1132. The Rising Tide: Young Adults and Kidney Disease


When Dr. Martin thinks of kidneys, he can’t help but think of Niagara Falls. We need to be continually flushing out our kidneys with water to prevent kidney stones.

An article Dr. Martin read is saying that kidney stones are on the rise among children and teens, and especially girls. This is totally unheard of as kidney stones were considered a disease of the middle aged white man 30 years ago.

Why is this happening? Why are so many young people developing kidney stones? Dr. Martin blames it again on sugar, and especially high fructose corn syrup. Join us on today’s episode to learn more!


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Dr. Martin:  Well, good morning everyone. Hope you're doing well and we welcome you to another program here today and thanks for joining us and always fun. Now, I'm going to talk to you today about Niagara Falls. Now, what do we call your kidneys? Niagara Falls, right? The kidneys of Canada are Niagara Falls and of course Niagara Falls, USA. Have you been to Niagara Falls? If you haven't, pretty spectacular. I never get tired of going to a Niagara Falls. I just don't. I love watching that amount of water go down those falls. It's funny, never gets turned off. It's just incredible.

Okay, now here's the story guys. Here's the study, and I am a why guy, so we're going to the why. Now here's what it is. 30 years ago, here's the article, 30 years ago, kidney stones were considered a disease of the middle aged white man. Kidney stones are rising among children and teens, especially girls research shows. Okay, so I want to get into that. How to protect your kidneys. By the way, this article also talked about young people have now become old. That was sort of the underlying headline. Young people, they're young chronologically, but they become old biologically, okay? Young people are young chronologically by age, but have aged biologically big time. Now we're going to get into why, and we're going to start with the kidneys because the top thing on this study was the amount of kidney stones that young people are developing, and I know why. They're not even saying why the article doesn't touch on it. I'm going to tell you why. And I've been screaming for a long time like John the Baptist in the wilderness about what is happening today, okay?

What is happening today? Here we are in 2023, and as this article suggests, young people are getting old fast biologically. One of the organs that is being damaged is kidneys. And now we want to answer the why. Why is that happening? Well, young people have been duped, okay? They've been duped, they've been fooled. I talked to a young person the other day and look, if they listen, Linda, listen. But if they don't listen and their eyes glass over, I just don't waste my breath. You know what I do enjoy is a good argument once in a while, a debate, but if people don't listen, I zip it because I realize very quickly whether I have an audience or not. And you're rarely a prophet in your hometown or amongst your family or even amongst friends. A lot of times you're not a prophet. They're not listening. And then when they don't, when it comes to health, I just zip it. I don't talk to them about it because if they don't ask, if they're not sincere, hey, that's all right. It's a free country and you're free to believe whatever you think is right, okay?

So why, let's start with kidneys. Why are we seeing so much of an increase in girls, especially when it comes to kidney stones? This is unheard of. Well, first of all, kidney stones should be nothing but rare, but they're not rare anymore, and I know why, and they're not rare anymore amongst young people, and I know why, okay? Now, often I've said this, God wanted you to eat fruit, not drink it. God wanted you to eat vegetables and not drink it. Okay? You've heard me say that. Okay, you're meant to eat it, not drink it. And here's what's happening with young people. When I go to a mall and I see young people, they're lined up at the mall for the juice, vegetable or fruit, I want to scream, they have no idea how unhealthy that is.

Now, fruits, fructose. When you drink fructose, one organ that really, really gets lambasted is your liver. We know that because fructose takes a beeline to the liver. Fatty liver. When do we see a huge increase in fatty liver, especially amongst young people? Fatty liver, listen, in this seventies, there was cirrhosis of the liver. Fatty liver. What's that? Now it is an epidemic. Big time. One of the biggest reasons is fructose. These kids drinking fructose either in a soda, high fructose corn syrup. Remember Coke and Pepsi switched in 19, was it 84? They switched their sugar, they switched to what they thought was a healthy sugar. They were lied to high fructose corn syrup. It's a liquid, even though it's solid, it's liquid, and it goes directly to the liver. Damages the liver, it fills the liver up with fat instantly. And guys, I've been consistent. I've been screaming about that high fructose corn syrup.

Now, the same fructose damages, not only the liver, but the kidneys. That same fructose is terrible for the kidneys. So when you're drinking a fruit juice, it's terrible. Now I allow you, okay to have a few berries in a smoothie. You can do that. Not many, some very few just to give it a nice little taste. Okay? And Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie. You have a few, but not many. You don't want too much fructose there. You're meant to eat fruit, not drink it. Now let me make another point. Vegetables. Okay, vegetables. You got to be careful, but especially if you drink it, don't drink green smoothies. "Ah, Dr. Martin, they're so good for you." I said, who said? Who told you they're good for you? Well, my friends, yeah, your vegetarian friends. Your vegan friends. The thing is, the problem with those smoothies, especially when you drink them, they are a hundred fold full of oxalates.

Guess what kidney stones are? Okay, well, there's two types of kidney stones. 75% of all kidney stones are oxalates. They're oxalates. You know what oxalates are? Glass, like little teeny weeny glass inside the kidney. Anyone here ever had a kidney stone? What do they say In medical textbooks? Kidney stones is like having a baby except you don't get a baby at the end, you get a teensy weensy little stone. How can something that small give you so much pain? Because it goes through a little wee duct, a little wee urethra out of the kidney, and when it gets caught in there, it tears and that little glass cuts you up and it ain't no fun, right? Kidney stones like having a baby, but you get no baby at the end.

Now, the other type of stone is called what? Uric acid. 75% are oxalates. When you insist on drinking greens, even eating like you know the list, I'll give you the list of the worst foods. Almonds. Somebody asked me the other day on question and answer Friday, what do I think of chia seeds? I don't like them. Not really. You're not a chipmunk. You're not a squirrel. Okay, now what kind of seed do I like? Flax seeds. Flax seeds don't give you oxalates, but chia seeds do. And that's why I'm not big on them guys. They're high in oxalates. Spinach, okay? Spinach gets caught in your teeth, gets caught in your gut too. It'll give you diverticulosis and it'll get caught in your kidneys too as oxalates.

Guys, there's a reason for my madness. Yes, there's a reason that I talk like that. You guys think, ah, you know what? He just doesn't like fruits and vegetables. That's not true. But you don't live on them because today the mantra today, the narrative is red meat, bad. Red meat, cholesterol. Eggs, limit. Butter, be careful and live on fruits and vegetables. Millions and millions of people do because they've been duped. And today, what do we see? Oh, young people who are young chronologically are old biologically and they're damaging their kidneys. Nevermind the liver. And my friend, I'm going to tell you something. You need your liver and you need your kidneys to work properly. This is the biggest reason it's a duping. It's the fooling of North America. When the food industry does it, they aim at kids. Oh, you got to have your cereal, you got to have your fiber, you got to have and watch your red meat. That'll give you a colorectal cancer. No, it won't. It's the opposite. It's the opposite.

Kale, somebody asked me a little bit. How do you say Kaqua? I always get this wrong. Guys, you put stuff into your smoothie. Be careful with that. You're better off with cream, heavy cream. Make yourself the Dr. Martin's perfect smoothies. And if you're going to put some seed, put a little bit of flax seed. Why is that? Because of lingens. They protect your, especially ladies, breast cancer and men prostate cancer. Why? Knocks down the estrogen. It knocks down the estrogen. Okay? 30 years ago, kidney stones were rare. Why is it today we see so much of it? I spent some time with Sun, Steak & Steel in that book talking about this too, by the way. How do we protect our kidneys? Okay, so let's do a little bit while we're on Niagara Falls.

How do you protect your kidneys? The number one thing, water. Niagara Falls, water. Your kidneys, water. People walk around. I wish we had a little red light on our head that would go off to tell you you were dehydrated. Today, it is a major factor in kidney health. Dehydration only water flushes those kidneys. Nothing else flushes your kidney. Don't let anybody tell you that you can flush your kidneys any other way than to drink water. H2O, exactly what you see at Niagara Falls. Flush, flush. Cut out your sugar. We talked about high fructose corn syrup, but remember how your kidneys work, okay? One of them is you flush. The other thing kidneys is really important, is blood supply. Blood supply. Those little capillaries and sugar damages those things. If you don't believe me, ask a diabetic. Why do diabetics have so much trouble with their kidneys? It's called sugar destroys blood vessels and your kidneys, every organ in your body, but especially your eyeballs and your kidneys rely on circulation, blood supply, water. Eliminate, not moderate, eliminate sugar.

You want to protect your kidneys? Do that. Very important for that to happen, okay? And use some salt. Your kidneys need salt, okay? I know doctors tell you to cut out salt. Don't do that. Okay? Now don't use table salt. And one of the problems is when you get those crappy carbohydrates in the middle aisles of your grocery store, not only are they made with bad oils, oils made for your car, very inflammatory. That damages the kidneys too. But it's the salt they put in there. It's not real salt. Use real salt that has minerals, trace minerals in it. That's why I like Himalayan salt. I like kosher Celtic salt, that kind of thing. The real salt that hasn't been denatured, that hasn't been stripped away of all their minerals. Your kidneys will thank you. So will everything else, but your kidneys will thank you. Here's what's going to save your kidneys. Just the opposite of what is out there.

You know what saves your kidneys? Protein. You know what kills your kidneys? Carbs. You got it? What saves your kidneys? My doctor said to, I got to cut down on my protein. I'm eating too much protein. How do you know that? Well, my doctor said I got protein in the urine. Yeah, you get protein in the urine because you got kidney stress. And that happens when you're eating too many sugars, too many carbohydrates. Protein is not because you're eating protein now you're going to peel out protein that doesn't work like that. When you're eating carbs, you peel out protein in your urine. If I saw protein in the urine, I used to turn to my patients and I would put my finger right here like this and I go, you're a carboholic. You're going to be a diabetic. Your kidneys are stressed. And if I looked at a blood test and I saw that their creatine was low or high, I said, you got kidney stress, you're going to damage those kidneys. I said, change your diet. Start drinking more water with salt. A pinch, you're dehydrated.

And watch your blood supply to the kidneys. Cut out all high fructose corn syrup. Lay off the smoothies. Unless it's Dr. Martin's perfect smoothie. Don't touch it. Change your smoothie. You want to protect those kidneys. Eat more protein, not less. More. What? Yeah, you know what your kidneys love? Steak. You know what your kidneys love? Butter. You know what your kidneys love? Eggs. You know what your kidneys love? Cheese. Yeah, don't ditch dairy, switch it and be careful. Be careful. A lot of times, again, I would see kidney stress. I did questionnaires, so you know, you couldn't see me in the office unless you filled out the questionnaire. One of the questions was, tell me about the medication you're on. List them. And then I had another question. What over the counter meds are you taking, like Tylenol, like Advil, like aspirin? You get 'em over the counter and well, they must be safe. Boy oh boy. Are they ever hard on the kidneys? Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. Man oh man are hard on the kidneys.

I was reading in the States like a few million people in Canada, three or 400,000 people are hospitalized over the counter medications and the first thing they damage is kidneys. And sometimes that damage can be permanent destroying the function of the kidneys. So you know what to do. Protect those kidneys. Very, very important. You want 'em to last a lifetime. Okay? So you know what to do. Keep your kidneys healthy. Start with water. How much water every day. Guys, what's the sweet spot for your kidneys? What's the sweet spot? 64 ounces for my American friends and two liters for my Canadian friends. And nothing else is water. Nothing else is water. Okay? So make sure you do those things guys.

You look at young people today, like I got an article. Hold on. Young people are becoming old biologically. I talked to you about that. But they're talking about the increase not only in kidney stones and I'll, maybe I'll touch on this tomorrow. Young people increase in strokes. Young women increase in heart attacks, cancer rates, colorectal cancer, rates of diabetes, low testosterone in men, like all young people, disorders that should never be. We've been duped. Young people have been duped. I feel sorry for them. They get propaganda at school about animal products. It's terrible, terrible stuff. I get a righteous anger. It's righteous. Bible tells me not to let anger go overnight. So I have to talk to myself. Oh, get frustrated.

Okay guys, question and answer Friday. Remember? Okay? And if you haven't got our new book, Sun, Steak & Steel, the best seller in Canada and in the United States doing really well. Sun, Steak & Steel and coffee. Those chapters I have and salt, okay. We had a lot of answers. Okay guys, send your questions in. Don't be shy. We love you guys. We'll talk to you soon.

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