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Dr. Martin: Well, good morning, everyone. We want to talk this morning about a few famous people and what the news sort of talked about. So I got four people that I want to talk [00:00:30] to you about, and you probably will recognize every name. And if you don't, well, you don't watch the news. And that might not be a bad thing, by the way.

So, important people or at least famous people, I don't know how important they are, came out with some statements and sort of made headlines recently. And I just want to talk about that. I sort of mentioned this a little bit last week, [00:01:00] but Miley Cyrus ... Now, I want to tell you my age, I've heard that name, but I couldn't tell you, she's a singer, right? I couldn't tell you a song that she sings. I'm sorry, but I'm a dinosaur. But she's famous and I'm sure my granddaughters could tell you every song that she sings. I don't know, I'd have to ask [00:01:30] them.

But she came out with a statement last week, or maybe the week before. And it was funny because just about the same time last week, at least I heard about it, that Mike Tyson ... now, I know Mike Tyson. I'll tell you why, because he's a boxer. And I don't follow boxing very much, but when I was younger I loved boxing because of Cassius Clay. When I was a kid, Muhammad Ali, he was [00:02:00] my favorite. And so, I really enjoyed boxing in those days. But not so much now, I don't know who's boxing today, who's the world champion, but I couldn't tell you. But Mike Tyson was famous several years ago because he was the heavyweight champion of the world.

And I mentioned this to you last week, like Miley Cyrus and Mike Tyson [00:02:30] made the news, said what? We've given up on veganism. I guess they had gone to a vegan diet. And Miley Cyrus, I just read one quote, she said her brain wasn't functioning properly, didn't feel good. And Mike Tyson, I don't know what he was quoted as saying about, I just saw that he repented. Now, [00:03:00] do you know what the word repent means? It means changing your mind. That's really what it is. Jesus said, "Unless you repent, you shall likewise perish." It's a change of mind. And Tyson and Cyrus changed their minds. And, of course, you guys know me, that's what I'm trying to accomplish really because I feel like the world has gone crazy [00:03:30] over a lot of things.

You notice how angry people are. It just seems that everybody's angry today. And they got to get their point across and they're angry about it. And I'm not angry guys. So, look at my face. If you're listening on a podcast, I promise you I'm not angry. I'm just trying to make a point. And they saw the light, the error of their ways. But what is coming to a theater near you [00:04:00] is an indoctrination of the public. It started many years ago, but it's on steroids now. And that is to make people get away from animal products: eggs, meat, and cheese. The indoctrination is well, well-established, and that is, don't eat meat, it's not good for you. And, again, I would challenge any one of you. I think you know this to be true, but [00:04:30] I would challenge you go door-to-door and do a survey, vegetables are good, bacon is bad, true or false? People feel guilty they're eating bacon.

I talked to a lady last night. "I'm eating so much bacon, Doc. I'm worried about it." Don't be worried. Can you get too much olive oil? Well, it's the same thing. What makes all of oils so good for you is it's got oleic acid. What makes bacon, so good [00:05:00] for you? Oleic acid. I like bacon better than olive oil, sorry. I like olive oil. It's a wonderful oil to cook with. Ladies, it's a wonderful oil to put on your salad. But what Miley Cyrus discovered, not too late, what Mike Tyson discovered is they didn't feel good. And, I'm telling you, being a vegan is not science. It's not good for anyone. [00:05:30] Well, as a matter of fact, there was a story that came out, I think it was, Friday. And it said that in the United Kingdom, two people were charged, two parents were charged under child abuse law for raising their child up, their baby, right from scratch as a vegan. And they got charged.

Now, let me ask you something, think this through for a second, because [00:06:00] what happened to that baby, by the way, was the baby had mental deformity because of the diet. Now, that ought to speak to us, that ought to make us ... I get it, babies need to develop. But if they need animal product to develop, their brain needs to develop properly, and they need animal product. They need animal fat. They need cholesterol. They need vitamin A. They [00:06:30] need vitamin D. They need all the amino acids. Well, why is it, I'm asking the question for a friend, why is it that babies need it to develop properly, and that adults don't need it? The young generation especially have bought it hook, line, and sinker that animal products are not good for you. They want to save the planet and save their bodies.

I hear it all the time, " [00:07:00] Oh Doc, it's got hormones in the meat." And yeah, but if you get vegetables, well, I'm not against it. Somebody was asking me the other day, "Doc, give me what you eat every week. I want your menu." Well, listen, my wife is the best, number one, numero uno cook in the world, but she would testify that I'm pretty disciplined. I'm a very low carb guy, [00:07:30] have been for many, many years. I told you the story of my father being a diabetic in the 1960s. And I watched him become a low carb person, steak every stinking day, my dad, with very few exceptions and Sunday night roast beef because that's what my mother ... my mother made special meals just for my dad. And I watched him be light years ahead of the curve, [00:08:00] understanding nutrition in the '60s, and understanding that sugar wasn't good. And my dad loves cereal, but he didn't live on it anymore. He couldn't. I used to have breakfast with my dad when we practiced together for eight years. Every morning, bacon and eggs. He couldn't.

And so, understand the indoctrination that's taking place. Well -established, but it's not true. [00:08:30] It's not true. Vegetables, grains, it's not complete. You don't have a complete profile of amino acids. You just don't. And if any of your children, or grandchildren are doing this, then at least get them to understand there's not enough B12 in the vegetable kingdom to feed a mouse. They [00:09:00] must take a supplement, get them to understand that. Get them to listen to Miley Cyrus. They just don't get enough. It's not enough for children, well-established, it's not enough. You can't.

And who says ... like children's brain development. Do you think your brain stops developing, ever? Not as long as you're living. That's the problem, think of Alzheimer's and [00:09:30] dementia. Your brain is shrinking. It's shrinking because of the amount of sugar that saturates, especially the memory center, the hippocampus of the brain. But your brain is made up of fat. It needs DHA. And, folks, DHA omega-3, long-chain fatty acid, is not found in the plant kingdom. Omega-3 is in plants [00:10:00] and people ask me on a daily basis, "Doc, I'm taking omega-3. How much DHA does it have in it?" About 200 milligrams, not enough. Your brain needs DHA. Your brain needs steak. It needs the B12 in steak. Your brain will not work properly without B12. Your nerves, B12 is a neurological vitamin, your nerves won't work [00:10:30] without B12, they just won't.

Now, you're not going to croak right away. "Oh, Doc, I haven't had meat in years." And I didn't say you were going to croak right away, but don't fool yourself. Don't fool yourself. How many of us have said in our minds, if not out loud, "Oh, I got an uncle that lived 'til he was 110, and smoked cigars, and drank like a fish." [00:11:00] That's by God's grace, not by any other reason. It wasn't the smoking and it wasn't drinking that saved his bacon. It was the grace of God, because just follow me for a day in my practice of 46 years. You want to see disease? Look at the world today. 88%, 88% in North America are metabolically messed up, 88%. [00:11:30] Are you part of the 12% that isn't messed up? That's where I want to put you. You can join the 12% without any high blood pressure, without elevated blood sugars, without belly fat, without high triglycerides, and without low HDL. That's how you look at whether you are metabolically [00:12:00] in shape or not.

The negative part is you must decrease your carbohydrates and you must increase your animal fat. I'll tell you why, because if you look at your triglycerides, three fats, tri-glycerides are made in the liver, when the Costco parking lot is full, and it's from carbs. Simple as that, it's from carbohydrates, [00:12:30] sugars. So, food lowers your triglycerides, take it away, take it away. And you're adding, you're adding saturated fat, cholesterol to what? One you take away, lower your triglycerides. And the other one does what? It elevates your HDL, your trucks on the highways of your blood vessels, taking triglycerides out [00:13:00] of your body. That's how your body works. That's how your body works.

Is food medicine? Absolutely. Am I saying vegetables are not good for you? I haven't said that, and I never will. Fruit and vegetables are good for you. But they're not complete, just understand that. And when I put people on the reset, temporarily, you're not eating any vegetables or fruit, and there's a reason for them all. I got several reasons for it. One of them we talked about in a previous [00:13:30] podcast, and that was oxalates. I'm eliminating all oxalates, temporarily. I'm eliminating all lectins, temporarily. I'm eliminating all cellulose, temporarily to give your body a break. And I'm giving you, on the positive side, so remember on the reset there's absolutely no carbohydrates, not one, nada. Your body will take a piece of [00:14:00] steak, and turn it into sugar, if it needs it. You don't have to eat sugar to get sugar. Did you know that? That's how smart your body is. Just understand that.

So, you're going to be bombarded. They'll even try and hide these stories. Miley Cyrus, she probably has walked it back because she offended people, I'm sure. Mike Tyson, they'll make them walk it back because it's not politically correct to [00:14:30] talk against that. And, in my profession, you should see the blow back I get, it's hateful talk. You can hardly have a discussion. Like I said earlier, people are angry and you can't go against their opinion because they get angry. We live in that world, especially on social media. You get shot down. But you know what? I don't care. I'm not trying to win friends and influence people. I'm trying [00:15:00] to educate. And it might be costly to go against the grain in that sense. But I'm sorry, it's true.

So, if you're a vegetarian, then understand, if you a vegan, even worse, then understand, you need to supplement. You need to get all those amino acids. All of them. You need to take B12 the rest of your life. You need to take vitamin D, the sun will not even be enough. You're going to have to take zinc. [00:15:30] You're going to have to take vitamin A because carrots won't do. Carrots won't do. Carrots are good, they have beta carotene, it's a precursor to vitamin A, but it's not vitamin A. Vitamin A is pro-retinol found in eggs, meat, and cheese. If you have children, grandchildren who are vegetarians or vegans they need to take another vitamin, [00:16:00] K2. They'll get lots of K1 in their salad, but they won't get K2. And K2 takes calcium out of your blood vessels. K1 doesn't do that, K2 does. And K2 is found in eggs, meat and especially in cheese and butter. As a matter of fact, K2 is found in cheese curds at the highest.

Now, go mortgage your house because a [00:16:30] vegetarian will eat cheese, well, I hope they do. But a vegan won't. No dairy product. So, we talked about Miley, we talked about Mike Tyson. Did you see the headline the other day? Another famous person, Tony Fauci, the head czar for COVID, at least in the United States. He's the top doggie. What did he say? He's taking vitamin D, he recommends it. I don't know if that got buried, I saw [00:17:00] it. It actually came across on, I think I was watching a ball game and the little ticker tape news there, or whatever, I saw Tony Fauci takes vitamin D and vitamin C, by the way. You don't have to take vitamin C, if you eat a low carb diet, drink coffee. The best vitamin C is coffee, it's got [inaudible 00:17:22]. It's a much better vitamin C because it got polyphenols, a multitude.

You can take vitamin C if you want, [00:17:30] ascorbic acid. I got no problem with that, if you want to do it. I just found clinically, for me, that you needed to get high doses to make it effective, intravenously. And just to give a kid 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C, it'll end up in the urine. Better to drink coffee. [00:18:00] So, imagine even Tony Fauci. Vitamin D, is it important? Absolutely. I think we made the case that vitamin D would be the antidote to COVID.

There was a study that came out, and let me just see if I can quote it to you. A study that came out on vitamin D, I made a note of it because I [00:18:30] was looking at it, and it talked about ... Oh yes, here it is. D hydroxy test. So what is that? That's a vitamin D test. So, if you can talk your doctor into it, please try and find out what your vitamin D levels are because that's very important. What are your vitamin D levels in your serum? It's called a D-hydroxy-25. That's the name of the test. Doctors don't do it very much unless they're suspicious of osteoporosis. [00:19:00] But any functional doctor, any functional doctor will be very interested in your D-hydroxy, your levels of vitamin D in your blood. How much vitamin D do you have?

It's amazing, the odd time I see high. So, what? That's what I say. Doctors, when they see high vitamin D, I mean, when rarely they do, they panic. But I always tell them, "You know what? Vitamin [00:19:30] D is an essential vitamin." The body is a human solar panel, every cell in your body. But what does a little news headline, news behind the news? Because it was in health news and not so much in the mainstream media. It said, this D-hydroxy test beat any other test. Listen to this, D-hydroxy test beat any other tests to predict premature mortality.

What's the number one test, really, that [00:20:00] should be done then? If it is the best predictor of premature mortality of anything, any condition is your serum vitamin D levels, D-hydroxy. It's the best test. And yet it would've been nice, I don't even know if he knows this, but it would've been nice if Tony Fauci had talked about getting that test done. Because we established this, I think it was last week [00:20:30] in an earlier broadcast. What did we say? That if you've got good levels of vitamin D your chances of getting sick from COVID are almost nil.

It won't make you sick because of vitamin D. And we talked about how it does that, because vitamin D does several things. One of the things it does is it increases your T cell activity. Your T cells, [00:21:00] your lymphatic cells, your Navy seals of your immune system, they get supercharged with vitamin D. Why is the sun so good for you? Why do you feel better when the sun is up? Why do you sleep better when the sun is out? Why is your immune system better when the sun is out? Vitamin D. Not vitamin C, vitamin D. Vitamin C's good, coffee. Vitamin D is better for the immune system. And vitamin [00:21:30] D is a hormone more than a vitamin. And really it should be classified as such because the problem with vitamin D is, like any other vitamin, the medical profession aren't big on vitamins. They're really not.

They often worry about, "Ah, you can get too much of that." Yeah, I guess you could. But they worry about, "Ah, you know what? You maybe get too much of it," when the vast, vast, vast [00:22:00] majority of people are low in it. They look at the exceptions and they live on the exceptions. You know why? It's their training in medical school. You learn day one in medical school, if you take any vitamins at all that, A, D, E, K your fat-soluble vitamins, ADEK, you can take too much of those. And they get focused on not, I'm not kidding you. [00:22:30] Instead of taking a panel of your blood work and looking for deficiencies. It's just training. And when I can get to my physician friends, if I can teach them, some are unteachable, but some are teachable. Dr. Fauci must've been teachable. You need vitamin D not just for your bones, yes? But you guys know it, and that's the key. [00:23:00] I start with you. You guys know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

Enough pontificating for the day. You're not part of our Martin Clinic Facebook group, there's new people joining us every day. Not only on the Facebook group, but on our lives here, new people every day. We thank you for that. Join our private groups, ask questions, give us some input. Challenge me, if you want. [00:23:30] I got no problem with that. Just be nice. Don't be angry. There's enough angry people out there. So, let's not be angry. I feel sorry for people, is what I do. I feel sorry for them. Some people are scared skinny, and they're angry about it because they think everything's a threat to them. Don't live in fear.

So, back tomorrow, Lord willing. Friday is question and answer Friday. [00:24:00] Love you guys. Talk to you soon.

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