There is a pill that millions of people in North America take on a daily basis that increases their chance of getting cancer by 35%!  These same pills can also increase their chance of early death by three-fold.  What are these pills?  

You may be surprised to learn that sleeping pills are the culprit.  Almost 70% of people who visit their doctor have some sort of sleeping problem.  Either they can’t fall asleep, stay asleep or wake up tired.  As a result, sleeping pills are greatly overprescribed.  

One of the many problems of sleeping pills is that they don’t help you get REM sleep.  This is why someone can sleep 8 hours after taking a sleeping pill and still feel tired.  Also, many sleeping pills have been shown to decrease production the next day.  Not only do you increase your chance of getting cancer and dying early, you will most likely still feel like garbage the next day.  

Sleep is a real problem for many.  The fortunate thing is that there are natural, safe alternatives that are helping many get a restful night sleep.  

First of all, there are a couple of important things you can do to sleep better.

1.   It is very important that your room be pitch black.  The darker the better.  Even a little bit of light can negatively effect the secretion of melatonin.  The light from your alarm clock, electronics or even from under the door can really impact your sleep.  You may have to turn your alarm clock away from where you sleep.  Using black electrical tape to cover up light from electronics is very effective.

2.  Keep your room cool (temperature seems to be one of the eternal arguments between a male and female).  The fact of the matter is that a cooler room is very important for our health.  When our body temperatures are too high when we sleep, we don’t secrete enough melatonin and HGH (human growth hormone).  For those in the bodybuilding or fitness world, room temperature matters.  

3.  Any change in sound or a random noise can pull you out of REM sleep.  This is why many benefit from having a steady, uninterrupted sound in the background while they sleep.  Fans, sound machines and rain are examples.

Aside from these practical things, there is plenty you can take from a supplement point of view that can help you sleep better.  In our clinic we recommend our Sleep Formula.  Our sleep formula is made up of essential ingredients such as L-theanine, Lemon Balm, Valerian Root, 5-HTP, GABA and Passion Flower.  These ingredients are non-addictive, all natural and can help you get a better night sleep.

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