Is a parasite making you sick?


Parasites are gross.  Even the word “parasite” makes most people uncomfortable.  Unfortunately, parasite infections are much more common than most are willing to admit.  When news broke early this year that over 60 million Americans carry the Toxoplasma parasite courtesy of their cat, mainstream medicine took notice.  Especially considering another study published in 2012 in The American Journal of Psychiatry showed that those exposed to the Toxoplasma parasite had a 24% greater chance of suffering from schizophrenia.  

How common are parasite infections?  This is a tough question to answer since according to the University of Maryland, “parasites can live within the intestines for years without any symptoms”.  Some health experts have estimated that up to half of the population are infected by a parasite!  

80% of your immune system is located in your gut.  Because of this, when someone gets infected by a parasite, there are many different symptoms that can show up.  However, there are 8 symptoms that are considered more specific to a parasite infection.  Do you have any of these symptoms?

1.  Constipation

2.  Diarrhea

3.  Sleep Disruptions

4.  Rashes and Hives

5.  Grinding of teeth

6.  Gas or Bloating

7.  Increase in Appetite

8.  Allergies/coughing/wheezing 

Most people would look at the above list and be able to identify with at least one of the symptoms.  But, there are many other symptoms that can also indicate an infection.  

- Eye inflammation

- Dysentary

- Fever

- Abdominal pain


- Joint/Muscle pain

- Anemia

- Cravings

- Hyperactivity

- Headaches

- Cankers

- Acne

- Dark Circle under your eyes

- Yeast infections

Again, as you can see, there are many symptoms associated with a parasite infection.  In our clinic, we notice that in teens especially, when they have acne and dark circles under their eyes, they either have a food allergy or a parasite.  

One of the problems with a parasite is that there are many ways to get infected.  Our food, untreated water, through our nose or skin, insect bite and walking around barefoot.

Parasites are problematic because they steal your nutrients and release toxins.  They can also infect virtually every organ thanks to a digestive condition like Leaky Gut Syndrome.  

One of the many things that we test for with our exclusive Biomarker testing kit is parasites and the presence of Leaky Gut Syndrome.  

In our clinic, we use a combination of our Probiotic Gold Formula, Candida/Parasite Formula, Navitol and Vitamin D3 to treat parasite infections.  We also recommend our Fibre Formula

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