1158. Q&A with Dr. Martin


Dr. Martin answers questions sent in by our listeners.

Some of today’s topics include:

  • Flaxseed dangers
  • Synthetic vs. natural supplements
  • Charlie horse cramps
  • Plaque psoriasis
  • Cause of sore tongue
  • Nattokinase
  • Frequent pneumonias
  • Statins & serious side effects
  • How gallbladder works
  • Recurring headaches


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone. Welcome to another live this morning. Hope you're having a great start to your day. And guess what? Today is question and answer Friday. Always a lot of fun. Okay, let's get to our questions. Lori. "I'm confused," Laurie, don't be confused. Okay? "Because several apparently reliable sources talk about the dangers and problems with that flax seed causes estrogen dominance and Dr. Martin, you say the opposite. I'm confused" Laurie, and look, okay guys. In all due respect to other physicians or whatever, all due respect, Laurie, here's why flaxseeds are good for you, okay? And I get it, okay? Because doctors, nutritionists, dieticians, some of them, they don't like flax seeds because they're phyto. P H Y, phyto estrogens, okay? And they mimic estrogen. Okay? Soy is a phytoestrogen. It gives off estrogen. What's the difference?

So guys, I'm going to do a whole series them us, okay? Here's what they think them we're going to use pronouns, them and us them. They think that because flaxseeds contain phytoestrogens that elevates your estrogen. Well, it could if flax seeds didn't contain lings. And when you have lings that blocks estrogen and flax seeds have a hundred times more lings than any other seed, okay? I always tell people, you're not a chipmunk, you're trying to lose weight. What a chipmunk and squirrels do, they take nuts and seeds and they save them for the winter. They know they can get fat, but flaxseeds, I even allow that on the reset. Why? Because they contain lings and lings take estrogen away from the body. Let me show you once again, I'm showing once again. Now, if you're listening on a podcast, you have to visualize, okay?

I'm showing a picture here of estrogen on a scan. I used to do estrogen scans and this particular lady had estrogen coming out the wazoo on her breast tissue, very dangerous. And then before and after, okay, so this is before, see that? See the dark and very, very dark estrogen around her breast tissue. I warned her, you're in doo doo because you got way too much estrogen. So let's block it. What did Dr. Martin do? This is taken a year later. Same lady notice estrogen, gonzo. What did I do? I blocked her estrogen with flax seeds and dimm. Okay? We're reformulating my dimm, my hormonal formula, but it blocks estrogen. It's very important to do that. And doctors, I understand they take all phytoestrogens, like soy and flax seeds and they put them together, but they shouldn't because flax seeds contain lings a hundred fold and they block estrogen.

Soy doesn't have those lingens, okay? So them and us don't be confused. Look, it's a good question. I want you to ask questions. I don't want you to take what I say at face value. I want you to question. That's why I have question and answer Friday. That's why I have a staff the best in the world that answers questions, okay? And when they're not sure about it, they ask me. So we're information. Big time. You get information, you decide, okay, but that's what I'm saying. You have to understand something. Lori, for me, I was in practice for 46 years and I saw more hormones than you could shake a sticker, women with estrogen coming out their ears and men with estrogen coming out their ears too with prostate cancer and I was into blocking extra estrogen.

Look, you're a woman. You need estrogen. Estrogen is your friend till it isn't. Estrogen is a growth hormone. It makes things grow. You don't want too much of it. I could prove it. I used to test for it and I needed to bring estrogen down. I would even show oncologist because when they gave out medication oncologists, they would give out meds to bring estrogen down with an enormous amount of side effects. I said I can do it naturally without side effects and block it. Okay? So Laurie, thanks for the questions.

Okay, Debbie, "Tylenol is mainly metabolized by the liver and ibuprofen is removed from the kidneys over long-term and short-term can be very hard on those organs. I become tongue tied when talking to people about supplements I take because I don't know how supplements are processed." Well, look, here's the big difference, Debbie, here's the big difference. Medications are synthetic. Okay? Does that mean they don't work? No. That doesn't mean they don't work. They work, okay? Tylenol is synthetic. It's not natural aspirin. You know what it comes from the bark of a tree? Yeah, willow bark, okay? But they synthesize it. It's synthetic. So your body when it sees it has to be metabolized differently.

So aspirin thins your blood out. It's an anti-inflammatory, it helps with a headache and whatever problem is because it's synthetic, the body sees it as a foreign invader and your body reacts to that and some people more than others, okay? So statin drugs, they're synthetic. Do they work? Yep, they work. They lower your cholesterol. You know what I think about that? And they have a legion of side effects. Synthetic. When you take a supplement, it's natural. Your body doesn't see it as a foreign invader. So when you're taking omega three for example, well you get omega in fish, it's not synthetic. Your body loves it. It says, hello, come on in. I like you.

And I'm not saying there can never be any side effects from natural products, but they're very rare. 2021, I think we have the latest statistics are 2022. I brought that to you. Not one person died in the United States of America where they have 340 million people. Not one person died from a natural product. Not one person died from vitamin D, not one. And I was telling you, at least one person that I read about died from drinking too much water. So when they throw out this red herring and say, well, we really want to regulate the natural product industry, people are getting, you never know people are getting sick, right, left and center. No, they're not. They're not. Okay? So it's how your body metabolizes these things. Debbie. It's a good question, but most of them are nutrients. Your body sees it as a food. Probiotics. Your body says hello, come on in. Why? Well, they're bacteria. They're on my side. Your body knows. Okay? And so generally, I know that maybe a little bit elementary, but hey Debbie, I'm a simple guy.

Yvonne. "What causes severe charlie horse cramps in the inner thighs?" Really bad cramps makes you cry and you're taking magnesium. Well, it's not always just magnesium. I'm a big guy. When you get cramping, sometimes when you get on the reset, some people get cramping as the body changes fuel, it goes from carbo alcoholism to going to a high protein fat diet, which is excellent for you. And sometimes people at first they get cramps. I'm a big guy on drinking pickle juice. Go to the grocery store, look for pickles that have the highest amount of sodium in it and drink the juice. It really helps. I cramp up very easy.

By the way, I was telling you guys in a recent podcast that I don't sweat. I do sweat. It's not like I don't sweat, but I don't notice that my underarms are not always just full of sweat or whatever compared to some other people. I don't seem to sweat, but I sure get dehydrated very quick. I have to be very careful. And when I talk to you about dehydration, it's not just water, it's water and salt. So magnesium can be very beneficial, but a lot of times I would give potassium. But what I find the best for cramps is pickle juice. Drink pickle juice.

Okay, Colette, I have plaque psoriasis, okay? It's healing thanks to Dr. Martin's advice. I had it for 20 years. Wondering what the damage could be on the inside. Well, look, Colette, very good question. If you see it healing on your skin, remember your skin is an organ just like your liver, just like your heart, just like your kidneys, okay? Your skin is an organ. The only difference is you get to see it. You can't see the inside. But I can tell you something, if on the outside the skin is getting better because you're following my protocol, guaranteed on the inside, your organs are getting better too. You regenerate. Your body has the amazing capacity to regenerate brand new everything.

And some of it is very rapid. I have that somewhere. I'll bring it out again. You get brand new cells, guys, you regenerate. Remember? Because people say, well, Dr. Martin, if that's true, if that's true, we regenerate and we do. Why is it that we're dying at three score in 10, 10 extra 80 and people get, sometimes they get 20 years extra, 90 and above and then you die. Well, it's because, okay, and this is where medicine, I want to slap them sometimes, especially these gurus that tell you, oh, I'm going to live till 110. Well, first of all, you don't know what you're talking about. And second of all, be careful what you wish for because maybe your body's going to live till it's 110 and oh, I'm going to live till I'm 110 or 120. And I said, well, your life insurance company, they're betting against that.

Talk to life insurance. They got the stats. Okay? It's three score in 10. You know what? I had a life policy that renewed this year, okay? The fees were going to go up almost tenfold for me to renew that. Why? Because I'm 71 years old and insurance companies, it's all statistics. But guys, here's the answer, okay? Before I get on a rabbit trail, your body regenerates, but it has a governor on it. You know what a governor is? You see trucks get in behind a truck and it says this truck doesn't go past a hundred kilometers an hour or 60 miles an hour or whatever. You know why it's got a governor on the gas pedal? You just can't go past that and your body has got a governor on it.

And when you tell me that your uncle drank, smoked and partied all of his life and lived till he was a hundred, that was by the grace of God. So hey, I'm older than I used to be, okay? And I try and stay in good shape guys. I try to practice what I preach. I really do. But you've got a governor, okay? You just put that in your craw and say, okay, that's the way it is, but I'm going to do everything I can to stay in good shape. I'm going to eat well. I'm going to exercise sun steak and still got it. Sun steak and steel. But don't go tell anybody that you're going to live till a hundred. I don't care if your genetics are good or not, don't tell people that because you don't know. Okay? Sorry. You might get hit by a bus.

Okay, Maxine, she says she wakes up in the morning with a sore tongue on the left side. I was wondering if it was caused by acid reflux. Well, if it's on one side I would say, oh look, it's possible. It's acid reflux silent type. You know what I mentioned yesterday? Anything in the mouth that's sort of a perverted thing that's not normal. Look at your B 12 numbers, Maxine. Okay, maybe you already know them or a lack of enzymes, but usually I look at B 12 then.

"What does Dr. Martin think about nattokinase?" I like it. Nattokinase is what they call proteolytic enzymes and it's made from soy, by the way, look, soy, the derivatives of it, a derivative that we use of soy, a derivative, a different, okay, is we put NK7. K2 made from NK7 with vitamin D. Why? Because K2, what does it do? Takes calcium and puts it where it belongs. It decalcify your blood vessels. That's what you want. That's why I like vitamin D and that's why I love K two in the form of MK7. Nattokinase is a proteolytic enzyme that is good for, it's like an anti clotting thing and I like the form of MK 7 that we put in our vitamin D. Okay, thanks for the questions, Gwen.

Petra, both my mother-in-law and I have gotten pneumonia twice in the last month. Ordinarily, okay, Petra, ordinarily what that means is if you got pneumonia twice, ordinarily you're very low in vitamin D, it may be normal, your vitamin D might be normal, but you know me, if you live in the United States and America, you want it to be 60 and above. If you live in Canada, they measure it differently. You want it minimum one 50 to 200 and even 200 and change minimum. A lot of people think, well my vitamin D I got to a check. That was normal. It's not normal. It's low. It was normal for a mouse, but not you. Okay?

And this is one of the biggest problems I have with vitamin D because if the government in Canada, especially right now, big pharma has their way and they're already pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing. This is why I've been telling you, coming to a theater near you in Canada, they want to stop you from taking vitamin D. And you know what they'll say, well, for safety reasons, we just want it to be safe. So you know what they want. They want you to go to your doctor and your doctor will give you vitamin D, but your doctor ain't going to give you vitamin D and unless you're extremely low, low and they're going to want to do a blood test, you don't need vitamin A. Oh, I want to scream, I get so upset the safety of these things.

Canada's got the highest safety regulations in all of the world and they're trying to take it away. I can't get over it, but it's big pharma who push and fund Health Canada. That's what happens. And it's going to come to the states too, but if they have their way, big pharma is in on it. Big time. Guys, if you get a chance, there's a new series out on Netflix, okay? It's called Painkiller. It's the story. It's not a documentary, but it's true story of Purdue Pharma and how they with opioids, Oxycontin, how they brought that to the market, how they duped the F D A, how they got doctors to prescribe it and then it's history. It's a true story of how many people got hooked. They hurt their back. I seen it all the time. I used to be in the jail ministry. They would steal off their grandmother to get another shot of Oxycontin.

And today it's worse with fentanyl and how many millions of kids are hooked? How many thousands and hundreds of thousands have died, but nobody stands up to them. Well, Purdue, they did at the end. Nobody went to jail. Do you know that Vioxx, Vioxx was an anti-inflammatory? What a painkiller. They knew how dangerous it was. 120,000 people died from taking Vioxx a hundred and they settled for $5 billion. Do you know how many people went to jail? Even though they hid the research, they knew it was causing heart attacks. I had a radio show in those days I was screaming blue murder. You think they'd listen to a little guy like me? Are you kidding? 120,000 people died. Not one person went to jail, not one. They paid a big fine. So what? People died. Oh, don't get me going. Don't get me going. I didn't even know why we're talking about that. Oh, Petra, pneumonia, vitamin D.

Okay, Angela, I lost a lot of weight. Good for you. I was a hundred and seventy nine, a hundred twenty seven pounds. I'm trying to the elimination diet. Okay, how do I know if I'm getting enough calories? Who cares? Get enough protein. Angela, don't worry about calories. Get enough protein. If you have eggs, meat and cheese. You got lots of protein and fat. The best. Okay, you already changed fuels. I don't know what you're worried about. It ain't calories that you need to worry about.

Wendy. My hormone specialist did test for thyroglobulin antibody and thyroid peroxidase. Yeah, they're looking for graves or Hashimoto's or whatever, right? If they see those antibodies, then they think that you possibly could have autoimmune. Autoimmune and checking if I have leaky gut. Well, how did they do that? You're saying, Wendy, that they're checking for leaky gut if they're checking for those antibodies, they're not saying that, are they? If they are, holy moly. Well look, the fact that you would see antibodies possibly could have leaky gut. Any autoimmune disorder starts with leaky gut, in my opinion. But did they say it Wendy, or are you saying they're looking for leaky gut? Because if they're saying it, you go give 'em a high five. It's one of the ways, but I used to look at live blood. You can look for leaky gut because you'd see garbage in your blood on a fast if you get live blood and they don't fast you if you've eaten waste of time fasting. I like it. Okay, I like it.

Carol. What can I do for a stye near a tear duct? While I would make a little powder, a little sav, open up a probiotic capsule, broad spectrum and put a little bit of powder maybe with a little touch of coconut oil and get right on that stye. Careful around your eye, but it really does make a big difference.

Brenda, how to prepare for a colonoscopy? Well, I don't care so much of the preparation. I care about what you do afterwards, Brenda. Okay? Because when you get a colonoscopy, very invasive, it takes away all of your friendly bacteria. They wipe it out just about very little left. You wash everything out, everything. You just double up probiotics. I would be on bone broth afterwards, before, man, they're wiping it out. I mean they want it empty on a colonoscopy. It's afterwards, Brenda.

Okay, and then Andrea, I mean we've answered this in a way. Why do statins have so many serious side effects? Is it because of meds itself, partly because of the effect it does on the body? Yes. Lowering the cholesterol or a combination of both? Combination because they're looking for love in all the wrong places. Look, statin drugs work and they don't. Statin drugs will lower cholesterol a hundred percent. That'll lower your cholesterol. Why do you want to lower your cholesterol?

I always ask that question. Any physician, any dietician, anybody? Why do you want to lower cholesterol? Tell me what? Well, cholesterol causes heart disease. It does explain. Well, doc, I'm showing you one pound of fat. It's like this. These are clogging up your blood vessels, right? It's cholesterol, no cholesterol's inside your blood vessels, but it's not the bad guy. It's the good guy. Why do you want to get rid of the good guy? Cholesterol is there to repair. Cholesterol is there to take away triglycerides, which are the bad guys. Why do you want to get rid of cholesterol? You want to die young? Yeah, I think I want to die young. I don't want to say it. I could get into trouble. Yeah, it's a combination. I like your question, Andrea.

Carolyn, Dr. Martin, you repeatedly say use it or lose it for the gallbladder. Can you go into great detail what you mean by that and if how the gallbladder can be useful again. Okay, well remember. Okay, let's do gallbladder 1 0 1. What do you have a gallbladder for? It's a reservoir. It's a little pouch. What does it store? Bile. What is bile for bile primarily really, really helps with digestion and assimilation of fat. Okay, you need that because you got fat soluble vitamins. When you eat eggs, you got vitamin A, you got vitamin D, you got vitamin E, you got vitamin K. Those are fat-soluble vitamins. You want to absorb those. Well, bile helps it emulsifies grease. Grease is fat. That's why you want fatty bacon. The more fat on it, the better it is for you. But your gallbladder doesn't make bile. It stores bile.

Now you can have hormonal factors. So women that have too much estrogen, it can affect their gallbladder. Why is that? Because progesterone is for your smooth. Any progesterone, even men need a little bit. Progesterone helps with your smooth muscle and your gallbladder. It helps with your bladder. Ladies, why do you think men's bladder is different than a woman's bladder? It's called progesterone. Okay, so when you don't have any progesterone, your estrogen takes off. That's why a lot of women after having a baby, they lose their gallbladder. But that's not the number one reason. The number one reason that people lose their gallbladders because they don't use it. It's not because you're eating too much fat. You're not eating enough fat. You're eating the bad fat, not the good fat. Good fat is eggs, meat and cheese and coconut oil and avocado oil. I like it.

But when you don't eat enough fat, that bile sits in your gallbladder and it's not pouring it out because you're eating chicken and salad because women like chicken and salad instead of steak. True or false? I'm right about that. The last 20 or 30 years, steak consumption has gone way down and salad has gone way up because they say salad is so much better. It's fat free and fat makes you fat. And fat gives you cholesterol. Brought to you by the cereal companies brought to you by big food brought to you by big pharma. Us we know better. And like I said, look at the young generation, generation chicken and salad and they won't even eat chicken. Most of them chicken's got eyeballs. Dr. Martin, I don't eat anything with eyeballs. Well, you're blind and you can't see the truth. Okay, thanks Carolyn.

I think I'm getting excited today. Bonnie, anything about adding a drop or two of oil of oregano in my coffee? Yikes. You're tough. I love oil of oregano. You know that in my coffee. No thanks. I guess you could do it though. You're tougher than me. Bonnie. I'll tell you that.

"Is bone broth good for bones?" Bone broths good for everything, John. It's got all the amino acids. Okay, so yeah, it's good for your bones. Really good. And it's so good for your gut and it's got the best protein in the world. What's that? Collagen. Collagen is good for your hair, your nails, your skin, you name it. Bone broth protein is collagen protein the best. Thanks for the question, John. Absolutely good for you.

What can I do for recurring headaches, Kathy? Well ordinarily look at a couple of things. One, Kathy, you're way too much of a woman. You've got too much estrogen compared to progesterone. Dimm it out. Start taking flax seed. You may be low in magnesium, you may be low in vitamin D. This is what I usually found. Too much estrogen, low in vitamin D, low in magnesium, low in B 12. Check all of the above.

Sonya, what are my thoughts? I get asked this almost every week. I don't even know how to say diet, who cares. Some people really like it and they really like it because they like it as a sort of a detox. If you take it, it will chelate heavy metals and garbage out of your blood. Yeah, I like that. I'll tell you what I like better. I like probiotics better because probiotics, especially after they're broad spectrum, especially if they have L rooti and L rosis and whatever. Much better than that in terms of remember in my office, remember I used to test for heavy metal. I tested for it mercury, lead, CAD meal. I used to see lots of it. I used to turn to patients and say, man, you're full of lead. What have you been doing? Swallowing bullets. And then we would go about chelating that out of their bodies guys. And the best of the best is probiotics. Broad spectrum. Another reason to take probiotics.

Okay, Susan. Genetic latent factor five. What are the symptoms? There ain't no symptoms, Susan. This is a factor that is genetic and it could give you a weakness that you're not going to be able to claw, but I haven't found that to be the case. It says if you Google it, it'll tell you that yeah, you're more susceptible. But 99% of the time if they never tested you for it, you'd never know it. And I am not too concerned about it. That's my experience. Okay, and make sure you take vitamin D and K two. Eat your eggs, meat and cheese.

Mary, I trim my nose hairs and I'm sneezing a lot. Can you tell me if this is the cause? I don't know. I guess it's possible, but I would think if you're sneezing, it's because you've got and listen, allergies can come out of nowhere. You got something bothering you and you're body is probably making more histamine. And if I did a blood test on you, I could find out, but I can't see it's because you're cutting some of your nose hairs. When I go get my hair cut, I kind of laugh. I said when you get older you got hair where you don't want it coming out. Your ears, your eyebrows, your nose. I said cut those two. I got no hair on my head, but I got hair growing everywhere else. And some women got hair on their chinny, chin, chin where they never had it before. Well, welcome to hormones.

Margie. Any idea in the mornings why I'm up for an hour? So feel anxious, nervous and some dizziness, lightheadedness. I would say probably because ordinarily your cortisol will elevate your blood sugar to start the day. That's normal. But if your cortisol's out of whack, it's part of your circadian rhythm, but you're now you're out of that rhythm and your blood sugars could be actually low and you're getting a little bit of hypoglycemia. So try and figure that out. Blood work ain't going to find that. Not really. They'd never look for those kinds of things. But Margie, you're out of whack hormonally for sure. And try eating right away and see if that doesn't regulate some blood sugar could be an issue.

Okay, I'm going to leave the other ones till Monday. We got four or five. I just got talking too much guys. Okay, my bad. How about we do it Monday? Okay, we'll finish these up and I'm sure I'll get down some other rabbit trails. We appreciate you guys dearly. I mean that we really do appreciate you guys. Thanks for being a big support to The Doctor Is In podcast. We appreciate it. Love you guys. Talk to you soon.

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