It seems that every week new research is published about the benefit of a ketogenic diet.  We talk about the many advantages of ketosis in our book “SERIAL KILLERS: TWO HORMONES THAT WANT YOU DEAD”.  Our high fat low carb eating plan in our book is classified as a “cyclical ketogenic diet”, meaning a person cycles in and out of ketosis.  We use this method with many of our patients because of a higher compliance rate (they are allowed to eat carbs for either the weekend, just one day, one night or for some with serious insulin-resistance, one hour).

Research has already shown that a low carb high fat (LCHF) diet is tremendous for brain protection, epilepsy, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, brain trauma, fat loss, heart disease and many other conditions.  LCHF is the best way to eat to not only protect against cancer but it should be the eating method of choice for those with cancer.  The current model of cancer nutrition is not only broken, it is deadly.  We have seen the LCHF way of eating help virtually every condition we can imagine.  

One of the questions that we get asked a lot is “how should I eat to heal faster from an injury?”  Once again, the superior method of eating for healing is LCHF.  

What is interesting is that when someone sustains a spinal cord injury, they are usually given high calorie solutions intravenously that contain a fair amount of sugar.  A study that was published back in 2009 looked at the benefit of using a ketogenic diet on rats immediately after undergoing a cervical spinal cord contusion.  What they found is that rats on a ketogenic diet recovered faster.

Another study demonstrated the improved blood flow and wound healing in rats who followed a ketogenic diet.  

Research has also shown that cortisol and healing are related.  The more cortisol someone has, the slower they heal.  Stress slows down healing.  We see this in our clinic everyday.  Our food that we eat, greatly influences the amount of cortisol that we produce.  High sugar and carbohydrate diets causes elevated cortisol, which leads to more inflammation, which leads to slow healing.  It only makes sense that eating a LCHF diet improves healing time.

If you are injured and want to return to the field, ice, track, work etc… faster, then cut out the carbs.

In our clinic, we use a combination of our Inflammation Formula, Adrenal Formula and Navitol to help people heal faster from injuries or trauma.  

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