276. 3 Benefits of Drinking Coffee

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Dr. Martin: Hi, everyone. Just wanted to share the importance of drinking coffee. Yeah, Java and coffee. Now, anybody that [00:00:30] knows me at all knows how much I love coffee. One of my prayers to the Lord, I tell people, this is one of the prayers I have. If I can't drink coffee, Lord, take me home, because I enjoy it so much. But I think anybody that's followed us would know that for years and years when coffee got a bad rap, I told people, nah, coffee is good for you. [00:01:00] Coffee is actually very, very good for you.

Dr. Martin: The reason is, is because coffee is a powerful antioxidant. Let's just get that out of the way. Number one, coffee is a powerful antioxidant. You know what antioxidants do. They rust-proof yourselves. Just like blueberries, and raspberries, and strawberries. But do you know that even more powerful than all of those is coffee? Yeah, [00:01:30] coffee. It's good for you. Enjoy it.

Dr. Martin: But I want to give you three big reasons that coffee is so beneficial to the human body. Number one, and these studies have confirmed that coffee is a powerful, not only powerful antioxidant, but a very, very powerful nutrient for your heart. For your heart. [00:02:00] Yes. It protects the muscle of your heart. It protects the cells of your heart. Coffee is very good for your heart.

Dr. Martin: Secondly, coffee is good for cancer. Studies recently have come out and shown that coffee is tremendous for esophageal cancer, liver cancer, bowel cancer. Bowel cancer and liver [00:02:30] cancer are just deadly in this day and age, and yet coffee is tremendous. Unbelievable.

Dr. Martin: Then thirdly, coffee acts just like Metformin, the drug, to lower your blood sugar. Coffee, think about this. I talk about this all the time. What are the three big killers? Number one still is heart disease. Number [00:03:00] two, very close, is cancer. Number three, diabetes. Coffee has benefits for all those. Coffee acts just like the drug, Metformin. That's why I like to have a coffee with my meal. Coffee actually lowers your blood sugar and it is very anticancer; esophageal, liver, bowel cancer, just to name a few. Then [00:03:30] very, very good for the heart. Powerful antioxidant that protects your heart. Isn't that a good reason to enjoy your coffee?

Dr. Martin: Now, let's just talk about, look, you can ruin all those benefits if you put sugar in your coffee. Try and avoid adding any kind of sugar to the coffee. Cream is fine. You can actually make yourself a bulletproof coffee by adding MCT [00:04:00] oil. Those are actually quite good for you. But be careful what you put in it. Don't do four by fours. You're just going to lose all the benefits of drinking coffee. I hope you enjoyed this little teaching this afternoon and drink up. Enjoy the coffee.

Announcer: You've reached the end of another Doctor Is In podcast with your hosts, [00:04:30] Dr. Martin, Jr. and Sr. Be sure to catch our next episode and thanks for listening.

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