Why we love Navitol


“I feel so much better since I’ve been taking Navitol!”.  We hear this everyday, and we never get tired of it.  As many of you know, the foundational ingredient in Navitol, our unique Pine Bark Extract, has played an essential role in the restoration of health in our own family.  This is why we truly believe in the product and get excited when we hear how it helped impact someone’s health.  

Another question that we get asked often is “Why does Navitol work so well?” or “how does it work?”  Many people begin taking Navitol to help fix their low energy problems and quickly notice that another health issue they had has been helped.  Why is that?

We like to refer to Navitol as a polypill, meaning it has many benefits.  There are patients who take it for energy, blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, metabolic syndrome, prostate health, PMS, menopausal symptoms, allergies, inflammation, immune boosting, athletic recovery, brain health, circulation, joint health, muscle health, anti-aging etc...

There are three primary reasons why Navitol is effective for so many different conditions.

 1.  It boost Nitric Oxide

 2.  It boosts Glutathione levels

 3.  It fights free radicals.

At the end of the day, most conditions that negatively affect our health involve one of those three factors.  


Nitric Oxide (NO) is a gas that is naturally produced in the body.  The main function of NO is to deliver messages between cells in your body and increase blood flow.  There are many people who have problems with their legs, such as cramping, fatigue, restlessness, swelling and ulcers because they are chronically low in NO.  One of the reasons why so many feel better on Navitol is because of the positive effect it has on NO.  By promoting better circulation, Navitol can help many conditions.

NO is also vital to athletes.  NO will increase recovery rates, reduce fatigue during exercise, especially during high repetition protocols or endurance athletes.

By boosting NO levels, you may notice;

 - Increased alertness

 - A better immune system

 - Better circulation

 - Better endurance

 - Pain relief

 - Increased sexual energy

 - increased muscle mass


Glutathione has been referred to as “the mother of all antioxidants” or “the most important molecule for health and the prevention of disease”.  It is that important.  For many, proper glutathione levels can be the key to preventing illnesses, cancer, heart disease, dementia, autism and Alzheimer’s.  The science of glutathione is new and very promising.  

Glutathione, like NO, is something that your body produces on its own.  BUT, there are many things that we do in life that will have a devastating effect on the production of glutathione.  Things like free radicals, bad diets, pollution, chemicals, toxins, stress, aging, infections and radiation can all negatively affect our glutathione levels.  

The reason why Glutathione is vital to your health is that it recycles antioxidants.  Our body is under constant attack.  In fact, scientists believe that we can get hit with over two million free radicals daily.  This requires a lot of antioxidants or free radical scavengers.  The ability to recycle antioxidants is essential to our health.  When we are overloaded with free radicals, we age quicker, tissues break down faster, we get cancer, we get diseases.  Depleted glutathione levels leaves us exposed to problems.  

Glutathione is also important to our immune system and very important to the detoxification process.  Like NO, glutathione is also very important for recovery, strength, endurance and fat loss.

For a while, it was common for someone to take a glutathione supplement.  However, this has turned out to be useless if taken in pill form since it is not well absorbed.  Glutathione levels have to be boosted, not simply taken orally.  However, glutathione suppositories are effective since they are well absorbed.  

Stabilizing glutathione levels also seems to help with chronic illnesses such as fibromylagia and Chronic fatigue syndrome.


As mentioned above, free radicals wreak our health.  The more free radical damage, the more we “age”, the more diseases we get, the more cancers we get, the faster our brain degenerates, our joints break down, our energy levels fall etc...

The ability to fight free radicals is very important to our health.  Many take vitamin C and E for their antioxidant capabilities.  These are good choices, but the main ingredient in Navitol is 20 times more effective than vitamin C and 50 times more effective than vitamin E at fighting free radicals.  There is no comparison.  Many diseases are characterized by increased free radical damage.  Taking a good antioxidant is not only preventative, but can also help the body heal.  If you are not well, you need to take a good antioxidant.  If you are healthy, then you want to stay that way.

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