fat. Let's follow a lion for a second. Does a lion graze? Is a lion a carnivore or a herbivore? A lion is a carnivore. Now I never want to run into a lion, but here's what I know about lions. They don't eat very often. They don't, they're not constantly [00:13:00] like a cow that grazes, they're not grazers. They don't eat plants. Is that interesting that in God's world, about 95% of all plants are poisonous. Did you know that? Just by the way. So let's get back to the lion, the lion, when it sees its kill, it's pretty gruesome.

[00:13:30] They go after a deer or whatever, and they catch that little thing. I tell you, they rip it apart. But you know what they go after? Their organs primarily. They want fat man. See a carnivore is meant to eat fat and not to graze, not to eat several times a day, like a lot [00:14:00] of people, where did that come from? That came from the food industry. You can't blame the food industry. Think about it. If [inaudible 00:14:07] or Kellogg's or whatever. "Oh no, you're a herbivore." They don't really say that. But they mean to say it, "You're a herbivore and you need to graze. That's why... Your blood sugar. You better eat more often and don't eat saturated fat because saturated fat is going to give you cholesterol. [00:14:30] And cholesterol is going to clog up your arteries. It's going to clog up your arteries that cholesterol." It's the opposite. Your gallbladder gets full of cholesterol because you're not using it.

You need cholesterol to make bile. By the way, where's your bile made? Is it made in your gallbladder? No, it's made in your liver. [00:15:00] Your body makes it. It's expecting your gallbladder to hold on to it. And it's expecting you to use your gallbladder every day, use it or lose it. What happens to the smooth wall? Your gallbladder is like a little pouch of muscle, smooth muscle. And it's supposed to empty, empty itself, when you have your bacon and you have your eggs. [00:15:30] And when you have your cheese, eggs, meat, and cheese. And when you have your fish, especially fatty fish, your gallbladder empties, it sends the bile, it emulsifies the fat.

So it can take up your vitamins. What are fat soluble vitamins. Why do you need them? Vitamin A, vitamin D vitamin E, exercise, [00:16:00] vitamin K, K2, you need that. This is basic nutrition guys. And ladies, by the way, you got to grow. Now let me just say this. Let me just say this, because this is the new study. I haven't even come to it yet. Here was the findings of a new study that just came out [00:16:30] that gallbladder problems are not caused by a woman or a man eating fat, it's caused by high triglycerides when you're eating carbs. Triglycerides, three fats, damage your blood vessels and they damage your [00:17:00] gallbladder. It always comes back to food.

And for some people, when they start the reset, because they never used their gallbladder, like they should have, they find, "Oh, you know what? I'm eating too much fat." Yeah. When your gallbladder is... Have you ever gone to the gym and you haven't gone there in months? Holy moly. Why do you think the gyms are full [00:17:30] in January and empty in February? People go and they go, "Oh, I didn't know it was going to be so hard." Well, if you don't use your gallbladder and then all of a sudden, ladies because you're eating chicken and salad, you're not using your gallbladder unless you're eating the skin on the chicken.

"Well, but I'm looking for that lean piece of meat." Because you've been brainwashed. That's why. And every [00:18:00] day I'll have to go online, I know it, I know it, I know, it's all right, I'm used to it. And undo bad 50 year old teaching, brought to you by Dr. Kellogg and brought to you by Ancel Keys. I've gone over the history. The greatest serial killer of all time was one man. His name was Ancel Keys and I guess the second one was Dr. [00:18:30] Kellogg's.

They got it wrong. And people have died because of it. It's the whole premise of my nutrition guys and my teaching. It's the whole premise. One of the funniest movies I've ever watched in my life is Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. You remember that with John Candy? And what was his first [00:19:00] name? Steve Martin. You remember that movie? I don't know if you remember that one. It one of the funniest movies I've ever watched in my life, laugh. And there's a part in the movie where John Candy is driving and he's going the wrong way and people rolled down their window to tell him, "You're going the wrong way." And John Candy say, "How do you know which way I'm [00:19:30] going?" He's going the freeway on the wrong way, it was hilarious. And I'm the guy saying, "You're going the wrong way. When it comes to cholesterol, cholesterol is not the bad guy."

You get a gallbladder attack when you don't use your gallbladder. You're forming stones. Sludge [00:20:00] gallbladder sludge comes when you don't use it, use it or lose it. And ladies, you got a second problem. It's called estrogen. You know when women often get gallbladder impacts after having a baby, why is that? Well, they've got lots of estrogen, but they left all their progesterone in the placenta. [00:20:30] And now they're estrogen dominant, even though they might've never been dominant in estrogen before, what does progesterone do, guys? One of its tasks is to help your gallbladder. One of its tasks, progesterone, it gives your bladder elasticity. It's one of the reasons that women get bladder [00:21:00] infections and men don't. Has to do with hormones and of course, candida and all that, that bacteria, but bacteria only sits on top of yeast.

So ladies, you get a double whammy. I'm not picking on my audience. Okay? I'm giving a generality here. By and large what's happening in the world today is because the lie [00:21:30] of, you're not a carnivore, you're really a herbivore and women are not using their gallbladder, they form stones and because of insulin. Somebody was asking me the question a few days ago. "Well, what about if I don't have a gallbladder?" Well, your liver is still going to produce bile. It's not as good because your bile is meant to be stored in your gallbladder, but your liver [00:22:00] will take over without a gallbladder because your gallbladder doesn't produce bile, your gallbladder stores bile, and you want that. And a lot of people have chronic diarrhea and chronic digestive issues, once they lose their gallbladder. God gave you one, there's a reason for it.

However, if you lost your gallbladder, well, don't feast on fat. And if you do, [00:22:30] make sure you're taking digestive enzymes with amylase and protease and especially lipase. That's how I formulate our digestive enzyme, enormous amount of lipase and HCL and all that to make up, well, one primary reason to make up for your lack of a gallbladder or if your gallbladder is gummed up, but you need to use it. You have to understand the basics [00:23:00] of nutrition. And this is what's being taught today is it's upside down. It's not right, it's bad teaching. But again, you say a lie long enough, say it, say it, say it, say it, the food industry jumped on it. The pharmaceutical industry jumped on it. They created a pill called Lipitor, which is the number one selling [00:23:30] medication of all time.

Unbelievable. I had a lady online, again. I was just... Usually my staff answers the questions and whatever. I'll go on there and if they're not quite sure of the answer, I'll either go on or I answer of my staff. And then the staff gives them the answer. But one of them was saying that my doctor has called me in to [00:24:00] discuss my cholesterol levels. I said, "Well, send me your blood work." So I looked at her blood work and I said, "Well, jeepers, creepers, your triglycerides are fantastic. That's what I'm looking at, your HDL, which is your good cholesterol needs to be high, not low. You don't want to have low cholesterol. You don't." [00:24:30] Looking for love in all the wrong places when it comes to heart disease.

So ladies use your gallbladder or lose it. You want to use it. Let's say you're starting to get gallbladder issues. What do you do? One of the best things to do is do intermittent fasting. I find [00:25:00] gallbladders, when they're not used to being used and then you use them, I tell people, "Look, stop eating about five o'clock at night. Try and have an early supper, if at all possible. And don't eat at night, give your gut and gallbladder, give that mechanism a lot of time until it gets back to normal. Use the intermittent fasting like go from five o'clock at night, [00:25:30] and then you can eat in the morning. But even if you can go pass that and let the gallbladder milk itself and get that and start to break that sludge down and cut your insulin down."

Because if your insulin is high, you're going to make a lot of triglycerides and triglycerides will damage your gallbladder. Nevermind what it does inside your blood vessels. [00:26:00] It's food and it's not, it's not, it's not saturated fat. It is not the boogeyman. Saturated fat will not elevate your triglyceride. Saturated fat will help you to elevate your good cholesterol, your HDL, your high-density [00:26:30] lipoprotein. You want that, you want low triglycerides and high HDL. That's what you want.

Enough pontification [inaudible 00:26:47]. You guys are great. So coming to a theater near you, going to be a big splash, the Martin Clinic Reset, the [00:27:00] diet your doctor won't share with you. I'd been given permission by the publisher to start talking about. You'll see a lot more as we get ready here. You're going to love this book, I tell you, you will. So we're going to show you how to order it, coming. It's going to be ready soon. Okay? So love you guys. God willing, we talk to you tomorrow. [00:27:30] You have any questions. Don't be shy. We tried to answer all the questions on Friday, but we'll answer them earlier, if you want to send in your questions, invite your friends to join our private Facebook group. They're more than welcome to join, the more the merrier, and we appreciate it. Okay, love you guys. Talk to you soon.

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